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Best car ever. Will definitely never own another make.

This is the best car I have ever owned in my life. The performance is really great. Easy to pass cars and accelerate into traffic. Very comfortable to drive and the on board computers take care of everything. The cost for my model is high but very little is spent on maintenance. The new model 3 is reasonably priced and offers many of the things that make my model s great. Home charging works great and the cost is usually around $10/month.

- Rick J

You can drive over 300 miles on a charge of battery with no gas ever.

I think I like everything about the car. It is a premium luxury car, while at the same time being eco friendly, all electric, never have to buy gas again. It is the safest car ever built, at the same time has great torque and pickup. Almost no maintenance or other costs. $20 a month to drive at home, and free cross country driving! Love it all. No dislikes or complaints that I can think of. Tesla offers great customer service.

- Chris H

Excellent fast acceleration cannot be beat.

Tesla p85d sedan is an excellent automobile. It has incredible acceleration and does extremely well in the snow. The self driving and parking technology is impressive. It is a very sporty and responsive machine. But I had to wait 6 months for a hatchback and rear bumper parts replacement just to get a rear end collision repaired. I was very upset at the long wait time just to get the parts from tesla—my only but major complaint.

- Kyle L

Fantastic car! Great style and tech.

I have not had any major problems. Only minor ones. There is some minor issue with the screen from LG but they have a new one that has the flaw fixed. The main systems of the vehicle are very sound and work well. There is also issues with the door handles but I believe that's it.

- Scott K

Tesla, my best vehicle so far!

No problems that are not resolved quickly for free by tesla. Very comfortable luxury car. Very fast and responsive car. No gas expense, no maintenance, no oil, no smog checks.. This is by far the best car I even had, after owning Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot.

- Gil D

Best car on the planet, highly recommended.

The tesla is by way and far the best car I have ever driven. It is super fast and interface is super slick. Driving across the country is free with superChargers. The car updates often making it a new car with each update. I will buy more tesla’s in the future.

- Lynn D

It is electric and has zero emissions. It requires almost no maintenance and is very quiet.

I like the fact that it is electric and does not pollute the atmosphere. It is extremely comfortable and a very smooth ride. The car has a great amount of power in needed situations. it is also very fun to drive.

- roy n

The fact that it is an electric car should definitely be the headline. There really isn't any reason not to want a car that doesn't run on gas.

The vehicle is great! It's an electric car, so I'm saving a lot on gas money. The seats are comfortable, and I really like the way the car looks on the outside.

- Pratik J

Electric Comfortable Eco Friendly

My Car doesn't have to many problems. It's very fast and electric so very good for the environment. It's comfortable and has a large touch monitor.

- Vashonski J

The Tesla Model S is a good looking electric car. Would recommend.

Tesla is a great option if you are looking for a good-looking electric car. Not only is it good for the environment, it's fun to drive as well.

- John S

Charging the car has never been a problem, even on long trips.

This car has been very reliable overall. It is fun to drive, and I love that it is electric. Service on the vehicle has been very good as well.

- Emily P

It is kind to the environment.

It is nice to the environment - has a great safety rating - and goes zero to 69 mph in less than 5 seconds,

- Carolyn H

My car is the best car I've ever had.

I love everything about my car. It is quick, fun to drive, easy to maintain. There is nothing I dislike.

- P S

how great you feel driving it AND no pollution

comfort, very high tech, no pollution and It's a beautifully styled automobile.

- Tom J