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Subaru a legacy in the making with its AWD history.

In terms of the 2014 Subaru legacy, I think it is one of the best cars out there in terms of safety features for a non-premium or even premium cars. The most important feature in the car is the all wheel drive which makes you feel like you are in control of the situation. The one major drawback of the car is the noise pollution. In contrast to many of the other cars, noise seems to seep through in the car and is amplified when you drive faster or there is no music that is being played. In addition, in terms of customer service, the Subaru over the phone service is as I would say terrible as the customer support agents line seems to always be busy unless you have the star service. Either way I really like the car since it gives the driver the feel of safety and the music system is pretty decent. In addition, for its price point it's a really good deal. In terms of performance, I would say that it is really good in terms of mileage and just pure pick up. It is not comparable to luxury cars but it very effective in both city and highway mileage. There is also a decent amount of comfort in the back and front seats but the leather could be made with finer quality or the better material in general. If you are going for a car with interior appeal this car might not be the car for you. Finally in terms of features, there are so many to talk about. With features like a sunroof, AWD, and Bluetooth audio what more could you ask for.

- Tom Y

The most trustworthy, roomy, reliable, smooth riding, snow surviving, music blasting, efficient gas using car I have ever owned!

I love my car! I live in Colorado and the snow can be really bad, but I always feel confident my car will be able to get out of any snowy situation I find myself in. I have yet to get stuck in the snow. it is such a comfortable drive. There is plenty of room for everyone including myself, passenger, and the backseat. My trunk is also huge. I can fit just about everything in there and you would never guess. Although the inside of the car feels huge, it is smaller and I don't get stuck in places I thought I would. there is bluetooth, which is essential, but I wish is connected automatically like my last car. The headlights are also a pain to change, but most cars are.

- Lauren P

Comfort, durability and safety.

My legacy had not had any major problems and has been reliable. Truck size is larger and the passenger area is larger than most comparable sedans. People riding in the back passenger seats have all commented on the comfort of the back seats. I purchased the vehicle based on Subaru's reputation for durability and I am not disappointed. The driver's seat is comfortable and I have good vision from the rearview mirrors and the windows. I have owned the vehicle for 5 years and have not a negative word to say about it. I am a happy owner.

- Char K

A better drive around town

The car is AWD, and I have a manual. Sure, stop and start traffic isn't easy, or fun, but car does well in winter weather, and the highway. The shift to 1st gear is a bit rough with the switch point, but other than that it's fine. I hardly ever hydroplane, or slide in bad weather, like I have other cars. It's roomy, and comfortable. The best bit being the dash display, and the meter that tells me how many more miles I can travel with how much gas I have left!

- Andrew L

Subaru Legacy: where I know I am safe.

I have been driving a Subaru Legacy for a few years now and I would recommend one to anyone who is looking for a new car to buy. I drive an hour to and from work everyday and the seats are extremely comfortable. The air and heat turns on really fast and I have never had any problems with any of the features. The only thing that has bugged me is the AUX cord jack does not always work the way I want it to. Overall is a great car with a lot of great features.

- Erin R

Smooth running. Smooth riding.

Drivers seat not adjustable enough for short people. Otherwise everything is highly satisfactory. It is reliable and economical. The gauges on the dash are easy to read and understand. The all wheel drive and interchanging trannie make it capable of driving safely on icy mountain roads. It is easy to get in and out of. It is roomy enough for people with long legs to sit comfortably in the back seat.

- Roberta H

I will never have to stress about driving in bad weather again.

My Subaru has been very reliable. I purchased it used and have had very few issues. Repair have been minor and I have had to only perform routine maintenance such as breaks and oil changes. The ride is also very smooth and quiet. My favorite feature is the all wheel drive. It performs perfectly on snow covered roads and I never worry about driving in bad weather.

- Mary S

The Subaru legacy is an awesome, safe car that I highly recommend!

I love my Subaru legacy. The backup camera is by far my favorite feature as is the safety features. It tells me if I am drifting too far over, getting to near another car or if stopped it alerts me that the car ahead had moved. My favorite safety feature however is when I turn on my turn signal it lets me know if anyone is in my blind spot.

- Amanda B

It is very safe to drive and is good on gas.

I like that my car is considered one of the safest cars on the road. I also like that it saves gas, and I like the comfort of it. What I do not like is that it does not have the braking system that brakes automatically if a car is stopped in front of me. I also wish it had the feature of letting me know if there's a car in my blind spot.

- Melanie C

With Subaru safety matters.

Subaru creates a perfect package of safety and reliability while being moderately priced. When I first got this car I was amazed at all the safety features. In addition, the AWD is really convenient on wet roads. Maintenance is affordable and my car has been extremely dependable. It was also modestly priced and within my budget.

- Sandra S

Great outdoor car for access to nature to riding in style around town.

I love my Subaru, it has great safety features and the car consistently runs smoothly without any problems. 4 wheel drive is great, but without snow tires (when going skiing!), the car can tend to slide around a lot. Feels like driving a boat when driving a Legacy, easy to do without having to do major corrections.

- Clara B

Subaru Legacy- Dependable and reliable

the subaru legacy is practical for many reasons. I drive about 40 miles daily to and from work. I average approximately 30 mpg throughout the week. I have yet to need any major repairs- brakes and oil changes have been the only required maintenance so far. Also- driving in the snow has never been an issue for me.

- Liz H

Very good handling, good performance, great all wheel drive system.

Cannot beat Subaru's all wheel drive system, the only problem I have with it are the cheap interior parts, locks, power windows, overall the car is very reliable, motor is strong and Subaru is known for excellent crash ratings,, having to do an alignment every couple of years is another thumbs down.

- Tino I

Comfortable drive and good gas mileage.

My 2014 Subaru legacy drives extremely smooth! It has heated front seats which is great when the air starts to get chilly outside. The seats adjust all in all directions (front, back, up and down. ) The back seats have comfortable leg room. The truck is also a good size. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Quinlan C

AWD makes it easy to get around all year long.

It is very reliable. I feel comfortable driving it all winter long. With the AWD the gas mileage is not great and it uses full synthetic oil which makes for speedy oil changes. It is comfortable for long distances and has a USB port for charging devices. All in all I really like it.

- Lisa K

My car has a sunroof, heated seats, all-wheel drive, and an 18-gal gas tank.

This is my first car with AWD, and it is incredible in the winter. The only negative thing I have to say about this car is that it is not the quietest car I have ever had. It has a bit of a whine to it when it is on the highway, but other than that, it is a great car.

- Kristen W

I love my Subaru. It is reliable and safe.

I love my car. It has good gas mileage and has high crash ratings. I have yet to have any major problems with this car. It is good in all types of weather and has endured years of driving with no problems. It is comfortable and easy to drive. No complaints at all.

- Kayla G

This is a car that's both functional and looks good.

I'm an outdoorsy person who also skis in the winter so it's important to have a reliable car that can get me through the snow and up to the mountains. I also live in the city so it's a great car to get around in the city. Additionally, it's a great family car.

- Erika B

There isn't an engine temperature gauge, but instead a mileage gauge to let you know how your gas usage compares to previous trips.

Subaru Legacy Sedan. AWD which is great for all weather conditions. Backup camera is useful. The trunk has a plastic liner to keep the carpeting clean. Backseat is spacious. Gears picky when shifting from R to D so have to give it a second to drive.

- Jen C

Subaru legacy 2014: what I do not like.

The interior is cloth as opposed to leather, so maintaining a clean interior is not always easy. This car also sits very close to the ground so the car often gets caught on large lips on the road and is best when driven on pavement.

- Grace L

It has been reliable and I have no issues with it.

I like that is all wheel drive (good for winter driving). It is also reliable. I do not like that it is kind of small. Most days, it is okay, but sometimes wish I had a larger car for transporting large items (eG. , furniture).

- Michelle D

The warranty and the support you get from the dealer.

I like the way it handles, it get good gas mileage. It has adaptive cruise control which use a lot. The lane change warning is a great feature. Four wheel drivers a plus and it improves handling.

- John D

The gas mileage is not very good.

Car has been very reliable so far. Much better than my previous vehicle in winter weather. The dash display is not as nice as my previous vehicle, however, despite being a newer model.

- Sarah D

The most important thing to know about my car is how well it drives.

Drives well during the winter. Lots of room for a sedan. Feel safe when driving. I dislike the Bluetooth setup. The voice command sometimes does not understand what you are saying.

- Meghan S

It is a good combination of gas mileage and good in bad weather.

I like the car overall. It was s good value considering the cost, features and quality. It goes good on the snow and gets good gas mileage, The clearance is a little low, though.

- Mike T

The car is really reliable especially if you do routine maintenance.

The car is a gas saver. For being a compact car the trunk is spacious. Smooth driving and handling. The bad is you can hear the other cars as they pass when all windows are up.

- David N

It's fuel efficient, you're not going to spend a lot on gas

I love that it's fuel efficient. I love that it's newer and smooth to drive. No complaints. A sunroof would have been nice and an ashtray because people still smoke cigarettes

- Amanda M

It is safe and comfortable!

The ride is very smooth. I love the seats and how you can adjust them. The car gets great gas mileage! I love the color they offered and the general look of the car.

- Kate N

Subaru legacy is great in winter weather.

Comfortable and reliable. Great gas mileage and great in winter weather. Would recommend to anyone living in a state that deals with winter weather conditions.

- Tiffany H

Grey Subaru legacy 2014 road trip

Does great on mileage did a great job drove it for Ohio to California and back with zero problems.did really good on gas nothing bad to say about these at all

- December M

Smooth ride, good and comfortable for taking long road trips

Car itself is great, comfortable seats, lots of legroom in the back. There are just a few things that bug me, but it is because I got it used, not new.

- Christine V

Subaru legacy car review!

I am not sure because I do not really drive it that much. I do not like that it does not let you put the address in the navigation system while driving.

- Nan B

Once you are a Subaru owner, you will always be a Subaru owner!

This is by far the best car I have ever owned. It is so reliable and easy to drive. The all wheel drive is so welcome in winter driving.

- Marsha J

She's got great all wheel drive, which makes winters a breeze! I feel so safe when I drive it!

I love this car. The all wheel drive is a major selling point. This is my 3rd Subaru Legacy, and I can't see myself owning any other car!

- Sara L

This vehicle gets great mileage, is well-made, and will last for years.

I love the way this vehicle handles, I love the size and I love the safety features. This vehicle is well made and Subarus last forever.

- Geri A

It has a high safety rating.

AWD is fantastic. I can get around in the snow easily. The gas mileage is not the best, but I feel safe and comfortable in this car.

- Lisa K

Subaru is the only car I will ever buy

The Subaru Legacy is great in snow and all types of weather. I love the backup camera. Gas mileage is great. Very comfortable ride

- Margie M

They have a great safety rating and are very reliable

I love that the car is spacious and roomy. My favorite part is the ad because I live in new England. It is also very good on gas

- Vanessa V

My Subaru is an amazing car.

I think my Subaru is pretty great. When driving to work or any other destination it feels nice to just watch the world go by.

- Brandon G

All wheel drive, minimalist design, satisfactory quality.

Best 4 wheel sedan for the money. Rides well and grips the road. Appreciated on a snowy day.Not the most comfortable seat.

- Tata E

It lasts a very long time, making it an excellent value for the cost.

I like the reliability of the subaru brand, but more specifically i like the look, feel, and comfort of mt specific model

- Jonathan L

It has a very big tank letting it keep going for ages

I like that it is good on gas especially. I also love that it is reliable. Though the rear back up camera is nice as well

- Zachary D

Luxury and safety, the perfect mix

Love my Subaru. It handles really great. It has a ton of safety features and I love that it feels like a luxury car.

- Andy B

I can't say enough about my Subaru

I live my Subaru. It runs amazing and just is a very well made car. It has yet to need any work and is very reliable

- Christina K

Subaru Legacy is most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.

No problems. Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Low cost maintenance. looks good, good handling, good in winter.

- Joe S

I love the speed that comes with a 2.7L engine

the performance I amazing because not only is it good with gas mileage its good for the environment I love this car

- Esmerio G

About how safe and dependable that Subarus are. They can go places a lot of others can't

I love that my Subaru is rugged. I love that it can travel just about in any condition! And I love that it's safe!

- Shellalissia J

It's a very dependable car that everyone would love to drive

I love that it drives really well in the bad weather we have here in Oregon. It does very good on gas mileage too.

- Julie K

You don't need to get the Outback to have the Subaru experience. Legacy has it all.

Love fuel efficiency Love the maneuverability Dislike that there is not pass through for skis Love ease to park

- Susanne K

It runs great and the color is so pretty.

I love the way the car drives. It is sporty while being practical. I also appreciate the awesome safety rating.

- Angela G

Perfect for the family or for the single person. Everyone fits and is comfortable.

This has been the best car I have ever had. It is reliable, sturdy, safe, and easy to maintain and care for.

- Aaron H

It's a reliable car, that doesn't cost a lot to fix.

Very reliable, no problems, best car I have had, no issues, will keep buying subaru's. Reliable, efficient.

- Sher M

Subaru's have all wheel drive. They do not have a lot of fancy features in some of the base models.

We have had zero problems with our Subaru. We love our car because of its reliability and performance.

- Tanner F

Subaru Legacy dependable in snow and great on gas

The best car ever .. great on gas and the all wheel drive is great in snow .. reliable and dependable

- Kimberly M

My girl is intense but seductive

I love the custom color that I have which is pearl white. I love the engine and the miles per gallon

- Ashley R

Safety is important but they do not Sacrifice other items in order to still maintain Safety

I like the dependability, I like the miles Per hour I receive. There is nothing that I dislike.

- Michele G

It gets good gas mileage and is awd do drives great in snow.

It is a great car! Love that it is awd and safe car. Only complaint is that it is too small.

- Christine J

It's a very well designed vehicle that requires little work

It is a nice car but hasn't held up very well to heat, the tire pressure indicator broke

- Dylan n

has good traction in the winter

I like my subaru is great in winter have all wheel drive and I do not dislike anything

- joanne k

It gets me where I'm going.

For an AWD, it slides a lot in wet conditions. Trunk is too small. Not much power.

- Jules J

We live rurally and when we have a ton of snow and ice, the subaru easily tackles our driveway. The only downside to it is that it is a little small on the inside. Otherwise, there will always be a Subaru in our driveway.

Reliable. With proper maintenance, the subaru will reward you with years of service

- Kim C

It was a good value and has been a reliable purchase.

Good value and safe family vehicle. Decent gas mileage. Comfortable and stylish.

- Amy H

Inexpensive to operate. Great gas mileage and "doesn't break".

It is comfortable, quick, and best of all has all-wheel-drive. Great in snow.

- Ron S

It is safe and it is great to drive.

I like that the steering wheel is stiff, and it makes me feel more in control.

- Juan R

great ride with excellent gas mileage

I love the safety ratings and excellent gas mileage. Spacious yet economical.

- Janet R

Four wheel drive and excellent gas mileage and excellent exultant automation braking

Handles very well like the four wheel drive Get good gas mileage


Great gas mileage and comfortable ride.

Great comfortable all wheel drive vehicle with good gas mileage

- Janet O

Drives great ride is smooth gas mileage is good and features are great

Great gas mileage, all wheel drive, audio system, no complaints

- Cameron M