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Subaru: the all-weather, all wheel drive monster.

My WRX is an amazing car, it is a champion of all seasons. Winter driving is the easiest thing ever with Subaru's all wheel drive system. The car gets to become a maintenance machine when you start extensively modifying it, which I have done, but it does not stop me from enjoying the car I love. It drives great, sounds great, and it gets compliments all the time because of the sharp looks. The car stands out in any situation, it is an all wheel drive rally-inspired monster to drive. I have replaced the sound system with one that is a bit better and I think it was a good investment. The seats are very comfortable for long trips, and the interior is very good quality. I have not had any major issues with the car, because I keep up with regular maintenance. The things I have changed besides the radio is the wheels, suspension and a few performance modifications. The car is an amazing daily driver and I will continue to only drive Subaru cars.

- Connor R

Great handling in all weather.

2013 Subaru Impreza WRX Premium edition. AWD, 265 HP, manual 5 speed transmission. Purchased used. (Previous owner was rough on the car, and did his own repairs, badly, which voided some of my warranty.) Great handling in all weather, quick, responsive. 2013 model has heated seats, but back only, not seat itself. Seats are a bit uncomfortable for long distance driving, though adding a seat cushion helps. Comes with single CD stereo, but Bluetooth and AUX input capable. Has fog lights, though the car sits low and the fog lights do not really help. Added window vents, but the angle of the back windows makes it so the vents do not prevent rain from coming in. (Front vents work fine.) REQUIRES PREMIUM GASOLINE. Spare tire included.

- Kaoru S

The WRX handles great in all types of weather! Overall, it is fun to drive!

The WRX is a fun car to drive. It has great pick up and is pretty to look at. The interior is comfortable but not luxury. I wish I would have upgraded to a more luxury console but it works great. The winter tires make the WRX a great vehicle for the winter months, as we get a lot of snow around here. The summer tires are great for tight turns and “joy rides”. The Bluetooth is something I use often but wish I didn't have to connect manually every time I get in to the car. Overall, the WRX has been very reliable with little maintenance and the dealership we go to has always been very helpful and efficient. I would definitely buy a Subaru for my next vehicle, though I'd think about going the limited route for extra comfort.

- Kayla E

Honest review of 2013 Subaru wrx hatch..

I am very satisfied with my purchase of a 2013 Subaru wrx. I was thrilled with the performance, power and handling right off the lot. The power has not tapered off at all, it has been very reliable for over 5 years now. It is very comfortable for long trips and its great in the snow. The only component that I have had to replace was a frozen brake caliper. One minor complaint I have is that the interior plastics are squeaky/noisy in spots and just makes the car sound cheap and flimsy on the inside. All around great car.

- Patrick Q

The most important thing is that it is blue and extremely fast. It is a rally car, which means it is super slick. Everyone always compliments me or waves to me.

I love that my car is extremely fast. It is also easy to drive. The base features come with heated seats and a sunroof. The only thing I dislike it that it is too low to the ground.

- Brittney B

It's holding up well. I believe it will be a long lasting vehicle.

It's all wheel drive so I'm prepared for different conditions. It is the perfect size for passenger and cargo room. It is fun to drive it feels like It's "in" the road.

- Darren W

The AWD turbo is very mod friendly and serves for an amazingly fun car

The AWD drive is great and it's an awesome car to modify. Maintenance cost and dealer location is much less ideal than my old Honda's though.

- Robbie O

My car is fast, loud and can hold all my boys/ family

I love my car. It is a manual, AWD, Japanese masterpiece. Definitely the best car to own in terms of looks, performance and practicality.

- Resto S

Lots of storage room for anything you need with great amounts of torque to get on highway

Reliable car with decent gas mileage. Good pickup and comfy bucket seats. Lots of room in trunk to put things

- Aaron S

The engine on Subaru's last a very long time if maintained properly.

I love the way my vehicle looks. I love the way my vehicle handles. I love the interior of my vehicle.

- Justin T

it is built to last you will have it a minimum of 10 years

It is fun to drive and is very responsive. Well built and long lasting

- ali a

A Subaru WRX will satisfy all of your driving needs

Zero complaints. By far the best car i've ever owned.

- Kyle H