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It's great but has some electricity problems

I love driving this car. The all wheel drive is wonderful in the winter and the size is perfect for traveling long distances with family gear. However, the car starter is extremely finicky. I have to be very close to the vehicle for it to register and even then if I turn away or don't press it at the right intervals the car won't start. There is also a linked door system which turns the car off if I open a door and break the start link. Seems anti-intuitive to produce a car that turns off after started with a car starter. Also the power window for the passenger side seems faulty, working very randomly. Also the steering navigation and stereo setup seems like an afterthought. If you pay attention to button layout. The steering radio volume and change controls are in the opposite direction of one another which isn't too hard to correct if designed appropriately. For all the technology advancements out there this car made a very rough incorporation. Again the overall design is good but the add-ons seem very pieced in. When compared to a GMC touch system, I'd choose GMC.

- Emily

My fun, roomy, safe Subaru.

My outback is fun to drive, comfortable and easy going. I love the seat warmers (front and back seats). It has great technology options - already built in. It gets great gas mileage - about 30 miles per gallon in the city. Has nice suspension so long road trips are delightful. I have a big dog who I take with me just about everywhere - he loves to ride in the back of the car with easy in and out because of the hatchback. Radio and speakers are nice, I have Sirius radio and it sound beautiful in the car. I also like to listen to audiobooks - and the Subaru connects immediately with my phone's Bluetooth - so I can listen to stories whenever I want to. I love my Subaru. The all wheel drive makes driving in the ice and snow so much easier.

- Shawn L

The select shift either automatic or manumatic.

Driving position is very comfortable. Braking is well above average. Acceleration is well within an acceptable range. The mpg is 31 unless driven hard then it ranges from 21 to 25 mpg. Controls are straight up and clear. The only problem I can see is the time and outside temperature is extremely hard to read. It blends in with the surrounding console. The interior is well integrated and the quality of materials in superior to most cars on the road today. The service is easy and is straight forward. The oil filter is located right up front. According to all the reports, keep the oil changed regularly and the tires regularly serviced, the car should last 12 to 13 years with more than 300, 000 miles. Get a Subaru you will never let it go.

- Joe A

Economical. Comfortable car.

I love my outback. It is economical and comfortable. It drives well and I have had no problems with it at all. I live in Maine and it is a very safe car on the rough, slippery Maine winter conditions. I put studded tires on my car in the winter and have been so happy with it is performance and feel completely safe on the slippery roads. I also get really good gas mileage. My car is comfortable and roomy on the inside. It has heated leather seats which are great in the cold and air conditioning for the summer heat. The automatic car starter makes each season comfortable and convenient. I follow Subaru maintenance plan for my car and have had zero problems. When I purchase my next car it will be a Subaru.

- Cynthia J

Great car with lots of features.

Love my 2016 Subaru outback. This is my second Subaru outback (my first I had for 12 years). The steering wheel controls for radio and Bluetooth are easy to reach while still keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. I am a petite person and the multiple electronic driver seat controls allow me to move the seat forward, and up and down for the perfect fit. There are also two preset seating programs that make it easy for driver changes. The seats are comfortable for long trips and the heated seats make cold winters more tolerable. The cargo area is roomy and when the back seats fold down you can slide in long items as well.

- Bobbi C

It is safe and reliable. Very safe.

Love the features of the Subaru. Love the eyesight feature, blind spot feature and backup camera. I have had no problems so far. One of the features I am not a fan of is the lane departure and correction option but you can turn that off. Love the interior very roomy with awesome heated seats in the front as well as in the back. Great performance in the rain as well as snow. Feels super safe! Would definitely purchase another for my family. Presently have about 50000 miles on and have only had oil changes and may need brakes in a few thousand more miles.

- Sally L

Subaru AWD and a whole lot more.

Just got it 2 weeks ago. Has plenty of newer safety features like lane warnings, blind spot warnings, adaptive cruise control, and rear view camera. I especially like that, if the rear view camera sees another vehicle or person coming crossways, it will beep loudly to warn the driver. This car will also slow down and even brake if it sees an obstacle in front of it if it sees one. There is blind spot detection. Problems: tailgate would not open all the way, gas door had to be slammed shut. Subaru fixed all these problems.

- Joe F

If you do not like a bumpy ride this car is not for you.

Way to bumpy and noisy inside. It is been reliable so far. A little small inside, glove compartment extremely small. The book takes up all the space. I have a lot of trouble with the locking system especially the back gate. Never wants to open when I need it. My husband likes it better than I do but when our lease is up we are looking for something else. I felt the lease price was reasonable but just too many things we do not like. My husband gets frustrated with the GPS, seems a little backwards.

- Ruth H

Subaru's are great to drive. Smooth ride and many awesome standard features.

The Subaru is well know for it is reliability. It has many safety features in all the models along with a smooth ride. It is a pleasure to drive and ride in. I love how it let's you know when you go over the lines, if the car in front of you moves at a light if you are distracted and the automatic stop when you are in cruise control if needed. The front end is designed so if you are in a front end accident the engine is suppose to go under you and not in your lap. This car is an over awesome car.

- Sylvia S

The Subaru is big on space.

The car is very comfortable and has been reliable. The front seats and nice for long trips and are heated. The heat makes those chilly mornings a little more bearable. The heat is also nice if you have a sore back. There is a lot of small storage compartments through the car to put glasses, and keys, and drinks and important things. The storage capacity in the back is great. The back seat are okay, they are stiff compared to the front and the back has no direct heat vent.

- Courtney H

The outback feels like a luxury car, but it is great for growing families.

My outback is spacious. I haul groceries, teenagers, and softball gear all the time. It has many features including a backup camera and heated seats, two of my favorites. We've encountered a problem thus far with the outback. Sometimes when I turn off the car, the key stays in the ignition. It happened many times before I took it back to the dealer, but of course, it did not happen for the dealer, so they weren't able to fix it. That is frustrating!

- Kelly M

It is a very roomy, spacious car that gets great gas mileage.

The Subaru outback is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage and I don't ever miss an oil change. One thing that is not a big deal is that it only takes full synthetic oil. As a daily driver a weekday average is about 60 miles and it does great. Very spacious with bigger trunk space than a forester. Features include Bluetooth, though I do wish it had heated seats. You also have to special order a manual transmission from Subaru now.

- Nicole G

I am not overly impressed with this vehicle. Pretty non exciting.

The vehicle has been dependable to this point. The cabin is a little small but to be expected. All wheel drive works as it should but have had tires wearing out rapidly. Will be putting the 3rd set of tires and the car has only 28000 miles on it. The first set wore quickly due to alignment issues from the factory but the second set needed replacing after 11000 miles. Not impressed with this issue.

- Nancy J

Great visibility and easy to drive.

Great car that has a great visibility. The car is very easy to drive on and off the road. I can definitely make sharper turns compared to other cars I drove. Basic model is well equipped with back camera and Bluetooth and you can also stream from your phone. The only problem is that there is no navigation system in the basic model and USB jack is in the console, which is hard to reach.

- Anna L

Love the eyesight features esp. with a new driver in the family.

Nothing to complain about. Buying experience was easy. No car problems in the 2 years. Only issue is the type of tires on the Outback and the AWD. Is expensive to replace and must have 4 identical tires for the AWD. Had a flat. Had to replace with what was available at the time. Not identical to the other three so had to replace to keep AWD correct and not risk any warranty problems.

- Cc H

Subaru outback is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle.

No problems have been had so far since the vehicle was bought almost two years ago. It is one of the most comfortable and reliable cars I have ever been in. It is. Not too big of a car but not too small and it feels very safe for all of us. My favorite thing is that it includes a backup camera which we've never had and it is a big help. I would definitely recommend this car.

- Dev N

It has been voted one of the safe cars on the road. The commercials on TV state that over and over again and so do many studies.

It is roomy and comfortable. It is easily able to hold all of my equipment for my music career. It has so many extras like a back up camera, eyesight and a sensor that beeps if you go out of your lane. The only complaint I have is that it has a smaller battery than most cars, so you have to be careful and not to run the car too long on It's battery without the engine running.

- Iris S

Safety is critical to the Subaru family of vehicles.

I like the safety features, ie., eyesight, side airbags. It has good reliability for service and longevity. The seats are very comfortable and the headrest is not tilted forward like many newer cars. I like the fact the roof rack rails fold in for better gas mileage when not in use. It gets better than average gas mileage for the model of vehicle.

- sue r

Roomy Subaru is not only safe, but handles well!

I purchased the Subaru for safety reasons and because I have always loved its look. Was pleasantly surprised, as a woman who is 5'11" that the interior has plenty of room even in the back seat. The Outback has great handling and acceleration while getting good gas mileage. I also love that it is not your typical SUV. Have had no problems this far.

- Michelle L

The 2016 Subaru outback… the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Subaru outback is a winner. Comfortable, fairly fuel efficient, stable and fun to drive. We especially love the "eyesight" safety features: auto braking, back up alert, lane assist. I know it makes a difference in the way we drive. The radio/audio system is a loser. Very un-intuitive. It is the only thing we can fault in the vehicle.

- Daniel W

Love my Subaru do not have anything else to say.

Had to have the shifting system replaced it kept locking up. Was covered by Subaru. Had to have the motor in the power liftgate replaced because the gears had gotten stripped. Tires were replaced when car had less than 30, 000 miles because they were terrible tires. Otherwise driving/road handling has been great. Love driver interface.

- A D

The best car I ever owned.

I have no problems with the Outback. It handles very well in all types of weather. One of my favorite features is the heated seats, they are wonderful in the winter months. The GPS system is very helpful and easy to use. I feel. Very comfortable driving this vehicle and if given the opportunity I would definitely buy another Outback.

- Meredith G

Want to feel safe while driving in the winter? Buy a Subaru!

It is comfortable; good suspension and little road noise. It is extremely reliable - will take us anywhere without fail. Finally, it is safe and secure for winter driving. Complaints? Yes, one: we had a sensor malfunction, and had to take it in, because it stalled the car. The sensor was wrong, not the manifold. That is ridiculous!

- Paddy I

Great family vehicle, adjusts to all size drivers.

Great vehicle, handles well in all kinds of weather. Very comfortable, fully adjustable for both small and taller drivers in the family. Large enough to fit child safety seats nicely in the back seat, good legroom for passengers and plenty of room for pets in the rear. Back up camera is a fantastic feature! Terrific family vehicle!

- Brenda K

Subaru is the best kept secret in the car industry.

I have had no problems with my outback. I bought the 2. 5i limited and I absolutely love this car. The eyesight system is amazing and the car is extremely comfortable and fun to drive. I love that I was able to get adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance at such a reasonable price. The fit and finish is also amazing.

- Chris R

Great car to have for a family.

I have had no problems with the car at all. It is reliable, comfortable for long drives and has all the features I need. Some of the features on the car I like are the in car navigation, and the alerts if you go out of the lane. It can hold 5 people comfortably and has plenty of room in the back for luggage or other items.

- Jeff C

Safe and secure with great gas mileage.

Love the new features like eye site, the auto adjusting speed and cross lane warning. The awd is the only way to drive on slick highways. Height allows easy driving over rough unsaved roads here in the country. . Good speed control, good space inside for 3 children car seats or 3 adults in back. . Feel safe in this car.

- Pam B

Great SUV for city dwellers with families, failing infrastructure, in a city recently rated #1 for worst drivers.

This is my first SUV, I prefer driving smaller cars, and the seats are much to desired. Other than the seats, I love the double sunroof and the ability to haul large furniture, firewood, and gardening supplies. Safe car that drives well in poor weather conditions as well. Great SUV but prefer driving smaller vehicles

- Laura M

The best utility car for the money.

I love my car. This has been the best car I have every owned. I have all the room I need for everything I do, and it can go anywhere with it is all wheel drive. It is extremely reliable. It is so much car for the money. The interior and amenities that are standard are so much more than most cars twice it is value.

- Brian A

It is a wonderful car with big gas tank to take long drives.

I like that I have enough room for all of our stuff to fit easily. I also like the cup holders are everywhere you need them. I dislike that I can't reach the floor of the passenger seat from the driver seat if I need to reach something while driving and I have to get out of the car and go to the other side.

- Al P

Best all around vehicle for small SUV.

My car gets great gas mileage. It is seats are very comfortable. Eyesight is a wonderful feature. Helps me on long drives in heavy traffic. It breaks and accelerates on it is own. Automatic tailgate helped this older woman not to have to lift up. Has a lot of room for baggage, etc. Best car I have ever owned.

- Marcia H

Adventuring in our outback.

We call our outback the “adventure vehicle. ” we added the hitch so we have our bike rack on the back in the warmer months. This leaves the interior of the car for friends or other things we need on our adventures. The vehicle has made many cross-state and multi-state trips and we haven't had an issue!

- Lauren H

Great family car; dogs love it! Great for long distance road trips.

Super reliable; very comfortable; drives great; great family car; drive tons across country and it's perfect for long drives. The hatchback is easy to use and very dog friendly. Its low to the ground but not too low which I do not care for. Used to drive a large SUV and now I am back to back in an outback.

- Julie D

Subaru for reliability and safety.

Best car on the road great handling very safe, and has as many great features, all wheel drive, sensor that keep you aware of the vehicles near you to help you lane change, and navigation system that get you to your destination in comfort and safely, and airbag system that surrounds you with protection.

- Ronald C

It's a great value for the money. What you get is great for what you pay for.

I love the value for the money. The interior feels like a luxury vehicle with a very user-friendly infotainment system. The safety features are great, including adaptive cruise control and Eyesight. I also love that it's not huge but big enough to take our family on trips without lacking cargo room.

- Anna H

Why I love driving my outback.

Dependable, comfortable, great features, good service providers, great color choices. Safe and easy to drive in poor weather, good mileage. Hands free electronics, steering wheel adjustments for radio volume and channel. Nice seat warmers and easy to use interior heating with dual temperature settings.

- Julie P

Little things about Outback.

I drive a red Subaru Outback, and have been driving it for a year or two. It is pretty reliable and really comfortable. Some of the little features I like about it are the seat warmers and the radio system—when taking a call, it allows you to hear what you missed on the radio, which is pretty nice.

- Sab Z

It is a safe vehicle and has just enough room for a small family.

It's the first car I've ever owned, and I love quite a few things about it. I enjoy riding in my car and feel like it's very safe. I like the adaptive cruise control and the temperature controls. If I could choose I'd rather have backseat temperature controls and a little bit more room.

- Bri B

Great gas mileage and comfortable ride.

The Subaru outback has been a dream to drive. It handles well on both the city and highway and the gas mileage is amazing, especially on long trips. The outback is a really comfortable ride and the whole family can be comfortable and safe either driving to school or on a long trip.

- Heather T

Complete family satisfaction.

Super satisfied with this outback. Has everything just the way you want safety, reliability, always satisfied with Subaru. When it's time for this car to be replaced it will be by another Subaru. 5 Subaru's in the family. Have encouraged sons to buy and the both drive Subaru's.

- David K

Safe, reliable, comfy, and fun.

My outback is extremely reliable. It is decent on fuel economy. The outback is also very safe, with advanced safety technology. I am very comfortable for long or short drives over a variety of road/terrain in all conditions. I cannot recommend the Subaru outback enough. 10/10.

- Adam M

First time Subaru owner and completely sold on their products.

I am a first time Subaru (outback) owner and am absolutely sold on it. Like the all wheel drive, back up sensors, lane sensors, heated seats in the front and back, luggage rack, adjustable steering wheel, navigation, off-road capabilities. . Have nothing bad to say about it.

- Faye J

Safe, reliable and cost effective.

Very reliable, sturdy and cost effective. Low maintenance costs. Great dealership. Very safe. Had a 2013 Outback that was totaled and I walked away unscathed. Was hit in passenger side at 40 plus miles per hour. Would have been terribly injured if in another vehicle.

- Gayle S

The car is very safe. It has gotten good reviews from consumer reports

my outback is great. I haven't ever had any problems with it. The only thing I have had to replace is a battery. I ordered it from the factory so I didn't have to pay for things I didn't want like I would have had to if I have bought one off of the dealership lot

- jeffrey c

Best car I have ever owned.

So far I have not had any issues. It is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. It is great in snow and rain, feels very safe. I like the radio and entertainment center. It is quite roomy. The car looks good and the amenities are well designed and thought out.

- Pete B

Sorry to hear Subaru is discontinuing 3.6r.

We bought this car new and now have 45,000 miles on it. We haven't had any recalls, warranty issues or problems at all. It has decent performance and comfort. Sad to hear that Subaru has made the decision to discontinue producing this fabulous 3.6 flat 6 motor.

- Lance O

That it has good traction on all surfaces even on uneven or mixed surfaces and there is a good back up camera.

Love the handling of the car the roomy interior and the size of the seat for my butt. The back area where I put items is roomy and I can put all my groceries back there with ease. There is nothing that comes to mind that I hate or dislike about this vehicle.

- Heidi J

Royal blue Subaru outback fully loaded with off-roading ability.

Heating seats included. Handles very good in snow and wet roads. Seats fully adjustable including lumbar. Very reliable. Back up camera. Side mirror and rear window defrost. Bluetooth. CD player. Large cargo area. Rubber floor mats. Cruise control. Pandora.

- Annette F

The dual air condition temperatures come in handy when I have a hot flash.

The car has push start; back up camera; back up assistance heated seats; Bluetooth connection; lane assistance; GPS; rear lift gate; smooth ride; makes aware of road conditions; love the sun roof and allowing air into the car; sits four adults comfortably.

- Angela H

It has a very good safety record.

1-very comfortable although my husband would have preferred leather seats. 2- great car for long travel since we are planning on doing some long trips including bringing our bikes. 3- I sometimes feel like it is a bit noisier than I would have expected.

- Cheryl P

It is the perfect car for camping and outdoor activities.

It has plenty of space for camping equipment. It has built in roof rails for moving my kayaks. It has seat heaters which are great in the winter. I wish that I could remove the built in apps I don't pay for anymore, like navigation, from the home screen

- Nick M

Great mileage on the Subaru outback!

This vehicle is fantastic. I will always buy Subaru from now on. I have had absolutely no issues with the vehicle. It is extremely reliable in any type of weather. I will buy this car again. It requires very little upkeep and it gets great gas mileage.

- Kimberly R

I feel safe driving it, handles well especially in the snow. Roomier than you think, Many options to choose from when you purchase. The cost is a good value for the money.

Wish you could turn the key and the windows roll down when you unlock the car ( like the Jetta VW used to do) Hate that you have to close the sunroof in order to open the other option of the sunroof (just air or all the way open)Love the heated seats,

- Sue E

Subaru's Are Great Vehicles

I own a Subaru Outback that is quite a reliable vehicle. I use it to travel to and from work along with any personal errands I have on the weekends. It runs well, performs exceptionally during dangerous weather and has plenty of room to store items.

- Thomas D

It always starts (except when I ran it out of gas!) and rides more smoothly than past models. It is very comfortable to drive.

I love the way my car accelerates & rides. It is not as efficient on gas as I would like, but then I'm a bit heavy on the gas pedal. The amount of room is excellent and I mostly like the stereo system except that the "buttons" are on the wrong side.

- Andrea M

Subaru satisfaction guaranteed.

I have had no issues regarding performance, reliability with this car. It is a replacement for a 2014 of the same model that was totaled in a single car accident. Was so pleased with the 2014 didn't think the 2016 would be better but it has been.

- David K

My car is very reliable and good on gas. It feels very safe to drive.

It is a sturdy, reliable car. It is the second Subaru we have owned and I feel very safe in it. We did not purchase any upgrades, so it's a bit simple for my tastes - I would like a sunroof, leather seats, and more bells and whistles generally.

- Stephanie G

It's in the top 3 for crash test ratings. It's the safest vehicle I have had & will drive my baby around in; especially in winter when the roads are nasty.

I love the dependability of Subaru's. This is my 3rd Subaru & I enjoy driving it more than the other vehicles I've had. The crash test rating are in the top 3. I love how it handles in inclement weather. I love how much space the outback has.

- Montica K

It is great to drive, looks rugged and sporty.

My Subaru outback is comfortable, both for drivers and passengers. It is economical to run—gets good mileage both in the city and in the countryside, does not give me any trouble, and has plenty of space for whatever I need to transport.

- Barbara Q

In a nutshell I would list it's reliability and comfort as the top two.

I really like the gas mileage and overall comfort of the car. It's roomy on the inside and with the folding rear seats I can carry a surprising amount of cargo. In the two years I've owned the Outback I really don't have any complaints.

- James T

It is very spacious inside!.

I like the color, the size, all the options for cabin pleasure, such as sirius radio, heated seats, etc. I like the back that opens for groceries or hauling things like flowers and bushes. There is nothing I do not like about this SUV.

- Diane D

Subaru is a very safe and dependable car

I love my Subaru! It has wonderful safety features. The one I like best is cruise control. Once set you barely need to step on the brake until you reach your destination. The gas mileage and dependability makes it a great vehicle.

- Sandra B

Great car but two problems.

The only real big problem with this car is that there is a big problem with it switching gears, it is always in too low of a gear and it always has trouble switching from reverse to forward on a hill, and my house is on a hill.

- Dylan R

Safety. It has better crash tests results than other cars.

I like that it is very comfortable and spacious. I like that it has many features such as the rearview camera. I do not like that sometimes it gets too warm and a little noisy on the back because I have the standard model.

- Selene P

People supposedly love Subarus but they're not reliable anymore.

EVERYTHING! It doesn't have auto-lock; every option I paid a lot of money for doesn't function; there was an issue with the battery dying with only 39K miles on the car and the dealership tried to make me pay for it.

- Robyn A

Subaru Outback Safety Features Are Great

The Subaru Outback is the perfect size for me. It also has great safety features. The automatic braking when you get too close to something once saved me from rear-ending someone who stopped suddenly on the freeway.

- Janel B

Great safety features such as adaptive cruise control, backup camera and side mirror warnings.

I like the adaptive cruise control, the many safety features such as the back up camera, blinkers on side mirrors to indicate blind spot vehicles. Don't lie the size as much, would like it to be slightly smaller.

- Trudy s

It's a very dependable brand and will probably be my last car.

I love the eyesight driving assist. I like the heated leather seats. I like the amount of room in the vehicle and the dependability of the brand. I'm really not sure there is anything i don't like about it.

- Susan S

People should know that the Subaru Outback has a ton of space for all the activities you do.

I enjoy the navigation system when traveling. I love the amount of space. The cruise control manages itself which is really nice. The one annoying thing is all the beeping when you get outside of your lane.

- Hailee K

This car is super easy to customize. Drives like a smaller car and fits anything you need.

I absolutely love the size of the outback. I previously had a camry and so the space for road trips and camping is so amazing plus the gas mileage is still great. I have zero complaints about my Outback!

- Natalie S

Back seats recline a little for additional comfort.

The car is exceptionally great at handling and maneuvering. For a longer car it's easy to park and get into and out of garages. The safety ratings are fantastic and is comfortable for 4 adults to ride.

- Jessica S

The Outback is great, but needs some tweaking

I love my Outback, great fuel economy, handles and rides great. The electronics suck. The radio sounds horrible, the rear hatch only opens on occasion. HVAC is so so. It goes thru tires quickly

- Tom A

If one tire goes out, you typically have to replace all 4 due to the all wheel drive.

I like the high clearance and decent gas mileage. I like that I can throw a bunch of things in it for outdoor adventures. I dislike that it had recall and battery issues in the beginning.

- Florence W

It has all the bells and whistles of a more expensive car.

Its comfortable and has rear and front cameras. It feels very safe. I wish the side mirrors adjusted with the seats and stayed with the setting. I wish the nav system used google maps

- Leonore K

If you are a woman there is no where to put your purse.

There is nowhere to put my purse. The passenger seat does not adjust the same way as the driver's seat. The controls are not intuitive. It's pretty comfortable and seems ok so far.

- Karen O

It is rated very well for safety and it handles very well

I like safety record, space and all wheel drive. I would like if I could have choice of opening the keyless locks on the driver's side for the driver's door only or all the doors.

- Candice S

That it didn't cost a whole lot but comes with the best safety rating. Fun to drive, too. Decent gas mileage.

I love the look, how it handles, It's safety. It is great in all weather. The image is earthy, honest, dog-lover. The technology is effective. No complaints or disliked items.

- Denise W

Plenty of space, powerful engine, all around great car for a family

I love the versatility of the Outback. It has plenty of room in the backseat for car seats and passengers. It also has plenty of space in the trunk for a large jogging stroller.

- Patricia C

Outback safety and comfort

Rides smooth. Good traction in bad weather. Great safety features. Cup holder in back seat would be nice. Little uncomfortable traveling with 5 adults. Good space in rear.

- Natasha D

It is very safe with some of the highest safety standards.

I like that it is spacious enough for a car seat without feeling cramped. It is also very good in the snow with AWD. It also has good fuel efficiency and is a nice looking car.

- R J

It is a sporty vehicle but I has the feel of a luxury car.

I love the way my car drives, that is has manual and automatic shifting. I love that it has a touch screen radio and voice control. And I love the size of the trunk in my car.

- Kelsey C

They last a long time and owners keep them over 10 years.

It has the best safety features. I'm told it has great resale value. The gas mileage could be better and the controls could be placed on the dashboard for better visibility.

- Harry K

It is worth the price for all of the bells and whistles.

We love all of the safety features. The backup alarm and the alarm if you miss the car that is close to you in another lane are wonderful. The cargo space is a good size.

- Barbara E

full time 4 wheel drive (symmetrical). Subaru has a history of maintaining value and long life.

My vehicle is comfortable on the road, very safety conscious and fun to drive. I have no complaints about the vehicle. The Subaru has a great reliability record.

- Henry N

It's reliable, comfortable and roomy

I need the all wheel drive because I live on a steep hill. It gets me where I want to go. I like the lane departure and adaptive cruise control. No complaints.

- Dean F

Sporty outback, size is great.

Reliability is good. Have only owed for one week, so no issues yet. I have heard that these cars run for a very long time and do not tend to have major problems.

- Brooke W

Car is Mechanically reliable.

Has excellent vision to see road. Car sits up high so goes through snow easily. There is a ton of interior room and seats are super comfortable. N0 complaints

- william D

Great riding car, easy to handle. It is missing the automatic mirrors on the side of the car. Miss having this.

The ride is very smooth. I wish I got. Little more gas mileage. After two years, people like the new smell of my car. They cannot believe it still smells new

- Irginia M

The Subaru Outback is a very dependable vehicle that will get you safely where you need to go in comfort.

I like the handling of the Outback especially in the snow. However, I do not like the paddle shifters when driving switchbacks. I do not think they are safe.

- Jerry A

great gas mileage in a nice sized car.

I love the gas mileage this car gets. I love that its roomy. I dislike that it is so low to the ground and tougher for me to see around the suv's on the road.

- janet w

A technological masterpiece, super safety equipment,

Exceptionally reliable, easy to maintain, economical to run, spacious storage in the back with seats up, huge with seats down. Very comfortable on long trips.

- Harvey C

My car is very important to me and helps me get to places.

I like that it is all wheel drive. The car also drives very well in the winter. I do not like that gas is expensive. It takes about $40+ to fill a full tank.

- Pa L

The Outback is roomy, comfortable, includes some luxury options. It feels cool but not too faddish.

I love the sunroof has two options�all the way open or just cracked open. I like the size of the vehicle, and it is safe with car seats. I adore Bluetooth.

- Missy W

The most important thing about this car is that it gets great mileage.

Really great car. Very reliable and very good for long road trips and has great mileage which is amazing for me. I love the style and its very comfortable.

- Kirsten C

Almost zero emissions & great for traveling.

I have always owned a Subaru. I love the awd and space inside the car. Excellent gas mileage. I do not like the new transmissions Subaru is using now.

- Andy B

Great gas mileage, comfortable to ride in

Purchased this vehicle new while living in NY and traveling routinely to VT. It is an excellent vehicle, safe and handles very well in all conditions.

- Shan R

Make sure ALL lights, electronics are off! The battery drains very quickly if something is left on

Like if for the way the 4 wheel drive handles even on dry roads. Don't like the dealers in my area and that might make me decide to NOt buy another.

- sandy r

Subaru outback. Best all purpose car ever.

My outback rides comfortably and gets wonderful gas mileage. The car is sporty and functional. I feel safe and know my car can handle rough terrain.

- Tabatha G

It's super reliable and a great vehicle for road tripping, especially if you have a pet.

There is an annoying beeping sound that my car makes when I open the door but other than that, I have nothing bad to say about it. I love this car.

- Cam J

I love my vehicle! A few more things I'd like to add to it soon though.

It's a smooth, comfortable ride. It is completely durable and reliable. It has many great features. Some include a back up camera and ready start.

- Chris P

It is very reliable. I've driven it on long trips and in very bad weather.

I love how it handles and the turn radius. I love the highway gas mileage. I love the feel riding up a little higher and the comfort of the seats.

- Jerry F

I think it is a really safe car.

Our vehicle is a fully loaded 2016 Subaru Outback. I love the new safety equipment! The car is very comfortable and seats 5 people comfortably.

- pat d

I call my car Snowball because it is white and I have a ball driving it.

I love my vehicle. The ride is smooth. The mileage is fantastic. I love the fact that I only have to worry about an oil change every six months.

- Paula M

Roomy and easy to drive whether short distances or long and reliable.

It is big enough to fit everything we need on a daily basis for short and long trips away from home. It is long between oil changes and service.

- Al P

It is a very safe car. The safety features that are built in not only make it a safer all around car, but it makes it a more enjoyable drive.

I love the safety features. The adaptive cruise control is fantastic. And it is a joy to drive. I just wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Shaun H

Great vehicle for mpg and features!

A little hard to accelerate (compared to prior car), but overall really good. Nice entertainment system, great handling, quiet and amazing mpg!

- Jackie O

It is awesome in the snow

I mostly love this car. I've had a few issues with it though. There are also a few flaws I would fix with cupholders and the automatic windows

- Niki L

All wheel drive. It is white and four doors.

It is o. K. Driver's seat not esp. comfortable. Pick up is sluggish. Roof racks Howell when driven over 60 mph. Windscreen fogs up too easily.

- John G

I'd recommend it to anyone with a family.

It has more than enough room for the family, is easy to maintain, and is extremely reliable. One of the most comfortable cars we've ever had.

- Elizabeth W

During bad storms in the winter, I feel safe driving my car.

It is roomy and comfortable. It is a very safe car. I like the way it handles and drives. I cannot think of anything I would change about it.

- Gina P

Great comfort and reliable - and stylish!

It is reliable, has a reverse camera, heated seats, a lot of space, and all wheel drive. I feel comfortable having my family and pets in it.

- diane n

Super versatile but also safe...fun car that goes everywhere.

I really enjoy the way it drives. The car does great with all wheel drive, which we use on the beach. I also believe it's a very safe car.

- Mary F

It offers great value v. cost. You get a lot of car.

Like the mileage. The safety features are great. The value v cost was better than most similar vehicles. Reliability has been great so far.

- Stan G

The Outback is very comfortable and has lots of room.

My Subaru is a great car and very reliable. It's a car that I look forward to owing for a very long time and I would purchase another one.

- Pam S

It is not flashy but the best thing about it is that is its pretty reliable.

Really reliable. Very comfortable. Very durable looks good drives smooth looks good very affordable very comfortable great gas mileage.

- Steve C

The Subaru will brake for you if you are approaching a stationary item to fast.

I like my Subaru for all the following features blind spot, brake assist, Navi, lane warning, AWD and It handle great on ice and snow.

- Janet M

the gas mileage is not accurate. Has some nice features like back up camera, lane departure notice. stops if it get too close to the car in front.

I like the looks of it. However the gas mileage is not even close to what it says on the sticker. the user manual is hard to follow.

- beth s

safety features and quality are its main features that make it a great car for this environment.

economical, safe, comfortable , security and value are the reasons we bought it and I can't get the wife to consider any other brand.

- morris p

Great Family Car safe and dependable

I love my Subaru the only thing I would change about it if I could would be the engine. I choose the 4 cylinder should have got the 6

- Amberly M

Subaru outback, a perfect family car.

I really love my car because it is comfortable, has many safety features, and holds a lot of stuff. It is also a perfect family car.

- Sarah C

I think the outback is a great family car. It makes me feel safe in all weather conditions and is very reliable.

I love my car for its reliability and safety features. It's gas mileage is great for the size and is very comfortable for my family.

- Shannon S

Good gas mileage and it is reliable.

Many safety features with the outback. No complaints at all. Comfortable ride. Has a backups camera, gps system, forward cameras.

- Maria W

It is such a great car for exploring the outdoors. It's comfortable and sleek, but super rugged and great for adventures.

I love how it looks. I love how comfortable it is. I love how rugged it is and how it drives on dirt roads. I have no complaints.

- Christine L

I like to keep it very clean.

I love the design of the car. The interior of the car is fantastic. The handling is also very nice. Also, the speakers are great.

- Daniel B

Subaru outback- All around wonderful car.

Extremely reliable, great fuel economy for the size, plenty of room. It is great in the snow, and feels very safe while driving.

- Marybeth S

How safe it is. How it keeps it shine long after the wash wears off.

I love my Subaru. It keeps me safe, reminds me if I start to leave my lane and slows me down if I get too close to another car.

- Carol R

Safety features are amazing. Main reason I bought it.

I love the safety features. Auto brake and collision warnings. Love auto cruise control. Not really an SUV, which I do not like.

- Shawn F

Dependable in all types of weather, very trustworthy and reliable.

I love that it is so dependable in winter. It's comfortable and trusty. The navigation system works well even in the mountains.

- Cynthia S

Safety features, camera when backing up, Blind spot monitoring, Lane departure, Cruise control that adjusts itself to match speed of car in front so when someone cuts in front of you it keeps the distance between safe so you are not always having to adjust it yourself are some of my favorite features

Love the room and Safety features.. Only thing I wish it did was have the doors lock when you start driving like my old vehicle

- Susan H

Overall it is high in quality.The resale value is good, too.

I like the reliability of Subaru. The mpg is pretty good. The AC could be better. The durability of the body could be better.

- Patricia W

We live our Subaru Outback

We love it . It has been a great car no problems at all. It gets great gas mileage. It is also a very quiet running car.

- Cerita S

It's comfortable and fun to drive. The eyesight is one of the best options on this vehicle

I love the eyesight option. The built in GPS is great. The gps would be better if it were a little more intuitive to use

- Danny M

It is difficult to get used to not having a key as an alternative....

I like the ride, feels solid. I like the no-key start, but do not like not having a key to start it or to unlock the car.

- Laurel P

It is a very quality car, being reliable and dependable.

Very happy with the heated seats, reliability of the car, infotainment system for hands free phone calls and reads texts.

- Diana E

Good gas mileage and safe to drive.

Good on gas but expensive to fix. Lots of room but I prefer the high ground clearance of jeeps. It's just not a cool car.

- Morgan P

An Awesome Family Vehicle

I love everything about the Subaru Outback. It's comfortable, safe and reliable. It is roomy and has tons of trunk space.

- Eliza D

It's the first time that I have a Subaru and I love it.

It is a car you can trust. Strong car. Like all the features that it comes with. It is a car that would last many years.

- Diana S

Reliable and safe vehicle

It is a very reliable vehicle. It has really good gas mileage and ample storage space. I also like the Eyesight feature.

- Kasia N

The head gasket issue which can cost a lot of money.

I love the reliability of the vehicle. I also love its safety, the most. I wish the head gasket was not an issue though.

- Dana T

It is a great, reliable, family car. It is not bad on gas but not the best either.

My car is reliable and well made. I love the 4 wheel drive. It is big enough to fit my whole family, including my dogs.

- Jillian M

It is reliable and safe with lots of room for kids and groceries.

The vehicle does really good in the snow and all around on dirt roads. It gets good gas mileage and is a reliable car.

- Jessica S

A real bargain for any weather.

Safety handling, the cost is reasonable, the maintenance factor has been great and the longevity factor is fantastic.

- Jim P

The most important thing that people should know about my car is that It's reliable

I love the comfort and reliability. Also the dealership is very friendly. Perfect for long trips. Also great with MPG

- Jonathan n

That it is reliable with it is quality and mpg.

I like the gas mileage and the comfort. It is also well known for being very reliable. There are not any complaints.

- Andy O

It is fun to drive, but it can get expensive because the gas mileage is not the best

I like how spacious the Outback Subaru is and how adventures it feels by driving. What I dislike is the gas mileage

- Fabio F

It is a comfortable and roomy way for a family to travel.

It is comfortable to travel in. Gets good gas mileage. Can carry all that we need. It is a nice looking vehicle.

- Diana H

it is great for bad weather

It has great brakes. It does well in snow and ice. It is a little hard for me to get into as it is a little high.

- diane b

The advanced safety options are amazing. Having eyesight and the cross-traffic sensors really help

Love the adaptive cruise control and backup camera. I don't like that the backup camera does not have an alarm

- Ruth W

It's a soccer mom car. I have kids and it will be messy

My car is pretty good on gas. It's all wheel drive so it's good in the snow. There's enough room for the kids.

- Kristi K

The coils constantly burn out.

Tire low pressure warning doesn't indicate which tire is low. Our previous Hyundai entourage had this feature.

- Cece H

Subaru Outback is a dependable and safe car with very good gas mileage.

Very reliable car with very good gas mileage. Comfortable interior and large area for cargo. Would buy again.

- Melissa T

I use the built in navigation system feature whenever it is necessary as a safety precaution.

Built in Navigation System, Emergency gear, extra space in back, Siri system, seat warmers, emergency breaks

- Claire C

the versatility and ability to run on and off the road

I like the versatility on and off the road I like the economy and fuel mileage I don't like the cloth seats

- Ken B

The life saving safety features.

I like the gas mileage. I like the eyesight cruise control. I like the handling. I like the seat quality.

- George k

It is dependable and easy to drive.

The vehicle has a cross lane alarm. I drive home at night on back roads and this a great safety feature.

- Margaret H

The safety alert system saves lives.

Love the safety features. Love the premium options. The braking is not as responsive as my previous car.

- Pamela D

Great safety features and ratings.

Great gas mileage and great safety features. Also a lot a options that are standard. Great resale value!

- Stephen I

The outback handles great in any weather and it is very comfortable.

Beautiful design, drives well, it has a lot of safety features. The paint does seem to chip easily.

- Donna D

I feel very safe riding in my car and I love all the bells and whistles that came with it.

I love my Subaru. It is reliable, excellent on gas mileage, and very dependable. It's all so cute.

- Delores L

The most important things are that it is safe and practical.

It' safe and reliable. It's good for outdoor activities. Get great mileage. No complaints.

- Jennifer R

Dependable and good mileage. The electronics in the vehicle are good and blend well with say Apple phone, etc.

Smooth ride, dependable and gets good mileage for being an SUV. Nice interior as well.

- Doug F

Safety and all-wheel drive.

It's got room for the dogs, space for car seats, has great mileage and safety ratings.

- Jose B

It is very reliable and dependable

I love my outback because it's very tough. It can handle anything. It's very roomy.

- Phebs R

Because the car is white, it's very visible during the day and night.

It's comfortable to ride in and to drive. It's attractive It has too many gadgets.

- Jennifer S

I feel very safe while driving this car and like the way it navigates in winter conditions.

I like the safety features. It drives well in winter weather. It's comfortable.

- Jessica K

Well worth the money. You won't regret buying one. Handle nice. Very safe

I love the way it handles. Can tow a trailer with it. Rides nice. Great in snow

- Joe T

I love its safety rating, the way it's designed, and how it feels to drive. I wanted a safe car that could last, and Subaru lasts forever. I also personally align with the company's ethos.

It's a safe and reliable option for moms who don't want to get a minivan.

- Ashley N

safety-auto brake, lane change, rear view camera, blind spot monitor

4WD, lots of safety features, good mileage, lots of room, fold down seats

- roger R

The Subaru Outback get great gas mileage and will comfortably get you where you need to go.

Absolutely love my Subaru. Very dependable and gets great gas mileage.

- Dee S

Great value for the cost! Love my Subaru! Drives well, great mileage!

Trustworthy, will keep value, drives great in snow, great fuel economy

- G R

It's safe & reliable love everything about it. What more can I say

Love Subaru. They have all I need in a car. Will y an impress next

- Karen J

It's better than other models Rav4, CR-V etc. Outback is the best.

Robustly made and good for price. Very durable and good outdooring.

- Cody M

that it is a nice SUV for getting getting you around

it has front wheel drive and i can get up and down my drive easy

- Cathy H

I like it gets around easily in snow. Mileage is ok. It is roomy inside.

It gets around great in all types of weather. Mileage is ok.

- Teresa W

good fuel mileage and gets us where we want to go

smooth ride, good fuel mileage, gets us where we want to go

- lil R

I appreciate the all wheel drive and gas mileage. The center of gravity provides optimum traction. The horizontally opposed cylinders reduce vibration and extend the life of the vehicle.

It is dependable, efficient and has advanced technology.

- Wiliam H

Handles well on all road surfaces

Like All wheel drive Like the size Dislike the price

- Mary R

I love it's safety features.

We love Subarus and will probably always drive them.

- Sara e

I have not had my car very long, but it has been great. The Miles per gallon isn't bad and I like the height,

It drives really well and has a great safety rating

- Carra H

safe and easy to drive great interior and sound system

very safe plenty of storage comfortable seats

- Peter H

Safety is never a concern

Love the way it drives and how safe it is

- Shauna E

With snow tires on my Subaru I could drive without fear in any conditions.

- Ruth G