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Zippy & great in the snow.

I love the 6 cylinder engine. It is got great stamina and is even quite zippy, especially for an SUV. It does fantastic in the snow, even better than the outback I used to drive. The only drawbacks I have found are minor convenience issues: the design of the front seats is a little claustrophobic/space shuttle like! And the backseat ac seems to be only cold air.. Not great in winter. Plus the way back seats have very little air pressure compared to the front and middle rows.

- Rebecca P

Subaru Tribeca, an all around good car for suburbia with an urban name

Really comfortable vehicle although the third row seating is useless unless you're under 10 years old. We've had some issues with the car using oil. It is ten years old so probably expected. I just replaced the window switches on the driver side door. Also probably to be expected from a ten year old vehicle. I have a half hour commute to work every day and find that the A/C is very strong in the summer and handles very well in the winter weather.

- Terri R

Subaru Tribeca; bring it back.

The only dislike I have with my Subaru is there are no heating vents in the rear of the vehicle, very inconvenient in the winter time. I have owned it for 140,,000 miles with one complete tune up some new tires and replacement of front pass side cv joint. Regular oil changes, very low maintenance on a great performing vehicle always a ton of power. A comfortable family ride for 5 plus dog for vacation or just a day at the park.

- Stephanie B

Subaru Tribeca review - great for mountain families.

I love that it has 3rd row seating, and is a reliable vehicle for my family that lives in a high altitude, mountain community. The all wheel drive with studded snow tires gets all of us where we need to go. I dislike the very small gas tank and that I have to replace the headlights every six months or so. It is easy to clean and comfortable. Friends always remark on the interior - say it looks like a spaceship.

- Billie B

The Tribeca has been reliable and is great to drive.

The Tribeca is great for traveling as it provides room for me to transport items I sell online including some of the equipment I use. The all-wheel drive feature has served me well during the winter when traveling in snow. Maintenance of the vehicle has been primarily routine with only a few minor replacements needed.

- Daphne L

Fantastic vehicle who has a love affair with gasoline!

The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage; it cannot pass a gas station. It handles nicely and is very comfortable both to drive and ride in the passenger side. The back seat could use more leg room. I also have enough room in the back to haul a mobile scooter and lots and lots of groceries or luggage.

- Barbara S

My nice Subaru SUV with many features and good tires.

The only problem I have is the tire sensor light stays on. The performance is great getting you out of the snow, etc. It is very reliable it is comfortable. I like all the features. Sunroof, all wheel drive, nice side tries. Starts right up. Remote starter, leather seats.

- Ronald D

A smooth and powerful ride

It is a smooth and comfortable ride. Maintenance is minimum and at this point not overly expensive. It does like to use fuel and that's the only negative I have with the car. It has power when you need it and can tackle steep inclines. It feels safe.


Great handling and traction on icy roads or in inclement weather.

This car has been a workhorse. It runs well, we have had no problem with it in the 10 years we've had it. The gas mileage isn't the best, but no real mechanical problems and 4 wheel drive for icy conditions make it more than worth it.

- Jenifer H

It gets us where we need to go in one piece, and in good gas mileage

It's old and still running great. I love that it is all wheel drive as it handles very well in the snow, but I hate that we need to replace all four tires at one time. I love that it is ten years old and still worth money

- Mallory S

My car is extremely reliable and I feel very safe in my Subaru.

I like the safety of my vehicle and it's reliability - it has lasted for so many years with hardly any problems. I love the interior design and comfort of my Tribeca. Even though it is an SUV, it rides really smooth.

- Jennifer B

Great family vehicle but the maintenance can be a little on the expensive side.

We have had some issues with the engine overheating and basically had to rebuild to correct the issues. I do love the seating. There is not much room for storage if you are planning to use all of the seating.

- Devin C

It's durable. Subaru in general, can take abuse and keep going.

Love the reliability of a Subaru, that's why I got it. It's durable & doesn't require a lot of maintenance. It's roomy, comfortable, stylish, etc. Safe & I feel safe driving with my family & friends.

- Wendy B

It is a family friendly car!

I love the built in DVD component, as well as built in navigation. I really enjoy having a 3rs row. I dislike that my shock for the back latch went out and the piece needs to be specially ordered.

- Christy a

Runs great and easy to keep clean

The only problem with this vehicle is there isn't much leg room in the fourth row. Other than that it runs great. Mine has leather seats that have held up well and are easy to clean.

- Devin c

This model isn't made anymore, but they are coming out with something similar.

I like the cargo area for hauling all my work supplies. I dislike the blind spots from the large side mirrors, as I am very short and have the seat up close to the steering wheel.

- Cindy G

My car has a weird shifting problem. When you shift into drive, you may accidentally be on Sports mode, which raises the RPMs extremely high. Make sure to watch out for that.

My vehicle is very dependable and needs little to no upkeep other than the regular oil changes or tire rotations. It also has GREAT gas mileage. I genuinely adore my Subaru.

- Morgan C

Good family SUV. All wheel drive with a 3rd row option.Trunk space is a good size. Subaru tribeca is good for an active family lifestyle.

Car performs well on the road considering it was used when it was purchased. We have had a timing belt that needed replaced and a few sensors but nothing major.

- Frances G

Subaru is a very trusted brand that contributes to many charities.

The size and height is perfect for my dogs and winter conditions. It is a very comfortable interior and I love the style. The gas mileage could be better.

- Colleen E

Subaru Tribeca is a great car

I love the smooth ride of the vehicle, the trunk space is very roomy which allows our dog to have ample space. Backseat is large to accommodate car seats.

- Janelle G

Safe and reliable transportation but costly to repair

It drives nice. The repairs are very expensive though. Also gas mileage is not as good. But I feel very very safe in it esp with my kiddo

- Megs F

SUV all wheel drive, good for families, third row option available.

Bought the car used. Runs well since we've had it. We have had a few maintenance issues but it was mostly due to it being a used vehicle.

- Frances G

It is very very drivable.

Like: three banks of seats, compact size, engine is great. Do not like: the front seat design, the backseat air conditioning system.

- Rebecca P

It's a Subaru! Safest and best cars out there! We've had 6 so far

I love the dashboard. Very sleek and sophisticated. I hate the small 3rd row. I also love the DVD player

- Lauren S

It's a very safe vehicle family friendly and fuel efficient it handles very nicely like ur driving on a cloud

Headlight goes out every three months other than that I love everything about my subaru

- Randee W

Excellent vehicle to buy. Dependable. Low maintenance. Good gas mileage.

Mine is a 2008. Excellent vehicle. Few repairs. Great gas mileage.

- Rick C