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Subaru outback: pros and cons of mine.

It drives great in any condition including snow. Very comfortable. Very easy car to drive with great gas mileage. I've got leather interior but the either has those pin point holes in the leather. I would never buy a car with that kind of leather again. Food, etc. Gets stuck in those holes and can be impossible to get out. Other than that, I really like the interior. My mats are rubber which is great when you have kids. Lots of room in the cargo area! Love that. When the car was at 68, 000 miles, a head gasket blew which ended up costing me $3000. I had always heard people say that Subarus were such great cars. Never anything wrong. Not so with mine. When I bought the car used in 2014, my son was 3. So I made sure that the child safety lock was on in the back. Well, once he turned 5&1/2 or so, I wanted to unlock that so he could get himself out of the car. It was stuck. It wouldn't unlock. I put up with it for another year or so but got tired of that. It cost me $200-300 to get that fixed. The last problem I want to mention is that for the last year or so, a few lights on the dashboard are on. Those are: "cruise" blinks, "brake" blinks, "check engine" is on solid, "traction" is on solid. Occasionally they all go off (all at the same time) for a few days to a week but inevitably they all (at the same time) come back on. I am choosing not to do anything about it. I cannot afford to fix it. I happen to know another Subaru outback owner that is having a similar problem with dashboard lights but also with her nav screen/radio/back up camera. When I get another car, it will not be a Subaru.

- Mara S

Love my functional and reliable Subaru

This has been a very reliable vehicle since buying it new. I routinely have it serviced at the dealership, which may be a little pricey, but helps with my confidence in the reliability, and a loaner is provided for the key mileage bigger maintenance work. Its had a couple of recalls that Subaru informed me about and dealership fixed. It rides and handles very well, is comfortable for long trips for 4 ad u lts. Seats five comfortably for short commutes. Average 28 mpg overall. Upholstery has held up well. Feel safe in snowy wet her with the 4WD. Have hauled a variety of building materials like a pickup truck wannabe, so it is very functional and versatile. Use the roof racks for kayaks and SUP. This is my third Subaru and I don't see myself buying differently when I decide to retire this one.

- Charlotte H

My Subaru has lots of personality & is more dependable than any man!

My Subaru outback is perfect. The bigger 3. 6 engine has a lot of get up & go so I feel safe on the highway with bigger cars. The size of my car is just right. I have my dog in the very back most of the time behind the dog cage I installed when I bought the car. The leather interior is soft but sturdy. The red color is fun but rich looking. I love my sunroof which is open most of time. My car is great on gas. I have 73,000 miles on it & have had no problems at all. I have all weather tires on it. The one drawback about the Subaru heard was they can hydroplane in wet conditions. I have never experienced this. So far I have lived 4 years in the high country of Colorado w it & now 3 years in Florida with it. I love it!

- Connie R

Subaru Outback is a fantastic family car!! Safe and easy to drive!!

We really love our Subaru Outback! It is a fabulous family car, very safe and roomy for our family of four. I love the hatch back and the fact that the back seats fold down to allow more space for groceries, strollers or even my sons bike is great! It is all wheel drive so it handles really well in slick or wet road conditions which makes me feel safe when I have my two kids with me. The gas mileage is pretty good too since my husband travels a lot to work. The only negative thing we have experienced with this vehicle is the sunroof leaks when we first bought it, but it was easily fixed when they replaced the rubber seal. Other than that this is a excellent car! A must buy for family’s!

- Courtney L

Subaru Outback: roam where you will.

The Subaru Outback is a car for those who like adventures. Unlike an SUV or truck, it sits low to the ground but still has enough clearance, making it very stable for off-road expeditions. It has unusually large tires and suspension for its size, helping it fulfill its duty: while the gas mileage is less than ideal for a sedan-sized vehicle, it's not really meant to be on par with a Prius or other gas-saving vehicle. The seats are large, leather, and comfortable. The driving position is relaxed but not racy, and the transmission is steady with not jolting or wild acceleration. It comes with AWD and a large trunk, a must have for your adventure vehicle.

- Bruce B

2011 Subaru outback 3.6r premium is a reliable and comfortable car.

This car is great for any type of terrain. I drive it around town and often visit the mountain sides. I haven't had any performance issues only a few little wear and tear problems. It is very comfortable and the sound system has a strong base. I wouldn't recommend using the car's Bluetooth feature. It is too much of a hassle and is complicated. Very reliable. Shows estimate of miles until out of gas. Can add a little extra power and speed when needed. Definitely a great car overall especially if it is a first car.

- Autumn F

We love our Outback and Subaru!

We absolutely love our Subaru Outback! We had a legacy before this and it made us fall in love with Subaru. They have great quality cars and we rarely have any issues or problems. The outback is great for a family, plenary of space in the back for trips and the backseat has space for our car seats comfortably. It runs great and is a smooth drive. It has great gas mileage and maintenance has always been easy. We love our outback and are planning on getting another Subaru in the near future.

- Hilary S

Subaru Outback is a good looking, reliable car.

I think the Subaru Outback is a good car. It has Lots of room to haul stuff. It gets Good gas mileage. It has Enough get up and go. It's not the most powerful car, but it's enough for me. The All Wheel Drive makes me feel comfortable driving it year round in Maryland. It's reliable. I've had to do some repairs, but that understandable on an 8 year old car. The seats are comfortable, and I like all the electronic adjustments you can make to the seats. I think it's a good looking car.

- Sam S

Drives like a dream come true!.

I love the size of it, for starters. It has plenty of space for when I need to move large items but the car itself is not to big. It gets great gas mileage, especially compared to my previous vehicles. It is great in heavier winter weather which is exactly what I need here in the Midwest. Really, my only complaint is that because it is an older model I cannot sync my phone to it, but it does have an aux plugin so that works fine for my music.

- Kirsten T

Very comfortable ride. Plenty of space in back cargo area. Back seat is divided into 1 and 2 seats for even more adjustable cargo carrying.

The all wheel drive is what steered us towards Subaru. For us, AWD is mandatory. It drives smooth and is very comfortable for long trips. The seats are heated- love this. It would be nice to have cooling and vegan leather though. There have been around 5 recalls. It's good that they stand behind their products, but it kind of makes me question the quality. I love that the bars are included in the roof top rack and they fold into the rails.

- Lora L

Headlights were a problem, but finally got it resolved.

Problems were the headlights, replaced them at least 4-5 times. And then dealer couldn't get lights lined up right, so they did not light road properly. They finally did get them right, then down the road there was a recall. And you can't replace the lights yourself, access was next to impossible. Other than that I haven't had any issues with it. I have over 160k miles on it, and it is still going strong. Overall I like the vehicle,

- Maureen P

It is does great in winter driving conditions.

I have had my car about 3 years now. I live at the top of a mountain which requires all wheel drive in the winter. The outback has kept me safe in many a sketchy drives up and down my road. My Subaru has been incredibly reliable. It was about 118000 miles on it and runs smoothly. I haven't had any major issues with it so far. I feel that as long as I keep up with the regular maintenance no will have this car a long time.

- Rachel A

A Subaru Outback is a comfortable and trustworthy means of transportation.

I actually consider my Subaru to be one of my most prized possessions. It is the safest and most comfortable vehicle I've ever ridden in, both as a driver and as a passenger. Owning a vehicle with 4-wheel-drive has been incredibly helpful, and has gotten me safely up my steep driveway during many winter snows. I also love the roominess of my Subaru. It been a comfortable means of travel on a number of long road trips.

- Mary D

Cannot go wrong with Subaru.

The Subaru outback is a great vehicle. It has solid launch and acceleration. The handling of the vehicle is smooth as silk, thanks to the standard all-wheel drive. Gas mileage is great, even at 170, 000 miles; I usually average between 25 to 30 on highways and around 20 in the city. I highly recommend this vehicle for all drivers, but especially for new drivers who want a compact SUV. Great for traveling too.

- Aaron H

Earth-friendly, non-sexy, but ultimately reliable.

This car goes through deep snow, mud, rough terrain reliably and with ease. It gets an average of 26 mpg and is very dependable in very hot (100 degrees +) and very cold (-20 degrees) temperatures. It has a very comfortable ride and deceivingly good cargo capabilities, too. The suspension has handled 10 50 lb bags of water softener salt on a moderately long trip (20-30 minutes on the highway) with no sway.

- Kathleen C

Subaru outback Great gas mileage

I haven't had any problems with my Subaru yet. Just the normal things such as needing new tires and front brakes. It's been a very reliable car. I currently have 85,000 miles on it. The mileage I get is unbelievable. Cost 300.00 going to Padre Island and back and all around Padre Island area. You cannot beat the gas mileage . It's a comfortable ride with plenty of room in the back for groceries, etc...

- Vicki B

2011 Subaru Outback so far so good.

So far our Subaru Outback has been pretty reliable. The one issue it has had was covered under a special extended warranty the Subaru did to cover a known transmission issue. Other than that the performance has been good, it is comfortable and reliable. Plenty of room for the family. I do wish the drive was a little smoother, it has a fairly high center of gravity so there is a lot of body roll.

- Michelle E

Excellent car good gas mileage drives great.

Never had any problems at all runs great never had a breakdown. It is very roomy inside. Bigger than current Subarus on the market. We bought it used with 36, 000 miles very clean inside and out. Very good on the snow and ice. In the winter months. Has air conditioning it works great good heater in the winter. Heated front seats for the winter. Good sound system. Excellent gas mileage.

- Carolyn H

This is the best 4 wheel drive vehicle in all respects.

This vehicle makes me feel safe and in control. The reliability factor is as high as any of the 13 vehicles I have owned in my lifetime. Comfort and sound proofing is the best, very low road noise. Economy is excellent for a vehicle of its size. I get 32 MPG on the hwy. I have more than enough acceleration, even on mountain roads. I will never own any vehicle unless it is one like this one.

- Lee T

If you've never owned a Subaru, you do not know what your missing.

I have never owned a vehicle that performed as well as my Subaru. For running around town or weekend trips, it is just as comfortable for one person as for four people. I have had no problems with it to speak of, my particular vehicle has had a few recalls and the dealerships were fast and friendly and took the time to explain what they needed to do and how long it would take.

- Lois K

Safety is Subaru’s priority.

Love my car so much, it runs like a dream and although it already has 100, 000 miles it still runs just as well as a new 2011 Subaru outback. I like the backup camera it is extremely helpful, also the buttons on the steering wheel are very helpful and convenient. It make me feel safer while driving to not have to look for those buttons since they are right at my finger tips.

- Madeleine D

The speakers in the limited outback are really nice. I love having great sound.

My outback is a smooth driving vehicle. The all wheel drive is really nice. There is plenty of room for all my music equipment. The leather and heated seats are a really nice touch. Everything runs great, and I hope that I will be able to drive it for a very long time. We are having our first kid soon and it'll be nice to have plenty of room for her as well.

- Christian M

It is incredibly spacious for myself and passengers and has great cargo space.

I absolutely love my car! It has a great amount of room for passengers and/or cargo without feeling massive. It is extremely reliable with basic care. It drives comfortably and works well in all weather! My only negative is that because it is a little older it does not have the convenience features like Bluetooth phone connectivity. But overall I love it!

- Kirsten T

Eight years old and still going strong.

I always thought I would only ever own a Buick, but I absolutely love my Subaru. I bought mine from a family member at five years and I have had it now for almost three years and it still runs like the first day I had it. My model has hands free features, but it was a couple years ahead of the Bluetooth music options. Overall very happy with my outback.

- Maddie J

Reliability & safety are number one with this vehicle!

I love my Subaru outback. It is not only a good looking vehicle, it is very safe and the airbag on the passenger side saved my life. This has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The interior with heated seats are wonderful. However the radio design looks a little unspectacular it delivers on good sound. I would buy it again times 2.

- Lisa B

Best vehicle on the market.

This is my fourth subaru, we have never experienced any problems with any of our subaru's. I was involved in 2 accidents and was very thankful I was in my subaru. We had a fair amount of damage but the police officer said I can be glad I was driving this car. I will always get another subaru, they handle very well in the snow and rainy roads.

- Carole L

A car that works well for small a small business family.

I feel very safe driving in all kind of weather. There is plenty of room for our weekly newspaper. A car that works well for our family. There is enough leg room for long legs. It is good on gas. Only complaint is changing light bulbs need to be done at the service place. Our previous Subaru could be easily done. Lights do go out. . .

- Mary N

Subaru outback: the car for everything you need in life.

My Subaru is excellent. It has rubber mats that really help when the weather is bad because it protects the interior. The heated seats are amazing in the winter. It is comfortable and spacious and great for long car rides. It is a reliable vehicle and I always feel safe driving it. The handling is nice and the breaks are amazing.

- Samantha G

The outback is the perfect camping companion!

I absolutely love my Subaru outback! I haven't had any problems with it, and it runs like a champ! The all wheel drive is awesome for Utah winters. Plus, the size of the outback allows me all of the cargo space I need to take my boyfriend, our three dogs, and all of our camping gear for week-long adventures into the wilderness!

- Sarah S

Handsome and reliable car with relatively low mileage.

I bought this car slightly used. Have taken very good care of it. Just put on brand new all weather tires and put new brakes on even though I never had a problem with the brakes. I consider this car comfortable and reliable, driving about 5,000 per year - even now it has less than 90,000 miles on it. The color is forest green.

- Judith L

Room for the kids and dogs.

We picked this vehicle for the inside Civic space. It fits us well with two adults two kids and two dogs. Just wish we had the storage unit for the top of the car! We have had the car for five years and have had to replace the tires and the o2 sensor. I do wish that the driver seat was more comfortable for shorter drivers.

- Jennifer S

Plenty of space to haul people and all of our stuff!

The outback has been a super reliable car. In the time that we've owned ours, we've had no problems with it at all. It feels very spacious both for riding and storage. I also like it is off road capability for camping trips. It is been a great car for a growing family that likes to take yearly road trips. We love it!

- Jennifer C

Safe, reliable, fun to drive.

The car is reliable, drives smoothly, handles rugged areas, and is comfortable. The only issue is the back up camera does not always work. The car is very safe and sturdy. I really love how the car looks. We got midnight black. We also have the sunroof, but we do not really use it much. The sound system is good.

- Richard L

I found the car that was meant for me for reasons I didn't even know I had.

I couldn't possibly be any happier with my outback. It is comfortable, spacious, never gives me a single problem and makes me feel so much safer than any vehicle I have ever had before it. I wouldn't give up this gem for anything; it is so easy to grow attached to the practicality and sleekness of the outback.

- Kayla W

Subaru outback is a great first car.

Gas gauge stopped working which resulted in brake light turning on as well as the check engine light. When this was fixed, the speedometer stopped working. However, it is a great car to drive in the winter and is very comfortable. The heated seats and cruise control are great, and definitely a good first car.

- Emily C

Reliable and comfortable vehicle.

I have very few problems with this car, it is not running as smoothly as it used to but it is a reliable car. I like its interior, it is comfortable and a good size for 4 adults to ride in. One of my biggest complaints is the air system which is not the best, loud and not really effective at higher levels.

- Lindsey H

Good for bad weather. Expensive to repair.

The car does very well in poor weather. The AWD does much better than any 4wd I have ever had. The downside of the vehicle is once it hit 120,000 miles, it has been in the shop every month. It is also very expensive to repair. They also do not have all of the features that other newer vehicles do have.

- Sarah H

Subaru Outback Sport edition

I've had my Subaru outback for several years and it has been extremely reliable, even having bought it used! Just a really solid vehicle with great gas mileage. The roof rack has handled everything from home renovation supplies to Christmas trees. And it's consistently received the IIHS safety award.

- Diana P

Subaru 2011 forester gray color.

I am very pleased with the 2011 Subaru outback. It has enough room to store my daily and weekly belongings. I have been in quite a few scrapes and bangs with this car, and it still runs strong. It has a 17 gallon tank which seems like a lot but can't seem to deplete very fast driving in the big city.

- Sandra L

Subaru outback is the go-to.

Reliable. Over 120k miles and still runs as good as when I purchased it with 62k. Handles long distances well. No terrain has proven to be a problem. Moon roof is nice and offers additional temperature control. Cooling power of the ac is best I have in any vehicle, and the seats are very comfortable.

- Ziggy Z

Safely gets through the worst of snow.

As a health care worker in New England, I have no choice but to go into work. Hospitals do not take snow days. My Subaru assures me that I will make it in safely. One time, I thought I had lost my lights. Found out, my lights were going below the snow and were blacked out. I was plowing the snow!

- Carole D

Subaru has transmission problems.

Bought it used and 3 weeks later it cut off completely I the interstate. Had it towed to a repair shop. Paid $3500 just to have it break down again before I got it home. Took it to a Subaru dealer and they replaced the transmission for free. No more problems but I am stuck paying the repair shop.

- Karen D

Great gas mileage and heated seats!!

It gets great gas mileage! I love that it has a display that shows you what you are currently getting for gas mileage as well! Small but has pretty good room in the back! It drives well in the snow also! I love the heated seats and the option that lets you lift the seat on the drivers side!

- Danielle B

Great car to last for years

No major problems have come up with my car with routine maintenance. There as aren't many additional high end features. Car can run a little on the loud side but definitely a smooth ride overall. There's not sunroof. Pretty basic radio and sound system. Has lasted for 8 years with no issues

- Katie A

My car is very reliable and has plenty of space, so both people and their things can be transported without being too cramped.

I like the amount of storage it has in back- I can transport large things/ a lot of stuff in the car. It gets pretty good mileage. I like that the parking brake goes off automatically when the accelerator is pushed- very nice feature! I also like that the dashboard isn't overly complicated.

- Laura P

My favorite car for road trips.

Reliable, good mileage, thoughtful gas tank on the right, back windshield wiper. Heated leather seats make it indulgent in Chicago winters. Interior very nicely done with handsome moldings, very rich looking. Roomy, can put back seat down and sleep a tall person. Great for road trips.

- Diane N

The advantages of all wheel drive.

All wheel drive, handles very well off-road, deep snow. Well designed, everything has it is spot for storage. Mulita tie down hooks, newer models only have small outside changes, this car's appearance does not age. That is very good these cars last well over 200,000 miles if cared for.

- Richard B

Subaru's are truly the safest cars around. They are the best in collisions, they run forever and hold their value.

I love subaru, I like the the all wheel drive and impact ratings. I do like the clearance on the Outback but the stability could be better. The one thing I hate on my car is the paddle shifters I prefer the slap shifter. The paddles make it impossible to steer and downshift if needed.

- Amanda F

Roomy enough for car seats, hockey bags and sticks.

The car is super reliable, fun to drive and roomy. The stick shift is one of the smoothest we have had. It fits two adults, two car seats, six hockey sticks and three bags plus a stroller comfortable. It handles well in the snow and rain and has an excellent range for long road trip.

- Jean L

Our Subaru Outback and it�s features

It's easy to drive, how it handles on the road. The heated seats. Very comfortable on long trips. It has good storage. Excellent gas mileage, This car has good visibility. It holds 4 adults comfortably. The heated front seats are great. The six CD player is something we enjoy.

- Beverly R

The best car I have ever had for the Colorado lifestyle.

I have never had any problems with my Outback. It is a stylish car but still crazy functional. My dog loves it and so do I, it is a great car for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and skiing. I was even once rear ended by a truck going 45 mph and sustained very little damage.

- Sofie A

Love the backup camera and heated seats.

I love our outback. We have the 3. 6 limited and it has amazing features. We love the power behind the car, the backup camera, the heated seats. We also love how comfortable it feels driving down the highway on long car trips. I have nothing but great things to say about this car.

- Sarah R

People have them for a reason

The outback fits two adults and two car seats very well. It comes with a small backup camera in the rear view mirror which is very handy. Great gas mileage. I feel like it's rather long but it could be just because I haven't driven a station wagon before. It's great in the winter.

- Justin M

Best car ever - my Subaru.

This is my second subaru. I love it. No problems with it. Wonderful in the snow. It is a delight to drive. I have two dogs and there is plenty of room in the back for them. I have the heated seats which are very welcome in the winter! I would never buy a different brand of car!

- Laurie R

AWD, 8in clearance, capacity/storage is huge.

Problems - rusts faster than dies. Perf - handles well, not super go sporty. Reliable- yes, all around airbags, engine keeps kicking, electronic indicators for issues. Comfy-could be better, basic bucket front and 40/60 bench. Feat - manual, base model, no special features.

- Cr G

Stay on top of the maintenance and this care will perform well for years to come.

I live in Minnesota so my car is great in the harsh winters. It is a great car to take to state parks. One of my headlights periodically goes out but it is warrantied so I am able to get it replaced, but I love my smooth ride and heated seats and all the space my car provides.

- Katie D

Subaru Outback 2011- perfect mix between a SUV and car

I have absolutely no complaints. It handles well in all weather types, and have had no major problems as long as you maintain oil changes and other preventative work. Only issue I have experienced is headlights die quickly however are under recall so they cost nothing to fix.

- Brittany P

Great SUV. Cannot imagine buying another model.

Really love this car. It is very dependable, really nice ride. Lots of room. Great gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. Love the sunroof. Has Bluetooth even though it is 2011. The hatchback has a lot of room as well as the backseat. Fits 3 people comfortably.

- Sandra V

Outback: problems are worth it.

It is a strong car with a lot of longevity. The only issues I have ever had is with the headlights. They are incredibly hard to change. I feel like the go out a lot and to change them, it is awkward and painful. I end up taking it to the dealer just to change the headlights.

- Rachel I

2011 Subaru Outback 3.6R is Great!

The performance and reliability are great. The only problem I've had is a bad wheel hub. The 3.6 liter is quiet and strong. This car great in the snow. The interior is roomy and is great for a small family. The foldable back seats make it great for transporting large loads.

- Andrew G

Reliable off roading family safe vehicle.

Quite the family car. Very spacious an completely reliable haven't had a problem at all. Great off roading or even if you have to go out in the winter storm it is completely safe. Treat a suburban right and they will definitely last forever and keep going. My favorite.

- Megan B

Subaru outback great for bad weather or off road

Very reliable and is great on gas mileage. Had a couple more problem with a clamp for the muffler getting rusty and needing replaced. There has also be some recall for it but otherwise a great vehicle. Works great in the snow and ice long with during the raining season

- Nolan J

Subaru is great - do not miss out!

Love the car, we've had no problems that are not to be expected. It goes through pretty much anything and even when there is a problem it is easy enough to fix myself. I have had many Subarus and will likely continue buying more, especially if they bring back the Baja.

- Sean M

My heated seats make the northern NY winter bearable.

The only issue I've had is that it is a bit difficult to change the headlight. Pieces must be removed and reattached for a simple headlight replacement. With the normal oil changes and level check my engine you been running perfectly. Oh, and I love my heated seats!!

- Andrew M

Maintenance saves breakdowns

Good car. Had issues with moonroof assembly. It was fixed. Car goes through a lot of lightbulbs. Car still rides and handles well with 120,000 miles. I will add, I am meticulous about maintenance. All maintenance recommended by Subaru has been done by the dealership.

- Dan D

An insider's take on the Subaru outback.

The Subaru outback has given me very minimal problems in the six years I have owned it. I find it to be extremely reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. It handles beautifully on the road, and in all kinds of weather; especially snowy, rainy, or even icy conditions.

- Robin S

Subaru gets me where I need to go.

The Subaru is a sure thing in all kinds of weather with great clearance in snow. Spacious back seat. The car does not have the pickup I want. Frustrated that there is no vents for heat or ac on back seats of car. There are no ports for devices in the back either.

- Jessica C

Great gas mileage, I live in Ohio good for the snow,!

Well it's a Subaru witch is y I bought my 2011 Subaru outback all wheel drive Limited. I don't know what to say other than what people know reliable, strong,long lasting, styling,and who don't want a wagon. Beem a great vehicle expect it lasts me many many years!

- Gregory W

The vehicle my family uses together.

Its very spacious. Great cargo area. Very comfortable seats. Gas mileage is ok but not as good as I'd like. Radio has Bluetooth but only for phone calls not for media which is annoying for long trips. Plenty of backseat space for multiple car seats. Heated seats.

- Rebecca T

I have the Subaru outback so there is plenty of room

I've been driving my Subaru for eight years now and I have never had a major problem with it. I feel that it is a safe and reliable car. I would recommend this vehicle to everyone. My next car I buy (which won't be for a while) will probably be another Subaru.

- Colleen R

Great car - unreliable transmission.

I love this car! Great for outdoor adventures, tons of room for storage and passengers, and great on gas. Subaru extended the warranty on the transmission for this year car due to the CVT failing. If the CVT wasn't an issue, I'd say this is the perfect car.

- Trisha M

Great vehicle for outdoorsy people.

Great vehicle, love the space, great for hauling, never had any problems, heated seats are great in the winter time, had to replace the drive belt which was expensive but nothing outside of normal maintenance, great handling, great for camping and kayaking.

- Erik S

It has ample leg room for passengers in the rear seat.

My Subaru is very dependable. The body style is attractive. It has been driven almost 200, 000 miles and is outstanding in its performance. People I meet ask me about my Subaru's reliability. I always say I would recommend it, as a durable, dependable car.

- Peggy F

A capable and useful family car

The check engine light came on originally when we were on a long trip. It happens again when the gas gets to below half a tank. Fixing this problem will require a engine retail. The ride ability is great, and it has plenty of space for my family and dogs.

- Gabriel L

Incredibly reliable. My car is incredibly reliable

I love the fuel efficiency, the smoothness of the ride, the size for long or short trips. The only thing I dislike is that it can be kind of loud sometimes. I love what Subaru stands for in terms of safety standards and really taking pride in what they do

- Aaron P

We love everything about our Subaru.

We love our Subaru outback. It has been the best car we have ever owned. We have not had any problems with it. We will definitely purchase another Subaru in the future. We would definitely recommend everyone to purchase a Subaru. They build the best cars.

- Sheila W

Subaru Outback: the summary you've been waiting for.

Easy to drive. Great comfort and mileage. The leather interior is awesome. And it handles great. In the winter time I never feel unsafe and the music within the car is great as well as the speakers. The wood trim is awesome and resale value is wonderful.

- Kristen F

I love my Outback fits my life!

I love the Subaru outback. It is spacious, comfortable, and reliable. I would definitely buy it again! It is rugged, but sophisticated. It performs great on long trips, and I use it to commute to work daily. I can fit my family, friends and dog!

- Joseph C

Awesome vehicle for any purpose!

It is super comfortable and spacious and perfect for our new family of three with a newborn. It is great on gas and awesome in all weather conditions. It also is super safe and reliable. I would definitely buy another and or recommend the Subaru Outback.

- Cassie C

Lovely blue Subaru car is awesome.

comfortable, easy to drive and handle. It is a lovely blue color. The trunk is roomy and spacious. The windows go down all the way which is a plus. I love driving the car because it feels very light compared to some other cars when your driving them.

- Sharon C

This car is highly reliable. While it's only a 2011, I drive a lot and have 200,000+ miles and still running!

I live in a rural area that sees plenty of snowfall each winter. I love driving my Subaru Outback because I never have to worry about it's performance in weather. I feel safe driving with my family in the car no matter what the road conditions are.

- Linzie F

Subaru is a great, reliable car.

I love our Subaru Outback. It is extremely safe and reliable. It is also very comfortable. We bought this car because of the longevity of this brand, and we hope to keep it a really long time. Worth every penny (or should I say dollar).

- Linda S

Sure-footed, but has low gas mileage compared to other similar cars.

I like that the car is sure-footed, with the four-wheel drive, but that means it also burns a lot more gas than comparable cars. The car has also had some clicking issues as of late, and we can't figure out where the sound is coming from.

- Ann w

Great reliability & safety ratings

I like the comfort of the driver's seat (many adjustment to use), the roof racks for my kayak, reliable & safety ratings. It has enough room for bigger items when I put the back seats down. It tows my pop-up easily. No complaints.

- laura Г

It's the best midsize SUV out there.and it's great on.gas.

Absolutely love my Subaru Outback. Since I'm.not a minivan,lover and I.have two small kids, it makes traveling to school.and.sports and everyday.activities.a.breeze. I.owned.Toyota's all my life but now I'm.a.Subaru.owned.for life

- Lisa D

Subaru - good value, good in snow, reliable and friendly!

My only complaint is that the gas mileage isn't that great, as I do a lot of short driving trips. I like the car a lot, have been driving Subarus for almost 30 years. It's great in winter, comfortable seats, doesn't break down.

- Brigid C

It's very, very reliable.

I love the how peppy the engine is - especially with the AWD. However, it is fairly noisy. Also, the leather on the seats has begun peeling off on several spots. I do love the way it handles. It's very responsive to drive.

- Jared C

It has a great safety rating and Subarus are known to last 10 to 15 years.

I like that it is roomy while driving. I like that the seats are cloth and easy to clean. I like that it has a ton of cargo space but that the car isn't too big to drive easily. I dislike that the parts are so expensive.

- Kierri C

This car is one of the safest on the road.

I like the handling and safety features especially in winter driving. I love the heated seats. I don't like the fact that when I roll down my side windows it doesn't clear them of snow, rain or fog like my Forester did.


It's bigger than it looks and has great storage space in the hatchback.

I really like the space in the back for storage. I feel safe in it. What I don't like it that it feels like you could easily lose control, like you could overcorrect too easily just by trying to stay on the road.

- Lainey W

There's nothing like a Subaru

I love my car. It has all-wheel drive. It handles with ease. It has a lot of power to it, so it can get up and go. There is so much space it's crazy. And it gets great gas mileage for the size car that it is.

- Autumn R

Good reliable brand, very safe, all wheel drive, very comfortable. Good gas mileage

The vehicle is very roomy, and comfortable. It also get very reasonable gas mileage given the size of the vehicle. Lots of storage space. Only complaint is the placement of the button for your hazard lights.

- Jani S

The Outback is a Dependable, Quality Family Vehicle.

The Outback has proven to be very dependable with no major issues. We have been able to fit three car seats and comfortably transport our children while also carrying a great deal of luggage and supplies.

- Christopher S

I have had to replace the front headlights numerous times each year.

I love my outback, great in the snow and a very comfortable ride. We have had issues with headlights and have to replace numerous times but that is the only problem. I would buy a Subaru again.

- judy g

Subaru makes a reliable and safe vehicle - and has great customer service.

My Subaru has provided me with reliable transportation and works for everyday life - traveling with family, hauling items for volunteer work. It is comfortable enough and gets great gas mileage.

- Kathy W

It is versatile and it is 4 wheel drive and works well in Wisconsin winters.

It is black and it is versatile. I like the way the back seats fold down, so there is more storage space if needed. I also like the heated seats in the winter. I do not have any complaints.

- Sandy N

Great Winter Performance & Meets my Needs

I love my Subaru, it handle well in all seasons but I am especially impressed by its performance in the winter. Repairs are not frequent and it is comfortable and meets my needs thoroughly.

- Kassie F

I feel it is a very safe car, it handles very well and has the feel of a much more expensive car.

I like everything about my car. It is a sturdy, well built car. Love the way it handles in snow. I also like the fact that Subarus is a zero-waste, environmentally conscious company.

- Izzy Z

It has a great balance of ground clearance, horsepower and gas mileage (26 mpg).

I've bought the car used about a month ago. I've had zero issues with it and the Subaru Outback has over 110K miles on it. I see why people love this car and it has such a following.

- Josh M

It drives well in all weather and handles the Buffalo winters nicely.

I love that our vehicle has a high safety rating and does well in the snow. It has a lot of room for our family. It is a slightly tight squeeze with two car seats at times though.

- Amy B

family friendly and spacious for stuff and people.

dislike the cloth seats and the lack of a vent in the back seat. love the space and ability to haul larger things. very comfortable to ride in, sits up high enough for me to see.

- kristin d

It will last a really long time with little to no maintenance.

I love that this car has lasted almost 130K miles with little maintenance and is still going strong. It has tons of room, too. I wish the technology was a little more modern.

- Meredith M

It does very well in the sow.

I like the roominess of the back for transporting large objects. I like the fuel efficiency. I wish I had gotten leather seats because the black cloth is hard to keep clean.

- Isabel O

It is a great value for the money. The Subaru runs well and never gives me problems. It goes especially well in the snow.

I absolutely love my Subaru Outback. We live in WV, so we have a lot of snow, and it goes great in the snow. I never have trouble getting to and from work in my Subaru.

- Adam S

This is a safe and reliable car that will last you for years to come.

I love the look and feel of the car. It drives so well and handles so easily. The only complaint I have is the size but for the most part that isn't a huge issue for me.

- Brad W

AWD + low center of gravity = the best. Keeps me on the road when other cars would slide off.

Love the AWD, size (not too big not too small), low center of gravity, safety, new enough it's modern but old enough it didn't cost me as much (I bought it used)

- Laura S

It is a very reliable car. Even if it needs a repair or maintenance, it still goes the distance for you.

I love that it is great on gas and is an all wheel vehicle for being a smaller car. Dislikes: middle console could be more comfortable and roomier in the front.

- Debbie B

The outback is a very reliable and will last a long time.

I like the AWD. It is comfortable to drive, and gets good mileage. I have had problems with recalls on the headlights. I wish it had an integrated GPS system.

- Margaret E

The Subura Outback's most important thing that people should know is it's amazing long lasting quality.

The Subaru Outback is an amazing car. Not only does it have top quality safety features, it has never broken down and has been on the road for many years.

- Lily O

Others should know that my car is safe for driving in all weather conditions.

I like my vehicle for its safety rating. I like the all-weather sports package that was purchased with the vehicle. I dislike how weak the windshield is.

- Elizabeth W

Outback from 2011 was not the year to get one

It's very safe but has had some recent mechanical problems and it gets poor miles per gallon-- less than it is supposed to but a good winter driving car

- Dan A

That it's a really great vehicle and it has never done me wrong.

I like that it runs very well. I've never had an major problems with it. I like that it's good for some off-road driving. And I like that it's blue!

- Rachel S

It needs to get us to and from chemo for my husband.

I like the way it drives, it stays on the road and feels strong. I dislike changing the headlight bulbs, a common problem for Subarus in this era.

- Mary Ann N

It has great gas mileage.

I love everything but the back seat area does not have an air conditioner/heat vent. It is all in. The front seat area. I do love my heater seats.

- Rebecca A

It is good to drive in the snow during the winter seasons

I do not like that the windshield wipers do not work very well, i also do not like how the interior is black, it makes it very hot in the summer

- Ana D

It has great gas mileage and up to date technology.

It has great gas mileage and is comfortable to drive. There is lots of room for passengers and in the trunk. It drives great in the snow.

- Deanna M

It's very reliable, as far as gas mileage goes and performance goes.

I have no dislikes when it comes to my vehicle. My likes include good gas mileage and a lot of space. It also is visually appealing to me.

- Alexus S

It's not just hype-- Subarus really are well-built.

Small but safe and reliable. Great gas mileage and capable of carrying significant cargo. Sits rather low compared to other Subaru models.

- Ellen P

Very safe car to drive, fairly economical, very few problems.

I like that it holds the road very well. I never feel anything less than perfectly safe while driving it. However, it is not a quiet car.

- Sue R

Subaru outback 2011 year And capabilities

Comfort, safety, winter capabilities. It is not too big but not small either. It is very spacious and roomy inside. I truly love it.

- Tricia H

That it has a high resale value and the safety rating is also high. Very good vehicle for the price range.

I really like my Subaru Outback. Very comfortable ride. I like the safety factors that it supplies and the resale value stays high.

- KC L

Excellent repair reputation.

I love the size. We have room for our dog on trips as well as luggage. Great car for any conditions because of the all wheel drive.

- Lauren P

You get so much quality for your money with subaru

I absolutely love my car. It's sporty, reliable, comfortable and easy to maintain. I will always buy Subaru ! Nothing I dislike

- Becky c

It's paid off and no one is allowed to smoke in the car.

I love AWD in the winter time, the handing is excellent, and I like the look of the car. Tail Lights burn out too often though.

- Adam K

My car is great in snow and ice. It handles very well.

My car gets very good mpg. It is great on my steep driveway and in bad weather. It has good storage and is pleasant to drive.

- Sandra N

Great car for the price, very economical.

Sometimes the rear view camera does not work. Sometimes the car makes random noises. I wish the gas efficiency would be better.

- Richard L

It is extremely safe and without a doubt best family car out there.

I love this car! It is extremely reliable and handles snow like a champ!! Extremely spacious but still has a sporty feel to it.

- Chelsea O

I really love the gas mileage and how reliable my car is.

I don't really have any problems with my car other than I wish I had a little more room. Other than that my car is excellent.

- Elizabeth F

It's a good family car. Great for the adventurous family.

I dislike the body of it. It is plastic put together, not like the older ones. The engine is amazing.. very comfortable car.

- Shane H

Great all around vehicle. Reliable - it gets you where you're going and back again.

Great in snow and fuel mileage. Plenty of space and reasonably well equipped. Wish the power seats had memory settings.

- Robert B

It is the safest car on the road. There are alerts for everything! I feel safe at all times.

I don't dislike my car... but it is not big enough for our needs. Our kids are getting bigger and they have more stuff.

- Enjoli J

The most important things are safety.

Nothing I really dislike; love the heated seats, smooth ride, 6-way driver's seat adjustment especially lumbar support.

- Patricia K

It's very safe, lasts a long time and has all wheel drive.

Love the All Wheel Drive. Love the heated seats. Would like some upgrades to the sound system and a rear view camera.

- Nat T

Great cargo and roof space.

It is great for space. I can fit kayaks, a canoe, bikes on top. The seats fold down and I can lug large things inside.

- Rachel I

It is not that comfortable for long drives.

It is a very reliable car. It has plenty of room in it. Incentive it in all weather. It is less ugly than many SUV?S.

- Nicky S

Great for driving in the snow.

It is good looking. However, it is not always dependable. It handles well in the snow though. Very spacious as well.

- Nick S

Holds everything without being an overly-large vehicle.

Large cargo area for family vacations. Has been reliable with standard maintenance. Like the image of the company.

- Karen M

It is very reliable and requires little to no repairs

It is just the right height for me to get in and out of. I wish the stereo integrated more fully with my iphone.

- Lisa I

It needs to be properly maintained in order to keep in working order.

It has had some mechanical issues. We needed to get a new transmission. Otherwise. It has been a very good car.

- Laura B

I will buy another subaru.

It is comfortable. I like the 4 wheel drive.. I like the heated seats. I like the cargo space.. No complaints..

- Peg F

Very luxurious and great car. Car seat fits.

Reliability I have had one before and decided to get another one, comfort I am small and it fits my body type.

- Joyce H

Very dependable, 24 mpg city driving. All wheel drive is great.

No problems since purchased new. Still looks like new. Will certainly last another several years! Love it!

- Jean B

Subaru owner for life!!!!!

Love the ride, fuel economy and room to haul items. Handles great in the snow. Has good towing capacity.

- None N

My outback is a very easy car to drive. it handles well in the snow and ice. It also rates high on collision. I have heated seats and a large cargo space. Transmission is still good after 150000 miles. My repairs have been minimal.

The outback is a strong sturdy car. It handles well if you are nervous about driving on snow and ice.

- Jane C

Very reliable and runs smoothly.

It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable. It is small for busy roads but has lots of cargo space.

- Linda L

It's very reliable and doesn't require extensive maintenance.

I like the comfortability, reliability, all wheel drive. I could use more seats. Dislike the MPG.

- rachel s

Lots of space for a smaller car ,yet fits 3/car seats in the back row

I like that it's a wheel drive. Drives very smooth, has good pick up, and lots of cargo space

- Christa S

It has a lot of space and it has four wheel drive.

It has lots of storage space and the seats fold down flat to store more things in the back.

- Alena R

that Subaru is one of the most safest cars. It helps you in the snow. i

love I can haul large items in back. love that I have 4 wheel drive for the winters.

- Lisa W

Very safe car to drive on icy roads. I like the way it handles

Great vehicle love to drive it. It has all wheel drive. It is low maintenance.

- Alan R

It is a safe vehicle to drive

I love the interior and the fact that it is safe. It drives very smoothly.

- Jessica D

It is Reliable. Very few issues if any.

No I have no complaints. It's a great vehicle since I bought it it new.

- Udo M

Very reliable, never any problems, they go great in any kind of weather.

I get great gas mileage, plenty for room. I Like everything about it.

- Barry R

This is the safest car I have ever owned. Love my Subaru.

Drives smooth. Safe car. Can haul furniture. Great gas mileage.

- Tonya S

Rolls right through the snow. I never got stuck out in it.

It drives well, carries all my stuff and I feel safe in it.

- B T

Great in the snow. Good gas mileage. Smooth ride. Roomy

Love my car, lots of room and I use it to transport my dog.

- Jacki R

It's one of the safest vehicles on the market for a reasonable price

It's safe, dependable, and hasn't had any recalls to date

- Stephanie L

good mileage. Easy to drive roomy and comfortable.

Would like heated seats and backup camera. Great mileage

- Rita C

I love my subaru over all. I think the vehicle works well, is a great size, and is perfect for me alone and people when I drive. When it's windy I feel it

safety is so important to me when I am looking for a car

- Sam C

very reliable once you own one you will want no other

car is very reliable very gas efficient plenty of room

- ana g