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The Crosstrek has good gas mileage, smooth ride, and a backup camera.

I currently drive a Subaru Crosstrek and I will never love a car as much as I love the one I have now. Not only does the car ride smoothly, but I have taken it on several long trips and had no issues. My favorite thing about my car is the backup camera. That makes such a difference and you are able to see everything behind you. The Crosstrek might look small, but there is more room inside of it than you could ever ask for. In the year that I have owned this vehicle, it has needed nothing other than normal maintenance, which was an oil change. Another great feature about the car is you are unable to lock your keys inside of it. If you try to, it will beep at you and not lock. That was amazing because I had a habit of locking my keys in my car before. Having the controls on my steering wheel are also super convenient. I can answer/hang up calls, change the radio station, and control the volume without taking my hands off the wheel! What it all boils down to is, if you drive a Crosstrek, you will never want to drive anything else.

- Claudia M

My subaru xv crosstrek. A roomy SUV that provides comfort & fuel efficiency.

My car model's performance is perfect for almost all conditions road conditions. . Off-road in 4wd is marvelous. On road, it is very good. The turning is great. The weight is perfectly balanced. The gas range of fuel is remarkable. I can go 35-40 mpg highway. The gps feature is one of the most helpful and is proficient in finding refueling stations and accommodations for my needs. It is very comfortable, it is leather seats are very relaxing and fixates me very well in placement. . The feature where I can press with my thumb or finger on the door handle to lock the car is much more methodical than using the car keys. . My only downsides is the lighter vehicle is prone to getting pushed around from wind.


The Subaru Crosstrek is an amazing car, I would pick it over and over.

The 2017 Subaru Crosstrek is the best car I have ever had. The seats are comfortable for traveling and for the long mountain drives. The wheel is smooth while turning and going through curves. It is one of the smoothest rides ever. It is amazing during the winter time. I've always trusted Subaru with their vehicles during the snow season. I have never slipped off the road with my Crosstrek. Their Bluetooth and sound system are great! Although navigation and screen should have more apps and better functions for it being a 2017. Car is amazing overall.

- Fatima C

Very comfortable to drive with multiple positive added features.

Smooth ride, reliable, comfortable, good gas mileage, seat warmers, sunroof, rear view camera, like the silver color, USB port for attachment to my iPod, cup holders, moveable middle arm rest, miles to go til gas fill-up, Bluetooth, touch screen radio, talk to dial phone, roomy back seats, ample cargo area, cargo cover, easy to collapse rear seats, durable car mats and cargo mat, indoor cup holders, rear view mirror with compass and glare reduction.

- Kristin B

The Crosstrek: great crossover SUV for the single gal.

The Subaru Crosstrek is a great small crossover that features all wheel drive. It gets really good gas mileage and comfortably seats four. It is easy to drive and park. It is a great step up for someone who is used to driving a compact car. The trunk space is a little small, would not recommend for large families. It is great in the snow, never had any problems in inclement weather. The heated seats are especially great in the winter.

- Gena T

The Subaru crosstrek is a vehicle that is convenient, durable, and spacious

This is the most reliable car that I have ever owned. Since I've owned it I have never had any issues with it. It's also convenient to be able to take it off road when necessary. This is by far my favorite car that I have owned. Would highly recommend this car to anybody that has or is thinking about having children. There's tons of space for car seats and for anyone who loves the outdoors there's tons of trunk space.

- Samantha T

Subaru Crosstrek: Reliable Old Friend

The 2015 Crosstrek is a reliable car with great brakes. The car has lasted through a lot of travel with minimal issues. It gets really good gas mileage also. I've also always felt safe in the car, it's pretty sturdy and again, the brakes have always been really responsive. I've occasionally had problems with the acceleration, not bad but occasionally doesn't quite speed the car up as fast as I'd like.

- Kat W

Durability and adventurous look I've wanted, battery may die at ~3 yrs

I love my Subaru XV Crosstrek. It's been durable with few to no problems; the only real issue is that my battery died at about three years after purchase (was new). Another family member had the same make and model and their car's battery also died in the same time frame. It's gotten me through my fieldwork in rough conditions and I've not gotten stuck. I love that it looks outdoorsy and adventurous.

- Macy M

Comfort and class all in one!

I absolutely love the combination of comfort and utility I get with the XV Crosstrek. The leather seats are beautiful and fantastic. The all-wheel drive makes the ride very smooth and gives me great traction when I go on long trips or when it's raining. It has a huge gas tank, so I don't have to fill up as often. I feel like I really get my money's worth with this vehicle. Subaru lover for life!

- Heather D

2015 Subaru crosstrek - small sized crossover with good mileage.

No problems, very reliable, decent gas mileage, great traction. I have actually ended up in the ditch with enough snow that I should've been stuck, and I was able to drive out. I have never had a problem with it starting, even in cold temps. The only complaint I would have is I wish it was a little taller, and the light bulbs do not last long. It feels like I am continuously replacing them.

- April S

Safety and comfort all in one.

The Subaru Crosstrek is a smooth and safe ride that has good gas mileage. When we were looking for a family car we chose this the Crosstrek because of its great crash test ratings. It also has a great turn radius and with slight sporty look. The heated leather seats and touch screen are amazing (especially in the cold winter). I have never had any issues go wrong with it.

- Julia C

I really love my all wheel drive! Winters in Iowa can be brutal!

I really love my Subaru Crosstrek. I got it mainly for the all wheel drive. We got added features like the back up camera. Eyesight technology. I didn't think I would ever use the back camera, but now I can't live without it! And also it beeps at you if you cross the lines. At first it freaked me out. Now I'm glad for the little reminder! It doesn't beep at me a lot!

- Tina D

An interesting detail is the safety features.

For this car having nearly 90k miles the performance is great! I often travel from state to state and it ensures that I get to where I am going safely with the various safety features. The line distance, car distance alerts me whether I am too close to the edge of a line or I am too close to a car in front of me. The rear end camera also is a great bonus for parking.

- emily H

. It's a Fun little car for all of your adventures! It is a bit small on cargo space- but perfect for vacation and everyday use in general

I like the all wheel drive- it means I can do extreme vacations. I also like that that it is a smaller SUV so it can be used as a commuter car without a big gas bill. It seems to fill my needs. It is small so not perfect for all towing capabilities or extreme off roading, and not a hybrid so not ideal for commute- but it is a nice compromise between the two

- Amy H

Be sure to get a roof rack if you plan on having kids with this vehicle.

Very reliable and comfortable car. The main issue I find with this vehicle is that it lacks any power when driving. So when I comes to passing another car, or speeding up on the freeway you can forget about it. The secondary issue that I have found is that the back seat cannot comfortably fit two car seats. The interior of the car just, overall, lacks space.

- Michael P

Finn the cross trek is a great car.

Besides the regular car maintenance things like, headlight out, battery replacement etc. My crosstrek has served me very well as a commuter vehicle without problem on 65, 000 miles. Gets 30 miles/gallon and for winter has four wheel drive. Other cars do have better gas mileage but I made that trade off for the 4 wheel drive. Pretty spacious too. Love my car.

- Ann-marie P

Great value, comfort, and driving experience.

Comfortable ride, nice elevation, spacious. Great stick-shift driving experience. Nice quality sound system. Bluetooth connection is a bit defective (skipping or sudden volume change) sometimes. When playing music through my phone, the song name does not change on the dash screen when a new song plays. Reverse gear sometimes difficult to shift into.

- Chuck O

Subaru crosstrek features including eyesight and cruise control.

My Subaru xv crosstrek is reliable, fuel efficient, and fun to drive. I really enjoy the eyesight feature that alerts you when you are moving out of your lane without signaling and I love the cruise control on my model because it matches the speed of the car in front of you, even breaking quickly if they slow down before you have time to react.

- Grace E

My Subaru model x-cross 2015.

My Subaru Crosstrek is a very good car, I have not have any major problems with it and I considered it a good reliable car, the car drives very good and it has all the features you need to drive long distances, the only thing I will ask Subaru to do on this vehicle in the future is just to make the seats more comfortable, maybe more cushion.

- Carmen H

A good forever car. Reliable. Adaptive.

This car is really reliable. I've only ever had battery issues but that was my bad for leaving a light on overnight. Great gas mileage. It's a good size, although, I wish it was a bit more spacious for my needs but it more than does the trick. It has seat warmers which is awesome in the winter. Plenty of cup holders. Overall, I Love my car.

- Elizabeth R

Love our Subaru - no complaints

Great ride! Very few problems in the 3+ years that we've owned it. Mostly just required the recommended maintenance so far. Have taken multiple long distance trips, and it is always comfortable and reliable. Wish it was bigger in the back - not much else fits when you have a stroller in the back. Dog approved, kid approved, parent approved!

- Leigh P

All wheel drive and plenty of space

I like that Subaru is all wheel drive. Living in Utah, it was hard to drive in the snow but this car handled it perfectly. This car has been very reliable and is roomy in the back too for other people to sit there and us to store stuff. I also like that we have a privacy shield in the back when we store that stuff so people can't look in.

- Lauren M

The travel companion you want on trips or daily life.

I have had no mechanical issues since I bought this car brand new in 2015, I have been on multiple road trips and driven over 70k miles. The seats easily fold down for more storage and the hatchback helps load larger items or if you have dogs. It drives great, though it is a 4 cyl so not as much pick up right away, but better gas mileage.

- Taylor C

Subaru Crosstrek- match made in heaven! To sum it up, I love my Crosstrek!

My Crosstrek has been wonderful. It is sporty yet gets good gas mileage. It is a very comfortable car and is easy to drive. I have also been very impressed with how it handles in bad weather. The only complaint I would have so far is wishing there was a little more room in the back. All in all it is by far my favorite car I have owned!

- Jennifer C

Very dependable vehicle!!

The Crosstrek is an amazing vehicle. Good for young drivers. Also good for a mom car. Higher off the ground so you do not have to climb out of it. Very dependable. All wheel drive. Good winter car. I have had mine for over two years and have had zero problems with it. As long as you keep it well maintained you will not have any issues!

- Samantha B

Subaru Crosstrek - Will never own another type of car

I will never own anything but a Subaru. It gets good gas mileage and handles well in all types of weather. It's reliable, and I haven't had any issues with it so far. Subaru service is also fantastic. I have an extended warranty, which I recommend, and with the warranty, Subaru will fix anything and everything. Can't recommend enough.

- Justin B

Subaru quality performance with one flaw

I really like the gas mileage the Crosstrek gets. I live in a snowy area and the all wheel drive has been proven to be very effective in snowy conditions. It gets me everywhere I need to go in the mountains except for places that need a little more lift. The downfall is that my windshield keeps cracking every time I get it replaced.

- Brittany W

Great vehicle for the size.

This vehicle is very comfortable to drive as well as ride in. The only thing about this vehicle that I am not so happy with is the size, I prefer larger vehicles but for someone who does not mind the size its an awesome vehicle. The acceleration time is nice so no complaints there. The trunk is a good size, as well as the back seat.

- Kari F

My review of the Subaru Crosstrek.

I have a stick shift Subaru Crosstrek. It is fun most of the time, but people have commented that it sounds like a “sewing machine when it revs up. ” I love it though. It is cute and has a nice enough ride. It is basic and has everything I need, including a backup camera. I feel safe in it and would recommend that people buy it.

- Marianna F

Not phased by tasks that their cars would croak over

When I bought the Subaru XV Crosstrek Limited my biggest concern was space. I ended being able to move from one apartment to the next in about 2 car loads (minus big furniture). The reliability is unmatched. I am never afraid of getting stuck somehow here. I recently drove 11 hours in this car and it did not seem to phase this car.

- Sam C

The best car for road trips: comfort, safety, feel.

I love the quality of my car. It is comfortable, quiet on the road, and easy to drive. It's also good on mileage, which is important for someone on a budget. I guess I don't really like that it doesn't feel like a luxurious drive; it's smooth for the kind of car it is, but it isn't as smooth as a Volkswagen or Audi, for example.

- Kelly M

Tough enough to tackle your next adventure.

I absolutely love this car! I never drove in the snow or mountains and it made it easy and not scary. The AWD that Subaru has is way superior to other brands (that 4 way suspension thing is amazing). It is a thought car and runs great. I get tons of compliments on it and my friend even got one because they liked mine so much.

- Rachel M

Subaru xv Crosstrek- great car minus horn.

My 2015 Subaru Crosstrek has been great. I bought it used in 2016 and haven't had any issues with it outside of routine maintenance. My one and only complaint is that the horn sounds like a child's toy, but that can be easily corrected. The higher wheelbase is very nice and I like the all wheel drive aspect as well.

- Len D

The radio in the 2015 model is not user friendly.

It is a fairly comfortable small car (I had previously used a larger car); it is sporty and good on gas mileage. The arm rest is not very functional; the back seat is a little small as is the cargo area. The battery life is too short! I do not like not being able to turn the radio off when the car is in reverse.

- Nina D

I think that it drives well and is safe in the snow.

I love that it is compact, but can fit a lot when I need to transport things. It has a very smooth ride and I feel safe in it. It is not too fancy that I feel bad about my dog joining me and the leather seats and sunroof make it fun to drive and easy to clean. It is a great car in all seasons and is affordable!.

- Kristin D

Subaru Crosstrek is highly recommended!

The Crosstrek has been an amazing car. No mechanical issues. Drives great and has excellent gas mileage. The car is the perfect size, not too big but big enough to still feel like a SUV. The Subaru dealerships always have excellent service as well. I will definitely buy another Subaru in the future.

- Tj B

Great car that is useful and practical

My Subaru Crosstrek has been incredibly reliable, great when driving in snow, and has given us no problems. The only issue we have had is that is burns oil a little. The interior has been very durable and has taken hard use of kids and a dog. Overall it's been one of my favorite cars that I've owned

- Mary L

Good vehicle for someone with a car that doesn't want to go to a full-size SUV.

Overall, I really enjoy my car. It's very nice looking, I get compliments all the time. I originally thought my car was roomy until I had a baby. With a car seat installed it can be a little tight. My car gets good gas mileage and has lots of features like backup camera, Bluetooth capability, etc.

- Kara R

Good car for the money, but pretty basic.

It's a good car, but it has its issues. You get what you pay for. Don't expect anything fancy or luxury. It's a plain car with simple amenities. I would still recommend the crosstrek for a family type buyer. The eyesight upgrade is useless and the land guide is annoying. I wouldn't recommend it.

- Gary C

Quick and slick. Quick off the line and slick looking.

Vehicle has a higher clearance than the legacy. The short wheel base makes this vehicle quick and responsive. High wind areas, it is difficult to maintain a straight line. Slowing down helps. The overall gas performance is higher mileage and maintenance is easier. Dealership offers good deals.

- Stephen M

Subaru makes excellent cars and its great for traveling and going camping.

It drives very smoothly and is great for long trips and for even going around town. Our car is a manual and shifting it in can be a little difficult it's hard to catch up to speed when you are getting on a highway. But other than that the car has been great to us so far and we really love it.

- Ashley M

All weather, all wheels, no problem!

Love this car! While it handles great, it was much more stylish than I anticipated. The orange stitching on the leather seats are a great touch. The all wheel drive will save you a lot of headaches in winter conditions as well. It did much better in the snow than previous SUVs I had owned.

- Tim K

Subaru cross xv trek review.

The Crosstrek is a good vehicle. Good clearance and good gas mileage. My model came equipped with the driver protection package; lane change alert, vehicle distance sensors, automatic braking which is fantastic. The vehicle is a bit light and does not handle turns as well as I would like.

- Randy L

Good but Not Fantastic Car

The car is easy to drive and has pretty good features. I am missing some features that are important like autostart. It is smooth handling and good traction. The seats are comfortable and I like the leather. It does not have a great deal of acceleration for getting on the highway, etc.

- Nicole M

Comfortable and safe efficient vehicle.

I like the size. Gets good gas mileage comfortable interior. Dislike not smooth ride. I feel secure driving in bad weather with this car reliable in snow and ice. Has backup picture which is good feature. Leather interior. Nice size trunk. Has good pick up and ac and heat work well.

- Ethel P

2016 Subaru Crosstrek there are many positives to purchasing a Subaru.

I drive a Subaru Crosstrek. The vehicle is very nice to drive. It handles well and does well in the snow with it is all wheel drive. The other benefit is that the car sits up higher. That makes it easier to get in and out of. It also has a higher clearance when it comes to snowfall.

- Karen M

Why I love my Subaru Crosstrek.

I love my car. It has AWD, which keeps me safer and in more control when driving in all weather. I live where we get a lot of snow. It gives me great peace of mind to be in a safe car. It is also small enough to feel sporty. Gas mileage is great. It is comfortable and fun to drive.

- Laura J

Winter driving is easy and the size is just right.

I have had zero problems with my vehicle. I love the all-wheel drive with extra clearance height. It was a dream in the winter driving. I also like that the seats lay down for extra space to load larger items, and the overall size of the vehicle is just perfect for me and my dog.

- Andrea L

Amazing car with the best features! Backup camera and sound system is amazing

I love my car. It has great gas mileage and is so smooth when driving. Also it fits a lot of things too! And car seats fit amazing, I babysit a lot so I deal with putting one in and out of my car often. The back up camera is also an amazing feature, as well as the leather seats.

- Nicole M

We love our Subaru crosstrek.

We have had our Subaru since 2015 and so far so good. The comfort is very nice while driving. The acceleration is not too bad either. Now it is not as quick as a Lexus SUV but I wouldn't expect that either. It makes up for that in mpg at 28. 5 in town and over 30 on the highway.

- Abi L

This car is amazing and you should totally buy one.

This car is amazing! Everything is ideal. Visual aesthetic, comfort, quality, reliability, a surprising amount of power and maneuverability, awesome features even for base model, and great gas mileage! It is perfect for everyday life and still has a luxury yet sporty feel.

- Kaitlyn R

Xv Crosstrek - great vehicle.

Great vehicle. No issues. Drives great! Completely reliable. Comfortable, but outback is larger inside and the cargo if that is what you are looking for. Great pep on the engine. Great ground clearance - no issues with potholes in New England. Handles well and responsive.

- Maria M

Great car for a great price!

Connection to starlink is slow sometimes and it is unfortunate that this model is not fully compatible with iPhones. Besides that, car is great! Drives great! I have had to do little to no maintenance in the year that I have owned the car. It is very durable and spacious.

- Kari V

Subaru crosstrek. Great, reliable, safe car.

It's a really reliable, safe car. Gets good gas mileage and is one of the safest brand cars out. The price was very affordable. You get a lot of good features for the price. No complaints at all from me. I would buy another Subaru down the line for sure. Highly recommend.

- Joseph S

Fun, safe and easy to drive.

This vehicle is very comfortable to drive. I have had it for almost three years now and have had no major issues with reliability or function. This car does great in the winter. I am very happy with my choice and would buy this car all over again if I had the chance.

- Anna S

It has the best ground clearance out of any vehicle that is not "jacked up. ".

I love that it has all-wheel drive, which is great for the both mountains and the snow. It is small enough that it is easy to drive, but can still seat 5 people. It gets good gas mileage, but it still affordable. It also has good safety ratings and good resale value!

- Amy S

I love the all wheel drive.

The base model of this vehicle comes with heated seats, Bluetooth connection, touch screen monitor. The gas mileage is great on highway and you can take your car into the dealership anytime you need to and the technicians there are super knowledgeable and helpful.

- Aly S

The Subaru Crosstrek is a sporty, dependable, economically friendly vehicle.

The Crosstrek is a very reliable comfortable vehicle. Great visibility, size is easy to handle, performs excellent in the snow. Holds my two dogs and whatever cargo I have. Gas mileage is superb. Minimal maintenance required love the sunroof and sporty look

- Anna Marie D

It is an overall great car.

Overall this is a great car. It is comfortable, reliable, and decent on gas. Only issues with it are that sometimes when connecting the phone through USB to play music it takes a couple tries as I am still not sure why, and currently there's an open recall.

- Michelle C

It has pretty modern features and is really sleek

Since the car was pretty new, there weren't many issues with it. There was a previous accident listed since it was a used car which caused a problem that the dealership did not disclose after asking several times. This was a pretty pricey fix to have done

- Kelsey Z

Very satisfied with the drive but experienced a glitch in the dashboard.

I love how easy it is to drive my car, it is super light and easy to navigate. Controls are also easy to find and use. The only problem I have is whenever I gas up and leave the battery on, the reading on the screen says that my gas did not increase.

- Christine P

Everyone needs a Subaru too!

My 2015 Subaru Crosstrek is one of the safest vehicles on the road. It makes me feel secure while I am driving. I like the height of the vehicle as well. My vehicle is equipped with the latest features, which makes driving all the more comfortable.

- Andrea C

It is a comfortable size and it drives well in the snow which is important to me.

I like the size of the vehicle and it gets decent gas mileage. I like that it sits up slightly higher than a regular car. My only complaint is the black dashboard is hard to keep clean and appears dusty all the time even right after I clean it.

- Mary M

I think that people should know that it is not a traditional SUV, it's a bit smaller so if they're looking for maximum storage space, they'll need to go up a model.

I like it's size, the small frame with the SUV body really appeals to me. I can fit numerous items in the trunk, and adjust the back seats for additional storage. Only dislike is I don't know where my nearest Subaru dealership is at the moment.

- Kim B

It takes you places, the MPG varies I have only ever done 30 MPG once going downhill for over two hours I don't believe the stats the company displays. If you put too much weight it sags a lot but its reliable and it gets you from point A to B.

It lacks a bit of power, I knew this when buying it but then you really notice in traffic off road situations. The map lights have NO TURN OFF switch how is this possible, in a dark area I don't want to illuminate everything so annoying.

- Jose L

It is great on gas mileage.

I love that it is very fuel efficient, perfect size for my lifestyle and I like the simple but sporty design. I do wish it were a bit faster. I feel there is a delayed response when trying to accelerate especially from a complete stop.

- Steph M

It is very well built and feels sturdy while driving.

It has been very reliable and is a very smooth ride. In the snow I have never slipped and it has a good clearance. My only complaint is I wish it had a little more trunk space. It has decent space but not for an SUV/Crossover.

- Al B

It's a great crossover vehicle that comfortably seats 5.

I absolutely love my Crosstrek! The space, the size, everything is perfectly suited for me. The only complaint I have is it doesn't have a lot of "go", so it's a bit slow to start on the highway, but other than that, I love it!

- Ellen M

It is got incredible resale value and is a durable vehicle.

I absolutely love my Subaru Crosstrek. The only issue I have was that my particular model does not have automatic headlights, but everything else in the car is automated. I must have mistaken the specs when I first bought it.

- Emily E

It's very dependable. This car has been through bad weather, long road trips, and camping trips.

I love the amount of cargo space I have, its off road capability and AWD. Don't like that it could use more get up and go. Car doesn't accelerate as quickly as I would like and isn't as much fun to drive as other cars.

- Marissa F

It is my car and I enjoy driving it. Not too big, not too small.

I like the fact that it gets good gas mileage considering the price of gasoline. I like that it has a sunroof. I like that it is roomy but not to big. I dislike the size. It was fine until my 3 kids started to grow.

- Lean K

That it is economical, durable, sporty, affordable, and it is leased.

Excellent zip in the engine. Great maneuverability. Nice details like leather encased steering wheel and heated seats. Love all wheel drive and excellent gas mileage. Compact size, but roomy on the inside.

- Michael W

This car has all wheel drive and performs excellently in all weather conditions. However, because of the all wheel drive, it does require a flat bed tow.

My 2015 Subaru Crosstrek is the best car I've ever owned. Reliable performance, smooth ride, very comfortable for passengers. Excellent features include satellite radio, GPS, and built in USB ports

- Angie K

For being a 4 cylinder, CVT it has a lot of get-up-and-go.

The gas pedal is a little far to the right so my right foot has to sit at an angle. The Bluetooth is slow to connect and there's a delay in response. And my AC doesn't get ultra cold.

- Jenny C

It has seat warmers and it makes me feel good driving it.

I like that it is small and good on snow. I do not have any complaints about it except that it allows rain to come in through the doors, but that is currently being fixed.

- Magda T

Subaru, great outdoor lovers vehicle.

Very comfortable, spacious backseat, fun to drive, great if you enjoy hiking and skiing. I have had the car for over a year and I am excited to drive it everyday.

- Megan C

Great vehicle for outdoor lovers

My crosstrek has eyesight which has proven very valuable to my family. The car is of moderate size but has room for all we need. Very reliable and fuel efficient.

- Katie L

Best car I ever had, I am will be loyal to Subaru always.

I love my sub! It is the most reliable car I have ever had, great gas mileage. I drove it across the country and never had issues. I will never trade this car in.

- Lana L

Reliable compact SUV that offers good gas mileage.

Very reliable gas mileage. A bit stodgy on the ramp up. Spacious interior despite the small exterior. Handles easily. Wish Subaru offered Bluetooth for the car.

- Lisa M

Safety is the most important. Such a feeling of comfort to me.

Love this car. Super comfortable safe and reliable. Smaller size SUV, 4 cylinder so good gas mileage. Plenty of room. Can plow through any weather element.

- Melanie S

It gets about 30 - 35 miles to the gallon on the highway depending where you live.

It gets fantastic gas mileage. It if big enough I can go camping and sleep in it with all my gear. It feels super safe and is very comfortable to drive.

- Katie B

It feels safe, at least more so than a Corolla.

Fine but very expensive and the gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired. A little too over computerized but feels safe. Wish the gas mileage was better.

- Betty W

The all-wheel drive cannot be beat. All cars should have this feature, all Subarus do.

My Subaru is comfortable, reliable, and a very safe vehicle. I love the all-wheel drive. I have had zero problems for the 3 plus years I have owned it.

- Andrew S

It's safe and the cruise control features are amazing to use on road trips.

I love that it's known for being safe and reliable. It's the perfect size. Only dislike is that I wish the tire space was additional storage space too.

- Danielle V

The car may look like an SUV, but it drives more like a sedan.

I absolutely love my car. It's very spacious and drives well. It has the best handling on turns. My only complaint is that it does not have any pickup.

- Juli V

The ability to drive in all forms of severe weather.

I like the ability to drive in all forms of weather from snow, rain, wind, and heat. My only complaint is that it does not accelerate fast.

- Nate R

It's safety features and how nice it drives in the roads

I love that it is not a Mattick I love the fact that it's in infotainment system. I just love the design of it and just everything about it

- James N

It's a safe and reliable car, useful, fun and easy to drive, comfortable.

It's roomy, has lots of features that I like, like Bluetooth and a backup camera, but isn't too fancy. Great gas mileage, looks super cool.

- Amantha H

The paint is chipping and the dealership and Subaru as a whole were not helpful.

The paint is chipping off very very quickly, but other than than it is a great car. The vehicle does well in the snow and on rough roads.

- Jill B

It drives great and is very comfortable.

It drives easy, has plenty of room, and is comfortable. I really love the color. It gets good gas mileage. I do not have any dislikes.

- Danielle O

Excellent car even though it was considered an?Old man? Car.

I like the gas mileage; dislike service, lack of pickup on the highway and elbow rest in the front seat, a little small in the front.

- Nancy S

Sporty but practical, a fun car to drive with enough room for everything and everyone.

Very safe ride, with great exterior styling. The annoying thing is that it burns through light bulbs at an abnormally fast rate.


Best car to have in snowy and icy road conditions.

Very affordable with a lot of extras, leather seats, rear view camera, Bluetooth accessibility. Handles great on ice and snow.

- Lea B

It rides very well over bumps.

No complaints. Dependable car. It is a SUV and always starts up,. It can ride quite a few people in the back of the vehicle.

- Shirley M

The hybrid model was discounted:(.

Subaru’s are awesome. I cannot say rough good things about Subaru! Dependable, reliant and I will definitely but another!

- Wendi H

It is reliable and fun to drive

We chose the Crosstrek when we moved to Maine because we needed a 4 wheel drive vehicle. We have been very happy with it.

- Vivian M

Excellent gas mileage and AWD.

I absolutely love my vehicle! Adore the all wheel drive, excellent gas mileage, backup mirror, and sleek style and design.

- Holly S

The most important thing is the reliability of a Subaru.

The Subaru cross tree is reliable, roomy, and all wheel drive. It's great for commuting, road trips, and short distances.

- Michele A

It is very dependable and you can always count on it.

I like the size! I had a Toyota Corolla before and this was a huge upgrade. Dislike that the gas pedal is a little slow.

- Suzanne E

Very fun to drive, handles very well in the snow and has decent storage.

I really like how it drives and handles, very sporty. I do not like that it doesn't have a lot of power going up hills.

- Bob S

It has been very reasonable.

The safety features on the car saved us in an accident we had. We were rear ended and the car handled it very well.

- Dora C

How my subaru is doing compared to other vehicle out there

It is a nice vehicle, great on snow and efficient on gas that is good. It does have power and good for all season

- Pierre L

It is the perfect size for a family (3 in rear seat comfortably).

It is a great vehicle. It is safe. It is fuel efficient. The car is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

- Douglas B

Amazing all-wheel drive and still amazing gas mileage.

The car is extremely nice. Work very well in tough weather while still getting amazing gas mileage year round.

- Patrick T

It is a hybrid vehicle that gets around 26 mpg combined.

Like the profile and small footprint. Dislike the second battery high price. The cargo door is not automatic.

- Lou M

The hybrid is great for the gas mileage.

It's ok to drive. It's a little too small. Ok in snow. The outback handles better but is too big for me.

- Sara L

it is a great outdoors car that is all wheel drive. dependable in all weather conditions. luxury.

i really like my car. the one thing that i hate is the quality of the paint. it is really easy to chip.

- shan c

It does handle well in the winter weather. I also, have a standard shift car.

Complaints - it takes a little long for the transmission to shift from drive to reverse and vice versa.

- Jennifer J

Reliable and durable with minimal maintenance needs.

Carpet is wearing out and it is too thin wish it had driver assist, headlights are not bright enough.

- Patricia C

I average about 27 MPG overall, which is not bad for a compact SUV.

It is a very comfortable compact SUV. Wish it had automatic rear door. Batteries are too expensive.

- Lou R

The all wheel drive for Subarus is amazing. I've had jeeps and this is by far my favorite

It is reliable and gas efficient. The ride is smooth and the components on the car is not cheap.

- Amber N

My car is fun to drive and easy to take care of. I rely on it.

My Subaru is comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. It's dependable and is good in all weather.

- Johanna P

It is a hybrid and most of it is recycled from old subarus

a x trek hybrid, fun to drive and very reliable, will go anywhere I need it to go, no problems

- Tom M

that she's an excellent ride for the price and upkeep. good for the long haul

She drives well, has great mileage, rides well, and has in general been an excellent car.

- Cass J

It is very safe. It handles like a car but is tough like an SUV

It handles like a car but is tough like an SUV. And I love the orange color

- Jenn J

High in safety ratings by the automobile ratings.

Great gas mileage ,hugs the road during rain storms, comfortable interior

- Arlene b

Comfortable to drive would be the feature of importance

Style and comfort rolled into one. Great gas mileage as well

- Jamie S

I love the safety it provides the compact size and gas mileage, I dislike that I got the less upgraded version and wish I had a back up camera and Navigation.

The Safety in its compact design, and its reliability.

- courtney m

it is a true workhorse. I have 325000 miles on it. Runs in front wheel drive.

i love everything about it. i have no complaints

- steven s