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Subaru, a fun car for the road!

My Subaru Outback is the first SUV I have ever owned. I love my 4-wheel drive, just in case I ever need it! The vehicle sits comfortably high and provides a really smooth ride. The Subaru also has one of the very highest consumer ratings, and is happy to report over 90% of their Subaru's are still on the road after 10 years! The hatch is so spacious and so easy to load and unload all my groceries. The spaciousness and the smoothness of the ride made traveling on the road wonderful. I love the fact that there is such great visibility in this vehicle. I feel like I can see everything. One caveat, my vehicle did not come with a back-up camera. I have yet to get one, but I would not advise buying this type of vehicle without a backup camera. There are blind spots that will make you exceedingly nervous, especially in busy parking lots, where little children can break from their parents grasp and be behind you in your path. It is also important to make certain you have the mats in the front, back, and hatch. Having a big mat in the hatch will really protect the car. As I said, handling is mostly smooth, but the steering mechanism produces a wide turning radius. This can sometimes make maneuvering trickier in tighter spaces. This is just something you adapt to. One cause for concern is the recalls. I know many vehicles have recalls these days, but I expected better from Subaru. There have been two. The first had to do with the steering mechanism, and the 2nd one has to do with the airbags. It is frightening to think of shrapnel flying into you from an improperly installed air bag. Although Subaru handles all the cost of the check and repair, it costs time, which is money. Two recalls leaves me wondering if there are more on the way. My Subaru is a 2013, so it is concerning that I didn't get the notice about the airbags until a few months ago, in 2018. My dealership experiences are always positive. They cater to the comfort of their customers and always wash my car!

- Dee G

My Safe and Reliable Subaru through a Young Adult's Eyes

My Subaru makes me feel safe and comfortable and relaxed with no worries to be able to get anything done. Easy to fold the seats for packing extra cargo. Or to reset the seats for passengers. Super safe and reliable in mountain terrains. The shocks are gentle and make the ride inside the car feel so relaxed. The outback is right in between sizes of small and big enough. Interior is made of good quality material. I have 2 problems with this car. One is that the 4-cylinder engine doesn't have enough pickup for the car itself so at times when it's loaded down accelerating seems slower. My most basic model isn't used very much for towing so it's not too big of an issue but for other people upgrading the cylinder or getting a sport feature might be better. Second, the maintenance on this car is quite expensive. I thought I could keep up with the maintenance on initial research, but I've been surprised how costly it is if there is issues under the hood. Be wise on considering this in your decision before buying. Subaru, in my opinion, is the safe and luxurious option to terrain and cargo life. Overall, I love my Subaru, it's sturdy and reliable.

- Allison A

Good resale value. I often get offers for trading & a great deal on a new car.

The 2013 Subaru outback is very comfortable. It has good legroom in the back seat. People comment that it is roomier than they think. I like the power driver seat. The car is running well after 5 1/2 years. The backup camera is a great feature that I cannot live without. I wish it had a built-in navigation system and better music interface. The Bluetooth for playing music via iphone is occasionally spotty and breaks up. Some people say they cannot hear me on the phone when I am using Bluetooth. It is a great all-terrain vehicle. Rear cargo area is very roomy and I love the fact that it has a sturdy, plastic liner that can be easily removed and hosed off. It had a recall a few years ago for oil issues. In the past year or so, I have found that my oil level light goes on after just 1500 miles (this car uses synthetic, so it should last much longer). We took it to the dealership for a free test (b/c of the recall issue) and they said that it had no problem. I am going to bring it back again since this keeps happening. Overall, I would highly recommend a Subaru and would buy another one in the future.

- Jen M

The outback: when I was rear ended on the highway, I felt very little impact.

I like the outback a lot. It is a wagon and only has 4 cylinders. Gas mileage is okay I get 26 mpg. I commute to work 5 days a week. It is all wheel drive so when you replace the tires you need to replace all four. I was rear ended about a month ago and the car held up well,and the shock of the impact was minor. I do not want to jinx myself but the car has been great. . The inside of the car has a ton of legroom for passengers and drive. It has bluetooth connection and a large cargo space in back. I have put a medium size dress in the back. The interior is leather and has little wear like some other cars I have had in the pass. The car is fully loaded with leather seats, seat warmers, automatic windows, seats, sunroof, and more. . The car uses synthetic oil so that can be a costly service, unless you know had to change your own oil. It has a seventeen gallon tank and as I said earlier I can get up to 470 miles per tank.

- Jason R

Subaru Outback 2013, partial zero emissions vehicle, AWD

Car seems to be sluggish, especially when AC is on. Slow to accelerate when AC on max, slow to warm up, often gets jerky when turning. Gas mileage not as great as expected; averaging 20 mpg in the city, 25 highway. Already had to replace a headlight and have only had the car for 2 months. Love the features, color, space. Durable and trustworthy car for road trips! Love/hate so far, but mostly love despite the few bumps it's given. Bluetooth options, USB port, AUX cord option, lots of cup holders (!!!), large trunk, self-dimming rearview mirror, able to program garage-door to mirror (although I haven't been able to get it to work yet).

- Shelby B

Dependable family vehicle

The car has been very reliable throughout the years it has been in the family. We refer to it as the tank because it is so sturdy. It has heated seats, which are really nice. The passenger airbag was recalled so it needed to be replaced, no money out of our pockets. Something was wrong with the engine, completely new one with nothing out of pocket. Has great gas mileage. Only issue we have really had is with the catalytic converter. Lots of lights will flash, but there is no danger other than not being able to use cruise control. We would have had it replaced by now, but it is pretty expensive to have replaced.

- Amy L

Safe and dependable outback!

The performance of the outback is exceptional. Lots of power, it has been a wonderful car in the snow this winter! The interior has great feature, lots of cup holders, dual climate control, room for cargo, the seats are. Very comfortable with lumbar support.. We haven't had problems, just a few little issues. We have a squeak in the hatch door when you open and close, and it seems to burn oil a little faster than other cars we have had. Which we found is common with this model. Overall great ride, good handling, many safety features over all great for our family.

- Lori K

The Subaru outback is a great car to travel in.

The car is very comfortable. We wanted a car to use for long distance travel. This car is perfect. Other cars didn't have the front passenger room that the outback has. We also like the space in the rear of the car. With the seats folded down we were able to put a 70 inch TV in the car. I also buy lumber, which fits in the car. The feature I like best is the rear view camera for backing up. I have difficulty turning to see behind me, but with the camera I do not have to do that. Finally, we like the all wheel drive that is standard in all Subaru vehicles.

- Don R

Functional, but maybe not the best year of Subaru's production.

My outback gets better gas mileage than my previous Chevy SUV. I can fit a good amount of cargo including sporting equipment, or my three dogs in the back (where I usually keep the seats down). It handles well in the snow, but there are instances during big storms or steep slick snow where having chains would be helpful. There is an oil consumption problem and a class action lawsuit which I need to pursue learning more about the warranty coverage for this issue which appears to be starting in my vehicle now after 70k miles.

- Stacie S

Love my 2013 Subaru Outback! Best auto purchase of my life thus far!

I am very happy with my 2013 Subaru Outback. I have heated leather seating, back up camera which has come in very handy as I recently had back surgery and to twist to check behind became a bit of an obstacle for me. It has always been a very reliable vehicle. The only con that I have noticed with this vehicle is that it burns oil a bit and the indicator light comes on. Which is a good thing because this indicates the system is doing its job properly. However, the car is not that old and should not be burning oil.

- Sarah M

Great car for friends or family.

A really great, reliable vehicle with plenty of room for up to 5 people to sit comfortably. The seats can be heated, which is nice in cool climates, and are fully adjustable. With the back seats down, we are able to load a small sofa in the back! The only real issue is our inability to access the headlights ourselves, as they are inaccessible without a mechanic. If one goes out, the other one will follow quickly, which can be dangerous. Otherwise, excellent mileage, good air and sound systems, and great bones!

- Will D

Subaru outback: all good except for the window switches.

My Subaru outback is very comfortable. The front seats adjust very well to very tall or very short people (like me!), and heat up, which is nice in the northern winters. It is been pretty reliable for the most part, and needed minimal maintenance, except for the electrical window switches. We've had them replaced twice and replaced them ourselves as many times, and they just do not stay working. It is like they're designed wrong, or something. Other than that, it's a good car.

- Haley K

Why the 2013 Subaru Outback is the best family vehicle out there.

The 2013 Subaru Outback is a fantastic, versatile family/stuff hauler. Its symmetrical all-wheel drive gives its driver confidence in all driving conditions, and the 8.7 inches of ground clearance enable the Outback to tread where other wagons wouldn't dare go. Did I mention the cargo space? Even without the rear seats folded down, there's a massive amount of cargo room, which makes trips to Costco or hauling luggage to and from the airport a breeze!

- Anthony P

Best car I have ever owned.

Never had a problem. Runs great and gets good gas mileage for an SUV. The ride is very comfortable. It is actually listed as a station wagon, not a SUV, however it is nothing like any station wagon I remember. It is all wheel drive, that runs all the time. There is never a need to think about it. The handling and performance in bad weather is the best of any automobile I have ever owned. It handles the bad potholes in my area with no problem.

- Bryan D

No problems! Keep up recommended service and I have had no extra costs.

I love my Subaru outback because it is easy to handle, a quiet ride, has the safety features I require, and is economical to own and run. I take my outback to my dealer for service, and never seem to need more than the miles check up suggests'I've had no major problems ever with my car. The Subaru dealer is also great to work with as they go above and beyond in cleaning and buffing out small scratches when I bring my car in for service.

- Colette K

I love my Subaru. I cannot imagine a better vehicle.

I love driving my Subaru. I feel incredibly safe in it and have driven through some very rough weather. I am always impressed at how well it handles the highway. It is an incredibly reliable vehicle. I absolutely dread the day I have to get a new car. I constantly drive 6 hours to and from Los Angeles and am always comfortable and confident in my Subaru. I never want to another buy another vehicle. It will always be a Subaru.

- Gina W

Great features, especially safety and those fun little add-ons.

This is the first car we've purchased with our own money. It was on a lease for 3 years before we purchased it and has many upgrades we were looking for. I personally enjoy the flexible space in back, heated seats with low or high heat in front, and the Bluetooth Audio. This car was in a head-on collision with a deer around 50mph last year and the safety features worked so well that nobody had serious injuries.

- Tess J

Subaru Outback, the dependable spacious family vehicle.

I absolutely love my Subaru. There is plenty of space on the interior for 4 people, including two teenagers, including luggage for a week away. I also like that the back seats recline a little bit. I haven't had issues with performance or reliability. The only challenge I have had recently is that the weather seal on the truck deck isn't working correctly, and water is coming into the car after rain storms.

- Tracey c

Some good and bad qualities on 2013 Subaru Outback

The cruise control doesn't work sometimes but any time something is wrong or fluid levels are low an alert pops up on the dashboard and that is very helpful. It even alerts you if your tire pressure is low I love the heated seats they are great on cold winter days I also like that I have a rear view camera for backing up. I do have an issue with the quality of the speakers though they cut in and out

- Beth W

I love my Subaru! It is a 5 star in my book!

I love my car! It is great on gas mileage which is a real plus! If you keep up with regular scheduled maintenance and regular oil changes the problems are minimal with this car! The only thing I dislike about my car is that on top of the steering wheel is a switch that turns the tail lights off and on sometimes getting accidentally hit cause issues while driving at night! I give this car 5 stars!!

- Rebecca S

My Subaru outback is always reliable! I am never worried about our safety. We are comfortable and safe everyday! The outback provides enough room for a family and cargo room for shopping, sports equipment, and the basic family adventure! I love this car and plan on giving it to my son when he is able to drive in a few years! I totally trust Subaru with the safety of my family!

- Lisa K

My vehicle has brown leather seats which is a limited edition feature.

Timing belt is an essential replacement that needs to be done at 100,000. Great stability and traction in winter time. Drivers and passenger seats could be more comfortable. They have horrible lumbar support. I have navigation, back up camera, etc. It's completely loaded. The back up camera is beginning to become outdated as far as clarity which is expected for the year.

- Kelsey M

Vehicle is great in all terrain. Does great in the snow with 4 wheel drive.

Sometimes the cruise control does not work. If you do not put the gas cap on good enough, you will have the lights flash thus making the cruise control not work. This makes it often difficult because this is one of our commuter cars, and when the cruise control does not work it makes things a little difficult. It is so comfortable! I love the seat warmers.

- Abby R

Perfect in city/ out of city adventure vehicle

It's a great city car that can take us out of the city and onto adventures. It has an amazing turning radius- best I've ever had so parking in a city is cake. It maneuvers excellent in the snow and mountains, and has tons of room so storing gear isn't a problem! I live that it gets pretty great gas mileage and sits up higher on the road than a car.

- Rachael B

I love my Subaru Outback; there's just one con.

It's perfect for what I need - it hauls my dog and I around town, plus is just rugged enough to handle small adventures. It's amazing in snow! I bought it new and it burned through oil like crazy! It was still under warranty so they ended up replacing the transmission. Four years later it's starting to burn through oil again, so we'll see.

- Jennifer S

All-around best car' -great for trips, transport, comfort, and reliability.

The best feature is the amount of remit has when you put the seats down. We have bought furniture and transported to other large items in the car with no problem at all. We really love the backseat pull down drink holder. We like that there's lots of legroom, and of course we like the reliability of the car. We've had no problems at all.

- Christina C

The symmetrical all wheel drive gives the car great control and handling in the snow and ice.

Love how my car handles in the winter on snow and ice - the symmetrical all wheel drive is amazing. I sometimes don't even notice how the roads are until I see other cars sliding around and I'm going perfect. It is a reliable car with very few issues or maintenance needs. I just wish the technology and features were a bit more advanced.

- Richard o

This is a good sized vehicle with ample cargo and passenger room yet still gets excellent gas mileage. I can carry my two teenage boys and all their football & hockey gear with ease and hardly need to stop at the gas station.

The vehicle gets excellent gas mileage. The driver's seat is very comfortable and the controls are all easily reachable. The interior size is much larger than expected. The sound system is mediocre. The vehicle lacks acceleration severely making meeting into the highway a little difficult but overall I really like the vehicle.

- Elizabeth C

Subaru - safe, fun and reliable family car.

The Subaru outback is very reliable and performs well. The car has always been safe and easy to drive with a great sound system and good gas mileage. We recently bought another one because we enjoyed the first so much. I would recommend a Subaru to anyone who has a family, enjoys driving, or relaxing on a road trip in their car.

- Kerry W

Pros & cons of a 2013 Subaru.

Cons: oil leak, CD player is broken, several pieces of plastic have popped off, gas mileage is ok, transmission is not smooth, emergency brake slips when set, headlight bulbs are really hard to access. Pros: nice color, comfortable, heater and ac work well, easy to drive, hopefully it will last a long time just like my old one.

- Eileen B

My Subaru has great power, gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive.

I purchased my Subaru new. I had always driven a sport utility. I was very pleased after driving my Subaru and will never drive another car. It has almost 80, 000 miles and I have never had a problem. I have kept current on my oil changes. My brother in law owns a Subaru and has 240, 000 miles. I hope to have that good of luck!

- Kim K

My car is Subaru outback. My favorite thing about it is the hatchback design.

Subaru's drive well and I feel like I can maneuver it with ease. When I parallel park, I know where all four corners are but I wish it had a backup camera. I like the body and build of the car, it is sporty yet functional. Subaru keeps things simple and maintains a high standard of quality. I always feel safe in this car.

- Melissa M

Subaru is the best family car.

I love my car the only things I wish it had was heated back seats and the gas light doesn't ring when it comes on. And probably a sunroof. Otherwise it's amazing. It gets great gas mileage and goes through the snow with no issues. I will never own anything else. It runs like a dream and doesn't leak anything fluid wise.

- Katherine Y

The Subaru Outback is very roomy.

It is extremely reliable. I have had no problems with it at all. For my active outdoor life my Outback works very well. I have taken her through the mountains of Utah and the desert of Tucson up to the border of Mexico. My Subaru is good on gas for the size of car and I have never needed to fix or replace anything.

- Rachel B

Outback owner of 5 years - snow, heat, not hills were problems.

The car has been solid for us. We've lived in all weather conditions and our outback has handled it well. Our only issue in the 5 years of ownership is that we've gone through a handful of batteries. They are under warranty so there's no out of pocket expenses but we can't find the cause to the battery issue.

- Ryan S

Highly recommend this car. Three grandchildren have purchased same make.

No problems. Very reliable. Software is not user friendly but that is a small issue. New tires. Biggest expense. No issues. Oil change every 3-4 thousand miles. New wiper blades. Interior has held up remarkably well. I would highly recommend this car to family and friends. Exterior has weathered well also!

- Carroll T

A great, reliable car with one exception.

It's a very comfortable and reliable vehicle to drive. For an SUV, the gas mileage is also really good. The only problem, I would say, is that it tends to need an oil change more often than I would like. Especially since it tends to eat up oil faster than most vehicles. But other than that, a sweet ride.

- Jacob C

My safe Subaru with help for achy backs.

The car is easy to drive and handles well. It is easy to get in and out of and to be comfortable in. The seat heaters are wonderful but it would be nice if they cooled as well. The car feels very safe and has plenty of room. It always starts and is versatile in space it provides. The Bluetooth is wacky.

- Kathy D

Safe and reliable. Fun to drive and features are easy to use.

Both engine and transmission problems, but Subaru took 100% care of both. Recall on both with make and model. No issues since. Extremely reliable, fun to drive, and safe. Car drives well and love driving it. I love knowing that my daughters and dogs are safe in the car. It is extremely easy to clean.

- Heather D

Subaru: a safe, reliable traveling companion.

Subarus have carried me up and down the alcan highway 6 times with no problem worse than a flat tire. They have an excellent safety rating. I have owned 5 and after had over 255000 worry free miles with everyone. I will buy no other make of automobile and advice my friends and family to do the same.

- Harold C

Subaru outback- reliable, economical car.

Love it. It is reliable, gets good mileage and can carry a lot of people and many things. It is comfortable except that the seat belts are not made for short people. The passenger side airbag currently has a recall that will take 8 hours in the shop to fix. The moon roof and seat heaters are great.

- Trish B

My cars name is Wednesday

The back up camera stopped working and wish there was air vents in the back seats. I also wished it had a compass on the display on the rear view camera. The headlights are expensive to replace due to having to bring it into the dealership. I wish it came in a more wide variety of colors as well

- Miranda E

Outdoorsy and affordable SUV.

Transmission recently gave out at 133000. The vehicle has otherwise been reliable and extremely pleasant to drive. Perfect for extended outdoor trips with a large compartment for gear storage. The moon roof has been excellent for evening stargazing and allowing extra airflow on hot days.

- Spencer N

Super Satisfied With Subaru

Vehicle performs very well. Extremely reliable and I really like how safe the car is. Since buying it, we have never needed a repair due to anything breaking down. The only issue I have is that it seems to need oil quite frequently. That being said, I would definitely buy this car again.

- Renee K

2013 Subaru is a great Outback to own

Occasional wheel bearings but not any big maintenance issues. Keep up on routine maintenance and they run like a dream. I recommend checking tires and brakes annually to keep the rest of the car out of trouble as well. Overall this is a great car especially in areas with winter snow

- Chris L

The most interesting detail is the gas mileage

This car is great. No mechanical problems. The ride is wonderful but the best feature is the gas mileage. The storage area in the back holds two full size golf bags. The vision is great with no blind spots. I am getting over 27 miles per gallon in the city and 30 on the highway.

- Tom T

Great reliable family car

I really enjoy this car. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because I would love if it came with a CD disc changer. Performance has been great. Gas mileage is good. It has been very reliable. I have never had a single problem with it. I love the back-up camera feature.

- amy e

The Subaru outback is outstanding

My Subaru outback is outstanding, it has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever purchased. It has needed very little maintenance, has fantastic fuel efficiency, runs smoothly, and gets up to speed quickly. I would recommend the Subaru outback to anyone in need of a midsize SUV.

- Nick R

Family love for Subaru outback.

My vehicle has always been reliable and trustworthy. It has had no major issues in the last 5 years and the performance has not got done at all. It is comfortable and large enough to accommodate my growing family and assists on allowing us to go on all of the adventures we wish.

- Hannah T

Car with safety and personality.

Very roomy and comfortable. Feeling of safety and plenty of safety features. Decent mileage. Runs better on a full tank of gas. Great for family trips with kids. Variety of colors for interior and exterior. All wheel drive perfect for all seasons along with uphill and downhill.

- Hannah L

Outback Works Well for Family, Whether at Home or Away, Even in Canada!

I really, really like my vehicle. It has taken me through a rear-end crash. However, I do think that the maintenance is kind of pricey, though I think that most of the kinks have been worked out in the first 100,000 miles. But I would consider a V6 Outback for the next vehicle.

- Emily S

The car for reliability and comfort.

What I like about this car is it is reliability and gas mileage. The ride is comfortable and the heavy steering feels natural. It has a powerful stereo system and a lot of space to store things and carry people. The price of the car is also quite fair and is worth it is value.

- Andy O

I love how roomy and comfortable my Subaru is.

I have always owned Subaru cars since the age of 18 years. I love the way all my Subaru's have performed. They are roomy, economical and very comfortable when traveling. The one negative I have found is that my Bluetooth is very weak the reception goes in and out when talking.

- Larry R

Subaru outback is trustworthy.

It is very comfortable to ride in. Great gas mileage. Excellent in bad weather. High safety rating. Back up mirror is helpful. Con is that it makes strange noises possibly due to different type of transmission. Auto up on drivers side window messed up often and has to reset.

- Victoria R

The safety ratings are extremely high and have proved to be true.

I have never had an issue with my car itself, I absolutely love it. I feel safe in it and would never buy another. Great on mileage and oil use. The only problem is that the dealership sold me the front passenger seat broken so it does not move up. Other than that I love it.

- Molly B

Absolutely reliable, amazing on major winter roads, you can not beat the safety.

Absolutely love my Outback. There have been zero issues with reliability. For comfort, I wish they would make the Outback with a three row option, add heated back seat options, and have a memory for two driver settings. You can not beat the peace of mind you have in safety.

- Ton V

Subaru outback 2013 review.

Has rear view camera, 4 wheel drive, bluetooth stereo, an integrated GPS system. The steering wheel has radio and phone controls, has good a/c and heater, has great rpm, room for 5, a large trunk space, under seat storage, collapsible seats, and gets amazing gas mileage.

- John W

Buy again. Safest car on the road

I live on a dirt road and the outback is perfect for all weather. No problems and decent mileage . Great for long trips with my dogs. Would buy again. All the extras, like seat warmers, back window wipers, puddle lights, My husband says changing the oil is so easy .

- Janice W

Subaru Outback is an outstanding car.

This car is extremely well built. It drives smooth and has plenty of power. Quite a bit of storage space and is low enough to access the roof rack. The all wheel drive is wonderful in the winter. It has heated leather seats that are comfortable for long trips.

- Michael M

It has the eyesight feature able to pull boats. It gets good mileage.

My car is very reliable and gets good mileage. I have the eyesight model which I use all of the time. The lane change alarm is a very helpful feature. The vehicle is able to store quite a bit of material in the rear. I wish it had an automatic rear gate lift.

- Dave R

I enjoy the eyesight feature, which I use every day.

I own a 2013 Subaru Outback with eyesight. Having the eyesight feature is a great safety feature. My car also has an alarm that beeps when you stray from your lane. The leather seats are comfortable. I have 112, 000 miles and have only had routine work done.

- Dave R

Great for Sunday drives, cruising through town, and road trips.

This car is very reliable, especially for a lot of traveling. It gets great mileage and is low maintenance. For being five years old, it keeps pretty well it is only a two cylinder engine however, so going up hills and picking up speed is more difficult.

- Megan S

Subaru outback handles well in all weather.

Does not have much pep when it first starts, even on warm days. It handles well in all weather conditions. I added small mirrors to eliminate blind spots. The cargo area is larger than some SUVs and the seats lower easily to allow for more cargo space.

- Sandra C

It has a 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain.

No complaints; it is the best car I have ever driven. It has all wheel drive for snowy days and lots of storage room in the rear. It also tows trailers with no problem. I love that I can synchronize my phone to the speakers and access all my music.

- Cathy C

Subaru is the best brand for all-wheel drive, and it will get you where you need to go.

My Subaru is a gorgeous red color. It drives great in the snow and the rain. The only thing I don't like is that the clearance is pretty low, but they've kinda fixed it by putting a plastic bumper on the front to protect the underside from damage.

- Kaitlyn D

Love my Subaru! Highly recommend.

I love my car, it has great gas mileage, it is roomy, safe, and has great features! It drives smooth, I rarely have any issues with my car, it is perfect for commuting and great for my job because I need a lot of space taking stuff to work events.

- Alexis S

The convenience of a Subaru outback.

I love my Subaru outback. The trunk space in the back is a huge life saver when we go on trips and I also like being able to pack stuff on top like paddle boards. It doesn't accelerate as much as I wish I did though. But overall it's a great car.

- Julie M

It is reliable, safe, fuel-efficient, reasonably spacious, and overall a great vehicle.

We bought it a few months ago and drive it from WA to TN. Overall, I like it a lot: good MPG, good amount of space, smooth ride. The only issue I can think of is that it would be nice to have a covert of some type for the rear storage area.

- Jeffrey J

Subaru Outback: Reliable and Comfortable

Our Outback has been very reliable. We use it to travel a lot and find it to be super comfortable and it gets around easily in all weather conditions. We plan on buying another Subaru Outback when our current one has too many miles.

- Karen W

My car is sturdy and reliable.

I like the ground clearance on my vehicle. I like the color of my car. I love the amount of space I have in the interior/seating. I like the base options that came with it and the couple of options that I chose when I purchased it.


Not all so-called foreign cars are bad; parts are often made in USA

This AWD gets good gas mileage, but I like it because it is strong and sturdy. It holds up excellently in all types of weather, and it handles perfectly in wet or icy conditions. I would purchase it again when that time comes.

- Dr M

My outback is almost like having a truck and a car.

This vehicle is very stable and responds quickly on the road. It has 4 wheel drive. The air conditioner works quickly and well, it can freeze me out. There is plenty of space to carry cargo I wish it had faster acceleration.

- Kathy D

I feel as safe as I can while driving with my child in the vehicle.

I appreciate the car's safety features and ratings, gas mileage, storage capacity, and roomy seating. I don't enjoy how challenging maintenance is to do myself. Who wants to remove the fender lining to change a headlight?!

- Mell M

The Outback is spacious. The back passenger will have plenty of legroom even with a tall driver.

The vehicle is very roomy in both front seat and backseat. There is sufficient space for three passengers to be comfortable in the back. The storage is excellent. My only complaint is the cup holder in the front seat.

- Tara R

Its fast though it may not look it.

I like the all-wheel drive and how it handles the snow and rain. . It has excellent acceleration. It is a 6 cylinder so it can move pretty good. It is a smooth, comfortable ride. Very quiet car. I have no complaints.

- Erik S

If Subaru takes care of your car it will work good.

Our Subaru is an excellent SUV and the people at Subaru take care of it so we don't have any problems at all. They change our oil at every 7,500 miles and it works perfect until the next time. There are no problems.

- Louise H

It is a good car for my lifestyle of hiking and there is always plenty of room in the back.

My Subaru is my second one and it is a very reliable car. It is very good in bad weather as I never have any problems with snow or rain. I have the 6 cylinder model, which has great pick up and acceleration.

- erick s

Best car on the road. Super safe, roomy and efficient.

My car is very comfortable and safe. I had an airbag recall that was swiftly fixed by the manufacturer. Other than this recall, I have had no issues with the car. It is fuel efficient and is easy to handle.

- Joni J

This car is easy to drive, easy to maintain, easy to fit every you need inside!

I feel so safe in my outback, it has a ton of space for when you go on trips and if you hike/camp a lot it is even better. You can fit a ton of pups in the back as well. Super easy ride, I love this car.

- Nicole C

It's very safe and reliable and quiet fuel efficient for the size.

I bought an Outback because I like to camp and I needed a vehicle with a fair amount of cargo space. This car is perfect. I can pack for 10 days of camping, put bikes on the back and kayaks on the top.

- Tori W

I can drive it anywhere from snowy mountains to sandy beaches and never get stuck.

I love the fact that it has all wheel drive and is a somewhat frugal and dependable vehicle. One thing I don't like is that It's hard to find service where I live, as there is no local Subaru dealership.

- John C

Its fuel efficient getting at least 29 miles to the gallon.

I have had my Subaru for 3 years and have had to perform minimal major maintenance on the vehicle other than breaks and oil changes. It is fuel efficient getting on average 29 miles to the gallon.

- Sandra S

It is a reliable vehicle that handles well in all conditions

The ride is not particularly smooth. Sometimes when changing from reverse to drive, the transmission seems to get stuck. But it has been a reliable car, and no repairs have been necessary so far.

- Liz W

It is reliable and safe. It has all wheel drive. It gets decent gas mileage.

Safe and reliable. Decent gas mileage. All wheel drive for snow and going on adventures. Lots of storage storage. Comfortable. Fits 3 car seats. I can't get my phone to connect his ni bluetooth

- Katie S

Dependable, affordable, good on gas, nice looking and it drives really nice.

Safety! Reliable! Comfort. . I love the looks and it is so practical! Gets great gas mileage. I have 95, 000 miles on it and have had zero problems with it at all! My next car will be a Subaru.

- Julianna E

That it has full time all-wheel drive.

I like the fact that it has all wheel drive. I like the cargo space. I like the handling and performance. The only thing I dislike is the road noise when traveling at highway speeds.

- Al M

It has 225 horsepower and my not look fast but it can definitely hold its own.

I love the power of it as it a 6 cylinder engine so it has a lot of pep. I love how it drives in the snow and rain with the all wheel drive. It is my 2nd one and i have no complaints.

- eric s

Longevity. My friends Subaru's are all 175, 000 to 300, 000 miles, and still going.

I have not had any problems with my Subaru. It feels very safe, and handles wonderfully in the snow and ice. At 60, 000 miles, I have only done oil changes and new tires. Love this car!

- Cindy S

It's very versatile. There are many great features which make me feel safe. It's a great car for an active lifestyle and plenty of room to hold passengers and cargo.

I love the amount of room there is in my car. I also love the rear camera, Bluetooth, and safe cameras that beep if I go out of the lines. I particularly like the color of my vehicle.

- Katie L

The best thing about my Subaru is how VERY versatile it is!

I love the clearance of my Subaru Outback. There is plenty of room in the backseat for extra riders, and I like the ability to fold down the back seats to transport larger loads.

- Jenette F

Perfect for rain, shine, or snow.

I really love my Subaru outback! It performs really well and I love all its features. It is very comfortable and stylish. I will be buying another outback when I need a new car.

- Deborah Y

Subaru Outback: A True Family Car

The Outback suits all of my needs from the comfort, to the spacious back seat for my son, to the storage in the trunk. I have owned it for 6 years and have had no major issues.

- Stacy F

AWD handling in ice/snow is excellent feature in this vehicle.

Handles very well on ice and snow. Could be more comfortable seating and ride. Has issue with using oil in this model and year. Gets good gas mileage but I expected better.

- Terri S

Favorite feature are the heated seats, great in the winter time.

Smooth ride, great in the snow, great gas mileage, reliable, great looking car, roomy, affordable, dependable with lots of added features. My next car will be another Subaru.

- Denise R

Buying a Subaru means that people will come up to you and ask you if you want to sell it to them. People love them.

I like the size of the vehicle, not too big, not too small. I like the storage. I like the turning radius. It handles very well in all weather. It works for most uses.

- Kate L

That it's dependable and safe.

It gets very good gas mileage. It is safe. It is dependable. There's really not anything major that I don't like about it. Maybe I wish it were a different color.

- Rich L

Incredibly safe and I don't worry about my family being inside of it.

Absolutely love my Subaru Outback. The size isn't too large that I have difficulties driving it, while the interior doesn't feel the least bit cramped. So much room!

- Allie B

That a Subaru will never let you down. They just keep going.

I adore my car. It is reliable, has power and makes me feel in control at all times. It is not the height of luxury but I always feel good when people ride with me.

- Mindy B

Great vehicle so glad we had the warranty.

I love my Outback. My husband and I purchased it brand new off the lot after we traded in our 02 WRX wagon. We have had parts of the motor fixed after recall work.

- Tiffany M

It has 4 wheel drive and has a high retail value.

This vehicle is a nice size. It is large enough to be practical and utilitarian, but it is not too big to be hard to park. It is comfortable, stylish and quiet.

- Julie K

Safe in bad weather, rain or snow or sleet. .

Great ride and dependable. Great in winter. Safe car. You never have to worry in rain or snow, this is all wheel drive which is the only way to go. Love Subaru .

- Mary L

It has 4 wheel drive which makes me feel confident and comfortable to drive all year round.

The car is dependable and low maintenance. The mileage is currently under 100K but I am planning on driving it till it is over 200K because it is a Subaru.

- Jong K

Great fit, feel & value - stylish, comfortable & fantastic capacity

Our vehicle is very comfortable. It has all the features & options we want & none that we don't. It has good fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

- D N

It's a great car with good handling

It has a great safety rating. It drives and handles well. My only complaint is that the sunroof leaked from lack of use. That needs to be remedied

- Lara W

It is a very safe car and will protect your family in an accident.

I love how my Outback handles the road, how solid the doors are when it closes, how much storage is in the trunk, and how it sits higher than a car.

- Claire B

This car brand last far longer than any other brand

Subaru is a great company. The vehicle will last for a long time with minimal maintenance and still retain great safety features and resale value

- samantha m

Drivability in snow and on ice here in New England

This is my third Subaru. I stick with the brand because of its traction in winter weather and reliability. I also like the looks of the Outback.

- Frances M

It is very safe due to the handling and number of airbags.

I like the way it handles, the space inside, the safety features. I do not love the body style. I’d like it to look less like a station wagon.

- Laura H

Vehicle is all wheel drive vehicle is all wheel drive do to this dilemma you cannot change one tire with any damages or where you must replace 4 tires with damager where evenly this gets expensive repairs are expensive

Although the vehicle is dependable and reliable repairs are extremely expensive heart replacement is rare usually you must replace entire units

- George L

Subaru Outback--I love it

It is a very smooth riding vehicle, plenty of storage space, comfortable seats....engine has plenty of power and the sound system is wonderful

- Mike M

Excellent car, highly recommended

No problems, very reliable. The car drives smoothly. It has heated leather seats, built-in NAV, and great gas mileage. Highly recommend.

- Lauren L

i am buying a new one soon

it is good in snow. The heating and AC are great. It is comfortable to sit in. but it has no power, takes a long time to accelerate

- barb m

It is sporty and fun, good for the family and for adventures. It is great!

I love it! Great for camping and getting to the mountains. It is also a great family car and useful for hauling the family around.

- marjie a

I am going to make it last for about 15 years. I plan to pass it along to the next generation.

It is a very good looking car. Holds five people comfortably. I like the fact the back seat fold for more cargo room. Great car!

- kay j

It gets great gas mileage.

The safety and dependability are important. Rarely needs repairs.. Dislike some of the technology especially the sound system.

- Barbara M

It is very reliable and up to date.. Drives well.

It is tough, I went through an unplowed driveway last winter, and it is got enough space that I can sleep in it when I camp.

- Naomi S

The gas mileage is great.

I love the all wheel drive for the winters. The gas mileage is my best feature. The safety features are what sold the deal.

- Rebecca K

Great vehicle over all. Drives very well.

There have been a few recalls that have been a problem. Had to have the whole engine block changed out so that was a pain.

- Summer H

The safety features, so they can consider it for their future car shopping.

I really like the ground clearance on the newer Subaru outback. I also love the safety features. I love the heated seats.

- Kimberly H

The outback has plenty of space for family members that are over six foot tall

My outback is great. It goes easily through snow and is very comfortable. It is spacious in the front seat and back seat.

- Beth N

It is an extremely reliable car and it rides very nicely.

This is my fifth Subaru. I really love it but am unhappy with the frequency of oil changes needed and my CD player broke.

- Judy S

Good handling in snow and ice.

Great handling. Reliable. Easy to maintain. Does very well in snow and ice. Good gas mileage. Very cost efficient.

- Logan E

It gets great gas mileage!

It gets great gas mileage. It has a lot of cargo room. The back seat is spacious. It drives well in the snow.

- Christine T

It has great gas mileage. All Subarus come with AWD, even the sedans.

It's a dependable car & I like the simplicity of it. I don't have all the extras on it so it does what I need.

- Claire K

It is newer and has great gas mileage.

I like style, reliability of this vehicle. Mpg is always very good. Would purchase another when time comes.

- Carol T

It is safe, reliable and fuel efficient.

Things I like most is it is reliability and comfort. Dislike it is a gutless wonder due to the 4 cylinder.

- Sarah M

It is fantastic in the snow.

I like the all wheel drive, and the room on the interior. I dislike the gas mileage, and the body design.

- Devon G

It is a dependable car and it gets decent gas mileage.

I like the way it drives, it really handles mountain curves and is fun to drive. It gets decent mileage.

- janet r

in my opinion, its reliability and performance characteristics

the vehicle is very good, reliable, comfortable, effective, economical, that is why I like it very much

- Valeri D

It has anti theft. Also all wheel drive.

It has a backup camera, has individual temperature settings. I wish it had outside mirror signal light.

- Steve R

safety and dependability and it's very comfortable and fun to drive

It's very safe and dependable vehicle. Low cost to maintain and gives you practically no major problems

- olga k

It's a Subaru! Reliable and great in the adverse weather conditions.

I love Subarus. This is my third one and they have always been reliable and safe cars. No complaints!

- Carolyn L

All wheel drive is great for handling.

Very reliable no major issues so far. Great handling in snow and rain. Roomy enough for 1-2 children.

- Ann N

It eats oil. We have to put fresh oil in every few weeks and there's never any to empty.

I like that it's held up well over almost 6 years. I don't like that it burns through oil like crazy.

- Kelsey R

It is very. Dependable and gets good gas mileage.

It is dependable. It is good on gas. It is comfortable. It is roomy. Husband fit in it comfortably.

- Phyllis H

Subarus are practical cars.

I like the safety it offers in the rain, the heated seats, the ample storage space. No complaints.

- Deborah B

Subaru are the most dependable, the safest and best made cars made.

I like my Subaru reliability. My car has excellent safety features. It also has great gas mileage.

- Deanna C

It's more than a family car.

It is very safe and reliable. My family fits perfectly inside. It is strong and handles well.

- Josh s

Reliable car. Can be used for any trip or for just running errands.

Love it. It is reliable. It has more than enough storage space. It is a great family car.

- Paul S

It's a great car and built well. It gets me everywhere I need to go.

I have no complaints. I love the room it has. Works great for my dogs to be in the back.

- Tenna W

The car gets great gas mileage both city and freeway driving.

it is all wheel drive, is stylish, drives well, gets good mileage, has ample storage space.

- ken m

My children have the same model although newer.

I like the gas mileage and I like what an outback says about me. I would like a newer car.

- David l

I dislike that the computer system is messed up and it's common with this make and model. Other than that, it's a very solid vehicle. It's safe and it's fun to drive.

It's one of the safest cars on the road, it's fun to drive, and it's a reliable vehicle.

- Christine K

It's very safe and your insurance will most likely go down

It's safe, decent on gas, large without being overwhelming, spacious and comfortable

- Kim S

I love the Subaru. It's a smooth ride, and gets great gas mileage. It handles wonderfully in snow, and maintenance has been very easy.

The car is gets great gas mileage and handles wonderfully whatever the conditions.

- Abby B

It's a great family car. It's amazing in the cold weather and I'm excited for my soon to be driving kids to have a safe car.

Like how it handles in the snow. Dislike that it is burning oil quickly.

- Jeff S

I love that it has a high safety rating. One of the things I was surprised that I like so much is the backup camera. I wish it had a little better mileage.

It is an excellent family car with a decent amount of trunk space.

- Rachel S

That the fuel economy is better than their truck

All wheel drive. Great fuel economy. Economical and can do it all

- Brian B

It is dependable and gas efficient. We are proud to be owners of a Subaru.

We love our vehicle. It is very dependable. It is gas efficient.

- Ermee S

Safety and road handling, seat comfort and heating, good service, durability

Excellent ergonomics and road handling, even in foul whether

- Renzo C

it gets poor gas mileage which is silly and it should get better

It get bad gas mileage. It has awesome four wheel drive

- Simon M

all the safety factors of it the airbags are everywhere

i like the safety. i also like ride. the gas mileage.

- mike h