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It's the best car ever made. Affordable family car with sports car acceleration and built for 2018 and beyond. Leaves traditional automakers in the dust.

Love everything about it. Intuitive design - everything works like you'd expect it should. Love the quiet, smooth, and powerful acceleration - that's the hook. Everything else is gravy. Love that I barely touch the brake pedal. Nav system is amazing. Music possibilities are everything you could ask for. Hvac, visibility, storage, legroom, seat comfort - all adds up to an incredible experience. It's a freaking dream.

- Ryan H

All electric fantastic tesla.

I am a huge fan of electric cars. Tesla has many software updates so it is like buying a new car every once in a while. When I first received the vehicle it had a few bugs, but those are fixed now. The car rides smooth, the technology is great, and I love the way it looks. When taking road trips it does require some planning and patience but it you time it right the car can charge while you eat lunch or dinner.

- Gina B

Get this car because it is amazing.

No problems whatsoever and is very reliable! I will definitely stick with this car company and I highly recommend! The gas I great and the comfort of the car is amazing. Definitely a long distance type of car. My wife and are looking into purchasing another one of these dandy cars and will probably get one for my mother in law as well. And last but not least it is echo friendly.

- Johnson J

Auto enhanced pilot is a extremely convenient. Definitely worth owning one.

Performance is out of this world. Extremely responsive to braking or reacting to other situations. Comfort and features are better than my other previous cars (BMWs, Nissan, Hondas). This car is quiet, can remotely control from phone, enhanced autopilot, continuously receiving software updates, pure electric, able to access internet, no engine and more.

- Jackie B

Tesla model 3: a great car. We already have the model s which we also love.

The car drives great. The ride is very smooth. Has fantastic get up and go. It is very quiet, as are all electric cars. The company service is great. Updates are sent electronically and frequently. I love the screen / dashboard. It shows everything you need to know about the car. It even has the whole owners manual on the screen.

- Frances S

Sleek and futuristic electric car of the future, saves gas.

My vehicle is very sleek and looks modern. Its performance on the road is also very smooth, as it is an electric car. It is also very comfortable and comes with a variety of useful features, including a touch screen with all of the controls. It seems very reliable, as there have been no problems so far.

- Samuel X

Tesla is a great car.

The best thing about tesla is their technology. They do firmware update periodically so you can drive a car with up-to date technology even though you bought it a while ago. Their autopilot technology is not perfect yet but great enough and keep improving. I cannot drive any other car.

- Samantha G

It has absolutely no key. To get in, you either need to use a key card, or download an app on a smartphone.

I really like the sleek design of the Model 3. However some gripes I have are that there is no dashboard or panel. All of the car's control's are done through a tablet-size touchscreen in-between the driver and front-passenger seat, which is a little annoying to navigate through.

- Maximus G

Why tesla is great: elegant, classy, fast, and futuristic.

I love everything about my tesla. It is expensive, but you really get your money's worth with the amazing onboard touchscreen computer. It goes from 0-60 in a second and is super quiet. It is just really pleasurable to drive, and it does not hurt that people are jealous of it.

- George L

The best money can buy in Its class.

It operates so smoothly. Almost zero maintenance and never need to stop at a gas station. Quick acceleration and very fast. Looks great. Gets updated automatically over time with software updates. Can drive by itself on the highway and does it smoothly.

- Greg J

My Tesla Model 3 Review The Model 3 is an excellent and beautiful car that can always go over 300 miles per charge and has performance specs that can easily to other high performance sedans/vehicles.

There hasn't been any problems with the car since the day I picked it up. The performance, comfort, and features of the car are just superb and overwhelming to me! The reliability of the car is more than what I ask for. I love it with all my heart!

- Peter L

Rest in Peace Gasoline! No more gas stations.

It's absolutely the best car I've ever had. Love NO GAS. Customer Service with the Tesla Dealership exceptional. Comfort level of vehicle - superb. Plus it looks awesome. Better to go electric than continue the old school way of using gas.

- Paula L

The Tesla Model 3 is a great electric vehicle if you can get your hands on it.

1. I like the autopilot the most because that was the main selling point of the car. 2. I like the fact that it's all electric. 3. I like the fact that it offers good value. 4. I like the fact that it's helping the environment.

- Ryan C

Tesla is one of the most awesome vehicles one could own, outstanding handling capabilities.

The vehicle is very reliable. One of the most easy riding cars we've ever owned.we would recommend this type of vehicle to any one who asks us about it. We've owned quite a few vehicles, and the Tesla ranks on the very top

- Ross M

Tesla - Model 3 - Best car ever

I absolutely love it, going electric was scary at first but it drives so much better than a gas car and I've been able to find charging stations wherever I go, if I need to travel more than 300 miles in a single trip.

- krysia k

The Tesla Model 3 is the affordable, luxury, and powerful electric car.

The Tesla Model 3 is an amazingly good car. Despite the high price tag, the 310 mile range is amazing for an electric car. It handles and accelerates well, and is very comfortable, safe, and technologically advanced.

- Johnathan F

Excellent quality, great interior and handling. Long range is awesome

I like that it is electric and has long range so I don't have to worry about running out of battery. I like the technology in the vehicle. I like the monitor that has the information and vehicle functionality

- Fred C

Great option to move away from gas without sacrificing on quality / options.

I love how it doesn't use gas, and it's crazy fast, and it has low maintenance needs. It is fun to drive, and looks really sharp. Overall a great car that pushes forward the progressive move to electric.

- kyle k

Tesla is like driving a rollercoaster and the future of automobiles!

I love every aspect of it. Tesla has revolutionized the auto industry. I love that upgrades are completed over the air, the self driving mode, self parking and the auto summon function the most.

- Christine D

a fun and responsive car. Very easy to drive. No need to fill up gas. Long range.

I love the car since I don't have to fill up the gas. It has a long range. What I don't like about the car is that everything is controlled at the monitor display. Very annoying sometimes.

- Mary L

By weary of the automated driving aspect of it. The car is not fully autonomous yet so you do have to be watching the road regardless.

I like that my vehicle is efficient and environmentally friendly. It drives smooth. Only complaint I have is the screen for navigation and hands-free devices is way too big.

- Kylie P

Tesla Model # Car Review!

The Tesla Model 3 is probably the best car that you can buy which is beneficial to environment. Due to Tesla being an electric car, it doesn't have any gas emissions

- Jeff J

Fast and good for environment.

The Tesla Model 3 is loaded with sleek and easy to follow technology. The earth friendly all electric power is both good for the environment as well as very sporty.

- Chaz M

It is very quick and smooth to drive. No more gas stations or oil changes

Love how fast and quick it is. Charge it at home, no more gas stations. It is great in the city and on the freeway. Electric cars are so much better than gas cars!

- Tab T

It is a safe vehicle with monitoring of the road and vehicles around you at all times.

Very comfortable, exciting to drive, tremendous acceleration, totally electronic, a feeling of being in a comfortable, at-home environment while on the road.

- Gary B

Good gas mileage for a van which usually has poor mileage.

Toyota gives the best service after buying from them. We have purchased 5 vehicles from them because of the service. We receive oil changes and car washes.

- Nancy N

Tesla can drive on its own, but of course I still have to pay attention to the road.

Tesla always works and has really reduced my level of stress and helps me drive. I'm usually very anxious when driving, but Tesla helped with the anxiety.

- Max A

It's all electric, safe, and fun. Looks good, drives great

I couldn't imagine loving a car more. It's efficient, safe, fast, and has lots of technology. It's by far the coolest car money can buy.

- Blake H

Luxurious and neat to drive

It's the best car ever, amazing to drive and of course no fuel expense. It's super automatic but so comfortable to drive. No noise as such

- Ankita B

Great car that would recommend to anyone.

I love the way my car handles. Taking off very fast in wet roads makes it slip. Awesome car that I would and have recommended to many.

- Leslie D

It is a great car and is handheld with care.

I like everything about it but I?d rather it would be silver than white. Even though it does have a lot of good components to it.

- Olivia R

That it's electric and still a lot of fun and enjoyable to drive

Like that it's electric. Like the interior and sound system. Like the glass roof and look of the exterior. Like the acceleration

- bri g

My Tesla is a pure electric car and uses no gas. Very cheap to charge it up.

My car is very fast, handles extremely well, is very quiet, state of the art technology, uses no gas, cheap to charge at home.

- John S

No more gas station stops and no more boring rides to work

Best car I've ever owned. So much technology is integrated into the vehicle that it is insane and it's 100 percent electric

- Brad J

It's a smooth drive and has lots of safety features.

It's cost efficient and a super smooth drive. The price is really affordable even when a few extras are added. Great car.

- Erin K

An interesting detail about the Tesla is that it drives and you don't have to touch it.

The Tesla is a very nice car. It is very comfortable and makes me feel safe. For my age I think this is a perfect car

- Chloe L

TESLA IS VERY FAST: It is faster than a M3

it is the best car that i have had. it was way more enjoyable than anything else. i had to wait a long time for it.

- Puzant R

It's fast, fun, and actually efficient too.

I love the savings from being electric. I really enjoy the instant acceleration. I also love the advanced features.

- Bill U

Good car with great acceleration and is an electric car, no damage to the environment

Nice pic up and acceleration. Good Navigation and software interface Mileage loss due to battery drain.

- Rama B

It is electric and gets a good range.

Absolutely nothing, it is great. Every want or need was anticipated. I couldn't ask for anything more.

- Dolores B

It's the BEST EV car out there in the market and we love it!

I love not going to the gas station. Everything is automated. It has great performance and handling.

- Jason D

It is a very fun car to drive

I love that I can accelerate very quickly. It's really fun to drive and I love that it's unique

- Christopher h

Great for city/short distance driving; not the greatest for road trips with no areas nearby to recharge

I love this car. I pay less in electricity than I do for gas each week to "fill up" my car

- Greg E

It is environment friendly and safer than regular vehicles.

I like everything. It has amazing technology. The ride is smooth. It makes driving fun.

- Erika J

It is quite expensive to buy, but cheap to maintain.

Uses no gasoline, very modern, lots of electronics. I don't like the limited range.

- Alex R

Actual model year is 2018. Nicest car I've ever owned. Had to wait a long time after original reservation before receiving the car; well worth it.

All electric, next car will be electric. On the way to never buying gas again.

- Joseph C

It is the future and worth the price. Best technology and safety available.

I like everything. No complaints. Amazing technology and safety.

- E J

It's electric, it's convenient, it's reliable. Tesla rocks!

It's the future. Tesla is paving the way for a brighter future.

- Frank B

Electricity is cheaper than gas. There are charging stations everywhere

Good acceleration, air conditioning and easy to charge.

- cecy j

I've always loved electric cars, so high tech and good for the environment the only problem is that I occasionally struggle finding a charging station

The cars environmental impact and the gadgets inside

- Jenny M

It's all electric car and doesnt need gas

all electric, do not have to pump gas anymore

- norman M

Best car I have owned!Q love it!

- Stephanie H