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Just love the freedom I feel when I drive my car

The performance of the car is amazing with lots of technology in it. Love the falcon wing doors and the speed of the car. The space inside is amazing and the driving is amazing. I like the panoramic roof but sometimes I feel is too much sun inside and even my baby feels it as well. Trunk space is amazing at the back and front. Auto-pilot, precooling and app are very handy and easy to use.

- Nancy P

What to consider when buying a car.

It is very reliable and comfortable. It is a little expensive but I find it to be worth it. I like the interior and the glass windshield going up above our heads makes it seem like we have a sunroof. The self driving feature is nice but I don't know if I trust it or not.

- Gloria G

Electric cars can now go a reasonable distance on a single charge

Now with options that can go 275 miles on a charge and the world's fastest suv. the tesla is both for the bold and the sophisticated. It is the perfect balance of elegance and brute force.

- tom G

It's the future of transport.

I really like this car its efficient nature friendly. Having a sustainable power consumption with a powerwall and solar roof. Tax incentive and free Tesla charge for life.

- Maria L

The hidden cost of electric cars is the cost of replacing tires

The electric lifestyle is the future. I encourage everyone to move to an electric car. The level of maintenance is limited, except one has to buy tires very often

- Charles U

How it does not need gas!!

The tesla x-2017 is so great! The acceleration is magnificent and silent! This car fits all my family and the design is very sleek and modern.

- Angelica B

great acceleration and surprising range it offers a smooth ride and a great infotainment system all at a cost lower than luxury midsize suvs

it gets surprisingly great range on a single charge and has a much smoother ride than most would expect it also handle amazingly well

- terri w

It might be a too expensive.

Everything is perfect. Everybody in the car is comfortable. People should purchase this car. This is definitely one the best cars.

- Tom T

The technology in tesla's Can not be touched

It pure electric vehicle that does not need fuel or regular maintenance cost. The technology in the vehicle can not be matched

- Michael M

Buy a Tesla and you will not regret it

it is the best car on the road. it is nice to just pull into my garage and charge my car and never go to a gas station again

- angie g

If you have lots of money that you can throw away then this is the car for you!.

Cutting edge technology, great performance. Do not like that it attracts a lot of attention. Do not like tesla service.

- Jeffrey P

It has good qualities, it is on the diesel is a wonderful color form distinctive and luxurious

My good car is civilized, fast, sporty, strong and good Spontaneous and distinct and walking well and wonderful

- gad g

It is a really beautiful and efficient vehicle, including its conservation to the environment

It is a really beautiful and efficient vehicle, including its conservation to the environment. happy

- Alhena A

Amazing car in which I would totally 100% recommend any day.

Love the SVU all together, everything from charging it instead of gas to it's butterfly doors.

- Chris M

It is the best in the world to own. I love it more than any other car

I love that is is so fast. I also like that is a car that I can just plug into my garage

- angela G

the style is good. very powerful. and i like it because it is electric

i have no complaints at all for this vehicle. it is very fun to drive

- bb h

It's an electric car so its good for the environment as well

Love that it is chargeable and the AI features are amazing.

- Heenal M

It's well worth the price! Safety, fuel savings, and environmental impact!

I love the savings on gas, the room, and safety features.

- Kat D

I think the quality it's very important to the cars

I am really happy with my car performance because .

- Sandor T