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Great looking, reliable and reasonably priced vehicle.

My Subaru legacy is a beautiful mid-sized sedan, with leather seats and a moonroof. It gets great gas mileage and is reliable. My husband and kids are very tall and need to have lots of room for their legs. The Subaru legacy is the best vehicle for someone who is tall and wants to buy a car, not a truck. We travel long distances often and it is very comfortable and quiet. The only issue I had is that someone happened with the air conditioning while we were on vacation. We took it to a dealer and they said they fixed it, but then a month later, the issue started happening again. So, we took it to our local dealer and they agreed to completely replace the part that was causing the issue. We may have had to pay a small amount of money, even with the warranty, but I cannot remember.

- Victoria K

Reliable, comfortable Subaru Legacy

I have not had any problems with my car. I like the performance of the vehicle. It's only a four cylinder engine but it feels like it has more power than other cars I've driven with similar engines. It's been very reliable for me especially in the cold winter months. It hasn't had any issues starting in cold weather or handling in snowy conditions. It's incredibly comfortable with the leather seats that have the heating feature. The full auto climate control takes the hassle out of dealing with getting the car the temperature I like. A problem I do have with the features is the audio control when my phone is plugged into the USB port. If I use the audio control buttons on the steering wheel it will switch out of my podcast app and start playing music randomly from my music app.

- Bryan W

The car is a great value for its price. It's comfortable, stylish, with lots of features and not incredibly expensive. I would absolutely buy another Subaru.

I love the features of my car such as the back up camera, side view mirror indicators, bluetooth capabilities, keyless entry and starter. The trunk space is amazing and the legroom in the back seat is comfortable even for my 6'2 son. It has great gas mileage and the color options were attractive, I chose a blueish grey. I think the front end is a little large, I actually find that I don't like to park nose in because the distance is hard to judge. I hope new models will have self dimming high beams (my husbands ford fusion has this feature) and for some reason our seat position settings keep getting changed.

- Chai W

This car is reliable and includes lots of safety features that make me feel very confident on the road.

I love this car! I needed a practical and reliable car. We have owned Subarus before with good experiences. This car is reliable and has all the safety features I was looking for. The one I bought had some "extras" on it that I had not considered necessary. But now I wonder how I ever got along without these things. I have Bluetooth for hands free phone availability. I also love the navigation system. There are heated seats in the front and back, satellite radio, and a sunroof. While this car satisfied all my needs, the extras make it feel like I got some luxuries on a practical car.

- Susan R

Reliable, comfortable, and sleek.

As our car only had 36 thousand miles on it when we bought it, we haven't really had any issues. The factory windshield cracked pretty easily, but it was fairly inexpensive to replace. We have had to get tires, and it was pretty average in the realm of price to get that done as well. The interior is cloth but still has heated seats which is wonderful. It's roomy, even with a car seat. It's a very smooth ride and gets good gas mileage. I love the blind spot warnings and the radar cruise control, it definitely makes long car trips easier. It is a very reliable car.

- Nicole S

The fully loaded Subaru Legacy is a great car that checks all the boxes

The Subaru Legacy is a excellent car. The all wheel drive and electronic stability control is excellent. The safety and ease of use of the eyesight system with adaptive cruise control and lane assist makes road trip and traffic driving easier with less concern for causing a fender benders. With 32k the only non routine maintenance issue I've had was the battery had to be replaced. Performance of the car is good even going up mountains, however if you want high performance you will need to opt for a V6 version.

- Jason M

The car that can drive itself!

I love the way my car handles. Quiet and smooth drive. I bought my car with all the extras. Leather seats with all seat warmers and controls included. I have a sunroof to enjoy nice weather. I have eyesight control which tells me with charm sound when a car is in the left, right, front and back of me. I have a camera that appears when my car is in reverse. I have controls that if I get to close or someone cuts me off the car will take over and stop in time. It is a beautiful car that drives great!

- Laurie A

I really like that I cannot lock my keys inside. I have done this in the past.

We live in pa where we can get lots of snow this car does wonderful never had a problem runs like a charm. The car is very comfortable to Ride in. Have taken it on long trips. Gas mileage is good. I love the sunroof. And I cannot lock my keys Within. I have already locked the doors with the keys inside and the doors unlock automatically. Which I really like. The only thing I don't like is my phone won't charge when the vehicle is not running. Not to sure about the push button start.

- Tanya H

The car alerts me to any upkeep issues immediately.

I love my Subaru. I have honestly had no issues with my car whatsoever. The amazing thing about Subaru are al the amazing dealerships/ maintenance service locations. The people that work for Subaru are incredibly helpful and kind they will work hard to make sure you are happy with your car and offer you support and information. They always fix everything when they see an issue in an incredibly timely manner. Honestly Subaru is perfect for everyone, the environment, and your wallet.

- Cooper A

Subaru Legacy�s you can count on having a good car.

My car is very reliable, it does awesome in the snow and bad weather conditions due to having all wheel drive. The interior is very nice and the car is very comfortable and roomy. My boyfriend is 6'4 and fits in the car at ease both in the front and back seat. The only issue I have experienced so far is sometimes my key will get stuck in the ignition but I guess that is a common problem with CVT engines. Usually pressing the break and moving the key back and forth gets it out.

- Isabel D

Subaru legacy 3.6r review.

Car drives pretty well, has the bigger engine and can really show it when you want that extra power. Very comfortable and has all the right features for a full size sedan. Very nice style and lines when looking on the car. Plenty of room in the back seat and the trunk. Some of the little problems are that I wish the car automatically locked when the car started moving. I also wished that you could move the windows up and down when the car was not on. Overall a great car.

- Christopher S

Everything you could want in one package!

I bought my car mainly for its safety rating. It is an top rated car. It is very spacious inside and comfortable for long trips. My back up camera is probably one of the best out there and is very clear. Subaru gets the reputation that only outdoorsy type of people purchase their vehicles. That is not true. I love my vehicle all around. All wheel drive and great in all of the seasons. The technology is top notch. Everything I could ask for all in one reliable vehicle.

- Lauren L

Reliable Subaru legacy, a great vehicles.

The Subaru legacy is a very safe vehicle. I love the eyesight drive which keeps you in the lines. When the cruise control is on there is driver assist and will keep your speed according to the vehicle in front of you. There is also reaction braking which is great in case you are not paying attention the car will stop when something is in the line of sight. The performance all around is great!

- Shad S

Safety features anticipate weather!

The stay-in-lane feature is extremely helpful. In rain/snow that is heavy, the "eye" camera that helps maintain both cruise control and safe distance from cars in front disables, helping one drive more safely in inclement weather. The car drives well, the safety features are useful, and seating is quite comfortable, with ample storage in trunk, side door pockets and back-of-seat pockets.

- Gwen S

My Subaru legacy 2016 and me.

I really like that my car has good traction when I need it, but I can also turn it off when I want to have fun. I would say the only downside is the speakers, they are not as loud as I like, even when turned all the way up. My Subaru legacy 2016 also gets amazing gas mileage, which is good as I go to a university that is far from home, so my trips back can be more frequent.

- Elizabeth O

Smooth, comfortable, safe, nice.

It is safe I love the back camera feature or the alert sound when someone is close to you if you want to get over to the other line but you cannot see if a car is there. The performance is awesome. It drives so smooth. I feel very safe in my car. There is a lot of room. I know it gets annoying at times but I do like the alert of safety seat belt. Both driver and passenger.

- Kelly C

Comfortable and affordable

The legacy is comfortable to drive as well as be a passenger in for long periods of time. The mpg is great especially on the highway. The ride is very smooth especially for a car.at. This price point and the inside is very quiet, even when on a highway ot in the middle of a city. It's not a fast car but will get you where you need to be comfortably and inexpensively.

- Gabriel D

Good reliable car that is sporty. Plenty of space and easy to drive.

I feel very safe when driving, great gas mileage and good in the snow. One feature I really enjoy is the driver assist cruise control. There is also a ton of room, having my son's car seat in the back does not take away from the use of the back. Also, I can fit my hockey bag in the truck with no problem, in fact I have had two hockey bags in the trunk.

- Stephen B

Very fun car to drive while also being very safe

This car provides great performance and maneuverability. It is also very reliable plus servicing is cheap. Id highly recommended for a first new car. It's very enjoyable to drive while also being very safe. Subaru is a great car manufacturer and they make incredible cars. I have tens of thousands of miles behind the wheel of the Subaru legacy. 10/10

- James D

2016 Subaru Legacy - 2.5i Premium

My Subaru Legacy is AWD which was very important in my car search. While reviewing other vehicles all similar sized AWD vehicles were more expensive and had a higher starting price. My only complaint about it is it makes a lot of noises, it beeps when you unlock it and when you lock it and when you put the key in the ignition it plays a tune

- Brian D

Best car I have owned. All wheel drive is amazing

The car is very comfortable and stylish fun to drive. It has sunroof plus is all wheel drive which makes it fun in summer and winter. With the six cylinder engine it has plenty of power. The car is very roomy and the trunk has tons of room. The two years I have owned this car it has been totally trouble free. I would recommend to anybody.

- Darren J

Subaru legacy 2016 good car bad air conditioning.

The air conditioner has stopped working consistently and the key gets stuck but everything else works fine. The ac will show that it has started but no air is blown out of the ports. The key would not come out of the car so I would have to turn it on and back off again until it came out. These the only problems I have had with the car.

- Julian A

Good vehicle to ride in the snow.

No problems with my vehicle. It's very reliable. Like the comfort of it. And all the features included like rear camera. You will have an extra peace of mind when traveling in bad weather. For good reason, the legacy is considered to be a practical alternative to a SUV. Enhanced traction in snowy weather makes the legacy a good choice.

- John M

Good car but could get better

It can be a little loud at times, could use oil life sensor to help with oil change, the radio can be hard to navigate with the small knobs, bluetooth to phone sometime takes some time to link. The car does great in the snow, if there is standing water the car is very loud going through , the sets are nice heated are great in winter.

- James B

Reliable Subaru with spacious interior.

The car is very reliable and drives well in the snow. I have had no problems thus far with the performance of the car. The car is very comfortable and spacious, there’s plenty of room for someone 6 feet tall to sit comfortably in the front. The car has a touch screen system. No vehicle problems as long as you take care of the car.

- Erin T

It is reasonably priced and drives very well and is safe.

This car has automatic stopping if you are too close to a car stopped in front of you. It tells you if it is safe to change lanes. It has the backup camera. It reminds you when the car in front of you has moved if you didn't notice and tells you if you are going over the lines in the road. It practically drives itself.

- Meryl L

Great little car, with a fun and safe all wheel drive.

Love my vehicle. I was looking for a sedan that has automatic all wheel drive and Subaru delivered that in the legacy. It works out really well for me in bad snowy winters and I do not even need to think twice about it. I also enjoy the comfort and easy maintenance I get with this car. Safety features are a plus as well.

- Amy W

Great vehicle! Comfortable, reliable, lots of great features.

I love my car! It's very reliable so far, comfortable and spacious without being too big. It also handles winter weather very well which is important to me since I live in an area that always gets snow. It has tons of great features like a touch screen, USB connectivity for your phone, seat heat, a backup camera, etc.

- Sami F

Subaru Legacy customer review.

I bought the base model, which included many more features than I had expected. I would recommend buying a Subaru for the safety features alone. Subaru has many additional features that what I currently have, and some would be helpful. I would recommend purchasing the eye sight that is available on all newer models.

- Evan B

Back up camera, side warning system. 20 inch tires. . Very safe vehicle.

Our car is comfortable riding. It is all wheel drive which helps in snow, etc. It has heated seats. It has a rearview camera. It has leather upholstery . Back seat folds down for caring bigger items. Automatic headlight switch. It has a system that monitors, cooling, tire pressure, motor oil and transmission.

- Judy C

Too many amazing features about the car!

My car is very spacious but small. It has great crash ratings. We take family trips and can fit 2 adults two children and our pit bull in the car as well as large suitcase 1 medium suitcase, a kennel(collapsed), and a two duffel bags. This car is perfect for my family and it's got great gas mileage!

- Rachel W

Darken mirrors the best plus ever.

It handles awesome. Best car in winter AWD just love the darken mirrors at night. Compass is in the mirror another plus. Just love the ride. Seats are comfortable with heated seats. Dual controls for cooling and heating. Stereo is great. I think we will stick with Subaru brand. Great mileage.

- Chris L

The subaru legacy is a very reliable, comfortable vehicle.

The subaru legacy is a very comfortable vehicle with heated front and rear seats. Memory seats for 2 positions. It is very reliable, I have never had any problems with it. Love the look of the interior, very classy. Rear seating is comfortable and plenty of space also. Love the legacy!!

- Katrina T

The Legacy is a good car.

Overall my Legacy has been a good vehicle. It is reliable and comfortable, although next time I may buy a roomier vehicle because I am on the road for work and work in my car. I like the way the car handles, as it is not as big as some other cars I've owned and driven. It is a smooth ride.

- Brian K

Large trunk to hold everything needed for a vacation.

It is good on gas. And reliable I would buy another Subaru if need be. The headlight covers are already fogged up which make the lights dimmer. It has a huge trunk. Holds a lot of luggage. Cup holders in the door a great idea. There is a lot of legroom in front and back seat.

- Cindi L

Safe and efficient vehicle.

The gas mileage is extremely good. The overall performance is also very good. The seats are very comfortable. We went on a long road trip and the car was very reliable. The radio and GPS system really came in handy. The safety devices that are on this vehicle are very good.

- Conrad H

Perfect car for any and all ages.

This vehicle gets amazing gas mileage. This vehicle handles like a dream. The safety features on this automobile are absolutely fantastic. The automobile is absolutely worth every penny that you have to spend to get this car. The sound system and GPS. System are very good.

- Conrad D

All wheel drive combined with great stability and performance.

It comes with super comfy seats and the best thing about it is its robust build. Performance wise I would say it's one of the best. The drive is super smooth with great stability. It is a highly reliable vehicle in terms of mileage, performance, fuel consumption and speed.

- Robert M

Eyesight system is awesome

I like the eyesight system that identifies and reacts to traffic situations. I like the adaptive cruise control that allows me to maintain speed based on the vehicle in front of me. I do not like that the eyesight slams on the brakes when a car in front of me is turning.

- Brian V

The all wheel drive, the suspension, the steering is all very smooth.

I bought the car used and it seems to burn through oil very quickly which is not something I have encountered with any other vehicle. You can feel the difference in the vehicle with the all wheel drive, it picks up very quickly and the premium sound system is amazing.

- Samantha C

It is a very reliable and safe car.

The Subaru legacy is an excellent vehicle for pretty much anyone. The newer models have a good amount of power under the hood and a good amount of trunk space and cabin space. The car is very reliable and has been put through many situations in which it has succeeded.

- Tyler S

Best Subaru model is the 2016 Legacy.

I love my Legacy. Heated seats with a backup camera, let’s me know how many miles I have until to get gas. Gets great gas mileage and drives incredibly in both the city and on the highway. Subaru is also always there when I need them to be. Great customer service.

- Savanna B

Subaru legacy super features.

Very reliable vehicle. Comes with a wide variety of useful features such as XM radio, GPS, all wheel drive, and many more. Seats are comfortable and back seat is spacious and also the trunk has a very ample amount of space. Heated seats is a plus for the cold days.

- Gale R

Very reliable and dependable car.

I love how my car handles. It has great traction in the snow and ice. Never fails to get me where I need to go. Gas mileage is great also. Have not had to make any repairs. Very good, solid reliable vehicle. I will always own a Subaru. This is my third one.

- Kathleen L

Comfortable good-looking car.

Very comfortable seats for long trips. More than enough room for 4 dogs in back seat. Good gas mileage, especially highway. Three years in, the car still looks new and I am looking forward to buying another Subaru in the future. The backup camera is handy.

- Valerie A

Best mid-size car; great value.

I love my Subaru legacy. One of the reasons we bought a Subaru is the reliability of Subaru. Also, the all wheel drive is a handy feature for those times when we have snow and ice. This is the first time having a navigation system. I want one every time.

- Sandra F

Spacious and fuel efficient

It's a great car that gets very decent fuel mileage, both highway and in town. I wish there was a preset button for the driver's side seat but that's being nitpicky. There's plenty of room for my 6' 3' husband and his Tall Brothers when they are with us.

- Christine M

I love my affordable luxury looking car

This car is very reliable and has a high customer rating. It has great gas mileage and gas tank size. It has great audio system and various entertainment features. It has Affordable parts and maintenance plan. It has a stylish inside and outside design

- Roxanne L

Great handling and safe ride

Had some scratches on it when I purchased it, but otherwise it is fully loaded and handles great. The display on the inside of the car can have a bad glare when it is sunny out. Otherwise, the car has a nice heaviness to it and AWD is great.

- Danielle R

The Subaru Legacy is not only an elegant looking car - but it's great to drive in any conditions

I love my Subaru Legacy. It handles well in any weather conditions - especially snow because it's all wheel drive. Only thing I dislike is that the tires wear very fast - other than that would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Phyllis G

The car's all wheel drive is impressive and pulls out of gravel without spinning wheels.

I like my vehicles all wheel drive because it doesn't slip when pulling out. I also like the interior of my car it is black and leather. I dislike the acceleration. The car is slow to accelerate. The car also has a weird smell.

- Shana M

It has great safety features!.

I love it. It has great safety features. It is easy to drive. I feel really safe driving my daughter with me in it. It also has a great trunk storage and capacity. It is also a quiet vehicle. Droves well in all weather.

- Sarah H

Subaru is reliable and roomy.

The Subaru legacy is super reliable. It has good gas mileage. The all leather interior looks and feels great. Seats are comfortable and all around a lot of room on the inside. Exterior has a nice sleek look to it.

- Jessica B

If you must drive in winter weather then this is the vehicle to get.

The a/c ducts put out an acrid smell when I run the air conditioner - It goes away for a short period of I run the heater. Other than that, the car is very reliable, great in the snow (AWD), it gets good mileage.

- Virginia B

Smoothness and easy drive. Hardly any road noise to this car.

Extremely comfortable ride. The technology in the car is outstanding. Only thing that really needs work is the Subaru starlink app. The touch screen and applications could be made better to similar car models.

- Thomas J

It's a very good car for the price that you're going to pay. It's just so practical, functional, yet looks good.

I really like my vehicle. It's economical, very practical and has a very nice ride. I just wish that it had a few more "luxury" items that are in newer cars - such as apple connectivity and ventilated seats.

- M o

Safety First The Subaru Legacy has safety features that make driving easier and safer like the blind side technology.

I love this car. It has all the safety features I want especially the blind side technology. It also has a rear camera which is nice when backing up. It also alerts you if you drift into the other lane.

- Marian P

All Wheel Drive doesn't mean bad fuel economy these days. We get better mileage than a non-hybrid Toyota Camry made the same year.

It does everything I want it to do and does it well- very safe, food handling, comfortable cabin, good fuel economy. The only complaint is the mediocre infotainment system. I'd definitely buy it again.

- Jill G

The subaru legacy is an all round great performing car that is comfortable.

My subaru legacy is a great car with great features. It gets great gas mileage and the performance is spot on. It is quiet, accelerates smoothly, and has a lot of safety features like back up camera.

- Stuart C

It has great gas mileage.

I like that it has all wheel drive, but still gets good gas mileage. I like how well i fit in the driver seat. It has more legroom than you'd think. I don't like how costly the maintenance is.

- Monty H

This is an extremely safe and fun to drive car. The eyesight and voice controls are awesome

I love the interior design and the premium leather. The Harmon Kardon sound system is wonderful. Love all the safety features. The handling is great. Only issue is battery drains quickly.

- Kelly S

The car comes with eyesight, this is great safety feature of the vehicle

I like the new safety features. There is a backup camera that is extremely helpful when backing up in a parking lot. Subarus are great in the snow. I have no complaints on this vehicle

- Dawn R

Very dependable, and having all wheel drive is a huge advantage where we live. The price is generally right for what you get.

All wheel drive with most bells and whistles. Has leather seats. Don't like the dealer anymore, and the company does not answer questions, but refers me to the dealer, who has no clue.

- Udayan R

The most important feature is the all wheel drive

I like the camera's front and back, the blind side detection and the heated seats. I like the all wheel drive. I don't line that the doors don't auto lock when you put it in drive

- peggy K

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is priced well and you get a lot for your money.

I like the fact that all subaru vehicles come with standard all wheel drive. That is important in a northern winter. I also like the sporty interior and how it handles on the road.

- Jenny S

The legacy is a great car. There’s a ton of room, but it is also great on gas.

It has a smooth drive. The car is great on gas and is really cheap to fill up. It has nice features such as heated seats and a good computer screen. The seats are very comfortable.

- Mindy C

High safety ratings and great gas mileage. easy to get in and out.

Love my car. The color is awesome, it handles great in summer and is all wheel drive. Only issue I have is it's low to ground and is not as good in snow as I had hoped.

- Audrey d

Very reliable, comfortable and efficient. This is my 3rd Subaru. I will continue to buy Subaru vehicles based on my past experience. Best value for the price!

Safest cars on the road! Was rear-end (hard!) by a tanker truck on the freeway. Everyone in the car was unscathed and there wasn't more than a small scratch on the bumper!

- Heidi P

Great on gas and good in snow storms.

Very reliable and great on gas. The only feature I miss is the dashboard telling you how many miles were left until the gas tank was empty. Other than that no complaints.

- Gina K

How reliable Subaru cars are.

I like how spacious it is. I benefit from the Bluetooth connection for phone calls and music needs. The trunk is very large and I like all the child safety precautions.

- Kathryn F

It is a very safe and reliable car.

It is very easy to drive. It also has 'eyesight' so can break on It's own and has adaptive cruise control which I love a lot. It also has a very spacious back seat.

- Jeff T

It is a 4 wheel drive making it good for winter conditions.

I really like how smooth the ride is. I also like the features such as blind-spot detection, and back-up camera. I do not like that the mileage is not the best.

- Stuart C

It is a comfortable car and handles well in any type of weather.

We are a Subaru family and love them. Have owned several some had head gasket issues but overall they are great cars and handle great in any kind of weather.

- Carol V

The all wheel drive feature is very nice to have, considering that it does not cut into gas mileage

It gets great gas mileage, about 34 MPG when city and highway mile are combined. It gets through snow and ice effortlessly in the winter. Very reliable too

- Bill R

Subaru Legacy is a dream come true!

Great control in snow is the main reason I love this vehicle. The AWD is amazing! Great pep to it and takes turns sharp and precise. Sound system is superb

- Gina B

Drives nice gas mileage is ok.

Smooth ride and features like touchscreen, Bluetooth, and rear camera. Dislike the material of the exterior. It dents much easier than my previous subaru.

- Christina V

The most important thing to know is that my car has eyesight tech which allows the car to stop a rear end collision from occurring and helps in stop and go traffic with adaptive cruise control

Like: AWD, Comfortable, easy to use, reliable, window visibility, Gas Mileage 30+ MPG for AWD Dislike: slower than average acceleration, CVT transmission

- Adam T

This is the third legacy I have leased and is so far the most favorite .

Very comfortable ride. Quiet. Dependable. Love the blind spot detection. Gas efficient. Love in dash n as vision heated seats dual temperature control


That you can make it stay in the lanes! So cool!

I love how many safety features it has and the quality of electronics! It is durable and sturdy and the all wheel drive is great in all weather.

- Stephanie D

My car is great on gas mileage and has gotten me to a far college and work well!

I love my vehicle, it run smooth, has great mileage and is nice looking. Only downside it cloth seating that it tan so stains are very visible.

- Juliana J

Symmetrical all wheel drive is very good for wet or slippery road conditions.

I like the symmetrical all wheel drive. I like the touch screen display. I like the sporty interior. The acceleration could be a bit better.

- Ethan K

A good looking, safe, comfortable ride !

The ride is really comfortable. It has a ton of features I've never had before which make me feel safer driving. Fits 2 kids comfortably.

- Erica W

Safety features and ratings are important.

Feels solid when driving it, but easy to maneuver. It has great safety ratings and AWD. I also like how it looks. No complaints so far.

- Kristin W

The most important thing others should know is that my car helps you feel safe driving with all It's advanced safety features.

I like that my car is very good on gas. It has a beautiful interior and exterior. My car is also good in snow and is easy to drive.

- Peggy A

it gets very good gas mileage but is uninteresting to look at

It is an old person's car, great gas mileage but odd features like the location and method of trunk opening clearly designed by a man

- MaryAnne M

Reliable and comfortable.

I feel very safe in my Subaru. I love the eyesight feature. It has very comfortable seats. Want to try for a least 200, 000 miles.

- Suzanne J

great car with reasonable pricing

I really love the handling that this car offers, the 4 wheel drive is exceptional. I wish the screen was a bit easier to navigate

- lisa t

A full tank of gas will last about a week, depending on how much driving that is done.

Has good features. Good on gas. Nice amount of space for passengers. Do not like the automatic/manual combination transmission.

- Hullam T

Check out the navigation system before you buy. Other than that I love the car

Gets great mileage ,It is easy to handle .only complaint is the navigation system sucks. Rarely us as it is so frustrating.


It is great in the snow. I have never been stuck in the snow.

I love the heated seats and the smoothness of the ride. The way it handles in the snow. I am thrilled with the gas mileage.

- Christine K

gas mileage is the number one thing that stands out in this car.

this vehicle gets very good gas mileage. it is very comfortable on long trips. the on board gps system works very good too!

- conrad h

I feel this car is extremely safe.

Easy to handle. Very comfortable even on long trips. Good looking inside and out. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Helene C

My best car. A pleasure to drive .

Absolutely love this car, dependable, fun to drive, quiet, great on gas mileage. Would recommend this auto to one and all.

- Tom S

My car is very great, it is efficient on gas.. And it have a smooth drive to it..

Love! The horsepower.. Hate! The size.. I mean the point is I am grateful.. I am very very grateful.. Very very grateful.

- First W

The whole package is a good deal

Its awesome. Just recommended service. I would recommend a Subaru. Very dependable, reliable, good customer service

- cindi k

It has been highly recommended because It's safety features.

My car is spacious and great on gas. The only thing I dislike is it should have more bells and whistles on the inside.

- Clarence M

It's a reliable car that will last us a long time.

I like the gas mileage it gets. It's comfortable. I don't like the touchiness of the ride, sometimes, since it's AWD.

- pam d

it has high safety ratings.

great safety features. attractive styling and good gas mileage. it had lower purchase price than comparable models.

- mary D

It gets great gas mileage and is safe.

The car is very fuel efficient. It is also safe. It has great features, adaptive cruise control, backup camera.

- Richard G

The all wheel drive handles conditions really well.

I love that I can drive places in any weather. I've driven in snow and had no problems. I wish it were larger.

- Carey F

Safety is #1 when it comes to Subarus and reliability comes in at a close second.

I love my Subaru and would not drive anything else! It handles the road well and I feel completely safe in it!

- Jaclyn C

Love my car - safe and reliable.

I do not have any issues with the car. I love the handling and gas mileage. The safety features are a plus.

- Anna P

Good in bad weather and well built.

Too small, not leather or dark cloth seats. Positives are good gas mileage. Seems well built for the money.

- Michael T

This car handles very well in all weather conditions.

I really appreciate the safety and handling of my Subaru. It is also roomy while not being a bulky vehicle.

- Anna P

Safe and fun all wheel drive!

Fully loaded! Has eyesight navigation heated seats moonroof power everything. Comfortable and smooth ride.

- Sheryl F

Subaru Legacy is top of the line

The 2016 Subaru Legacy is top of the line when it comes to performance, reliability, comfort and features!

- Carole K

It has great Gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in

The car rides great and gets awesome gas mileage. It's comfortable to ride in for long periods of time

- Amy S

it is of great value and will be a great car to pass down.

my car has a luxury feel. it has adaptive cruise which makes me feel safe. the maintenance is easy.

- ashlie b

It's AWD and very safe. They have quite a bit of room and large trunks for storage. Great commuter car and family car.

I like the all wheel drive. It handles well and has a nice stereo. There's nothing I don't like.

- Cody B

It has given me not problems, and has been fun to drive, with a good amount of torque and a decent MPG rating. That being said it is a bit large and heavy, leading to several fender benders after I was used to a compact car. It has a good amount of features though I would not add any more, as I prefer a lighter, lower tech car. That being said it is very comfortable, with a great AC and comfortable seats.

It's great on gas for its size, comfortable, and performs decently for a cheap luxury vehicle.

- Jack S

This is a very safe all wheel drive vehicle that can get you where you want to go.

I like the all wheel drive. Vehicle safety is great too. The radio locks up from time to time.

- Jason R

It has all wheel drive, has good handling, and gets good gas mileage.

It's comfortable. It's roomy. It gets decent gas mileage. It has good safety features.

- Robert O

Great AWD vehicle in all weather conditions and great on gas

Great on gas mileage and in all weather conditions. Smooth driving. Comfortable to drive.

- Michelle James J

It has great safety ratings and drives well in bad weather

It is very reliable. Subaru has great customer service and safety ratings. Looks good

- Ann D

One of the safest vehicles rated by several rating agencies

I like the safety features, mileage, handling. There is nothing I dislike

- Andromedia B

Safety feature keep you from being in a accident if you step on the wrong pedal

Safety features are excellent Drives very good Drives good in the snow

- Eleanor S

It's a great car for the money

Very high safety rating. Low maintenance costs. Low purchase price.

- First L

Good in snow. Great looking. It is built well. Awesome car.

Great in snow. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable. Great looking

- David G

This is the 4th Subaru I've owned and they have always been safe & reliable

dependable safe good in all weather resale value lots of extras

- Evie t

It's been a really solid car

The type of engine it has has been interesting to get used to.

- Carly O

It is mine and I love it. It takes me places

It is nice. Like to drive it. Low maintenance

- Barbara A

Reliable and safe and restrains value

My car is great .... drives well in the snow

- Jane S

Pros and cons of the Subaru legacy.

- Lucy C