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Fantastic -- never buying a non-Tesla again!

2018 Tesla Model 3 Base

The Model 3 is awesome and super fun to drive! Also, it is a beast in the snow. I love the autopilot (especially for road trips!) and safety features. Charging at home is so convenient. Early on I had to take it in for service due to an issue with the heating, but it was fixed quickly and the service team was awesome. I had an issue with the SD card later that they were able to fix remotely while I was at work, which was so cool/convenient.

- Amanda L

Very nice and fast car with a lot of money savings.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance

I actually love my new vehicle it doesn't take gas which is very economic, my charging is free and I can also charge at home whenever I'd like. It charges up to 350 miles. It had a very simple but luxurious style on the inside and out. It can also go from 0 mph to 65 mph in less than 4 seconds which is pretty cool. Keyless entry and start is great too and safe because you do everything from your phone

- Melissa G

Tesla Model 3, car of the future

2018 Tesla Model 3 Base

The performance of the car is outstanding. It is fast, smooth, and drives like a race car. It is quiet. The features are always expanding with updates but are so awesome. The details to the screen, navigation etc are amazing! The online things you can purchase to add to the car is a must like a charging cell phone pad, spacers for the cup holders, chrome pedal plates, and tinting the middle console.

- J T

Eco-friendly and stylish vehicle that is easy to drive and fun.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Base

Tesla Model 3 is a great and environmentally-friendly car. I definitely enjoy driving around in it because of its smooth and easy features. The car is small and easy to navigate and autopilot mode is very convenient when traveling long distances. I highly recommend this purchase to anyone looking for a sleek, stylish, and well-performing vehicle.

- Amy B

Car of the future with regular improvements

2018 Tesla Model 3 Base

Fun drive - rapid acceleration, smooth, regenerative braking no range anxiety - comfortable for long trip, supercharger network all over Texas constantly updating - new features pushed over air is always exciting safe - plenty of warning alerts e.g lane detection, blind spot recognition Future proof - autopilot is incredibly fun

- Katy R

Tesla 3 Love - No Gas station for me

2018 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range

EVERYTHING! It is great to go out town for a long trip and just to the store. Very guilt free (no gas). And beautiful inside. The sound is very quiet and looks great outside. I have not gone to gas station in almost a year. It is honestly the best purchased our family has made. Very happy with this purchase.

- Monica S

Best car I have owned this far.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Base

Consistent and performs well and there are not any issues that I have had in the years of owning the car. I would like to have better heated seats and perhaps cooling seats in the car. The car is extremely reliable and doesn't have a high cost despite it being a luxury car.

- Alicia G

Better than expected range

2018 Tesla Model 3 Base

After 1 full year and 6400 miles, after I charged to full for the fourth time, I was advised on my range was 320 miles. I don't put many miles on it, I charge up daily to about 245 miles.

- bill coogan

Unsafe door entry

2018 Tesla Model 3

All doors wirelessly unlock from distance. It allow anyone can get inside the vehicle. Which mean you will easily get rob.

- Sun