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Absolutely perfect for families

This car has a lot of space which is really helpful if you go on road trips or have kids. There are lots of accommodating features such as heated seats, front and back controls for AC, and you can focus the sound of the radio/movie/audio on different parts of the car. This car has been perfect for my family and I.

- Caroline C

It is safe because it has all wheel drive and safety air bags.

I love the All Wheel Drive and the ability to go anywhere i want to go and I am safe in the snow. The heated seats are amazing in the cold winter months and the sunroof is a pleasure to have to let the spring and summer air in without messing up my hair. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Kim L

Seat warmers for driver and passenger work well.

Very poor gas mileage and constantly replace headlight bulbs, cost to maintain vehicle due to warranty is extremely high, rides good and feels safe, has a very small back up mirror that could be bigger, interiors is ok. Not a lot of room in third row.

- Johnnie S

It's family friendly, and I never really have to worry about space.

This vehicle has comfortable seats, but it takes a little bit of breaking in to make it nicer. It's been pretty reliable, even in the wintertime. I've only had to jump-start it a two times in the past few years.

- Tyler B

That it's a very safe vehicle and it has good handling

I like the quality and safety of Subaru. I like the way it drives. I do not like that it gets terrible gas mileage

- Amy S

It has third row and gets poor gas, mileage. to many words here.

Headlights go own. Expensive to maintain and parts cost more. to many miles and they add up quickly and to fast.

- Sarah W

It's a very dependable vehicle, I've never had any problems with it.

It's got good gas mileage,. It has lots of room inside. It cleans up easily. I like the style and how it looks.

- Nancy H