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It is EV and save money on fuel.

Tesla is a car of the future. It is an electric vehicle which helps the environment and also helps me save money on gas. Love how I have not had any maintenance in the since the purchase. Things I hate about tesla is the when you need service done on it is about 3 weeks away. Also you are placed for 15-30 minutes on hold for customer service.

- Jennifer R

Tesla's are great cars for the environment! They are fun to drive too. And you can set limits when others are behind the wheel.

I love the 0 emissions ?? We have solar so the electric Charging is very economical as well. The truck space is great. I am excited for more charging stations to be installed. I have not had an issue charging, but as I see more and more electric car that is my area of concern, being able to charge when I am travelling.

- Tamara D

It's amazing I love it so much.

My car is very good, it is looking nice, gets all the girls, it goes really fast like a roller coaster, it's really fun to ride in like I am shook. But anyways you should buy this car I love it, it leaves a lot of space for you and if you have kids they will love it.

- Bob R

Good car and handling a bit too wide.

Very comfortable and good handling. A bit too wide and minimalistic. I like that it is electric and has a good range. I am able to get from Palo Alto to Santa Cruz and back. It is important to also have a gas car. The service department is good as well.

- Pam C

It is reliable when driving state to state.

No problems with the tesla model s, would recommend this car to buyers looking to buy, it is comfortable while driving from state to state, only prevalent would be people who do not have home Chargers take up the charging ports.

- Patricia T

Charging stations a readily available and trips can be taken just about anywhere that you can think of.

The car rides well and is fun to drive. It is a very luxurious vehicle and has all the amenities that I would need. The car has been dependable and have used it for several road trips. Most of all, no gas.

- Ezio P

Top safety features. Autopilot features in case your sleepy and cannot focus.

It does not include gas, which saves me from the trouble of thinking about gas prices. Charge the battery and drive for at least 300 miles with the best drive possible!

- Xuan Z

It is all electric, no more trips to the gas station.

I love not having to go to the gas station. I love being able to charge it a my home or anywhere else for free. The car is very reliable. I also get updates often.

- I M

It is a technological dream car with the ability to steer automatically, slow, speed up with the traffic

It's an all electric car which contributes to pollution to the environment. It has a great technology package, is safe, and is the smartest car I've even driven.

- susan r

Eco-friendly vehicle focused on safety

It's really comfortable and safe - there are sensors to keep track of how close you are to any walls/surfaces and will help you with parking

- Andrea K

This car has such a smooth ride. Accelerating from 0-50 is fast. Not having to stop and fill up the gas tank is a huge plus. Being able to travel and have to charge only a handful of times is awesome. This is by far my favorite car. I like that it's got an awesome safety rating.

This car is very safe. The safety is a big deal for me as I have 2 kids and I always worry about how others drive around me.

- Cynthia S

The money savings from driving an electric car

I love the power of the car. It has such cool features. The fact that upgrades can be done over the airwaves is the best

- Dale k

Really fun fully electric car that goes fast

Uses no gas fully electric fun to drive responsive reliable looks cool fast lots of features can be software upgraded

- Eddie R

The ability for the car to use self driving in the future.

great car and performance, full electric so low cost of maintenance. overall a great value and would purchase again!

- Monika K

It is a good car for it's value

It is a great electric car and amazing one with a very nice features and miles to drive in

- Edward M

It's extremely safe to drive and is always one step ahead of me which is great.

I have no complaints about my Tesla, it's purely amazing all the features are great.

- Jack S

So fun to drive and very fast. Creates many comments

So fun to drive Wish it had more storage Want to make up excuses to drive it

- Jayne W

I have no problems with this vehicle and it is really comfortable and is reliable, it is overall a great vehicle

It is electric so it might be weird if you're used to a car that uses gas

- Jack T

It is incredibly smooth riding and very dependable.

With the Tesla Model S, I own more than a car; it is an experience.

- David M

It has very advanced technology.

I like the speed. I like the look. I like the technology.

- Darrin W