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Amazing performance and almost no maintenance.

2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

I have the dual motor long range Model 3. The performance insane, and the technology is cutting edge. It has a nice comfortable ride and is fun to drive. You will likely get a nasty speeding ticket of you let everyone bait you in to showing them first hand the instant acceleration of the electric motor(s.) The premium sound system sounds richer than the system in my wife's BMW. The only thing not so great was the paint defects that I found. I understand that Tesla is the new kid on the block regarding auto manufacturing and because they have not been in the game as long as the American Big Three, or the Japanese or German manufactures, I give them a little grace with the little dust particles and small paint bubbles. But when I saw what appeared to be thumb prints in my paint under the clear coat I was pretty annoyed especially since I paid $1500 for the color I chose. After speaking to the Service Center I was offered a compromise in lue of attempting to correct the issue with the paint. I was offered a set of the performance tires and wheels along with the tire pressure monitors which are a $3500 value for the set. I've had a warranty issue that needed resolving and was given a Model S 75D as a loaner while my Model 3 was in the shop. The loaner was able to charge at the Tesla Super Charger free of charge. It is difficult driving any other vehicle now that I have my Model 3.

- Barry Green

Really fun car to drive

2019 Tesla Model 3 plus

Love the car. We bought the dual motor extended range battery version, which is all wheel drive and gives an estimated 270 miles at 90% charge. No range anxiety here in Colorado so far. The autopilot is a bit glitchy, the car tried to take a quick lane change when there was a left turn lane. That needs to be corrected by Tesla quick. It was kind of scary. We use the intelligent cruse control all the time, which maintains distance to the car in front, will stop and start if you are in traffic. It works really well for maintaining the speed limit, but for some reason won’t automatically change the cruise speed down if the speed limit changes. You have to manually dis-engage the cruise and re-engage it for the new speed. The car knows the proper speed limit, because it shows on the console and picks it up automatically when you re-engage the cruise. I consider this a bug that Tesla needs to fix. Don’t get me wrong though, the car is amazing, super fast, quiet and a blast to drive. It’s also great not having to go to a gas station to fill up all of the time. The car is my wife’s and I borrow it whenever I can. I believe I will get my own Tesla within the next couple of years, or I will have to steal hers :-).

- John Jacob


2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

I drove over a puddle, living in Vancouver, BC, it rains allot here. I turned off our exit to our house, there was a big puddle at my turn, I had to drive over the puddle to turn. After driving over the puddle, the undercarriage shield broke off and caused rattling. My husband looked under the car, noticed the undercarriage shield is made of felt and was installed to catch water, dirt, snow and debris, in time will eventually break away causing water to collect in the rear bumper. Tesla will not cover this part, they know it's been a problem since 2018. This part should be made of plastic or aluminum, which would solve this problem. I refuse to pay them $200 and $36 install fee for the same part that will do the same again and again. We own a body shop and will make our own shield for the meantime til they make one out of plastic or aluminum.


Model 3 (240 miles range)

2019 Tesla Model 3

I've been driving my Tesla Model 3 for two months now (since Sept.2019) and just love it. Handling, comfort, speed --when needed--, wonderful upgrades (internet, live streaming, spotify, Tunein radio etc...). I plug the car in my level 2 home charger, next day I have enough mileage for a week ( I use about 60 km per day...the battery capacity is 386 km---240 miles). So far, my only complaint is the periodic failure to connect the cell phone app with the car, what is called the "wake up" feature. Now we'll have to see how the car will perform during the upcoming harsh Canadian (Montreal) winter season. Fingers crossed!!

- Proud Tesla owner

Worth the buy.

2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Love my Model 3 Duel Motor Long Range. Slight lifestyle change with having to charge all the time but it’s a welcome change. Insurance has gone down significantly. The drive is just incredible, really enjoying the minimalist interior and wifi/LTE is fantastic! Easy to update, and now with Netflix makes road trips and traveling much more relaxing. We are in the early stages of EV’s but so far so good. In a month I’ll be able to see how it works in the winter. But saving $500 a month in fuel and insurance it’s a no brainer.

- Dan

Tesla Model 3 Review After 4 Months

2019 Tesla Model 3 Plus

It's totally different than buying an ICE vehicle. The car has almost no maintenance I.e. the only fluid in the car that needs to be maintained is the windshield wiper fluid. To not have to worry about the normal issues a car has really makes the car that much more enjoyable. I personally only have spent $3 on electricity in 4 months of ownership. Insurance went down because of how safe the car is. The interior is nice and technology is quite unique. The performance is fun, no throttle lag and instant torque. I love the car.

- William W

Black screens

2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

I’ve had black screens three times including once when driving! No turn signals, speedometer etc Twice it just wouldn’t start The screen was replaced the first time and the software checked and updated To me being told to reboot isn’t the solution on a new car

- Eve

Worth every penny

2019 Tesla Model 3

Yes, very much so. No maintenance literally, even cost to use supercharger is reasonable and fast. Plan your trips and you don’t have to charge 100%. Don’t know about winter driving in snow. Fabulous sound system and interior features.

- Suresh

You need your own garage

2019 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range

Don't buy a Tesla if you don't own a garage with a 240v outlet. Most super chargers have a long wait time and getting worse with more Teslas selling.

- sid

I love this car!

2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

I've driven my Tesla 3 21,000 miles and it's performance is excellent!

- Danny Stribling

High technology

2019 Tesla Model 3

Love this car . And it is improving with every update.

- Borys Korolov