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Great vehicle all around, highly recommend.

I absolutely love my Subaru outback. I bought it used from the dealership and it has been extremely reliable for it being second- hand. I get great gas mileage which is important since I drive 45+ minutes to work. The easy fold down back seats make it convenient to move things or travel with a lot of items. We use it for our dogs and it gives them a lot of room to roam/ lay down and still carry stuff. We had a baby 3 months ago and it is a good size for carrying everything we need. However, if we plan on having more children and traveling we will need to get a bigger car, as the baby stuff plus our 2 dogs plus our stuff packs the car completely. Other than that I would highly recommend this car to anyone! Great all around and I will definitely buy another one in the future.

- Jessica M

Perfect car for the outdoor enthusiast. Full time AWD and great gas mileage.

The perfect car for year-round outdoor enthusiasts. Full-time awd which handles like a dream on snowy ski trips, plenty of cargo space for long road trip and up to 35 mpg on the highway!! If I fold the back seats down, I can insert a mattress and use the car as a mini hotel. I have taken multiple camping trips in which I drive and sleep in the back of the car in the mountains of montana, idaho, washington and oregon. Good stereo. Comfortable seats for a short to average height person. . Roof-top rack for extra gear. I am loyal to this brand and doubt that I will purchase another type of car.

- Sonya S

The Outback is excellent in the snow.

One of my favorite features is how terrific the Outback is driving n the snow. I can always make it in to work. The car is also very sturdy. I get good gas mileage. The seats are comfortable. There is good visibility. If there is one thing I would change it would be to have the back-up camera become visible as soon as the car is put into reverse. The temperature console is also a little awkward. If I turn it off I can only get to the normal mode if I first turn on the air conditioning. But overall I am very happy with the car.

- Cheryl L

Safety features and a record to longevity.

I like the car a lot, it has many safety features, and is reliable. The rear camera, and most especially the "radar" that tells me another car is approaching when backing up in a parking lot is especially beneficial to avoid an accident. The cruise control is a little difficult to explain in writing, but it is very safety Focused. The inside is leather, and I love the sunroof, it can be opened for a little air movement, or you can open it along with the windows and it almost feels like I am in a convertible.

- Linda S

Reliable and low maintenance.

It burned oil one time between oil changes but has not been an issue since. The seats could be more comfortable. They seemed to have declined in comfort in the 4 years that I have owned it. Love the sunroom, the rear floor mats (optional), the heated seats and the gas mileage that I am getting. It ranges between 26-28 mpg. I have had to replace the drivers side headlight a couple times in 4 years. Otherwise this is a low maintenance vehicle. Love the way it turns on a dime and the rear view camera.

- Pam A

Like it for the most part.

Heater does not work great and it is a little chilly during the winter. Otherwise a great vehicle. All wheel drive works well but if you get a flat tire, you have to replace all 4 tires otherwise the 4 wheel drive will no longer work. Not really sure why that is but it is what I was told at the dealership. It accelerates well but will not go over 110 mph although it is registered for 150 mph which was a little disappointing. That being said, it is not a sports car so I was really no surprised.

- Gigi M

The safety rating I guess. I know when I'm driving my children somewhere that they are safe. Even if we get into an accident I know that my Subaru will protect us the best way it can.

My Subaru is all wheel drive making it much easier to get back and forth down the dirt road I live on. It has lots of room inside and the seats in the back fold and I have a huge amount of trunk space. I can drive it in manual or automatic and I have found that to be an awesome feature. I love that it bluetooth to my phone and I can control my phone through the steering wheel. It's an all around great car and I couldn't be happier. I haven't had any mechanical issues so far.

- Kayla R

My Subaru is an excellent car for someone who does not know a lot about cars.

My vehicle is very reliable, however, I have had some issues with the tires and such. It sometimes has issues starting, which is very concerning. It is brand new, but overall the car has been excellent. I do not have any issues with acceleration, it drives smoothly, and it is in excellent condition for the amount of miles it has on the car. It has close to 115, 000 miles on it and it is a relatively new car. Despite the minor issues, I have had a great time with the car.

- Julia J

Sporty vibes with lots of room.

I love my Subaru Outback. It drives very smoothly and has consistently been a good car. No breakdowns and very minimal repairs for maintenance purposes only. There is plenty of room in the backseat for my daughter who has long legs. And the back of the car can transport our entire weekend of camping gear in it for easy adventuring. I love the sporty look of my car. It has a very central Oregon vibe.

- Sonya R

Big trucks are here to stay.

My regular driver is a Ford f350 diesel 4x4 with a crew cab and a 8ft bed. Love; the ride, fuel mileage and sense of safety I feel while driving it. Ample room for all to ride comfortably. I use it for a part time business that I have started. The seats are Uber comfortable. I love the sturdiness of the vehicle and am always pleased with the responsiveness of the turbo diesel engine. Love my truck.

- Tam B

Not my first and will not be my last Subaru!

I love driving a Subaru. I first owned a forester and traded it in for an outback. Both are perfect cars for an active lifestyle in the pacific northwest. Our car takes us hiking, snowboarding, on road trips.. And as a family of 3 we have always felt we have enough room to travel with comfort. I feel safe in all types of weather and love how this car drives. Definitely will not be my last Subaru!

- Rachel L

Is the Subaru outback for you.

My Subaru outback is s great car. It handles well, drives great. It is comfortable and has many safety features. I have never had any major issues with this vehicle. The only complaint I have is that the sunroof leaks into the car if not used frequently enough. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone but would recommend against a sunroof unless you plan to use it often.

- L H

Great All-Around Car for All of Your Needs

Very reliable, very sturdy ride, very comfortable driver's seat. Handles well on back roads and in snow. Pairing a phone with the system is a little bit difficult. The car gets great gas mileage. I have the basic model. Slightly sluggish initially if you really step on the gas quickly to pass someone. Very roomy trunk space with wide hatch to load larger items.

- Carrie R

The car still looks and drives like new after a hundred thousand miles.

I like the large amount of space, both in the back seats and trunk. I like the USB ports in the center console, which allow me to charge my electronics and play music over the car's speakers via said electronics. I certainly like the ac and heated seats, which cools the car very quickly/heats my body very quickly. The camera is also a very nice assistive feature.

- Andrew S

Versatile and comfortable.

The Subaru is a very reliable vehicle. It drives nicely and has features such as heated seats which make driving more comfortable. It is great for all weather and terrains never had a problem. The car is very versatile and is small enough to park comfortably, however also has plenty of storage room. The seats fold down easily for increased storage in the back.

- Elizabeth C

Loss of air in tires and lurching gas pedal.

I love my Subaru! An issue I find it has a lot is that the tires will lose air whenever the weather changes - no matter which season. I find that even when I check on the tires, they still lose air and are not reliable. At times the throttle will often lurch when it is just starting out, it is as if the gas pedal is being hit again but no one has touched it.

- Jill S

Excellent car for the whole family.

I haven't experienced any problems with my car. It gets great gas mileage, very user friendly, and has great safety features. It is a 4 wheel drive so it is also great for road trips and comfy to ride in. I have a disabled family member and the trunk space, towing ability, and over head rack were huge selling points for us and have proved to be very useful.

- Karen H

Great all-around vehicle!

I love my Subaru outback. It is reliable, safe, and comfortable. It is a great size to travel alone or with family and pets. It has plenty of cargo area as well. It drives nicely and has not had any problems - only routine maintenance. I was recently hit by another driver while driving my Subaru and suffered no injuries - the car protected me well!

- Kristin B

Terrific in snow and ice due to all wheel drive and abs.

Great mileage, wonderful cruise control, heated leather seats, all wheel drive, abs, terrific in snow and ice, good "trunk" storage, and comfortable seating/legroom are my "likes". My dislikes include: road noise at highway speeds, lightness such that winds blows car or semis passing are felt, and after market gps behind actual car position.

- Kathleen C

Great handling capability!

I enjoy my Subaru Outback and purchased it new in 2014. It has a ton of room and is able to seat our children comfortably. The vehicle handles extremely well, and is very safe while traveling off road as well as in ice and snow. I wish the ground clearance was a few inches higher, as I bottom out every now and then in my driveway.

- Mary B

Great all-wheel drive and smooth automatic shifting -- the Subaru outback.

Subaru's all-wheel-drive characteristic is particularly of interest to me. I like it is shifting capabilities as well--very smooth. It has been very reliable. The Subaru does have great cargo capacity with seats down and seats 4-5 comfortably. It does have some aftermarket add-ons such as leather seats and GPS/navigation system.

- Kathleen D

Subaru. The car has snob appeal, but stands up to it is reputation.

The car is smart, attractive, and fun to drive. The car is not easy to keep detailed, cup holders do not have liners, cargo space has areas that collect dirt and are difficult to clean. The car was purchased with 3 years of navigation that my dealer will not upgrade or assist me in upgrading - disappointing to say the least.

- Gary M

The 2014 Subaru outback gets almost 30 mile per gallon.

This vehicle has great gas mileage and is comfortable to sit in and to drive in. It has 4 wheel all wheel drive so I never get stuck in the snow or slip on slippery icy roads. It can go really fast and bat other cars. It is also a nice color and very reliable as it gets older so I do not need to buy a new car soon.

- Jessica G

Drives great in the snow!

My car is absolutely phenomenal in snow/treacherous roads. Thanks to the 4wd, it handles well, does not slip and slide when other cars would. It drives well, is spacious and has great trunk space. It also gets great gas mileage. The best part is, even with all the bells and whistles, it is still reasonably priced.

- Julie L

My 2014 Subaru outback is a reliable, safe, fuel efficient vehicle.

This vehicle is very reliable and safe, I know the AWD feature is working to my advantage. This vehicle has a very great fuel economy as well. The backup assistant camera is highly useful. This vehicle has a lot of space in the backseat, and leaves for even more room when you fold the second row of seats down.

- Sara A

I love my Subaru outback fantastic gas mileage.

This car is a 4 cylinder but runs like a 6 cylinder. It has great performance without having to turn the a/c off to get it to go! It has numerous safety features. It is extremely comfortable and roomy. Tall people and large people can ride or drive with no problem. The best thing is the amazing gas mileage.

- Robyn B

Perfect family car for an active family.

It has a lot of space and is great for kids and pets. It is also very comfortable to drive and gets pretty decent gas mileage for a car of it is size. It is a great car for taking on road trips and camping trips because you can fit everything you need in the back. Drives really great in winter weather.

- Andrea C

Great car with a few minor issues.

Overall the car is fantastic. The downside is the v4 engine, which is for fuel economy but decreases 0 to 60 to about 8 seconds. The other problem is the passenger seat belt sensor goes off randomly even if there is no front passenger. The only way to correct it is to turn off the car and restart it.

- Jodi R

That it handles well in snow, ice and other inclement weather.

I like the size of my Outback - it's bigger and rides higher than a normal car and has lots of storage space, but isn't a huge SUV. It's a comfortable ride. I feel safe driving in icy or snowy weather. My only complaint is that I get door dings frequently - it seems to be not a durable exterior.

- Erin H

Drives great, easy to use, safe.

Love it besides that it only seats 5 people, feel very safe and love the way it drives. Has great gas mileage, looks great, dashboard easy to use. Inside is comfortable and spacious backseat, features are easy to use. Only wish it had a back up camera because it is hard to see out the back.

- Katy R

Love my Subaru! I’ll be driving it until it literally dies.

This car is great. The main, really the only issues I have had is some leaking around the hatch door, the passenger seat foot area, and a little bit on the driver side window when it rains really hard. This car has the most comfortable driver seat I have ever sat in. I really love this car.

- Colleen K

Subaru outback: what's not to love?

My car rides very smoothly and handles like a dream. I feel comfortable behind the steering wheel and feel that I have great visibility. I love the sun roof and stereo system and wood trim and leather seats. The think I love the most is how roomy the backseat is and also the cargo area.

- Theresa H

I am a repeat outback. Customer.

Most reliable car I have ever had. It feels solid on the road. I am not afraid to drive it in bad weather. Lots of cargo space. I wish fuel efficiency was a little better. Also wish some technology features were standard for instance a compass. I would definitely buy a third Subaru.

- Barb M

perfect family car, reliable and safe.

first and foremost I love that I feel safe driving my family around in my car. For its size, I think it's great on gas. It's a partial zero emission vehicle which makes me feel environmentally conscious. Also, I love the suspension and how my car drives, definitely would recommend.

- whitney r

How well it handles on all types of road conditions.

It is a great vehicle for driving on winter roads in North Dakota and Minnesota. It handles well on snow and ice. It has a large amount of cargo space making it easy to travel to quilting retreats. It is extremely reliable as I have not had to do any major repairs or recalls.

- Mary U

Subaru Outback-best of all worlds.

This car is very reliable. The AWD is excellent on ice and snow. The car has a comfortable ride because it is built on a car chassis it has lots and lots of storage. Back seat folds down so you can haul large things like furniture. Has excellent safety rating. Good visibility.

- Cherie D

We can travel all over North America pulling our teardrop camper!

I love my Subaru because it is all wheel drive which helps in Wisconsin winters. It also has heated seats. We are able to pull a teardrop camper and still get decent gas mileage. It has been very dependable. We have over 70,000 miles on it with just routine maintenance.

- Barb W

A car for all seasons. Comfort, style and amazing mileage.

It is very reliable. It is 4 wheel drive, roomy and has great gas mileage. 33 mpg highway/28 city. It has a very clear review camera. Great peripheral vision. Great storage space as the back seats fold completely down. Very quiet car. Plenty of headroom front and back.

- Michael C

Good car but doesn't have a quick start

i love the look and feel. but what I dislike is how it doesn't have the get up and go. like when I'm trying to speed up quickly to merge onto the freeway, it just doesn't want to do what I need it to. I know It's the design of the engine. It needs a turbo or something.

- jamee M

Subaru outback - buy it or no?

The car is really reliable. No real problems exist. I chose the car for reliability and I feel like it suits my needs really well. It has a nice sunroof. The headlights are a little less powerful than I would like. Besides that, I cannot think of any real issues.

- Nancy M

It's safe and reliable. With minimum maintenance it should drive 200,000 miles easily.

I love that it's a 4-wheel drive vehicle, especially in the winter. I bought it because they have an excellent safety rating and because Subaru has a reputation of running for a very long time. And also for the storage space. It fits a lot more stuff than other SUVs.

- Derek G

Mountain mama loves her Subaru!

I will only drive Subaru's. 3 of my 4 cars have been Subaru's in my lifetime. They are the absolute best car for extreme snowy weather, and I know my kids will be safe and well protected while traveling in it. It is also a great family car, and our dog loves it too!

- Shannon M

Do not get another car if you can get an Outback.

My Outback is the best car I have ever driven, safe, reliable, and has great gas mileage. Driving in Chicago winters is not as bad when you are in a car that heats up fast and has great butt warmers. I have never had an issue with this car and it runs real smoothly.

- Alyssa I

Dogs loves Subarus! Actually Subarus are well built and safe cars.

I have absolutely zero complaints about my Subaru. It's a very comfortable ride, the seats are cushy. With the 3.6R engine it handles curves like a dream. The AWD is useful in snowy road conditions. There's plenty of room for my family. And it's just fun to drive!

- KL H

Safety and Versatility are really one feature in this car. It's all built in.

It's an excellent choice for families, has a lot of versatility built in. The AWD, cargo area, folding rear seats and built in top cargo bars are great in this car. I wish it was a little larger since I am very tall, but it has great leg room in the front.


Quality, reliability, comfort and great features at a great price.

The Subaru Outback has a very comfortable ride and gets great gas mileage. I love that it is AWD. The hatchback and cargo area are super convenient for groceries, pets, anything you need to haul and with the rear seats folded down, there is tons of cargo room.

- Debbie T

I feel safe in my Subaru outback.

My Subaru outback is very reliable. I commute to work early in the morning in Minnesota winters. I feel safe in my outback, even in white out conditions. The all wheel drive feels very steady on the road during blizzards. I love driving my Subaru outback.

- Katie K

Good overall, especially for resale value

The Subaru Outback is a great car for storing things, riding in the mountains and an active lifestyle. It gets pretty good gas mileage and the engine has held up well. We have had some paint chipping on the outside recently and the car is not very old

- Rebecca G

The most important thing about my car is that i feel it keep my and my family safe

I love the safety of my vehicle. The back seat is roomy enough. The trunk is easily accessible and large enough to fit a stroller with plenty of room left over for luggage or groceries as needed. I don't like that my windshield wipers don't go faster.

- Anne M

Durability, functionality, and good mileage.

It gets good mileage, has the capacity of a pick up, has all wheel drive for trips to Tahoe in winter and requires little maintenance if treated well by recommended oil changes etc. I have a 2001 with 260, 000 miles and is still going strong.

- Joan M

It's a comfortable, solid feeling car and it gets good gas mileage

I like zipping around in my cute little red car. However, I miss the roominess of my minivan. I don't like that my Outback does not lock the doors automatically once the shifter is engaged. My model does not have a compass either.

- Angela D

great in snow, all wheel drive, these kinds of cars will go forever with minimal problems

Great room, great in snow, good area for cargo, good gas mileage, good ground clearance. Only thing to be improved is the storage and organization for driver area... and backup camera needs to be bigger and easier to see in sunlight

- Amy H

It gets great gas mileage for Its size. On long trips, I easily get 28 mpg.

I LOVE my Subaru. I transitioned to the Outback from a Toyota Camry and it was the perfect step up. It handles extremely well and is great for towing if need be. The only thing I would chance is a sunroof - my model didn't have one.

- Jennifer W

Subaru outback, great for travelers

Very reliable, can usually find parts for cheap also. Very easy to upgrade. Gas mileage could be better. Can reach good speeds quick. Don't know much about safety features. Would recommend for people who like to travel comfortably

- James M

Love our Subaru, but it does have it's problems.

I love our car, it's the perfect size for my small family of three, but there are a few issues: it's NOISY, especially during acceleration, but also just generally loud. There are also some major blind spots, very dangerous.

- Cathleen K

Great looking, fun car to drive.

This car rides and drives very nice- not clunky at all. The thing I dislike the most is that everywhere you look there are Subaru's! The back is roomy and comfortable for my teenagers and the way back is great for our dogs.

- Doris S

That it is all wheel drive and handles so well in bad weather. It also has lots of cargo space and the roof rack lets me take my kayak anywhere.

I have a dark blue, leather interior awd subaru outback. I love that I can drive it anywhere. It can handle the snow and rain with ease, as well as having extended cargo space to haul anything i need. I have no complaints!

- hazel c

Safety meets comfort in an outback.

Subaru outback handle well, have a large interior and loads of airbags for safety. I have never had a major problem with mine in the 5 years I have owned it. I recommend them to people whenever I am asked about my car.

- Laura H

Outback - the vehicle for people that want to get places looking for adventure

I love the outback. It definitely isn't the car for someone looking for quiet, luxury. It does make more noises than the average car, but it is incredibly reliable and get you where you need to go, no matter the road.

- Mikayla R

All Wheel Drive and so much more!

It has always been very reliable and I've never had a problem with it. It performs well: it has good pick-up, the ride is smooth, and the interior is comfortable. I love driving it and the visibility is great.

- Leah W

Subaru Outback: Great Family Vehicle

The Subaru Outback is a very reliable family vehicle. It is spacious enough, with plenty of leg room and ample trunk space. It is especially great for driving in snow and ice because of the four-wheel drive.

- Angela S

Drives great, looks great, amazing gas mileage.

It is a solid vehicle, fits 5 comfortable and drives like a dream. The gas mileage is absolutely excellent and though it is all wheel drive it rides lower to the ground so my parents can get in easily.

- Barbara N

It's a very safe car and great for families. I think I've read it had some of the highest safety ratings. It's a great family vehicle.

It is a very reliable car. It drives very smoothly and we feel safe. There is great storage in the back and cabin is very comfortable. I would love to see air vents in the back seats in future models.

- Rene S

That's the most important thing I don't think people should know about my cars and it's super safe.

I love my vehicle. I love having a Subaru because they're safe and they can drive anywhere. I don't really have any complaints about my Subaru. I think I like everything. You guys are still going

- Lyn D

Driving is easy in the snow.

This car has four wheel drive and goes thru deep snow very well. I have had the tires for two years all year and will try for the third year. I have 140, 000 miles. It's the second set of tires.

- Jerry C

What more could you ask for?

Reliable, good gas mileage, safe, great in the snow/rain/offroad, partial zero emissions, and a company that stands behind the environment as much as their product. What more could you ask for?

- Jon C

Subaru Outback is great in snow. Best AWD system available.

My Outback is safe and reliable. It has ample room for hauling most anything. The main reason I purchased my Outback was for It's AWD feature, it has the best AWD system that I have driven.

- Tanya L

It's great for all weather conditions. I feel safe driving on snowy roads.

I wish it had better gas mileage. I wish the hood of the car sloped down more. It's difficult to see where the front of the car is when I'm parking. I love the way it handles on snow.

- liza b

My car is a very safe car and I know my family will be protected in the event of an accident.

I like that is roomy and can fit 5 people. I like the cargo space and heated seats. It also has really good pick up when merging onto the highway. I know it is a very safe car.

- Laura m

Wonderful family type of car!

It runs so well and has a lot of space for groceries or camping! I love that on the rear view mirror it has extra camera in back so you can see better. Have had no problems with it

- Anastasia T

It's a comfortable, safe, versatile vehicle.

I like that it is comfortable to ride in. It gets great gas mileage. It's very maneuverable. It holds all of my family's camping gear. It has had issues with the sunroof leaking.

- Michael G

It is a very safe car that handles well in all types of weather.

I love the style and size of my vehicle. It handles well, drives well in the snow and has good visibility. Maintenance is good but I do wish it had a bit better gas mileage.

- Maureen F

A great all-around vehicle for the city or country.

Has a great ride and feel, and gets good gas mileage for Its class. It has enough storage capacity to allow us to take it on family outings and trips without feeling cramped.

- Geoff S

Good mileage even though it's a pretty good size car.

I like that it gets good mileage. It's easy for me to drive. It's very safe. It will hold me and my husband and our dogs and my husband's upright bass. He's a musician.

- MaryBeth W

It has very good gas mileage.

I believe the a/ c is worthless., it does not blow very cool air... I like the size and height of the car. It is easy to get into the car. Great size for a family of five..

- Isabelle B

That it is one of the highest-rated safety vehicles on the road.

I love that it is one of the top-rated safety vehicles on the road. Also, it gets good gas mileage, is comfortable to drive, and big enough that I can heal most anything.

- Carolyn S

Reliable! Safe! Dependable! And Smooth!

It is one of the best vehicles out there! It is one of the safest on the roads and has all wheel drive! There is plenty of room for sports equipment and recreational fun!

- Jenna H

Subaru outback pros and cons

Like the towing capacity, all wheel drive, and cargo capacity. Had issue with oil consumption, Subaru fought me on this, but eventually replaced engine block.

- Neil V

Other potential buyers should know that this car fits a small family well.

Vehicle is fuel efficient, roomy for my family of soon to be four. Model works well for both me and my husband despite being very different in height and size.

- Michaela F

It is safe and reliable, attractive and very comfortable.

I like the size, comfort and performance. I wish we had chosen a different color. I like the AWD but find the added expense of tires and towing to be annoying.

- Nicole J

My Subaru Outback does it all.

I love my Subaru Outback. It is really quick and zippy and sporty and hauls all of my stuff and my kids and my dog. Love it and will drive it until it drops.


The vehicle has a high resale value and is good looking.

I like the gas mileage. The seats are comfortable and heated and easily adjusted. The car has enough power to climb steep hills and still not use much gas,

- Richard B

The Car is simply just the best

Honestly it's the best car I've ever owned. It's very reliable, powerful, and has plenty of room. It's easy to clean as well and extremely fuel efficient.

- Daniel P

Highly reliable and can take you anywhere in any weather condition.

I like it's overall adventurous mystique. It's capability in snow is unsurpassed. The reliability and quality of the craftsmanship is why I chose Subaru

- Chad B

You should buy one too! I've never been happier with a car than I am with this one.

I love the safety ratings of this vehicle. I love that the vehicle maintains Its value. I love the space, It's so much bigger than my previous vehicle.

- Jo D

It drives exceedingly well in Minnesota winters, especially on black ice.

It's larger than I'd like, but it's kept us safe in the winter and is big enough for four adults, a wheelchair, groceries, and the dog. Can't complain.

- Marcy P

Outback is safe, secure, and comfortable

The Subaru Outback is very reliable and handles extremely well in bad weather. It is rugged but also rides smoothly and feels mildly luxurious inside.

- Kelly M

It is really good on gas and loves to go on the highway.

I love how roomy and safe my car is. The service department is also excellent when I need them to help with oil changes and any concerns I may have.

- Ashley P

Great on back country roads and easy to sleep in.

Great car! 4 wheel drive, sunroof, great in the backcountry, and great on turns on country roads. Heated seats a plus! Slow get up and go though.

- David H

It is very comfortable and fun to drive. I do not regret buying it.

I love my car. The best feature is the "eyesight" lane departure and collision warnings. I would not want to own a future vehicle without it.

- Jennifer E

Subaru makes a good car, and it's worth the cost of the car.

I like how my vehicle can handle bad road conditions, and how it has space. I also like that it's a Subaru. I just dislike how it eats gas.

- Anastasis D

Very comfortable while driving.

The 4 wheel drive on this car is great on snow and ice. I love that it is a little higher up than a sedan, but yet, not as large as an SUV.

- Jodi G

It's all wheel drive and handles all weather conditions great.

The vehicle is great. I would like more technology in the vehicle. I like the ease of vehicle maintenance. I like the all wheel drive.

- mason s

Dependability, Reliability

It has plenty of storage space in the back. It drives well. I like where the cup holders are placed. Little maintenance and dependable.

- Kathy M

Fun to drive. Big enough to carry all my crap.

Great ride. Good, sturdy and economical. I see them everywhere, left and right. I think it might be the most popular car on the road.

- Jim C

The safety features are amazing.

I love my car. I purchased the car with the eyesight feature. This feature makes traveling on the interstate easier and less tense.

- Jade B

Drives safely in snow and rainy conditions.

It is Reliable. It over corrects on It's own so is a bit difficult to keep straight on the freeway. It has pretty good gas mileage.

- Sandra M

It is a great vehicle if you love the outdoors and adventure.

I live in rural Vermont and the Outback is great on snow and ice. The high clearance is a must have when driving muddy dirt roads.

- Adriana H

It drives great in the snow and good on gas.

Love this car it is amazing! The only thing I hate it is does not tell me when I need an oil change until the oil light comes on!

- Michaela A

It is a very safe well built vehicle.

I like the all wheel drive. It handles great in poor weather. I wish it had more interior seating and sat higher off the ground.

- Deacon S

Safety all the way, great vehicle

Safety, safety! Vehicle with a great history of reliability. Smooth driving, intuitive. Many options and still a great price..

- Robyn A

They should know that it is the safest and most reliable car for the money.

I love the safety features of the Subaru. I like that it gets really good gas mileage. I also love that it is all wheel drive.

- Andrea W

How dependable it is and affordable.

I like: the way it drives. The safety factor. The way it looks. The compliments I get... I dislike: the light-colored seats..

- Judith C

Subaru Outback: perfect for going outdoors

Extremely reliable, never had any problems. Perfect for going outdoors since it is all wheel drive, gets decent mileage

- Zachary M

It gets amazing gas mileage for it is size.

I like how my vehicle shifts easily. It handles the road well. I dislike how hard it is to replace the low beams in it.

- Riley S

It's safe and comfortable. I would chose it over any brand

I love the safety my husband got in an accident that should of killed him but because it was a Subaru he's here today.

- Courtney S

Luxurious and wonderful to drive.

Great car good in the backcountry. It has all wheel drive and amazing sunroof. Easy to sleep in for the long weekends.

- David H

The all wheel drive is great

No problems at all in the last four years we have owned it. It has been a fabulous car and I would buy a Subaru again.

- Jen M

Reliability and safety along with versatility.

Like the versatility. Ruggedness, roominess. Reliability, safety. No complaints with the vehicle as avid outdoorsman.

- Randy L

It has all wheel drive and is very reliable.

I really enjoy the amount of room and versatility my Subaru has. I can take my dogs with me anywhere in it as well.

- Sara B

This car has run really well for the past 4 years

This car has run very well for me. I have really had no problems with it for the past 4 years that I have owned it.

- Emelia D

It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. And it handles very well in the snow.

I like that it is all wheel drive. I also like that it gets good gas mileage. The ground clearance is also good.

- Roseann D

my car is all wheel drive and does great in the snow

Love that my car has fold down seat and a hatchback. Not sporty but is dependable. My car is great in bad weather

- janet e

It is practicality, easy storage and easy to drive.

Like the storage and amenities: heated seats, sunroof, backup camera. Dislikes: mileage and wish it had more zip.

- Ashley C

The Outback is a wonderful vehicle. It drives very nicely. It sits up a little higher which makes it easier to see the road, which is really important in the winter.

That Subaru is a very good brand of car. If you take it in to service it every year, it lasts a very long time.

- TheoLynne H

The all wheel drive is awesome.

Love that it handles great in the snow. Hate that the locks do not automatically lock when you put it in gear.

- Bonnie R

Subaru outback best ride ever

The best vehicle i have ever owned. Drives great and is very roomy and comfortable. I have not had any issues.

- Amy M

Feels more like a car then SUV I am motion. Easy to park.

Has good gas mileage. It has lots of room and cargo for a small family of 4, good visibility and reliability.

- Michaela F

nice! it carries people and stuff and stays clean. it repels water!

mostly ok, burns a little oil. trim came loose it blue and black and has good tires. i like the roof rack

- joe b

It is very versatile and a great triad tripping car.

Love the pick up and dependability that my 4 cylinder car has. It is classy and speaks to my personality.

- Diana S

A very reliable car. Cost of vehicle is a great value.

I like the safety features, all wheel drive, retains value. This is the 3rd Outback I have owned.

- Judy W

It's a very safe vehicle.We love everything about it.

Ride is comfortable,plenty of power,very safe and reliable.great in bad weather!

- nancy m

Good gas mileage compared to other cars I have driven

It's very reliable and easy to drive. I feel safe in it. Will buy Subaru again.

- Chi P

I love the ride in the subaru, however when accelerating it can be a little slow.

it is spacious and gets great gas mileage, i can fit many people in it as well.

- melissa a

4 wheel drive is safe and effective. It can get you out of any road jam or weather.

Can go anywhere in any weather conditions. Loud road noise. Great fuel mileage.

- Jo T

It can go everywhere and can go in any weather.. I have taken that car tons of places.

My only complaint is that is doesn't drive as smoothe or quiet as I would like

- Paul B

The road clearance is good for older adults. Makes getting in and out of car better.

Would like it to have built in Navigation, but really like the road clearance

- Alma T

It's the safest car ever.I've never been more confident driving in the snow than with my current car.

Its safe and gets me from place to place. It doesn't go through gas fast.

- Tara J

I think the most attractive thing to any carbuyer despite their preferences for options or brand is that this is my third subaru and each of them have had excellent resale value. One of them I essentially drove "free" for two years as I sold it for what I paid for it.


- pam l

it is safe and dependable

subaru makes great cars. outbacks are great size. outbacks are dependable

- bruce M

It is a great car for Colorado. But not good for a big family.

it is a nice car with full wheel drive, which is important for Colorado.

- ke jun h

all wheel drive sporty roomy comfortable seats heated seats

Liked: roomy Dislike: rugged ride Too sporty ' would like quieter ride

- P H

It is Dog tested, dog approved. This is really stupid.

Reliable, Bluetooth, leather seats. I wish it had rear climate control

- Toni G

It's very reliable. Insurance is affordable. It's very roomy.

It's gas efficient. It's safe. It's practical. It's great in the snow.

- David K

It's safety and good in mileage

It's good in safety and performance, fun to drive and like the design

- Jane M

All wheel drive handles great in inclement weather. Also great for off road terrain.

This is a very reliable car. I wish it had even better fuel economy.

- Sue B

affordable luxury. Good buy for the money handles very well

smooth riding. quiet. good handling very well made good styling

- Leslie K

You Can drive it forever as it's reliable and a long lasting car. Holds its value well

Drives smoothly Reliable Lasts forever No complaints at all

- Jill B

high quality construction and good finish. plenty of room for cargo

well made and roomy. Wish it had more get up and go

- p d

it has a very bad acceleration problem, the dealer said it drives like any other Subaru, unacceptable

It has a very bad acceleration problem...

- T S

Good mileage, but rough ride.

- Denise K