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Great car cheap stock radio

I drive a 2015 Subaru WRX base model. The car is a four door sedan. It has a 2.0 liter direct injection turbo engine that has 268 horsepower. It's an AWD but it leans more toward the rear so it's not 50/50 on front and rear. With it being AWD it is very quick and is less likely to spin the tires. The car is very reliable but there are some aftermarket parts that need to be added to help make it more reliable. The seats are a bucket style so the seats hug you while sitting in the car and driving. I have the base model so the features are pretty basic. The only thing I really dislike about the car is the radio unit that comes in the car. When you turn the volume of the radio up it gets very staticy and the Bluetooth loses connection sometimes. Other than the radio the car is great and I'd recommend anyone looking for a car to purchase one.

- Thomas M

The WRX is a sporty car that is convenient for all types of situations

The Subaru WRX is an amazing car. I was looking for an affordable car that still had power and was fun to drive. I did my research and settled on getting the WRX. It is a very reliable car I have owned mine for almost 3 years and have never had a costly repair done on the engine, transmission, or suspension. It is also a good looking car. I like that I can have a sporty car and yet have room for friends and maybe even car seats in the future. It also has great gas mileage. I consistently get 30 miles to the gallon. I have also driven the car in multiple climates the all wheel drive nature of the car means I can drive it in the snow just as well as flat roads. I also love the balance and control of the car. The car seems to hug turns perfectly and always responds well the driver inputs. I love the Subaru WRX.

- Aaron M

Great vehicle overall I especially like the gold wheels on the launch edition

I haven't had any issues at all..the noise level inside the car is kind of loud as far as rattles and stuff is concerned. Performance wise it is a quick car for what it is, it gets up and goes when you need it to. It is a fairly comfortable vehicle it has heated seats and a dual zone heat and air. So far it has been very reliable. Since it is a launch edition it has a few differences from a regular sti... it has gold wheels a performance lip kit and blue interior accents. Overall I think it's a great car especially if you have a lot of snowy weather, it does really well.

- Jae Y

Fabulous power/performance along with great fuel economy.

Overall the car is fantastic. The performance is outstanding. The fuel economy is fabulous; daily driving mostly backroads I average 30-35 mpg, and interstate I average 35-40 mpg. It is a comfortable ride for in and around town as well as traveling long distances. The biggest downfall I have found thus far is the stereo system. The Bluetooth connectivity is not very good and it is hard to hear the music unless you turn it up loud.

- Shane B

2015 Subaru wry 2. 0l with all the bells and whistles.

My Subaru is one of the greatest cars ever made. It comes factory with a 2. 0l direct injection turbo charged motor making 268 horsepower. It is all wheel drive and great in the snow. It is very comfortable with leather heated seats, sunroof, navigation, and premium sound! This is my 4th Subaru and I got to say I cannot find anything I do not like about the car. I also get really good gas mileage for a sports car.

- Ben A

Practical Performance At A Reasonable Price

I haven't had any problems with my WRX. It has been exciting since I purchased it, more so now with the extensive modifications I have made. One thing I really like about this car is how easy it is to modify and extract significant performance increases. My car is a four door and has a large trunk. This makes it quite practical. It's great for dog hauling as well.

- Douglas B

Good, comfortable all round drive

Comfortable drive, good speed and handling. Great that it is AWD-drives well in the snow. Spacious even though it is a hatchback- trunk space is decent too. The engine blew a few months ago-it was repaired, but they could not give us an answer as to the cause of the problem-other than that, to runs well.

- kelly D

It's a real drivers car, so if you're going to get it, you better like to drive.

I like this it is fairly affordable, though using premium gas gets expensive. It could have more standard features, and their are very few additional packages. The ride is comfortable and sporty, the steering and handling are responsive, and it drives well at high speeds. It takes corners extremely well.

- Ted S

2015 strengths and weaknesses

It's fast and responsive, takes corners really well and doesn't look too conspicuous so I'm not worried about getting pulled over often. One thing I don't like is the quality of the electronics, which only work some of the time. I think Subaru could benefit from having a third party do their electronics

- William W

Its sporty with a rally style feel.

I don't have any problems with my vehicle. I love the performance and its great during the winter times, it's very comfortable, and very reliable. It's very sporty and I can drive it all day long, I love my car. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is living in a state that has a lot of snow.

- May P

It is very comfortable and reliable

Subaru WRX 2015 I own is a great car. Navy blue color, very fast, manual transmission that makes my care move smoothly. Very comfortable leather interior, heated seats. Since I purchased it I have never had any issues with it besides regular maintenance like oil change, tire rotation, and breaks.

- Isabella W

Performance without sacrificing comfort

I own a 2015 STi. This is my 4th one that I have owned and I absolutely love the combination between performance, the AWD system and comfort. Most sports cars are uncomfortable to drive or very loud; this is neither of the two. Just riding in the car makes me feel very safe and comfortable.

- Tommy P

Fast, fun, and it's practical

2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with 260+ horsepower. All wheel drive. Heated leather seats and sunroof. LED headlights. STI cat-back exhaust and short-throw shifter. 6 speed manual transmission. Lots of fun to drive and handles amazingly in the snow with the right type of tires.

- Cris F

Subaru is a good car brand and is very reliable especially during winter.

Design wise wrx is good. It also has a good performance, just consumes gas more. The Subaru community is also great. They have this culture like when they see each other in the street they will do a Subaru wave. Overall I like the performance and it is very reliable especially in snow.

- J K

WRX not worth the engine troubles.

The engine blocks are known to fail. My short block had to be replaced after 50k miles. The car has not been the same since. There is constant engine knock sounds which make me fearful of driving the car. I am afraid the engine will blow again and I cannot afford to fix it again.

- Dana S

The most important thing about my car is that it is a high performance vehicle.

I have a red 2015 Subaru WRX which I enjoy driving. I like the fact that it is a AWD car and thoroughly enjoy the driving experience that the car brings. I dislike the main console where the navigation system is because the touch screen seems outdated and can be unresponsive.

- Adrian B

Drives reliably, feels high end.

Even at the base trim, it feels very premium. The ride is smooth on the highway as well as the city. Response time for the first and second gear are noticeably delayed compared to other manual cars I've driven so don't expect a quick 'get up and go' from a complete stop.

- Robert P

WRX face lift with power!

Good gas mileage, great power from factory, options offered are awesome. Colors and cup holders nailed it. Nice quiet comfortable ride. Suspension not too stiff or soft. Ride height I almost perfect. There are not many of anything that I would change on this vehicle

- Anthony H

Snow worthy Subaru Sedan!

Great manual sedan. 0-60 in 5 seconds from its 2.0L flat 4. Fantastic AWD system. Very reliable in all conditions, performs exceptionally well in the snow. Front and back seats are spacious when all occupied. Trunk has enough room for 2 large and 2 small suitcases.

- Thomas R

Fun AWD sedan to drive all year round.

Fun car to drive. I would consider the reliability to be normal. Fuel economy is okay. This is more of a sporty 4 door sedan than an economic family sedan. Great in the snow for a small car because of the AWD. Can come in automatic or stick shift. Overall good car

- Lino M

Subaru is a great family car.

My car has the best reliability. It is all wheel drive so it is easier to control. My car is easier to maintain as well. It is great on gas and has wonderful mileage. My car is better compared to other cars because of its safety. The safety of this car is great.

- Caitlin C

It drives beautifully! It takes turns like magic and it all wheel drive. It is perfect for my adventurous side.

I've always loved my car, the one thing I have recently started to dislike is the ability to have a car seat in my car. I can fit the car seat but not the stroller which makes being a new dad a little difficult and hard to always rely on my wife's car

- Cory W

Its more fun to have it manual than automatic!

Drives nicely/smoothly. Shifts well (manual transmission). Does have problems connecting/staying connected to Bluetooth sometimes. Also ac has not worked properly since I bought it (brand new) but otherwise I love my car.

- Nikki P

Totally reliably so far along with 30 miles per gallon on average

I have had my Subaru for 4 years now. The performance could be better but it is decently quick. With the six speed and what was new in the 15 year the 2.0 engine, I get over 30 mpg average

- michael m

Its full name is world rallycross experimental.

The Subaru wry is a great vehicle, good gas mileage, enough available power, and the capabilities surpass what most people believe is just a common commuter vehicle.

- Edward L

The gas mileage is horrible.

Gas mileage is horrible. Factory paint job is not to great. It is what I wanted out of buying a car. Wish they put a newer engine in it.

- Jared M

All wheel drive, top safety pick, reliable.

It is fun to drive, economical (just stay out of the turbo), it's fun to work on,and I get a lot of compliments on it.

- Steve S

It's a compact, sporty, and very excellent on gas.

My subaru has been a reliable vehicle and it's a big plus that I get free service on my vehicle from the dealership.

- Jadarius C

I take very good care of it.

I like a lot of thing about my car. I love how I made it different. I love all the carbon fiber I put on.

- Ariana T

That it is my baby, do not damage it do not leave your trash in it

There is nothing i dislike about my car i love it and would not trade it for the world

- Natalia S