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Used Toyota 4Runner worth every penny!

A little stiff in the suspension but leather seats are great and comfy. Ac kicks butt. I have traveled half the country in this 4Runner it's more economical than my Yukon but just as nice. The SUV is comfortable. Roomy for a smaller vehicle I can lay all the way down in the passenger seat. Ironically I am traveling home from surgery recovery 4 days post op and I am comfortable in this car. That says something right there. This car is also so very dependable. I think I could drive it off a cliff and it would still run. I will buy more 4Runners in the future. This is my first and I am impressed.

- Jennifer C

Toyota tough - just change the oil.

My 2001 4Runner that I have had for approximately 8 years has given me hardly any reliability problems. I have had to replace the alternator, the battery, a a/f sensor, and the charcoal canister. Over the span of ownership, without cost of regular oil changes, I have spent maybe one thousand dollars on it. Granted, all the things I have mentioned I replaced myself, so there was no addition labor costs. Overall, I have been very satisfied with my SUV, its performance and reliability. I expect to drive it at a minimum of 2-3 more years and possibly pass it on to my daughter when she is 16.

- Will M

Great reliable ride that will not disappoint.

The vehicle has a very strong engine and has not given me any problems since I purchased it. I like the design of the vehicle which is more of a boxy shape. The newer models have more rounded curves that I do not like. It has many great features. It has seat warmers on both the driver and passenger seats. It has a power sunroof. Motorized adjustable seats. The rear window is powered as are all of the windows. The rear seats can be folded to increase cargo capacity.

- A M

Low maintenance and good gas mileage.

Good on gas, low maintenance. I have driven it since bought it new in 2001 and love Its 4 door cab and short bed back. I have a handicap lift on the back that carries a 3 wheel scooter. It sits high enough to have a good view of traffic and still rides well in wind. I use 245/70 size tires. I use 30/5 Mobil one oil in the pickup and change it about every 7, 000 miles. I have it serviced otherwise i.e. Transmission, lube, tire rotation every 10, 000 miles.

- Donna L

Well my car is one of the best cars on the market! It has all the features anyone would ask for!

For starters I love my car! The features it has are great! One thing I have to say about my car is that sometimes the GPS stops working but then it starts working again so yeah! Another thing is that the previous owner added a lot of new features to the car and sometimes am not sure where he put some of the fuse boxes inside the vehicle.

- John G

My vehicle is a very reliable.

The gas mileage is not the best but it drives me everywhere and gets me to where I need to go everyday. There is a lot of space in the vehicle and has enough seats that make it very comfortable. It is very useful with towing trailers and driving long distance. The performance on the vehicle is very impressive and it never lets me down.

- Nikki S

Like driving a brand new vehicle my 4Runner is an excellent utility car.

The 4Runner is great for everyday driving. Gas mileage is not bad in town. Also it is great for moving around. I do a lot of trade days so it simplifies my life. Great vehicle and well put together. I maintain regular tune ups like changing oil gas treatments. I am so happy will my 4Runner. Couldn't ask for a better car.

- Amber D

Safe, reliable truck built like a tank that can go anywhere.

Absolutely the best vehicle for Colorado. Tough enough for the mountains yet efficient enough for the city. Very safe and solid like a tank. All I have to do is keep up with basic maintenance and it will just keep running and running forever! Already owned two previous 4Runners and really love my third.

- Matt J

The truck that keeps on trucking

The 3rd gen 4runner has been a tank. Oil changes and gas have been the only thing needed to keep this car on the road for over a quarter of a million miles. General maintenance has been done, at a more than reasonable cost, and most things can be done with even a limited amount of mechanical knowledge.

- Antonio J

Silver 2001 4runner, in excellent condition inside and out.

It is a silver 2001 Toyota 4runner. It has 175k miles. It is in good condition inside and out. Power windows, locks, and hatchback window roll down. It drives good and handles effectively off-road. Gets 18 mpg. This SUV would be an excellent choice for a young adult. Its durable and tough.

- Amber D

One of the details is the supercharger in the engine.

It is great in the snow because it has four-wheel-drive. It is great for driving to the mountains. It is nice to have the extra room for camping. The engines in this vehicle have a history of lasting a long time. I also like the fact that I can pull a camper with it. Great off road too.

- Bernice S

2001 Toyota 4runner review.

I have only had one mechanical problem in the 6 years I have owned this car; it is extremely reliable. However, the gas mileage is fairly average, and I wish it was better. There's a few led lights here and there that flicker occasionally on the dashboard, but it is really no big deal.

- Anthony M

4Runner is great for the year.

My car it's actually pretty good except that it needs some taken care of but it runs great. I love how it has such a big space in the back and it's easy to drive at least for me. It has 3 seats in the back and the seats are great. Also the driver sit and passenger have seat warmers.

- Kelly M

It is a beast, dependable, reliable, never lets me down!

I love my Toyota, 4Runner! It is a beast! I lived in Mexico, with rough terrain and cobblestone Streets and it was a tank! It is been reliable, dependable, I have over 250, 000 miles and it is still running strong! I would not hesitate to buy the next generation of Toyota 4Runner!

- Donna S

It is still my dream car!

I love my Toyota 4runner! It was my dream car. It is almost 18 years old and still runs like new. Very few parts will need to be replaced when it reaches around 200, 000 miles, but that is only because of age. I could not ask for a more reliable, functional, and great looking car!

- Mary K

Don't buy anything but a Toyota!

I would never buy anything other than a Toyota again! My 2001 4Runner has 250+ miles and still going strong. It's old and no longer perfect but it's perfect for me. The day is can't go any further I will go purchase another Toyota of some soft. My husband also loves his Tacoma!!

- Amanda L

This car is great for long term.

It is old and it has issues with brakes but it gets me from point A to point B after 17 years of driving it. The car is comfortable but it does not do well in snow, ice, or heavy rain as it skids easily. Car requires about one thousand dollars plus of maintenance every year.

- Samantha T

Totally Dependable Family Vehicle

This vehicle has been completely reliable with few required repairs other than normal wear and tear. Keeping up with the routine maintenance has ensured the continued reliability. It is comfortable to drive and responds well in various weather and traffic situations.

- Michael S

Why you should buy a Toyota 4Runner.

The 4Runner really is a great car! My car is at 210, 000 miles and she still purrs. The only real fix I've had to do was change the belts and keep the fluids clean. The interior is nice and comfy with room for 5. The back seats do fold down for extra trunk space.

- Diego T

My Toyota 4-runner was built by the Toyota racing team. It has turbo if needed.

I love it! I love my 4 wheel drive because I do not have to worry about getting stuck in anything, it will not leave me stranded. I also love my power windows, sunroof, back window goes down on my hatchback. I will never own another vehicle unless it is a Toyota.

- Catherine B

The silver ghost, my 17 year old 4-runner.

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable, trouble free and a pleasure to drive, it is excellent condition, silver in color, and gets good mileage, 17 mpg in town and 20 on the highway. It is 4-wheel drive, excellent for hunting and fishing and general outdoor use.

- Stuart P

Toyota 4runner, great vehicle.

There is great space in the car and the trunk. I have had my car for years and I got it used. And it is been performing very well with regular maintenance. Great take off and comfortable to drive. Does not waste too much gas and has really bright high beams.

- Brandy B

Toyota, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

I haven't had any issues really, the only thing I can think of is I replaced all four shocks recently and I bought them online. I think 2 of them are bad, because it appears to be rough riding and I heard something about not buying things like shocks online.

- Mary F

That you'll be comfortable and safe riding in the car with me

I like that it's a big care but not too big for my small size. I like the shiny silver and simple look of my car. I also like how easy it is to drive despite my size. I wish it were more modern like having a touch screen and being able to sync my phone

- Nona O

Next time we buy a car, well get the same brand/ model, just a new version.

Smaller than my Yukon its great on gas. A little older but you would never know given miles and condition. Best active had in a vehicle ever. No joke I take a blanket it will freeze you out. In the south that's a must. I do not like the suspension.

- Jennifer N

Toyota 4Runner is reliable vehicle that will last many years.

I love my Toyota 4 runner, it drives well and the engine sturdy. My 4 runner rarely breaks down and has been a great investment. Plus it's comfortable when driving. I don't have any complaints about my Toyota 4runner, it's an awesome car.

- Joy R

My Toyota 4runner incredibly dependable while comfortable to drive.

Driving my toyota is very enjoyable. It's incredible dependable and can get me anywhere without much problems. The fuel efficiency is average. But the best part is the back window that can be lowered, me thinks that that's pretty unique.

- Ernesto M

It may not be the prettiest, but it will keep going; all the way to 400,000 miles and beyond.

This the second Toyota 4Runner that I have owned, and they have both been amazing! These vehicles are reliable and efficient for what they are. There is plenty of room inside and storage racks on the top which makes it a very versatile.

- Tyler P

My 4Runner is a great, wonderful car. It has never let me down.

I like that it's been very reliable. I like the way it looks. The only thing I would change is because it's 4 wheel drive, it isn't a smooth ride. It's all good, though. My next car, if I ever get another one, will be a 4Runner.

- Kristie L

My Toyota 4runner is Dependable and reliable with only routine maintenance .

I like the size, able to hold and transport a lot of stuff. I love Toyota. They are dependable & long lasting vehicles. Only complaint is wish it got better gas mileage but it is a truck so I have to live with that right now.

- Jessica A

just normal maintenance has been done on this vehicle since i have owed it now for 4 years. now i am putting some additional money... It's awesome and runs great still

This vehicle was bought used, i have put very little money into it and she drives like a champ. it has over 350000 miles no leaks, no hesitation. Toyota is a brand i can trust that is why i bought a 2018 camry

- Bridget Y

It makes me happy. The Dude abides.

I love my car! It's big enough to hold both kids plus plenty of camping gear, but not so big that I have trouble fitting in parking spaces. The gas mileage is decent. Overall it's a great rig.

- Sarah C

It is awesome for long drives.

4runner is awesome. Perfect for long car drives and even staying the night in the car. The back seats go down flat. Hatch window has an automatic button to roll it down. Includes sunroof.

- Samantha P

Been the workhorse of the household.

It is the best car I have ever owned 270. 000 miles on it never had a problem with it does not leak oil performance is perfect have the maintenance done as required by owners manual.

- Roger U

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is very reliable.

Current miles are 245, 000. We have had no major problems, we just keep up with maintenance. It is a very comfortable vehicle for a family or couple with sunroof and leather seats.

- Ellie B

Great truck can't go wrong. Always starts.

Love my truck. Its durable and reliable. The 4 doors helps with the kids. The camper shell keeps everything dry in the rain and when we travel nothing flies out.

- Lindsay B

Great and dependable vehicle.

I have enjoyed owning this vehicle. Have had very little mechanical issues since buying it. Good running vehicle. Very dependable and long lasting if maintained.

- Beckie F

Car is safe, sporty, comfortable and easy to drive.

I like the space, the look, the way it drives & the smooth ride.. I do not like the cost of maintenance, the cost of gas.. For the most part I love my car..

- Tina B

It is one of the most durable Toyota cars.

I like it since it is a durable car. It is still lasting even 17 years after being bought. What I do not like about it is the small amount of space it has.

- John L

It takes a lot of gas. Need to be careful not to speed.

Love it! Best car ever. Want another one soon. It's the best want another one. Love this car. Love it, . Love it so much. Comfy. Nice. Fast. Awesome car.

- Julia H

It's probably the toughest thing on the road, or at least that I've ever driven.

I like the leg room, the durability, and the gas mileage for Its size. It can go pretty much anywhere. It's tough but it still looks pretty good.

- Scott M

It handles great and has so much space, it feels like a much bigger ride.

I love the way it handles and how comfortable the seating is. It has a moonroof and the rear window goes down. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Rachel B

Everyone should know that my car is very dependable.

There is nothing that I dislike about my vehicle. The suv gets me to where I need to go and is big enough to haul things that I need to carry.

- Drew H

toyota reliability. simple and easy to work on yourself.

the reliability is second to none. easy to work on and looks good as well. has been one of the most dependable vehicles i have ever owned

- charles w

It's very reliable, it hasn't had a flat, the windows make it easy to see so I've never been in an accident.

My car is older, but very well kept. I've had no serious issues with it since I've gotten it. Has fair gas mileage still as well.

- Veronica H

It's been driven across the country a few times

I like that is is very spacious. I'd like for it to be a little better on gas. It is pretty good though with gas & isn't too long

- Vic S

It runs okay for its age!

I like the size of the car. I do not like how it handles and how much gas it takes. I also do not trust this car on the highway.

- Katie R

It has a lot of miles on it but it is extremely reliable.

It's dependable, paid off, and has lots of room for my surfboards or other large items. Only dislike is the gas mileage.

- Jeff C

Dependability, and gas mileage.

Have owned three Toyotas in the past. All have performed outstandingly. Will stay with Toyota for my next purchase.

- Steven S

Very durable and a sound investment for several years.

Durable, have almost a quarter of a million miles on it. Solid frame, can handle highway and off road driving.

- Sam M

Overall it is a great heavy duty car.

I dislike the amount of problems I have had with the vehicle but overall I love the space and how it drives.

- Katy M

Its dependable and requires little upkeep.

What I like is its sturdy, solid and runs great.. The dislike is I thought it was 4x4 but rear wheel drive.

- Jean M

Get sum of money and I will be there at the latest and greatest thing ever and I will be there at the latest and greatest thing ever and I will

I'm going to sleep now so too but I don't know if you need anything else from me please let me know if you

- Eric E

I do research on different type of terrain, enjoy the Toyota 4runner for its reliability, comfort, and room. Standard features allow travel virtually anywhere.

Toyota 4runner very reliable. I have over 186,000 miles and still have confidence it can get me anywhere.

- Eliza A

It is somewhat expensive to repair.

I like the 4 wheel drive. I like the engine power. I like the color. I do not like the gas consumption.

- Roxanne G

It's tougher than a cheap steak that's been overcooked.

It goes anywhere I need it to go. It's tougher than a cheap steak. It's extremely well-built.

- Brendon C

Great for city and off-road .

I like how I sit high and can see everything.The car is spacious and it can fit 3 car seats.

- Thaty H

My vehicle has been very dependable and I have been the sole owner.

Love the way I sit up high, I feel very safe. The gas mileage is the only thing I dislike.

- Susie A

Long term uses. Cost of vehicle. Long lasting to the life of the car.

I like that that the vehicle is very reliable. It is still going strong over 300k.

- Dave L

It will run for over 100K miles and for many years.

It is reliable. Does not breakdown often and is fairly easy to repair.

- Darrel V