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This is my review of my own personal 2014 Subaru crosstrek.

My Subaru Crosstrek is a very good vehicle. It is very reliable. It is small enough so it is easy to get around in traffic and parking lots, yet is quite comfortable inside and feels fairly roomy for the size. It sits higher off the ground than the Impreza, which is why I chose the Crosstrek over the Impreza. It is a sporty looking car, nice and unique looking vs other similar cars on the road, and people seem to love the black wheels that are standard on the Crosstrek. Of course, being an all wheel drive Subaru, you have one of the best all weather vehicles on the road, with good safety ratings and reliable performance in inclement weather. The only drawback I have seen with the vehicle is the lack of power with the engine. Do not get me wrong, it drives highway speed very well and moves around good enough in getting in/out of traffic, but as far as jack rabbit start power or acceleration of any type, it is not as powerful as I have had in other Subaru's. Now, of course it is not a sport vehicle or a race car, so I accept the car for what it is, which to me is a very reliable and comfortable, fun vehicle that I will be able to count on for many years into the future.

- Joshua M

Alaskan hybrid: handling whatever life throws your way.

When looking for my �adult� car I wanted the car to be reliable, comfortable and have something unique about it. I fell in love with the Subaru crosstrek hybrid in the plasma green finish. The hybrid feature allows the car to run on gas and/or battery, saving money in the long run. The car handles the snow with class. Living in Alaska where snow levels are unpredictable, the Subaru was able to get me to and from work no problems, with little to no skidding around icy corners. Hills are no problems either. One of the best features that was a must have included the heated front seats for the freezing Alaska winters. They will even start up when using the remote start! The only problem I have had so far, is the factory battery the car comes with does not last long. You will need to upgrade to a new stronger battery. As the battery level lowers, the hybrid features start detecting faults through the car, which are both true and false readings. Once you replace with a new battery all these readings return to normal.

- Oliver T

Fun all-wheel drive crossover that will really take you places!

This is the first vehicle I have owned as opposed to leased and I do not regret my choice. Subaru has been a trusted name for years and after 4 years of owning my car, I still love it. I find it to be comfortable and can easily accommodate 4-5 passengers. There is not a ton of cargo space in the back so if you have a lot of passengers with luggage, you may want a carrier on the roof. But if you need to haul things around, you can easily lay down seats and pack things in. I made a cross-country move in this vehicle and it was jammed with personal items. The only repeating issue I have had so far is with the Bluetooth connectivity. I can connect with my phone (Apple iPhone 8 plus), but it may not always maintain connection and it is unclear why. After it does lose connection, it seems to take a while for the car to release there is no device connected before I can reconnect.

- Rebecca Z

My Subaru is a rare one and it has every feature I need!

I love the Subaru brand because of the quality and service. My car has every feature possible. I love the heated leather seats, sunroof, door handles that unlock with my hand, fold down seats, remote start, backup camera etc. I also love the lime green color (plasma green). I love the look of the car to, I get lots of compliments on it and it grabs people's attention! I'm glad it is a rare car on the road because I don't like cars that are common. I wish it had the notification on the side mirror when a car passes, x mode, and lane departure warning but I am still very happy with it. I also wish the maintenance was cheaper to maintain because I have already had to replace major parts like my AC compressor and CV axles.

- Abby B

Decent hybrid but could be a little better for a crossover vehicle.

Performance is great. I get almost 33. 9 miles per gallon and the vehicle runs great. However, there is not as much room as the outbacks and the smaller hybrid I have has no spare tire. That is a great concern if you live in a rural area such as myself. The comfort level is ok, the seat heaters are awesome. Windshield wipers could be a little better. Overall this car is a 6-7 out of ten. Perfect for a urban area and driving back and forth to work. For being a crossover it has no tow package and a antenna that gets in the way of anything you want to put on top of the vehicle like a kayak etc.

- Dominic P

Handles great in snow and rugged terrain.

It is roomy except when you have three dogs two adults and a child. Can fit much in the car despite how it looks from the outside. It handles great with the right tires. It had no problem driving through two feet of snow, on sand, mud and over rocks. It is been driven from Maryland to California several times and gets great gas mileage on highways. However had numerous times when oil light came on when there’s only been a thousand miles or two since last oil change. Need something bigger as we have a lot of pets and it is to small for our lifestyle.

- Tiffany G

My many likes and few dislikes of the Subaru Crosstrek.

My car has been very reliable and drives amazing in snow. I am especially happy with the peppiness of the engine. I have to get on the highway to compute and it jumps right on there and up to 65 mph with no problem. The only problems I have is the fuel economy is just okay and it is a bit noisy inside the car while driving. I have taken it on long trips and the seats are very comfortable. No back pain. I love the versatility of this car. I can lower the back seat and load up my dogs and I have roof racks for skis.

- Jeanette S

Great first car for someone who was terrified to drive.

I love this car, its comfortable and easy to drive and does well on road trips. I have had very few issues with this car, the only issues have been with the Bluetooth and the heated seats, all of which are easy to deal with and do not impact how much I love the car. The Bluetooth is still connected with the previous owners phone and we have had a few issues with trying to make a call over the system and accidentally calling one of his contacts instead. And the heated seats go in and out pretty often.

- Megan C

I've taken my Subaru across country several times.

I've owned a Honda Civic, a Mazda protege five, a Chevy, a Pontiac, and my Subaru has been my favorite. It's all wheel drive and has been my best car yet. I've never gotten it stuck, I can off-road, it handles well in the snow and rain, can go over curbs. I haven't had to do much maintenance on it. It gets good mileage. I get lots of compliments on it. I would only ever buy a Subaru again I think. Also the Subaru dealerships are helpful, and I can bring my dog in there. She gets treats.

- Jacob K

Our household is a big fan of Subaru!

I love my Crosstrek! My car is very reliable, I am able to travel easily with both my large dogs. I drive this car everyday. It is runs great and I always highly recommend Subaru. I have heated seats and they are great for the cold winters we have here in the Midwest. I appreciate that the back seats lay down so I can load large items. I also have a backup camera which is always helpful. It has turn signal lights on the mirrors.

- Lora Z

Great and affordable car!

Love the Subaru crosstrek, it is a reliable, functional, affordable and compact SUV. Great for a working commute, any road trips long or short and taking it out in the wilderness. I have had it for several years now and never had any issues in hot and cold weather. I have taken care of it, regular oil changes and check-up at the shop and the visits are typically very affordable. Nothing over $100 to date, (knock on wood).

- Emily K

Wireless phone connection.

It has great storage room and enough space for pets. Really good clearance and all wheel drive tires. Practical roof rack. Good sound but no navigation. My car is silver and I love the color. Also comes with pretty than the usual factory rims. Interior is black leather so smells do not get 'stuck' in your car. My car came with fog lights that help big time at night or in bad weather.

- Mike G

Beautiful 2014 pearl white Subaru Crosstrek.

Worst problem I have experienced is having the seat belt noise go off when no one is in the passenger seat. Super simple at home fix. Stunning performance, always drives like a champ. Always reliable, never question whether it will start. Beautiful tan leather interior with heated seats. Also has Bluetooth , great heating and ac. Has a “miles left before out of gas” feature”.

- Alyssa O

This car can handle any driving condition!

I have owned this vehicle for four years and it has been very reliable. I am able to drive with confidence on and off-road, in any weather condition. That is the best thing about this vehicle! I know it will get me where I need to go. However, the interior and exterior seem to scratch easily. It is frustrating how little I can fit in the cargo area. And it's pretty slow.

- Felicia A

The rear view camera is actually displays a really good quality picture.

Solid and safe vehicle. Very reliable and easy to drive. The trunk can sometimes have a hard time closing all the way without trying a few times. Wish trunk had a little more space, but would have to get a forester for that. Good quality for the price. Easy to park and drive in the city. Good gas mileage in town and on highway for being an SUV.

- Katherine M

I would buy this car again in a few years if it came in a version that offered 100% electric or hybrid. I'd still buy this car again without a green energy option, but prefer to reduce my carbon footprint.

Reliable (no repairs needed so far), good gas mileage; nice seats (adjust up, incline); hatchback with good trunk space; roof racks for carrying gear, 4WD, if needed for off-road. Had to get used to the small side rear windows for visibility when checking blind spot. Wish I didn't have to replace all 4 tires when one goes flat/needs replacing.

- Belinda M

Excellent car. Subaru = love.

Gets great gas mileage and is comfortably roomy without being too big. I love the turning radius-my passengers always comment on how easily it turns and how much "giddy-up" the engine has! I had to have an axle replaced around 70, 000 miles which cost around $400. Another one will need done soon, too, and now I am around 83, 000 miles.

- Heather A

Comfort for long trips, but with a few minor faults.

I love the feel of the car. The interior is incredibly comfortable to drive in for long periods of time. As for driving, occasionally when I am at a stoplight my car shudders. I recently had a. Heck up, so I know it is ok. Also, what prompted me to get the check up was my tire light wouldn’t go off even though my tires were fine.

- Denise M

Although It's a hybrid, MPG tend to be the same as regular vehicles.

I love my vehicle! It's a hybrid and also all wheel drive which is necessary in Colorado. Only dislikes/complaints that I have are that I feel some features in the vehicle tend to rattle which is annoying and also that my rear doors sometimes leak when it rains and I've tried to get fixed several times with no success.

- Smee C

My mechanic told me I made a great choice. It is reliable.

The Crosstrek is comfortable, reliable and I feel safe when I am driving it, especially in the New England snow. I researched the car considerably before buying and know this car will last me quite a while. I bought it second hand, have owned it for two years and have never had any problems. The gas mileage is great.

- Liane F

Great car for off-roading, and family.

The vehicle is great, the performance is great and it works great for my job. It is comfortable and works for my family. The struts wore out fast and there is not a lot of room to travel. Also the check engine light comes in every once in awhile and for no reason. So when it is on and cruise control does not work.

- Amy M

Awesome all wheel drive Subaru.

All wheel drive for safety and reliability. Gets me where I want to go. Has no problems at all has low maintenance costs to speak of. If I were to purchase another one in the near future, it would be a reliable white all wheel drive Subaru. I will own a Subaru for the rest of my life and may own several of them.

- Carl Y

Check engine light periodically coming on for no serious reason.

We have had problems with our check engine light coming on periodically. When we took it into the dealership to get inspected they couldn't find a reason but said it could be a fuse. Nothing to worry about. We googled this and it seemed most people who owned the same vehicle came across the same issue.

- Kourtney S

Sturdy reliable and no bells or whistles.

The car does not have heated mirrors. It is great in bad weather (rain/snow) it is. Reliable and gets good gas mileage. I wish it had lumbar support in the driver's seat and heated seats in the back seat. The air does not seem to get that cold in the summer but that may be all the new account systems.

- Barb T

Fun, reliable and very safe car.

My car is AWD yet it drives like a sports car. It handles extremely well. It has lots of pep and is fun to drive. I feel extremely safe in my car, it handles well in the snow and rain. I would not be very likely to buy any other make vehicle in the future as I am a loyal Subaru customer.

- Linda P

Bright orange color audible alarm and great gas mileage.

Small and only 4 cylinder makes climbing hills harder. Other than that it is a very reliable car. Gas mileage is decent and is all wheel drive. Storage of large items is not possible. Towing seems rather difficult. The auto-shift sticks at times and does not have fast acceleration speed.

- Randy B

Great car but needs more power.

Great for utility and storage but not much power. Great look with some off-road ability. Interior is easy to clean. Small info screen but functional. Decent gas mileage. More power would be an important upgrade. Better sound system would be great too. It is a decent car but not luxury.

- Jonas M

Adventure awaits anyone!!

The high carriage of this SUV make it perfect for off-road adventures. The efficient mileage makes it practical as a work commute vehicle. The 4 door space means room for the family plus the dogs so we can all explore the great outdoors together. Happy driving with my Subaru crosstrek!

- Sam L

Great all around crossover- SUV.

I have had no problems with it so far, maintenance has been pretty low. It is extremely reliable, good on gas, partial zero emission, and lots of room inside. It is great off-road, and handles well in all weather conditions. I would absolutely buy this model Subaru again in the future.

- Lindsay M

On the road with the cross trek.

Love this car - sporty, performs well in rain and snow (live in Sierra), can go off-roading (within reason based on height), great gas mileage, and comfortable ride. Only downside in smallish trunk (hatch back) area need to put back seats down to accommodate long camping trips.

- JoJo S

Awesome tires. It is a more hyped up Impreza and higher off the ground.

Expensive to upkeep. Great in snow. Higher off the ground. It does amazing in the snow. Car runs great but when something breaks, it costs a lot of money. Car is allegedly very reliable, and should last a long time. Not a very big trunk so with kids it's sort of hard to travel.

- Elliot Z

Fun car to drive and own.

I am very satisfied with the Crosstrek, especially for winter driving. It feels safe and stable on snowy roads. It is fun to drive and has had only one minor repair since purchase. My only criticism I have is the significant loss of power when using the air conditioning.

- Carol A

A good go anywhere adventure-mobile.

Fuel efficient, confidence inspiring AWD, good ground clearance, warm heated seats, easy to work on, keeps up with Jeeps off-road. GPS has roads that don't show up on other platforms such as waze and apple maps. It is a good vehicle for one or two people.

- Chris R

Very roomy, and has great mileage.

Sometimes the clicker doesn't work right away, not sure if that is an issue with the actual car itself. The battery died fast as well. Other than that, it gets great mileage and is extremely reliable. I really enjoy how zippy the car is, and very Versatile.

- Megan D

A great mid size vehicle for all size drivers.

Very comfortable to drive. Handles well in snow and rain has a lot of safety features it is not too small and not too big has plenty of room easy maintenance I have no complaints about the vehicle best Subaru I have owned yet and I have owned several.

- Harriet K

Love my Crosstrek - great for mountain and city life.

I absolutely love my car, its amazing, comfortable, reliable- great car for city or mountain living. It handles well in the snow, rain, and all weather. I feel safe driving it and it's a nice looking car with Bluetooth, sunroof and great sound system.

- Sarah S

It is very reliable, can go anywhere, and gets great gas mileage

My car is awesome. It gets great gas mileage while still having some power and ability to pass people. It handles great in all types of weather and I feel extremely safe at all times in it. It is also very reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

- Cory P

It handles really good and it has all-wheel drive.

I love the way the car drives. However, I have had issues with the batteries, steering wheel, and lights. All were fixed for free because I went to the corporate office. Also, there screens are awful to work. Ford has a much better system.

- Ellen G

It's versatile, perfect for the snow, you can fit 2 adults in the back comfortably (3 skinny), and drives great!

The size is great and perfect for a slowly growing family. It drives great in snow which is important for New England. It has all the feature I want though the FM radio goes in and out of HD mode which is odd.. otherwise I love it all!

- Kasia K

That the rear doors have a tendency of leaking that has not been fixed when addressed.

Love how it drives and all of its features. My rear doors do leak though, and I also hear parts rattling such as the passenger seat and something in the drivers door. Minor frustrations, but overall I'm very happy with my vehicle.

- Dana M

It's a super safe vehicle! The all wheel drive helps me to stay in control in the wintertime.

I love the size of my crossover. I wanted something larger than a car, but not as big as an SUV. It's the perfect size, especially for winter around here. Subaru is a really great brand as well, so I do not have any complaints.

- Sharon M

It is very safe and totally cost effective.

I absolutely love my crosstrek! I have no complaints. Very reliable, very comfortable and I feel extremely safe driving in bad weather conditions. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. I will drive this car until it dies.

- Olivia M

Great car, just not for families.

I love this car. It is a great size and handles nicely especially in the snow. however, it is really loud to drive on the highway. It is also not a great family car because of the size. I have a Tulle on top for shopping.

- Sara S

It is a Subaru and the safety factor is high.

I like that it is a Subaru and I feel safe, especially in northeast winters. I like the size, not too big or too small, and that I sit up a bit from the road. Only minor dislike is that the pickup is not great.

- Donna G

It does great in the snow and ice in Wyoming.

It runs well and drive really well. But I do not like the fact that Subaru does not care about the people that buy their cars. The AWD is great and can get through the snow. I get between 45 - 52 pmh in gas.

- Lori Z

Great car except Brake light switch not covered

Wonderful except Brake light switch failed and I had to pay to have it replaced (common problem) - this should have been a factory recall considering the number of people that have had this issue

- Kristen G

It's very reliable and fuel-efficient.

Great car. I've owned it for four years and haven't had any problems with it. It's very reliable and fuel-efficient and fun to drive. My only complaint is the radio system is outdated.

- Jose G

AWD handles like a sports car.

My AWD car handles like a sports car and is rated one of the safest cars on the road. It handles great in the snow and it other wet conditions. I wouldn't buy anything but a Subaru.

- Mary S

If there is snow in the wheel wells, the car shakes.

I like the roominess inside. The back seats fold down and i can fit a lot of stuff inside. It gets really good gas mileage. It has a good reputation and should last me for years.

- Kim G

Crosstreks make awesome cars and are very fuel efficient

My crosstrek has 75,000 miles on it. I get over 450 miles to a tank of gas. It handles very well in the snow and off paved roads. It is a very comfortable ride, but can be noisy

- derek p

It has a 5 star crash test rating and it has been voted one of the safest cars to own.

I like that my vehicle is practical. My car is very easy to drive and I feel safe in it. It is also very dependable and great on gas. I'd recommend my xv crosstrek to anyone.

- Cody B

There is a lot more to it than it reveals at first glance.

While the car is not exciting in terms of looks or even snazzy features, it is a fantastic all-around car for the price. That is in terms of safety and lifestyle features.

- Juliet D

That it has safety features

I like that it is a crossover between car and truck! I love the way it stops! It is easy to drive and I feel very safe in the way it holds to the road!

- Commie F

It gets great gas mileage and I love that it comes in manual.

I love that it comes in manual. 4WD is necessary were I live and it is great. The Bluetooth technology is not the most up to date but it does the job.

- Julie N

That it is very dependable.

I miss the fact that it doesn't have a cassette player, otherwise its ok. I have not had any problem with this vehicle, and is very economical.


So far so good on durability, gas mileage and snow traction.

Like the style and gas mileage. Don't like the lights constantly coming on and off. Don't like that the oil needs to be topped off frequently

- Liz V

I love my Subaru crosstrek

Super comfortable and drives wonderfully. Not the most get up and go but once it's going it's good! I love the color and the look is sharp.

- Jamie F

My biggest complaint is that it overheats.

Not as good of gas mileage as anticipated. Over heats anytime it is taken longer distance or up a canyon. No power. Good small car.

- Desire C

Subarus can, and will, go anywhere.

It's fine. My favorite part is the heated seats. It handles well, the radio is good, and the air conditioning works really fast.

- Molly D

It's reliable and one of the nicest cars on the road.

I love the safety of Subarus. I also enjoy the AWD. I wish the trunk had more space. And the USBs should be in a better location.

- tyler C

Safe and easy to handle. All wheel drive is the key.

Extremely safe and reliable. I have never had an issue. Easy to drive and adaptable to many uses. Love the all wheel drive!

- Elise M

Do not go with the hybrid, does not seem to make a difference in gas bill.

Small in size for a big guy like me. Thought it would be better on gas. Seems like always in shop fixing/replacing something.

- John M

All wheel drive for use in inclement weather conditions.

Very reliable but lacks new driving safety features such as warnings of close autos, lane changing and emergency stopping.

- william B

Although it is a 17 year old model, it runs great!.

It's a hatchback and gets good gas mileage. The hybrid system makes the car lurch sometimes when pressing the gas pedal.

- Joshua W

Subaru is an extremely safe choice and the crosstrek is a great new small SUV.

It is fast and reliable. I have no problems with it. It is big enough for my stuff, but not huge. I like the roof racks.

- Calvin S

It is reliable and comfortable.

Drives smooth compact but also roomy, reliable, the exterior is aesthetically pleasing and modern love my crosstrek.

- Megan V

My vehicle has had several mechanically problems that do not go with Subaru quality. I have had several sensor problems and problems with the transmission. sad.

It is extremely safe if you get into an accident. This car has been hit twice really hard and i have not been hurt.

- Melissa B

It's very reliable and efficient. It has all wheel drive with great safety features

I like my car because it's very reliable, gets good gas mileage and has ample storage space. I have no complaints.

- Samantha C

Good gas mileage, Subaru is a good name.

Great car, not any problems so far. . Love the size how it runs etc. . . Has air am/FM hatchback to haul things.

- Holly H

It is a two door car. It can comfortably transport 5 passengers.

My car is an SUV with decent gas mileage for an all wheel drive car. It is a good car to drive in the winter.

- James H

This car is perfect for outdoor adventures.

Like the 4 wheel drive, body style and gas mileage. Dislike rides rough. Great vehicle I have had no issues.

- Heather L

It is safe, reliable and I do not worry about driving it in inclement weather.

I like it is appearance, reliability and awd. I dislike size, and gas efficiency, or miles per gallon.

- Whitney S

good mpg for an off road type of vehicle and lots of room

I love the color and how it handles the road. It has plenty of room for my pets too.

- mike g

They don't need to know anything it is a car. It is my car so who cares what they think

I like the size of it. The gas mileage is not what I thought it would be

- Teresa R

I have a white subaru crosstrek hybrid that we bought a few years ago to replace my old 98 civic that had over 200k miles on it. I like that it's got bluetooth and AWD and heated seats for the winter. Just having power locks and windows was like a huge upgrade from the old car. I'm not a huge fan of proximity locks and push to start though; the fobs are way too easy to lose and ridiculously expensive to replace because it can only be done by the dealership.

That it's a hybrid, but still has a lot of cargo room.

- Cindy P