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Fun and reliable wry-can't go wrong with any Subaru!

I have owned several wry and it is. I preferred the hatch back and hoping they come back. I was interested in another wry in white. A gently used 2016 base was affordable and I later upgraded to add heated seats from the dealer which seem to warm up quicker than the preinstalled factory ones. It has been reliable & comfortable. AWD and 6 speed manual make it easy to drive in all weather conditions including snow. Lots of hp and speed, good torque, turning radius. Comfortable on long drives-cruise control makes long drives bearable. For a sedan it is roomy with enough leg space. Seats fold down if needed. I have been able to fit 4 spare wheels in the trunk with the back seats down. Dash and console are visually appealing and allows for usb, Bluetooth , Pandora, etc. Backup camera is good, but I have seen later models that are more detailed with your vehicle's position. I will always buy Subaru as all previous models I have owned have been reliable, comfortable, and fun if you like speed.

- Far C

Performance in all types of weather would not buy any other vehicle for year around driving.

Problems that have happened is engine failure due to Subaru using less inferior parts. I bought this car because I really like the design and the performance that it has no matter what the weather is. The car is really reliable once everything is set on it. Performance mods do decrease reliability but people who generally buy these cars mod them. The car has many features and the comfort is nice but the inside is still basic but for a performance car a luxury interior is not expected. This is my 4th Subaru in 14 years. 2 outbacks and 2 WRXs.

- David P

Reliable family car but quick racing when needed.

I love my Subaru, and it is the only brand of cars I have ever owned. The 2016 model is amazing and has plenty of room for my kids in the back, and very comfortable all around. The back up camera is a life saver, I just wish there was an audible sensor for it. While the performance is not as strong as my previous wrx, it still has good kick when it needs it. I absolutely love Subaru cars and they are always my first pick when I am shopping.

- Brittany O

Overall reliable and fun to drive. Great for travel and animal transport.

I had always wanted a Subaru wrx, and often for the automatic for collectors purposes. The cvt transmission is very touchy and I often have to take it in for service to have the computer reset. It will randomly lag on power and have issues accelerating. There have also been a few issues with the ignition Starter getting stuck. Other than that, it is a reliable car.

- Aubrey B

The amazing make and model of the Subaru.

Subaru wrx 2016 has no issues for me. Best features is the radio and the leather seats. Amazing how there is heated seats perfect for the winter. Performance is amazing, rides nice and smooth. This kind of car really holds its value very expensive but very much worth the every penny.

- Crystal P

Its 2, almost 3 years old.

Needs some repair in the motor, needs tires, wipers, fluids and detailing. Pretty good performance, fast car, great on any road. Its reliable, it gets us from a-b so its nice. The seats hug you in front they're cozy, back seats are comfortable as well. Gorgeous bod, very curvy.

- Sadie D

Needs more comfort and better electronics.

Overall I love my cars performance however there are a few things that could improve to a 5 star rating from me. Adding an armrest would improve comfort for long rides. The electronic system is lacking as well. Not compatible with older iPods, Bluetooth is iffy at times as well.

- Meg B

Fun and reliable performance.

I have not had any problems with the wry in almost 3 years that I have owned it. It is fun to drive and great in all weather and road conditions. It is roomy enough for our family, including a car seat, but not too big that it is uncomfortable for me (a short person) to drive.

- Alison S

Great performance, transmission is finicky sometimes, rigid suspension, 9/10.

I have a 2016 WRX with a CVT transmission. Overall I love the car, just expect a rough ride on bumpy roads. In normal driving conditions, the CVT is great but once you floor it while in 'intelligent' mode expect a delay. This is not a problem in 'sport' or 'sport#' modes.

- Isaac G

The car is fun drive and has great safety features.

The 2016 Subaru wrx is fun to drive. The safety features are amazing. I really love the adaptive cruise control, especially when highway driving. The interior is sharp. I do wish Subaru would add a more dynamic spoiler on the back of the car to add to the sporty look.

- Melissa L

The all wheel drive is amazing for the type of weather in Maryland. Great gas mileage. Comfortable interior.

I absolutely love the car. It has amazing gas mileage. It is very comfortable, although I think I would prefer cloth seats as far as the leather seats don't really hold up well. I love the heated seats in the front, but wish they were also in the back for my kids.

- Jenn M

Subaru love! Great dependable car overall!!

Hello! I am a sub owner! It drives well, but has terrible suspension! Good on gas but kind of a noise maker (sounds like a sports car). Its pretty good on size. Fits my three member family perfect! The seats are great and comfortable. I love the heat options.

- Lindsey R

My car is powerful and fast. Its comfortable with heated seats also equipped with air support 'I can change the comfort of my sear.

My car is very fast and a very powerful vehicle. It also has heated seats and all of the accessories e.g. heated seats, front and rear camera, turbo, lcd screen, bluetooth, black seats with red accessory.

- Rachelle L

The Subaru WRX is a cool car but shifting is a workout

I like how quickly my car accelerates and the rumbling sound it makes when I start it, not to mention it looks great. I don't like the stiffness of the shifting, and it is cumbersome to drive in traffic.

- Laura N

It has a turbocharged, direct-injection engine with 4 cylinders.

I really like the power, styling, and handling of my vehicle. The color options are great for my car. My only complaint is that the factory battery only lasted 2 years but was replaced under warranty.

- Steve O

Incredibly fun to drive and handles amazingly well in all weather conditions.

My car is safe, fast, good on fuel and great in the snow. It is the perfect car for me and I am really happy to own it. Only complaint is the sound system isn't amazing but that is not a big deal.

- Jennifer F

They are sensitive so don't drive like a crazy person!

Bought it used with a brand new transmission a 25k miles. Starter went out about a month into owning it but no other issues. Love the way it runs and sounds. Very comfy and fast!

- Craig S


The only problem that comes to mind is that there are a lot of rattles coming from everywhere in the car. Aside from that, it drives like a cat trying to get out of water.

- mike h

It has eyesight and loads of other features making it super safe.

I love everything about my vehicle. I wish the seats were cooled and the passenger seat was electric. Also a lumbar support would be nice. The eyesight feature is amazing.

- Nicole C

Great in snow with all wheel drive. Also get great gas mileage.

great gas mileage, spacious, no issues. I love the color and interior black leather color combo. I wish it had a little better suspension, very bumpy on michigan roads

- sarah g

Subaru makes amazing cars.

Love the car; bought for pleasure and usefulness. Wish it wasn't as low as it is but love how fast it can be, how well it runs and how easy it is to maintain.

- Rihanna R

It is a lot of fun and it is very fast.

Fun, fast, good mpg, looks great and it is a stick shift. It is a little expensive and has a lot of electronic parts that could go wrong down the road.

- James B

Performance at the cost of luxury

Performance is excellent, especially the all wheel drive system. The interior however is lacking when compared to similar cars at the same price point.

- Nick N

One of the best daily drivers available.

Only complaint is seats are not the most comfortable. Great daily driver that is fun, safe, and quick. I plan on keeping this car until it dies!

- Bob W

It's an all-wheel-drive turbo charged beast that has unlimited performance potential.

The only complaint I have about the car (wrx sti) is Subaru's lack of acknowledgement or improvements to it's engines ringland failure.

- Joe B

Safety, Subaru puts safety first and you can really tell once you start looking at the details of the vehicle.

I love my Subaru WRX. I have not had a single problem with it for 40k miles. I love the mix of performance and decent fuel economy.

- Andrew K

As long as Honda's are taken care of they will last for a very long time.

I love my car because it is fast and blue. It is manual car and works fast. The brakes are excellent, and the tires are great.

- Anthony D

Reliability and safety also power and fuel economy.

I like the space and comfort. I also like the fuel mileage and safety. I dislike the rattles and vibrations.

- Joshua S

it is really fun car to drive

I like that it is really fast but I hate that it consumes 90 has and it is so expensive to fill it up

- Mellinna B

It looks cool but will cost a lot to maintain.

High performance, not very reliable, turbo charged. Clutch bearing rattles. Decent interior.

- Josh R

it's a solid value vehicle which costs way under other vehicles of similar performance. i like that it has 4 doors and is a fully functional family vehicle while maintaining a fun ride.

it's not that expensive. it's a great choice for anyone who likes to drive.

- Yoon O

It's a car perfect for mountain climbing and off road driving.

has enough power on the road, easy to maneuver, good for off road driving

- Ste W

It's a manual car and you must learn to drive it

It's a fantastic car! It is very responsive and easy to handle

- Erin B

that is a highly reliable car

the clutch is too sensitive, it's the only thing I dislike

- Anne B