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Why a tesla is the best car you will ever own.

My tesla model s is, hands down, the best car that I have ever owned. It has incredibly smooth handling and acceleration, and it is really fast. This makes it incredibly fun to drive. It is also practical. Me, my wife, and our 2 kids (who fit in the backseat in car seats with no issue) regularly take long trips that include stopping at a tesla supercharger. There are times in the winter when the battery's range is an issue, but for 95% of our driving, we never have to worry about getting around. We simply plug it in and it is ready to go when we want to leave. There have been zero reliability issues, it is very comfortable and it has an extra trunk under the hood, which is super cool (electric car so it does not need an engine). There are a few things to consider, which I always make sure to tell people when I tell them about my tesla. First, the car is very heavy so it goes through tires very quickly (in as little as 25, 000 miles), especially if you drive the car with a lot of fast acceleration (which is hard to not do because it is such a fast car). Two, if you live somewhere where it is cold, the battery range can be negatively affected in a considerable way. I once used 100 miles of range to go 59 miles. Three, insurance can be difficult to find. Some companies refuse to cover a tesla. However, even with these problems, this is the best car available, in my opinion, on the entire market. There is also a vast number of used tesla model s's available on used car websites. There are some really great deals out there for cars that will last a very long time. A tesla in California just went over the 400, 000 mile mark and it is still cruising along.

- Jeremiah B

Electric vehicle means some changes.

I wanted a red car that was energy efficient. Last year tesla came in red. It is very pretty, and I can find it in the parking lots. I charge at home and may use the tesla charging stations for free, as a friend recommended me. I need to charge every 200 miles, which is a drawback on long trips, but I am now used to it. I put my toggle (key) in hand space in my door so I do not leave it in the car by mistake. Inside storage is minimal. I have tried self parking once thus far, and I like it.

- Susan H

Charging it at the charging station the app how it tells you the charging.

I love the dashboard and the music "slacker". I love the automatic driving and that it plays grim reaper by blue oyster when its on. T it goes from 0-60 very fast almost feels like g forces. I had a problem once the driver door locked once after I had it valet parked. I had to take it to tesla. They kept it for 4 days while I had a loaner car. It's all good because I love how modern my car is.

- Katie B

The best car ever owned! Terrific performance and features.

This the best car in all categories plus services, we have ever owned and that is saying a lot considering the types of our previous vehicles. They included multiple cadillac SUVs and BMW series. Owning a luxury electric car has significant advantages over traditional cars. I know I will never purchase traditional vehicle again. It is worth the extra cost.

- Jackie H

My vehicle has Wi-Fi in it so that's pretty cool.

The Tesla vehicles performance is really excellent. The performance is awesome. The comfort takes awhile to get used to. The features are mostly touch screen. It does take awhile to get used to. It has great leather seats. It also has Wi-Fi on it so you can get on Facebook on it.

- Lauren P

Good car reliable fast good driver friendly.

No problems reliable good on gas spacious and fast comfortable sporty and good technology it's fun to drive my family loves it it's a chick magnet cold ac sporty wheels easy to drive fun to drive cruise control self drivability its may daughter favorite car.

- Victor A

my tesla model s is fit for my life but a little bit scary

my tesla model s is a very intelligent car, however it is quite unsettling to hear about all of the defects in the company's models and it certainly affects whether i will purchase another one in the future.

- stacie j

How Good Tesla Really Is Not only does it have an amazing gimmick to it, it also has some nice interiors.

I truly like how my Tesla works. First thin, the fact that it doesn't use gas really helps the environment. Additionally, the interior of the Tesla is truly nice. It also feels comfortable being in it.

- Mike M




The safety is the car is beyond a traditional vehicle, and common day media should be overlooked in this category.

The visible frontal screen is great. Clear roofing is a plus. Could lose the gimmicky parts and features. Overall great experience.

- Greg H

The need to charge is not a burden.

It is nearly perfect. Intuitive controls and a joy to drive. It is acceleration is nearly instant in comparison to ice cars.

- Blair C

Vroom Vroom zoom zoom basically

You get to save the planet every mile you drive and when gas is 3 dollars a gallon it's easy to see why teals is valuable

- Alex R

It's amazing. It has very high tech technology.

I like the vehicle because it is self driving. I also like it because it has a nice route guidance screen. No complaints.

- Joshua J

The most important thing about my car is that it is electric so therefore does not use gas and is better for the environment.

It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is great because it is an electric car and has a great navigation screen.

- Tyler C

Beautiful design and fast speed

It has good comfort and easy to get a high speed,it is also environment-friendly.I like its design and technology.

- Jack H

It is a Tesla. It puts together many new features well.

It is a Tesla, I like all of the new features put together well.

- Clifford W

All electric car. Very fun to drive. Very fast and efficient.

Drive the safest care there is every day with your family.

- Stephanie L

It good for the environmental and good for the world

It is great for the environmental and for rule saved

- Yesenia M