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Old and reliable Toyota 4Runner.

After 18 years owning this car, it has been able to hold up for a long time and still reliable enough to transport you to all the places you need to go. The car has a lot of space and is comfortable to sit in. With a larger car and larger wheels, you do not have to worry too much about running over anything that will hurt your car or popping tires. But since the car is old, the heating and cooling system is not all that great. You mostly have to rely on opening the windows to cool or hope for the best for winter. Radio wise is not so great unless you install a new system. The car tends to overheat now and antifreeze has been our only option to solve this. Overall, the car is really reliable and does it job, but if you want more modern gadgets and more comfort I would suggest an earlier model.

- Allis V

Older Model SUV beats out any new truck any day.

I have an older model of the 4 Runners. It was one of the best model years Toyota put out. This SUV is a great family car or light work truck. I have a tow trailer hitch installed on my truck and can pull a light pup trailer or camper. I use my truck mainly for personal use and have been known to haul everything under the sun moving things back and forth. The back seats are spacious and if more cargo room is needed they lay down easily. Gas mileage is decent for the SUV but is pretty efficient when on reserve. The reserve once the light comes on must be 60 miles. I have yet to run out of gas. I love my truck.

- Rhonda R

It�s a great vehicle all around and I definitely want another 4Runner.

I can't really think of any problems on my car. It's super reliable as long as you keep up maintenance on the car. I mean, my car is almost at 250,000 miles and still going strong. The upholstery is obviously worn and a little scratchy but nothing terrible. Overall I find it comfy. One of my favorite features of it is that the rear window can go down. It's great to get some extra breeze in the car during the summer months without my hair flying in my face like it does if I roll down the front side windows. The only downside is I'd really love to have AC vents in the back for my daughter or other passengers.

- Kaitlyn W

2000 Toyota 4runner.. It gets through like butter!

I love my 4 runner but, I have had problems with ball joints and shocks. The iac valve was blocked causing me to lose power to the vehicle. It was extremely hard to find. All throughout my driving it didn't shut off on me. It is extremely reliable and runs very strong. It is also great in the snow. I drove on a foot of fresh snow and it went through like butter! There's vent at your legs under the steering column. It is helpful for both cold and heat. The back window goes down all the way. It is very spacious. There's an extra hiding spot in the center console. The back seats go all the way down.

- Vanessa J

Awesome vehicles, very reliable.

The reliability of any Toyota vehicles has never let me or any of my family members, or friends down. They will drive forever. I have owned 2 Toyota 4runners in my life and I do not recall ever having any problems with either of them. Some of the features included 4WD, leather and cloth interior, very spacious and music sounds great in stock speakers, I had on both the back window rolled down if needed, had a sunroof on both. Good for riding down dirt roads or in the mud, very reliable when it comes to taking long road trips. I would not ever get anything other than a Toyota.

- Sandra T

Toyota 4runner is a great choice if looking for an SUV!

My Toyota 4runner is in very good condition for being eighteen years old. It works pretty well and everything like the ac, windows, etc. Is still in great conditions. Although the 4runner works pretty well the check engine light randomly lights up so I have to constantly check what is wrong. It's usually just minor things, like the alignment of the wheel or something being loose in the engine. Overall, for being that old it works very well and is not worn out at all.

- Alejandra J

Not pretty but runs great!

I own a 1997 Toyota 4Runner. I bought it used 4 years ago and I love it! Over 196, 000 miles on it and it still runs great! It is not pretty by any means( kind of tan, silver, grey) but it gets me where I need to go. It is great for camping and taking my 2 huge dogs out for dog day. It gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive. Even if I was offered a new vehicle, I would still drive my 4Runner as it really suits my needs.

- Kat E

it has these rails that allow for climbing into the vehicle

It's a 2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited trim. The color is gold and it's a wonderful car. The car has more than 200,000 miles logged and it still works somewhat reliably. A weekly tire air fill up is needed as any car does most likely. The car works just as well as it had when it was first bought albeit with a few dents and scrapes. Overall the minimal patience required is a testament to Toyota's legendary endurance and manufacturing.

- Gary L

Life's a highway: no brakes required ??

I really love the space and versatility of my 4runner. The one major thing I dislike are the brakes. So, with this model especially (third gen), the back brakes don't work near as well as they should causing the front brakes to overwork and wear down quicker than they normally would. This causes some serious vibrations after a while and a need to keep getting the front brakes shaved down (smoothed) until they need to be replaced.

- Michelle S

20 year-old vehicle still going strong.

An earlier question asked the year - my vehicle is from 1999, but I wasn't given the option to accurately. I love this vehicle. It has seen my family through many moves through many states. It is reliable. We have been fortunate to have been able to keep it running well for so long. We have had several car mechanics actually ask us if we were interested in selling - we are not. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Yvonne F

Overall it is a great vehicle.

I have found my Toyota forerunner to be very impressive, although it's about 19 years old now, it still runs perfectly without any problems the only major thing that I have done to it is general maintenance the and it's still running like a charm! The only major problem that I've had was replacing my motor mounts which was quite expensive! but worth it because it's a great vehicle off roading and not alike.

- Spencer S

The Toyota that never quits.

This car has been absolutely amazing! Never had a single problem with it and it has nearly 275, 000 miles on it. The only thing that I have had to replace which is pretty standard are the catalytic converters, light bulbs, and brakes. I have never had to worry about it not starting or the possibility of it failing on me. It only gets about 16 mpg, but it's almost what you expect of an older v6 4WD vehicle.

- Kenneth B

All wheel drive all time, 4x4, fuel economy.

I love the 4Runner for the fuel economy and comfort. All wheel drive all time, 4x4. Great in all weather. It is a little smaller than a large SUV but very comfortable. I have the limited edition which has the extra features and a sun roof. Repair cost is very minimal compared to other vehicles I have owned previously. The performance is great. Plenty of room for 5 people very comfortably.

- Genise Q

Toyota is still one of the most reliable brands on the market

With this vehicle being the top trim level, it includes many comfort and convenience items that are ahead of its day, including automatic climate control and full range power seats. The truck is very reliable, as mine is soon going to roll over 250k miles and it drives just the same as it would've off the showroom floor. All I can say is that almost nothing displeases me about my 4runner

- Justin S

Silver Toyota 4Runner with hood scoop.

My vehicle is a little old but still very reliable. It has a little over 180, 000 miles on but does not have to be serviced too often. I wish it got a little better gas mileage but it is not too bad considering how old the vehicle is. My favorite part about my vehicle is that it is large and safe. I also really love the sunroof. The thing I like least is that the paint is deteriorating.

- Caitlin L

No lemon here! I love my 2000 Toyota 4Runner .

In reviewing my 2000 Toyota 4Runner I love the fact that it is gas efficient and that it's a 4-cylinder and that the parts don't cost nearly as much as a newer model and it's easier to work on I like having the SUV because I can store things in the back of the SUV part of it in the back also it's pretty roomy and it just says it has over 200,000 miles and it just goes and goes and goes

- Pamela K

It can last for up to two decades with minor maintenance

The car has over 200,000 miles and I'm confident that it could go another 100,000 at least. It needs a lot of work for it to run more smoothly and quietly. There's something wrong with its axel (the car vibrates when it's running) and the check engine light turns on quite often because of the TPE sensor. Also, it has third party shocks so the drive is very bumpy.

- Yannica M

Need a new car please. Help me. Tired of my car. Someday I will have a new car.

It used to be a great SUV but because of its age it has become somewhat worn-out on the inside. The engine still runs great but the interior needs replaced and the ignition needs to be replaced. Also the air conditioner doesn't work. If you turn on the air it blows the fuses to my dashboard and I don't know how fast I am going or how much gas I have.

- Kimberly W

The two front windows are auto electric and my a/c has always blown cold.

I love everything about my 4runner. It has over 200, 000 miles and has only required routine maintenance to keep running smoothly. I love the 5 electric windows plus the sunroof. I love the design. It is roomy like an SUV but narrow enough to park in tight spaces. It is been on many trips across Texas and handles terrain and traffic extremely well.

- Shelley S

Safe car to drive especially for a big family

Really good car especially for the snow. Makes you feel really safe when driving it because you feel very secure and drives very smoothly. Have had no problems with it so far since it's mostly used for the winter and the snow. It is getting rusty but it's been years now. Works really great and would definitely recommend it if looking for a safe car

- Valeria M

The car that has been in my family for years.

Only major issues I have had with it is going through overhauling engine and engine check light going off. Most reliable car I have ever been in, drove, and owned. I would most definitely buy another 4Runner hopefully same year model if it was possible and continue having the car in family and life from college and on. Easy to handle and drive.

- Angelina R

Toyota - More Reliable than an Ex-Husband

This Toyota has been very reliable. First, my sister drove it, then my mom, and now for the last 4 years. My 4Runner has 223,000 miles and is still running strong. It's great for camping, transporting a surfboard, Costco shopping, taxing kids, and an oversized dog around town. I feed my Toyota Premium gas and it's worth every cent.

- Lisa D

2000 4Runner... Highly reliable and good looking.

I love the reliability, storage space and the way it drives. It easily fit five adults and is very comfortable I would highly recommend my Toyota 4Runner. I have heard from mechanics that this engine is one of the best and should run easily over 300,000 miles. Plus the stock speakers sound great and it comes with the sunroof

- Dustin R

Toyota 4runner is built to last.

I like it because Toyota’s are built to last but you have to keep up with the maintenance just like with any other car. I have had it going on for years and it is an old car but she’s still running. Good on gas and it has lots of mileage on it but it is very reliable heat and ac still works like it is a brand new car.

- Kwan B

Looks good comfortable amazing gas mileage.

Nothing wrong with it. A little cramped when you have multiple people in it, but cannot beat the gas mileage and is great for camping. We can fold the seats down lay some blankets down and is a perfect spot to sleep in while out in the woods. Also makes it into the backwoods without 4WD. Very solid reliable vehicle.

- Ashley M


I absolutely love my 2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5. It was my high school graduation present and I will own it until it dies. With close to 200,000 miles, I have had your typical problems such as timing belt, brakes, tires etc. It's comfortable for road trips to the beach with the dogs. And the features are just enough.

- Rebecca G

The SUV that keeps going and going and going.

I love my 2000 4runner. I have had no major issues with the car. The few things I needed fixed were easily done by most mechanics, and parts were easy to get. There is plenty of storage and I am able to tow small trailers/boats. The only 2 complaints are: it is a bit of a rough ride and not the best gas mileage.

- Jennifer B

Toyota family for Life!

I really love the 4runner. I have almost 300k miles on her and she is still running strong. Seats are a little smaller than I like but I'll trade that for dependability any day. Preventative maintenance is key and I believe this vehicle will be running for many more years to come. I Love my Toyota!!!

- Tina I

4Runners last forever and are sturdy and safe vehicles.

4Runners can go through any weather and hold up very well! We never take it into the shop to get fixed because it is so sturdy and consistent! It drives very well and I feel very safe driving it. We plan to keep it and drive it until we absolutely cannot anymore. Then we will buy another 4Runner!

- Taylor S

My vehicle is black with brown and black interior. It is a bigger sized car.

This vehicle is not too bad. It is lasted over 19 years and still runs well with over 200, 000 miles. My only problem is that it is outdated and has needed some minor work in the recent years. It has outdated features but is pretty comfortable and reliable. Definitely a good car to invest in.

- Sky P

4runner. Great truck and they last forever.

Its is a wonderful little SUV it's a tough dependable truck. I've had it for 5 years and for it to be a older truck it still runs like a beauty. I would recommend 4runners to anyone they are really great vehicles. Good dependable reliable vehicle. Get you a 4 runner you won't regret it.

- Vanessa B

My 200 grey 4Runner that runs like a charm.

It drives very well and good on gas. I really appreciate all the trunk space it has. I can put my children's bikes and toys in the back and go to the park. For an older model vehicle, its body is in great shape, it revs very good and it has a lot of horsepower. It is very good on gas.

- Attacher A

The story of old' ironsides.

My 4runner is always dependable, the gas hand does not work but the odometer works fine and helps me keep up with mileage. The car gets decent gas mileage for an SUV, and is great for going off and on road. One thing that needs fixing is the sunroof, as I think the motor is dying out.

- Dylan S

Best ride around can't beat get and cheaper gas I would let anybody know

Great performance never had no trouble the best ride anyone could buy great on gas rides easy lots of room great for a family ride anybody who's looking to buy I would say to buy one of them can't beat them rides great drives great cheap ride to go anywhere in hold a lot of stuff too

- Christie B

Great value for car from 2000

Reliable as long as you get the oil changed. Comfortable, high-up car that can hold a lot of people/things. Gas mileage isn't superb but lots of power so what can you expect. To my knowledge, great resale value. Wish it had Bluetooth but am not willing to spend on that currently.

- Ryan L

Review of my Toyota 4Runner

My 4Runner is very reliable, looks nice and very cost effective to fix. You do have to maintain them every 6 months or so depending on how far you drive. But, I have had my current 4Runner for 16 years and it still works like the day I bought it. I would never own any other car.

- Regina S

Sturdy, solid SUV love it.

Great car, love it. No serious problems, just general maintenance. A few minor repairs. Handles very well, of course mine is old feels sturdy like a tank. Mine could use some shocks or struts right now makes a little too bumpy for me. Overall comfortable and holds quite a bit.

- Jean M

What features I do not like about my 4Runner.

I do not like that the power locks. Lock automatically. I do not like how the back seats fold down. It seems like more work than should be necessary. The dashboard lights at night are extremely dim. It does not drive very well in the winter even when it is in four wheel drive.

- Tracy C

Toyota SR5 are always reliable!

Reliable strong car. Brakes can wear out quicker than most if you live where there are hills. Handles well. Does need extra care and caution In slippery weather but winter tires help. Nice stereo, love the moon view window. Good air conditioning system. Passes smog most years.

- Kathleen K

It drives like a tank and you never have to worry about driving in bad weather.

This an extremely reliable vehicle that drives great in any weather condition. This is a vehicle you can feel safe in and drives like a tank. It offers a comfortable ride and plenty of seating. It lasts for years and ages well. I have never once regretted buying this vehicle.

- Emily F

4 door 4 wheel drive runner.

Bought as a used car. Leather interior - dislike because it gets hot fast in heat (get seat covers!) Roof top window - love Back (trunk) window rolls down - love Spacious enough for a family of 4 4 wheel drive - fun and good for outdoor activities 4 door Reliable.

- Elina M

Easy to handle great for families.

My vehicle small compact easy to park radon gas easy to haul stuff with and just all-around nice comfortable car to ride up in the hills with to take off-road. It also has a sunroof nice tires brand new tires air conditioner heater great fog lights. Great family car.

- Dana L

My 4Runner is silver with new LED lights and racks on top.

I love my 4Runner. It is not really made for off roading but we go in many dirt and uneven roads and successfully make our destination. Our 4runner has always got us to our destination with no issues on performance. Inside is very comfortable and simple design.

- Julia K

Durability it's old and dependable

Runs great even as old as it is its the 3rd 4runner I've had I love them good mpg and run smooth and not hard to work on. It has never left me stranded or on the side of the road. The spare is easy to get to. You can find lots of aftermarket equipment for them.

- Nicholas C

Toyota is made to last forever.

Over ten years running and still going perfect only bad thing is after so long leather on the dash is cracking. Paint is still good just some fading near the back. Engine had little to no problems. I love the fabric seats over leather ones. Toyota never dies.

- Alyssa G

The most important thing is that it is a great truck that does not has major problems as long as the maintenance is kept up.

I like that my vehicle run smooth and have little to no problems as long as I keep the maintenance up on it which is what I like the most. I also like that it does not use up as much gas. I only dislike that after a few years, the paint starts to wear off.

- Jennifer C

4Runner 2000 Used but New

Very reliable vehicle even after it's been passed down twice! All the electrical features work. Made it through my teenage years with it with also low maintenance needed! Parts are very easy to find at local stores. Gas mileage for a 4wd isn't bad at all!

- I H

Reliable, sturdy, spacious, good gas mileage.

It's very reliable and has good gas mileage, it's an excellent size for my growing family. Always enough room for people and loading things. It doesn't run as well as it used to. The seats are fabric so even after a detailed cleaned they don't look clean.

- Henna A

It is a solid built car last has lasted for a long time.

Car is still in great condition. Never had a major problem mechanical. I still get the gas mileage that was on the sticker. Like any car if you maintain it, use the correct gas grade and get regular oil changes Toyota’s will last for a long time.

- Gerald P

Lovingly cared for 4runner.

My 2000 Toyota 4runner has been taken great care of. Gently used routine maintenance oil change air conditioning unit charged. Fair gas mileage. Comfortable ride. No rust or collisions, great body, brakes new.

- Patricia H

Reliable comfortable good looking vehicle.

I bought this vehicle used in 2003, it is silver with grey interior. This vehicle has given me great service, with regular oil changes, brakes replaced and other regular maintenance, this has been a great buy.

- Frances M

it can can on trails and has a lot of dependability

It's a great car still runs well after 18 years and other previous owners, only wish it was the four wheel drive model, it is the 2.7 liter engine with 4 cylinders which feels slightly underpowered at times

- john f

I like the size and the dependability. My only problems with it are because of the age of the vehicle.

I have never felt safer in a car or truck before. I know that it will reliably get myself and my baby where we need to go, and even if we get into an accident, we have a good chance at coming out unharmed.

- Megan P

well it is an old vehicle so you can't expect all the luxuries and fancy stuff like a new one

my 4Runner has been all around great to me for the past couple of years having it. traveling from california to utah its made it all the way a couple times. almost at 200,000 still running great

- luke o

high performance, safety, and last longer than other

It is a high performance vehicle. it's barely have a major problem even it is old car. I drive from Florida to Alabama, MS, LA to work, every month. If I buy a new car, I will buy toyota again

- Thoi N

Black limited 4runner with 4whl drive. Leather interior, automatic transmission.

Absolutely the best. The old 4runner style cannot be beat with reliability and quality. Given, its certainly not a luxury car by any means. Mine is almost 20 yrs old and it runs like a champ.

- Emily L

the most important thing about my car is that it is very roomy and it's very comfortable .I get really good gas mileage and it's very dependable

I like that it's good on gas . my suv is very comfortable and the perfect size for what I need in a vehicle. I also love that it has a sunroof so I can feel the sun while I'm driving .

- sharon p

A well made reliable truck that is the workhorse of Toyota.

This vehicle was a hand me down from my wife. This vehicle is a Christine to me, and has never let me down. I would not trade this truck for another vehicle. It is very reliable.

- hermin g

Four door suv that has withheld itself

I have put my trust in this vehicle and it has withheld its value and still drives great. I wish the gas mileage was better but it is an suv so there is no getting around that!

- kaylor s

It's an affordable, and comfortable sports utility vehicle. I would definitely buy another one.

I like the size of my toyota. It's comfortable and has enough space for me and my three dogs. As long as I keep it maintained, it continues to run well. No complaints really.

- Sandra T

It is a very dependable car.

It has lasted about 18 years, it has maintained itself pretty well only till recently has it actually been having mechanical issues, but once dealt with it still works well.

- Renata O

It is a very reliable car and I plan to keep it for a long time.

I love that my vehicle is low in mileage for its age. The air conditioner is still working great. I get a lot of compliments on it. The sunroof doesn't work anymore.

- Rose M

It has 300k miles on it and still runs like a champ.

It has lasted forever. Its 4x4 but 4 doors and just so practical. I do not dislike a lot about it, maybe the gas mileage. If that was better i'd be even happier.

- Cassie P

Reliability of a vehicle!

Very reliable. Above 250, 000 miles and have not had to complete any repairs in a while. Also helps to take it easy and not force the car to do anything crazy.

- Colin S

Good 'ol reliable Toyota!

Toyota is definitely the most reliable vehicle out there! Can't go wrong with Toyota. Mine is almost 20 years old and is still running like a champ!

- Paige G

Reliability of Toyota 4runner.

Reliability is the most important feature of the car for me. I mainly drive in town short distances to and from work. The car is comfortable.

- Mary C

I love the size and how low maintenance it is for an SUV.

Really great vehicle, runs extremely well for its age. Low maintenance, easy on gas. My only complaint is the radio does not work very well.

- Brittany S

4runner: vehicle that lasts.

Toyota 4runners are possibly one of the most reliable cars out there! Great for all travel needs, and really last. Worth the investment!

- Caroline S

it runs forever, it has a good body style and has long lasting power

It is versatile, good for everyday and off road endeavors. it has good space and is comfortable. it does not have good gas mileage

- sherry l

It is the most comfortable car you could ever possibly drive!.

My 4-runner runs great and I feel safe driving it. It's also good on gas and its good for garage sale and picking things around.

- Dana L

It is versatile, handles winter roads. I can haul a much of stuff and still look good.

I love the 4 wheel drive ability, as the vehicle is 18 years old i'm having mechanical issue. I wish i got better gas mileage.

- steph h




I will last a long time and can do whatever I need.

I like it is reliable and it goes where I want. It has plenty of space and fit whatever I need. It is four wheel drive.

- john P

I have a black 2000 Toyota 4Runner.

It has high mileage. Also, I need a inner tie rod fixed on my front driver side. Other then that, my car works great!

- Jonathan B

It is extremely reliable. The vehicle has never left me stranded, ever!

I love my 4Runner 230000 miles and going strong. Basic maintenance done regularly. It has never left me stranded.

- Delores B

It might be ugly but it runs great.

It fits my family but could get better gas mileage. The back windshield is awesome. Great for off-road adventures.

- Sarah B

That it is a good brand very reliable and if I can I will by another one when I need to replace it.

I like that it has a lot of cargo space. My only complaint that I did not get the one with the extra seating.

- Meghan C

It is extremely reliable, especially for being 18 years old.

I love being in an SUV. I love that the back window rolls down and being able to drive it on the beach.

- Miranda E

It's manual there is a water stain in the back seat has a sunroof but also has some mechanical problems right now

It's silver colored, manual vehicle has a bump on the front from someone hitting it when it was parked!

- Justice P

Toyota's are very reliable and rarely need work done, though we are very meticulous with upkeep and preventative maintenance

very dependable, I feel safe and above the road so I can see well the road and vehicles around me

- Cs P

It drives great, nice and smooth. Takes the corners great.

I like the height of it and the smooth drive. I have a lot of problems with the electric windows

- victor s

Toyota last a long time if taken care of.

I love it. It is easy for me to get in and out of. It is not easy to put seat cover on.

- Lou T

It's a dependable transportation,and it strong.and easy to maintain.

it doesn't have a camera to view the rear.it has horrible power.I dislike its color.

- Winston B

it's made from toyota and 4runners hold up pretty good.

had it for 18 years. It still running good. Replace oil every 4 or 5 thousand miles.

- art c

That it is old but still works great. Never had a major issue with it.

It is 18 years old and runs great. Comfortable to drive. Lots of room for stuff.

- Angela W

It's a workhorse. It performs well in snow, slush, mud and thunderstorms.

Great vehicle for bad weather, hauling things. Wish it got better gas mileage

- Lynn H

Reliable and last forever. Great day and good family car

Love my car and it is dependable. Also great for travel. Has a lot of room

- Pam T

it is modified. but the 4runner engine can run forever. 500k miles plus

it's a great vehicle, very low maintenance. i wish it got better gas mileage

- Stone C

Goes for long time more than other brands and models. Goes everywhere with 4x4.

It has the exact size for us. It's a strong engine 4x4. But it's so hot.

- Cety T

It's very reliable and is good on gas.

I like everything about my vehicle. I don't dislike my car in any way

- Michelle T

That I love it. It may be a few years old but it still drives great.

It is comfortable. It will drive for what feels like forever.

- Mike M

Still dependable with very high mileage I can feel comfortable

Not good on gas.the color I don't like. Not big enough.

- Jenny M



- Brenda G

Drive it gently and it will last. No jackrabbit starts or hard braking.

Like style & functionality. Dislike smaller size.

- George N