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A zippy car for fun times.

My car is comfortable and reliable and performs well. I bought it when I lived in Seattle, Washington, because I lived on a hill and it performed well getting up our hill when it was icy. It was a popular car in Seattle where everyone had an outdoorsy lifestyle and we often drove on hills and in the mountains. The car has a hatchback which was good when my boys were St home for hauling sports equipment, instruments and backpacks. It was also helpful for carrying large amounts of groceries. I amid felt it was a safe car for new drivers. Seattle is a crowded city and it is often difficult to find parking. My car was easy to park and got into smaller spaces. When are boys we’re out of school and living independently we moved with our car to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We drove the car from Seattle to phalli. It was 4 years old then and it performed well on the trip. We had room to take some of our more fragile possessions that we didn't want to risk sending with the movers in the moving van. We completed the trip without problems. However, my husband complained that the driver’s seat irritated his sciatica. He became very uncomfortable every time he drove for more than about an hour-long shift. This resulted in my having to do a lot more of the driving than I would have liked to do on that trip and on other trips since then. Now that we live in Philadelphia, I would like to replace the car with one that has a trunk. I worry that my car will be broken into and things will be stolen. Also, since my husband takes public transportation to work here, he does not have a car. Now that we have only one car, I would rather have something other than the Outback. I would rather have something roomier and a little more upscale to drive visitors and friends around in.

- Maureen M

the reliability, why I bought it, not for its features

The back up camera started glitching after 4 years. Too expensive to replace at the dealership so I'm living without it. No vents in the back seat for heat or AC besides the floor vent under the drivers and front passenger seats. No USB plug in the back seat either. The radio is generic even when the car was brand new. All stations are static regardless of location so I use the Bluetooth feature to listen to Pandora. For a 34k plus, car; it's a huge miss price-wise. I'm not sure I'd get another outback, unless it's had a major overhaul of those missing features or quality of the faulty ones.

- Melissa S

The Subaru Outback is a comfortable and very dependable vehicle.

Subaru Outback is a very comfortable and, most importantly, a very dependable vehicle. The Outback features a smoother and much more comfortable ride than the Forester. I have back problems and chose the Outback as I was able to drive longer distance with less back pain. This is the second Outback that I have owned and would never buy anything but a Subaru. Handling is also very good especially in winter conditions which is important as I live in Maine. The only downside to the Outback is the price. They do tend to be more expensive than other SUVs.

- Deb P

The perfect car for your outdoor pursuits!

This is by far the best vehicle I have ever driven. It is reliable in all weather conditions and handles particularly well in snow. The Outback is the best model if you are looking for something low mid-size, yet large enough to carry big items (especially for the outdoor enthusiast, it is great for all types of outdoor gear). The smaller liter engine gets exceptional gas mileage, but I would consider purchasing the larger liter engine if you are interested in more pick-up. Overall and exceptional buy - I will continue to purchase Subaru’s.

- Samantha A

Subaru: reliability, safety, proven value.

As you may know Subaru has long been known for its reliability. I have owned this car for 2+years and have only changed the tires and the oil. It has never once gave me a problem other than normal maintenance of the car. I would strongly recommend a Subaru to anybody I know. It fits my family of 4, it is very safe with side airbags standard, as well as there intuitive AWD system that has proven year after year. The gas mileage is between 20-25 mpg which is not bad considering its spacious interior and room for 5 comfortably.

- Matthew R

I love my Subaru outback with the heated seats.

My Subaru outback is very safe and dependable. We've had very few problems with it. Although it is 6 years old it is still very quiet with no rattles. I love the heated sets. I am a small person and can see outside very clearly. The seats are very comfortable. They feel like cloth seats but are very easy to clean. When I have riders they ask if the car is new and they cannot believe it is 6 years old. I feel safe in the car because it feels so solid. The car has an excellent sounding radio.

- Mildred S

Subaru Outback - The only car you can trust like a horse

True to its reputation, my Subaru Outback has been a trusty companion through mountain driving and inclement weather. The battery listed for 6 years, which I had hoped would be longer, and the tires it came with were pretty low quality. However, the car turns on a dime, is comfortable, reliable, and has truly been a joy to own. Whenever anyone I know is on the market for a car, I always suggest Subaru, and I plan to only ever own Subarus for the rest of my life.

- Joshua B

My favorite car of all-time!

I have had no issues at all with my car. It now has 82,000 miles on it. Maintenance is a breeze. The comfort of the car is wonderful. The ride is very smooth and my riders always comment on how pleasant the ride is to them. I have enjoyed the back-up camera tremendously. I also enjoy the heated seats. I have had no problems with any part of this vehicle and I feel that it has been manufactured with great safety features.

- Lisa C

My Subaru is a sure thing in all kinds of weather.

I love the Subaru in the snow. Clearance is good. However the pickup is poor. It drives me nuts that there is nowhere to plug in devices in the back of the car or vents for heat or ac in the back. The back seat has very generous space. Overall the car is a sure thing.. Gets me where I need to go in all types of conditions. Although so many people in my town have the blue color and I often wall over to the wrong car.

- Jess C

It is a great vehicle.. Safe and fun to drive.

Have a 4 cylinder - should have purchased a 6 cylinder for better performance, bought a red one, have tired with the color, so should have purchased a different color but the colors were limited at the time, love the all wheel drive, great in the snow, I feel safe driving the vehicle, seats fold down for the dogs which is good, will buy another Subaru, no issues with the car so far.

- Pat A

Overall a decent, reliable and practical car. Not for the 'spirited' driver.

Vehicle has had rust spots and issues since the first year we owned it. Dealership covered the first one, but more are appearing prematurely on vehicle age. The engine has very low pick up and the CR-V engine sounds loud when you are trying to speed up quickly. Practical vehicle that does the job. No major issues with engine. Does not feel as solid in the winter as my 2006 Subaru.

- Simone T

Subaru Outback: My Favorite Car Yet

I've always loved having a Subaru. They're reliable, practical, good on gas, and overall a great choice for a car. Weather driving through rough backroads, or crushing city streets, my Subaru has failed to let me down to this day. It can fit tons of equipment, groceries, or anything else you can think of. This makes it great for families as well as lone wolves looking to explore.

- Morgan P

Outstanding multi-purpose AWD midsize SUV

My Subaru Outback is a well-built, roomy, SUV that gets 28-30 mpg mileage, safe, economical, beautiful dark grey color, go anywhere low-maintenance, stylish, issue-free, basic stereo with CD player comfortable seating for all, popular, in-demand, good interior comfort with heat front seats and super working air-conditioning; child seat hooks provided in middle row of seats.

- John N

Best all wheel drive car!

I love my Subaru outback! And will never buy another brand of vehicle. It handles tight corners greats, sticks to the roads and does great on dirt. The inside had plenty of space, plus the back seats fold down and you can almost fit a queen sized bed for camping. It is fast and get good gas mileage, and is great as a daily driver or a family. There is plenty of room.

- Kristen K

The Subaru Outback is a fantastic and versatile vehicle.

The Subaru Outback is a very dependable vehicle. It is extremely roomy and easy to operate. It gets great gas mileage and an attractive body style. As long as you get it service regularly it should operate flawlessly. The resale value is very good. Also the options packages available are very handy. Even for a 2012 vehicle, ours feels quite up to date technologically.

- Anthony H

Great performance vehicle.

Great performance. Gets. 29. Mph on the highway and comfortable. Nothing major has gone wrong. Both front seats are heated. Ac works great. 60, 000 miles needed new tires. Handles the road great. Had to change windshield wipers once. We change the oil with synthetic oil ever 4, 000 miles. Had alignment checked at 60, 000 miles but it was in speck.

- Richard E

I love the plastic trunk liners which makes for easy clean up.

I love my Subaru. It has plenty of space and handles well in the rain/snow. This is my second Subaru and they have always been reliable. I love my heated seats, plastic trunk liner and storage space. I also love that Subaru's hold their value more than other cars. The only problem I had with my first Subaru was oil leaks which damaged my timing belt.

- Natalie S

Reliable, dependable, perfect.

I love my car especially in the winter. The clearance it high so you can drive over snow banks and never get stuck in snow, on ice, or in the mud. The all wheel drive is the best I have ever used and out performs even the toughest pickup trucks. This is definitely the perfect car for anyone living in areas of extreme snow and/or ice.

- Rae Ann D

Great for family and adventures.

So far we've had no problems with our Subaru. It seems to be very reliable especially since we have harsh climates causing driving to be dangerous at times. We've never gotten stuck and often stay safe on icy roads. We enjoy the leather seats to easily clean our child's messes. Also the luxury of heated seats and dual air control.

- Ashlee G

Love our used Subaru outback.

We bought the car used in may. So far we have had no problems. Two oil changes and two car washes. We love the way it handles, the pretty good mileage, and the roominess. We cannot wait to see how it handles in the winter. Our neighbors, all of whom own a Subaru, rave about how they handle and say they would never buy another car.

- Jared T

Why a Subaru outback is a great vehicle to purchase.

It is a safe and reliable vehicle. It has enough room for many passengers and I am able to utilize the trunk space for travel. A lot of my passengers like that the backseat can also recline for long road trips. This car also has really great gas mileage. And I can put it into different modes to utilize gas more efficiently.

- Patrick S

The car is very smooth and comfortable with very little mistakes.

The car is very affordable for active people who love to travel. It has a right amount of space for to fit many things but also very comfortable for people who are driving. It also has tight steering which makes steering very easy. For the size of the car it is very easy to drive over boulders of various sizes.

- Kane M

2012 Subaru Outback is a good car for New England winters

Overall good vehicle. Transmission went at 98,000 miles and was fully covered under 100,000 mile warranty. No other concerns noted with the vehicle. With regular maintenance the car is running well at 120,000 miles. Living in New England, the all wheel drive and high undercarriage are beneficial in the winter.

- Jean J

Outback rides smooth, looks good and has required very little maintenance.

Outback has run very well with limited maintenance and rides smoothly. After having the car for six years have decided to buy another Subaru product because of my present experience with the make of car but will look for something hybrid to obtain a little extra mileage as I will be doing additional traveling.

- Gerald S

Subaru takes you where you want to go!

Subaru outback has taken me out west and back twice for a total of 10,000 miles. It performed great, no problems and a very comfortable ride. The outback is very roomy especially the back seats. The back held all our luggage. Love the styling and the ride is fabulous. Can't say enough about this great car.

- Barbara M

I love the backup camera.

I love this vehicle. It is comfortable and easy to drive. It rides well. It has a back up camera which is a great feature. A nice sound system. It easy to see out of. It has a sunroof which is nice in warmer weather. And because it's a Subaru it will give me years of dependable service.

- Larry H

Amazing clearance and durability for backcountry driving

Amazing car! I love hiking and going on road trips and never had any issues. I do get my car checked up yearly. Just finished a 3,000 mile road trip last month with no issues. Might not be the greatest commuter car as it does not get a ton of miles to the gallon but great for any adventurer!

- Edmund E

Great used family car. Should last a while

We bought the vehicle used. It had about 97k miles on it. We had to replace back brakes immediately. Now the muffler is going out. Despite this, I love the car. It handles snow amazingly, and it is roomy enough for our bulky convertible car seat in back. Overall, we are very happy with it!

- Laura H

The Subaru outback is the greatest affordable and reliable hatchback out there.

This car is very reliable. It always runs, is cheap to fix, and never gets stuck in the snow. The outback has a lot of room in the back seat and comfortably fits three adults. The back is also very roomy and great for shopping. The only drawback with this car is that the engine sounds loud.

- Tye T

We will only buy Subaru for the rest of our lives!

The Subaru is amazing! We love the gas mileage, standard all wheel drive, safety features, and trim. We will only buy Subaru from now on. It is very comfortable on long road trips, maintenance is inexpensive, and it is very spacious. We have three kids that fit comfortably in the back.

- Erika T

They are super reliable and drive great. They retain their value very well.

I love my subaru, I love that it has a lot of space in the trunk for all my traveling and daily needs. I love that while it is big it drives like a smaller car. The only complaint I have is that the nav system seemed even dated when purchased. I would love to see something better.

- Jill D

The pup friendly ski wagon.

Very comfortable, lots of room, great with my dog, sturdy, reliable, good gas mileage (could always be better), Versatile. I use it to drive to a ski resort 2 - 3 times a week every winter, all winter. I also commute at least 5 days a week 60 miles round-trip. Always served me well.

- Tyler B

7th Subaru in 40 years. Loved every one of them.

Wish it had a place to hang my purse that was safe and didn't mean I had to contort to get at it. This is the 7th Subaru Outback I have owned. We drive it to the Sierra Nevada Mountains 20+ times a year and have never put on chains in 25 years. It drives beautifully in the snow.

- Elizabeth M

Satisfied with performance and purchase.

I really love this vehicle. I would definitely purchase again. It has been a very reliable vehicle. I have taken it in many long distance trips. It is a comfortable ride. Plenty of room for my children and luggage. I have not had any problems or issues with this vehicle. .

- Julie P

Reliability, Longevity, and Happy Owner

I love the Subaru Outback, It's been extremely reliable and durable throughout it's tenure. The amount of work I've had to put into it has been minimal over 120,000 miles. It's not a particularly luxurious, but it gets the job done and I can undoubtedly recommend it to anyone.

- Brett L

A fun car to own and drive.

Very comfortable and large, and roomy enough for leg room and feet room and good-looking and a pretty burgundy color. Warm and cold as needed. Nice head support. Needs body work for dents in frame. Easy to fix up in a body shop. Very reliable and fun to drive. Proud to be in it.

- Dale H

How great it is in the snow.

Dependable, great in snow and safe. I love how it is comfort and style. It is a SUV, so it is not so low on the ground. The back seats can be lowered which is great if i need to transport something larger than just groceries. Great sound system! I only wish it had a moonroof!.

- Sonya B

It sticks to the road during any weather like it is on fly paper.

It is reliable. I can count on it is performance in bad weather. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable to drive. It is enables me to do more and go more places due to the great gas mileage and the fact that I can take it anywhere I need to go. Overall a great vehicle.

- John L

A reliable, safe and affordable car.

My Subaru Outback has been very reliable. It gets excellent gas mileage and only ever has to go in for routine maintenance. With over 120,000 miles on it, I still feel safe in my car and I don't have to sink a lot of money into keeping it working. I will buy a Subaru again.

- Caroline S

Comfort, style, and performance

I absolutely love my Subaru Outback. It handles extraordinarily well in the snow and ice here in Maine. The seats are very comfortable as I've taken it on long road trips. It is very sharp looking, especially being the beautiful pearlescent white. I've had very few issues

- Michelle Z

Perfect family car, everything you need in one place!

Perfect family car. Plenty of space even with two car seats. Gas efficiency is fantastic, and the car handles wonderfully in snowy or icy conditions. There is also plenty of space in the back for our large golden retriever. He has room to stand up and room to stretch out.

- Natalie D

Safe, warm, and spacious without sacrificing good mileage.

I love the heated seats in winter, and I feel much safer in an all wheel drive vehicle. Despite the all wheel drive, I get pretty good gas mileage and on top of that I love the fold down seats for when I go furniture shopping at idea or need to pack gear for long trips!

- Hannah S

The gas mileage is great with my Outback and saved me lots of gas money.

My drivers seat is so comfortable with lumbar support. I get great gas mileage. Love the room in the back for hauling stuff. The moonroof is great for quickly cooling off a hot interior and the backup camera makes parking and getting out of a parking space a breeze.

- Connie R

Reliability and steady traction.

No problems. This vehicle is the best car for snow driving around. It goes anywhere and is extremely reliable. With studded snow tires the car can out maneuver sliding cars coming at you. With the v6 engine, the power is amazing and the 0 to 60 is very fast.

- Matthew N

3 friends have bought Outback since I have shared mine!

I absolutely love my 2012 Subaru outback. After buying my outback, I have had three close friends also buy Subaru Outback and they love them too. It handles great in the snow and is so smooth to drive. Definitely worth the extra money for the larger engine!

- Kari M

Subaru Outback worthy vehicle

My Subaru Outback is an amazing car never have had any major issues and runs and drives great for 2012. The gas mileage is amazing fills up with under 30$ and last more than a week. I would more than likely buy another one when I am ready for a new vehicle

- randy A

Great vehicle, would buy again

Love the spaciousness, the smooth ride, and the roof rack for additional storage. It drives nice, and controls are intuitively placed on the dashboard. We haven't had any repairs needed either. If you do the regular maintenance, it will last a long while.

- Jessie S

The rate on the miles per gallon this vehicle gets is great.

I suppose one of the reasons why I like my vehicle is because of the integrated bluetooth system already in the car. This proves to be real helpful and also I enjoy how economical it is. It is a real privilege to not have to put gas in the car that often.

- Juan H

Subaru's are very reliable.

It gets good gas mileage and has plenty of room to carry items. The all wheel drive makes it very good on bad roads. It is cheap to maintain and nothing has gone wrong in 6 years. I did have to have brakes done at 20,000 miles which seemed way too fast.

- Robert L

It's great in the snow and ice and has really good traction.

Our Outback is all wheel drive. It carries everything we need to transport and has really come in handy! Living in NE Ohio, it's been amazing in the snow and even got us out of our driveway without plowing during a major storm! We're very happy with it!

- Jennifer B

"Best car ever" says all except the dog who rides in the back!

I do not like how hard it is to see out of the back window. The roof is down low and the back window seems kind of small. Also, I'd like to be able to crack the back window or back side windows for the dog that has to ride in the back.

- Danielle C

Comfort For All Sizes and Shapes

The car is very comfortable for all sizes of people. Seats and belts adjust easily to fit different body types. Ample space in the back seats allows car seats to fit and provides enough room for kids and their stuff to spread out.

- Beth S

My car has all-wheel drive.All-wheel drive makes a difference in snow and rain. I feel safe.

I like my vehicle so much the next time I purchase a car I plan on buying the same make and model. My car is awesome in the snow and reliable all around. The seats are very comfortable. There's plenty of space to go on trips.

- K M

It has stickers all over because my friend likes stickers.

It is comfortable to drive, it has nice speaker system. It is not to bad on gas and it is great for long trips. It fits my family and pets perfectly. It is great for mudding or driving to work. Overall it is a really good car.

- Mirage V

I think that the most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a safe and responsible vehicle.

I do really like my vehicle. It drives well and has continued to feel very safe for me and my family. I do wish it were an electric car, just for the environment, but I am overall very happy with this vehicle.

- Danielle C

My car handles rough weather extremely well so if driving in rough weather, have no fear.

I really love driving this car especially in rough weather conditions. My car handles rough weather such as snow and rain very well. I haven't had any issues with the car since owning it and I am very happy.

- Nick F

Changing the headlight bulbs is a major pain.

It is very roomy in front and back seats. Has been extremely dependable. All wheel drive comes in handy when roads get wet and/or icy. The biggest drawback is the nearest dealership is two hours away.

- Sara W

Great All Purpose Vehicle - Reliable, Low Maintenance Cost, All Wheel Drive

All wheel drive - We live in the country and it is great for winter. It gets very good gas mileage, is very reliable. It is a great size with seats folded down for carrying many thing.

- Terri B

Wouldn't buy anything else

Bought my car used and it still handles and runs like you would expect a Subaru to. Plan on having it for many years to come. Very comfortable and smooth ride and extremely roomy.

- Jessica K

It has AWD, which is important for me since i live in the mountains.

It's a dependable ride with room in the back to haul cargo if needed. It's comfortable to ride in, it looks nice and is AWD. I wish there was a little more room in the bed of it.

- meg m

I love using cruise control with my car.

My car is very safe for driving. It handles slick slippery roads well. I love my car. However, the map on my car car is not working at the moments, but besides that all is great!

- Sydney M

It doesn't have great pick up so when I merge it will take a while.

I like the features like heated seats and leather interior. I do not like that many of the simple repairs like changing a light bulb have to go to the dealer or service station.

- Jea C

I like that the vehicle has 4 wheel drive.

The Subaru outback is one of the safest most reliable vehicles on the rode for a family that likes to travel. These vehicles will last a very long time if you take care of them.

- Danielle E

there is plenty of room for hauling things and making room is easy.

I like how it handles the road in all weather conditions. I like how much room we have in it. I like how easy it is to put the seats down in the back for extra storage room.

- chad v

It not only looks good, but it's durable and reliable

We live in Michigan, where winters can be tough. The all-wheel drive component to the Outback is magnificent. Cuts through 6 inches of snow like a hot knife through butter.

- John H

It is a sturdy, reliable car, but when it starts to go, everything goes.

It is an older model, so I know it is not going to last much longer. However, it was a great vehicle to learn to drive in. It drives smoothly and I really have enjoyed it.

- Amelia H

The amount of space in the trunk is very helpful.

I like the amount of space that I have. I like the Bluetooth capabilities. I do not like that I cannot tow anything with it. I do not like that it does not have a sunroof.

- Jessica P

The control and the AWD make it a great car for all weather.

I love the amount of space inside, yet it is not too big. It drives great and gets good mileage. I love the AWD drive being in an area where I see all kinds of weather.

- Meredith S

Car is dependable. The dealership is great with customer complaints/issues. I feel as if they care.

Primary reason we bought was because of safety & reliability. My family was smaller when purchased and now I tend to dislike b/c I feel like we do not have enough room.

- Angela B

It's so reliable. I never have to worry about it in weather, in terrain, in anything.

I like the size- not too big, but big enough to hold all the parts of my life! From camping to our dogs to road trips along the East Coast, our Subaru fits all aspects.

- Alex M

Handles great, good gas mileage. Awesome car!

I love this car! It handles great in all driving conditions and gets good gas mileage. It is the perfect car for our family of 4 and 2 dogs. This is our second outback.

- Jennifer C

Subaru outback is reliable and fun.

The Subaru outback is extremely durable, reliable, and fun. I have had no trouble with the power. I love my car. If I ever trade it in, it would be for another outback.

- Kristen M

It is a comfortable car and feels safe to drive in snow.

This outback gets me up my steep driveway when it snows and handles well during winter storms. It gets 20-24 mpg. It is comfortable and has excellent sound system.

- Bonnie B

It is a very safe vehicle in case of collision.

I am frustrated by a check engine light issue that will not go away. Otherwise I just wish it had more bells and whistles on it. I really love the car overall.

- Erika P

It is a very good car but is not very exciting to drive.

It a very good and reliable vehicle. Gas mileage could be a bit better but it has a larger engine and has AWD. The navigation system is not intuitive to use.

- Aric E

All wheel drive, keeps It's value!

Love the safety and great handling. All wheel drive is also critical, it's perfect for the weather and road conditions in PA. There's not much I don't like.

- Joshua G

The car has the best AWD system of all cars. It is great in the snow and on wet pavement.

I like that the Outback is a larger mid size car that also has all wheel drive. It is also a very reliable car they say. I also enjoy the gas mileage.

- Mark O

Subaru provides great services all around.

I like the storage and hauling capacity. I dislike the gas efficiency and climbing hills. Some basic maintenance is difficult, like changing headlights.

- Erik z

It is really reliable and great for many trips.

It's a great car with lots of useful features. Its got a manual transmission and it is really useful for the car. The maintenance can be the only issue.

- Kyle L

It has a button on the drivers side that opens the hatch.

I like that my vehicle can really pick up speed and it has really good grip in the winter. But i hate how the speedometer is in the center of the car.

- Isaiah T

Safe in bad weather - all weather subaru

I feel so safe in my Subaru Outback. I know my kids are safe too. It handles extremely well on wet/icy/snowy roads. I like the way it looks & handles.

- Suanne A

It's spacious. With 2 kids and a dog we have plenty of room to pack things in the back if we go places.

Love how we can pack up with the dog and go anywhere we want to. Great during the winter times driving through snow. We haven't had any real issues.

- Jamey S

a great overall car! reliable

subarus are awesome! reliable and very nice! i have no problems with my 2012 outback. mine is a limited and has gps and sirius xm and i love it!!!

- ander b

Love the safety features in the Subaru

Love the responsiveness love the ride wish it had air conditioning vents in the back stutters sometimes not sure why paint coming off the back leg

- Loz P

One important thing they should know is that it is safe.

I like that it is a safe car. It is good on gas and handles well. It is easy and fun to drive. I do not dislike anything or have any complaints.

- Penny B

Traveling or everyday Subaru is the all weather all situation best bet.

Needs a backup camera because the rear is high and so it is hard to safely back up. I think the flat back is helpful for moving and packing.

- Gail C

The outback has lots of room in the back seat.

I love my outback. The driver's seat fits me perfectly. My car is reliable and I have had no problems with it since I bought it 3 years ago.

- Naomi H

All wheel drive and high ground clearance for our property.

Love the all wheel drive because we need it where we live. Able to manage our terrain yet acts like a comfortable sedan. Good gas mileage.

- Toby H

It is very safe and very reliable. It gets great gas mileage.

The Subaru outback is one of the most reliable vehicles out there. It is very safe and comfortable. It does well in all weather conditions.

- Jessica L

Electrics (window switches) go faulty a lot.

It is a smooth ride with many features. A good size for a small family and normal, everyday errands. Electrics need to be repaired a lot.

- Haley K

Comfortable and dependable car

Car is reliable and comfortable. It's traveled across country more than once in the last 2 years and still running well. No problems yet.

- Tabitha N

good quality car and has no cheap feel to it. the doors do not like to stay open though.

Like the lights on the bottom of the doors, the ride is comfortable. Dislike the CVT and location of the parking brake and seat warmers.

- Karen H

Drives smoothly from point A to point B, lots of cargo space

I like that it has lots of cargo space. I also like that it drives smoothly. I don't like that it doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities.

- Stephanie W

Burns through oil very quickly.

It burns through oil very quickly. It does not have much pick up. It does not handle as well in bad weather are I would have thought.

- Kevin H

It has not had any major things wrong with it.

I like that is all wheel drive. It runs good and it is stable. What I don't like is the seats messed up because my husband is large.

- Theresa M

My Subaru outback is all wheel drive. The car size is not too big or small for a family of 4. The truck have space to fit a good amount of goods.

I like the size of the car. My kids fit perfectly in the car with room in the truck for sports gear. The size and color is perfect!

- Cynthia C

Subaru outback - safety and performance.

What I like best about the outback is 4 wheel drive. It handles so good in the rain and snow. It handles very well on the road.

- Debra A

All wheel drive is great in the winter we are able to pick up and drive up our hill.

Love the traction, love the size and the drivability. Dislike the passenger side seat, it is too low. Love to drive this car.

- Beverly H

It is a great car. Very practical.

It is very comfortable to drive. Good gas mileage. Plenty of room and reliable. There is nothing i do not like about the car.

- Karen M

It is very dependable. And comfortable.

Have never had any major issues and love the 4 wheel drive when I head to the mountains. Waiting to consider a newer model.

- Donna L

Snow or Rain; Subaru gets you home safely. Do not worry about hydroplane or slipping.

Under power for acceleration. Great for small corner turns. Comfy rides. Interior dashboard display is not space efficient.

- Amy T

It's a Subaru .. just like the commercial says.

Good size; economical; easy to get dogs and groceries into and out of; easy to service; reliable in the snow and mountains

- John W

My car is safe and reliable. It is good in snow and rain also in areas where 4 wheel drive is needed.

I love the size of my outback. It's very roomy. I love the Bluetooth connection to my phone and all the cool new features.

- Morgan P

Its safety aspects and comfort.

It is a great vehicle in all weather. I love the way it drives. I feel safe in this vehicle. It is also very comfortable.

- Bette M

It is one of the safest cars on the road.

I like the room and the AWD system on the car. I also like that Subaru holds it value better than the rest of the makes.

- Mark H

it has got very high safety ratings if not the highest safety ratings

It's a very safe car that handles very well and is fun to drive. It has lots of cargo space but the ride is very smooth

- Carol K

I bought it used. It needs new tires so it does not do well in the snow but I hope to fix that.

I like it. I need to new tires so I am not looking forward to that. It runs well but I need to take better care of it.

- mike M

It is reliable in both city and highway driving providing the driver with safety in all situations.

No complaints. I like the sporty exterior. I like the way the car handles in all weather situations. It is reliable.

- kays y

Spacious and good on gas and great winter driving for safety

Great car and very safe to drive in bad conditions (snow, etc) and also gets great gas mileage although 4 wheel drive

- Malinda T

It is all wheel drive, but it is underpowered and it handles like a 1978 Cadillac.

I like that it is all wheel drive, and it has a lot of room. I don't like the way it handles and it is underpowered.

- Chad M

Love the backup camera and fold down seats.

This is my third Subaru that I have owned and it is my favorite! I love the safety features and the all wheel drive!

- Elizabeth R

It is a very reliable vehicle. I have never had an issue.

It is very spacious and versatile. I use it for driving in the city, going camping, and taking the dogs for a ride.

- Katie W

It has been reliable. Has almost 150,000 miles. Have had no problems with it.

Love my car. High clearance; will take me anywhere I want to go. Have had no problems with it. Purchased it new.


It is known to be very safe. It has great safety ratings.

I love it's reliability. I love it's "pick up." I love it's safety ratings. I love that it has all-wheel drive.

- Shannon J

Reliable, all wheel drive. Lots of space, a good family car.

NO problems yet. Have had the car for almost a year. Very satisfied with the other Subaru's that I have owned.

- Julie H

it is the most safe car on the market

i like the way it drives like a sports at but is an suv. i am very safe in my car. it is also very dependable.

- jennifer S

Safe Car all seasons and family

great car in the snow, safe for transporting children, handles well love the design and the bluetooth option

- allyson f

It is reliable gets me where i want to go when i want

It is a good car great in the winter keeps its value. good mileage i love this car nothing i dislike about it

- Dave P

Even with almost 200,000 miles on my car, I still get great gas mileage and things are not breaking down since I have maintained it very well since making the purchase.

Great gas mileage. Affordable to maintain. The headlights are a pain to change the bulbs when they go out.

- Barbara D

It is difficult to change the headlights, and some of the other lights.

I like that it has all wheel drive. I also like how it drives, and the amount of space i have in the trunk.

- rachel D

It is a very safe car. One of the safest ones out there.

Very comfortable and reliable. Perfect car for a family. Gets great gas mileage in town and on the highway.

- Jessica S

I wish I had bought this make of car earlier.

It is a great car for sports and camping. It has lots of room for everything. I have no complaints.

- donna w

It's a good value for the cost. and economical to operate.

A very reliable vehicle and nice to drive. Light on gas and has powerful acceleration when needed.

- merlyn h

That it is safe and has lots of space to comfortably fit 5 passengers.

I like the size. It is fairly reliable and very safe. I don't like the power, I wish it had more.

- Sarah R

Vehicle control and safety are key with this vehicle.

I love how it handles on winter roads. I wish I had more seating like SUV with third row.

- Jess C

It is safe and reliable. It is reasonably priced and great customer service.

Subaru is reliable. it is strong and safe. I wish the design was more innovating.

- jane l

dependable and it is very quick and a nice ride and well thought out

dependable, comfy and decent gas mileage and the exterior is pleasing to the eye

- Mike f

It's very reliable, and it's the 3rd all wheels drive wagon from Subaru that I've owned.

Love how reliable it is. Love how well it drives in the snow. Love how it looks.

- Joce K

It is a very safe vehicle.

I love that it's safe and family friendly. I dislike that there's not more room

- Heidi B

It is great in snow and ice,a all weather vehicle. Gas mileage is great

It is great in snow, ice all weather. It is very dependable. Great gas mileage

- Trich K

It's a very safe car with great airbags and good brakes.

The acceleration is good. The gas mileage is good. The top speed is good.

- Brandon L

It has all-wheel drive and is excellent in winter. Great for driving in snow and ice

Like safety, all-wheel drive, looks Dislike uncomfortable seats

- Tom O

It fits all of my stuff but its not stylish or peppy

Sluggish. It's not a sporty or peppy car. Lots of cargo room

- jenny h

It's stylish and safe. It's really fun to drive around.

I like the safety and reliability of the car. No complaints.

- Kristen W

I like the smaller size - smaller than a minivan or SUV, but yet enough room to haul many things in the back. I like the 4 wheel drive and the handling it provides all the time as well as more security while driving in the snow. I like the simplicity of the console in the 2012 model. And we bought a Subaru due to the brand's quality record - low maintenance costs. We hope that holds true for us and we can have this car for many years with only simple routine maintenance.

A great basic hatchback car with all-time four wheel drive.

- Sarah T

It gets excellent gas mileage. Rides smooth has plenty of trunk space. Dislike that is not equipped with sat radio.

It gets awesome highway gas mileage and very comfortable.

- Tammy M

safety and gas mileage is very important and good with the outback

great gas mileage, plenty of room, cup holder is a pain

- lisa c