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Toyota 4runner: the most reliable car on the market.

This is the best car I have ever owned. The reliability is amazing. I have only had to perform maintenance due to normal wear and tear. The gas mileage is ok for an SUV -about 22 miles per gallon average with some Hwy and some city driving. Because it is an older car, it does not have all the fancy bells and whistles, like heated seats and nav systems, that newer cars have, but the seats are comfortable and the air conditioner/heater work well. When I buy my next car, I'll probably buy another 4runner.

- Sandy B

Comfortable 4runner, Dependable and stylish.

I owned it for 10 yrs., the only problem I had was my own fault - trying to charge the battery. It ruined my security system. Otherwise, always starts, comfortable, easy to keep clean, lots of room in rear for my garden supplies and a big bike. Love the back fold down seats, leather is comfortable to sit on as well. Can see in the rear view mirrors with a good view for backing up. Comfortable on long trips, good leg room.

- Pam H

Comfortable travel vehicle with lots of storage!

We love that this car has a lot of room for storage, which is great for when we go camping or on a road trip. We also like that it is high off the ground so that we feel confident if we need to off-road for any reason. Some of the features are a little outdated for this generation, such as the radio and lack of Bluetooth connection for phones/music, so we had to get an attachment. Also it uses a lot of gas.

- Maggie T

It would be a great first car because it can get you places.

It is old, it does not have a mirror on the driver's side, and there is not an aux cord. But the benefits would be, that the seats are comfy, it is good for a first car, big trunk, and it can get you places. I have grown to love this car even though it does not have some of the tools as a newer car would have, like a camera or an aux. The car still has radio and it is not scratchy.

- Kayla V

Great for snow weather very comfortable for my family I love it.

My Toyota 4runner is the best vehicle there is to drive in the snow since a 4 wheel drive runs great.. It is awesome for my family to drive it every day to drop off my kids and pick up my kids from school. Saves me a lot of money on gas very economical. No complaints even though is a 2002. Runs great love to drive it in snowing weather.

- Jessica M

My local mechanic can handle the repairs.

My vehicle is easy to maintain. It drives more like a car than a sport utility. It is a reliable vehicle you can count on to get you where you need to go. I really like my vehicle because it was made before they started putting a lot of computer components. This also makes it cheaper to service than newer models.

- Pamela B

Toyotas can last a lifetime.

It has lasted all of these years with minimal repairs. This is my second 4Runner. My next one may be a 4Runner or Toyota product. The cost I paid for it was good. After all these years the resale value still goes up. The v6 has more power than the sluggish v4. Keep it maintained and it will last a lifetime.

- Venus J

Toyota 4Runners are for everyone.

Best car I have ever had! As long as you keep up on the maintenance it runs like new. I have not had a lot of work done on it. It is really practical for all our family needs. We are able to transport the kids to and from wherever they are going with plenty of extra space for gear, groceries, you name it.

- Jennifer K

The impressive Toyota 4runner.

The 4runner performance is great. Downside is gas usage. After 16 years the ac still works as foes the radio and CD player. I have very little repair cost. I however which I could afford to get the newer model. I enjoy road trips with the family. Toyota did a good job building the 4runner.

- Carol F

2002 Toyota 4Runner is an excellent vehicle.

I have not had any real problems with my 2002 Toyota 4Runner other than the normal wear for a vehicle of this age. It has been an extremely reliable vehicle. My Toyota 4Runner is soon going to turn over to 400, 000 miles. We have decided to keep this vehicle as long as it continues to run.

- Becky V

An SUV, super good for off-roading or any water or snow.

It has 192000 miles on it and still runs perfectly. It has a few weird issues like sensors, the driver door doesn't unlock, and the ignition locks up sometimes. All if the problems are easy to deal with and easy to fix, so over all the car is pretty decent for the miles and the price.

- Leah O

Toyota's last forever if you maintain them.

It starts every day and should last at least ten more years easily. The only negative is the bumpers are rusty. I love that it is small, fits in my garage, gets 21 mpg, but is big enough for me to sleep in and has 4WD so I can go anywhere. Having a truck frame helps it is durability.

- Ron R

The car is very economical because of the engine features.

The 2000 4Runner. Comfortable On-Road. Rugged Enough to Go Beyond. 120V AC power outlet. Available power moonroof. Ventilated disc brakes. Skid plates. Standard 4.0-liter V6. Standard full-size spare. Models: 4Runner SR5, 4Runner SR5 Premium, 4Runner Limited, 4Runner TRD Off-Road.

- Sheila K

Reliable and sporty- the perfect vehicle.

My car is very reliable- I haven't had to have more than maintenance repairs done since owning it. I love the gold color and how great the vehicle drives in snow. I trust my vehicle and would buy another 4Runner if given the chance. I love this car! Thank you Toyota.

- Hannah L

I feel safe driving with my children.

I love that I feel protected with my kids in the car because it is a bigger vehicle yet it is not so big it is hard to park. I can drive on the beach easily and has plenty of room in the cargo area. It is a Toyota so I feel like I can trust it to take long trips.

- Sam L

2002 Toyota 4Runner, dependable.

No problems, seems reliable, not as comfortable as the new fancier SUV's, better if you are going to the mountains. We have no fancy features, just basic. I do not know much about the performance I just drive it, but it gets me where I need to go. that's it!

- Kate K

Great car just older with less features.

I have not had many problems with my car. It drives great and is reliable. I just wish it were a newer model with more features like a nice stereo or Bluetooth. What would be really awesome is if it had GPS. You know that cool thing everyone else has.

- Jill C

It is easy to maintain. No need to take it to a dealership for oil change.

It is simple to operate. No complicated computers to break down. If needed, a local mechanic can service the vehicle. I do not need to take it to a dealership or find someone who has undergone specialized training to be able to work on vehicle.

- Pam B

It is made by foreigners from Asia.

4runner performs great 4x4 is awesome. Way better than anything American. I wouldn't take it to a Toyota dealership they will try to destroy it to make you buy a new one especially if you have a highly sought after year model.

- Ryan O

Toyota - a vehicle that will last over 15 years

I like my 4runner options including sports model, color, side runners, and ability to pop, slide, or open the top window. The only complaint I have is the rubber around the left side of the doors has never been right.

- De F

They hold their value well in comparison to other makes and models.

The check engine light come on a couple of days ago and that worries me because I know that it is an older car. Everything else about it is great. It has plenty of storage and gets me from point A to point B.

- Hadley C

It has very basic features throughout all the models. It is not a high tech vehicle. It is geared towards people who enjoy off-roading. The vehicle has great space capacity and the motors will run forever in the vehicles so long as the frame does not rot first.

I love that the rear window rolls all the way down into the door panel. I dislike that the seats feel very stiff. Also the car does not ride exceptionally smooth and often feels bumpy or all over the place.

- Danielle D

It is reliable and well built. It runs well and has over many years and miles.

It is a great car that runs well and has few problems. My only complaints are due to damage done in an accident and don't have anything to do with the overall quality of the car. It's very reliable.

- Christine B

It has lots of space. Great for going out with your family. If you want you can install extra seats on the back and good for carrying heavy things or pull.

It is a family car, has lots of space love that. Very smooth to drive, but the air conditioning it was failing but it is fix now. That has been the only problem but other than that it is a great car.

- Ada H

Love this truck, I would buy another!

No real problems, it is pretty reliable. Comfortable for me, I have lower back issues and I can drive this vehicle for long periods. 2wd auto, ac, alarm, power windows, power door locks.

- James S

Car is very easy to switch between 2- wheel and 4-wheel drive.

I purchased the vehicle brand new in 2002. Sixteen and a half years later, I now have 175,000 miles and have never had a major problem. It has been a very reliable car for me.

- Jeff H

The most important thing is the great gas mileage for an suv.

My Toyota has had no problems at all. The only maintenance I HAVE DONE IS BRAKES IN 120,000 MILES. It's got plenty of room. It's four wheel drive gets me anywhere I want to go.

- Michelle A

It is comfortable, very spacious, and reliable.

This car is really reliable. It is now 16 years old and can still go on several hundred mile trips, and is able to make it through all kinds of weather conditions and terrain.

- Curtis C

Best quality truck I've ever driven

I absolutely love my Toyota Hilux 4runner! It has a diesel engine and the truck is built to last. I have driven other trucks but nothing seems to compare to Toyota quality.

- Joe D

Best thing about a Toyota.

Reliable has lasted almost 20 years. I have not had many costly repairs. This is my second 4runner my next one will probably be a 4runner or another Toyota product.

- Venus J

It's a great truck!! Limited edition 4runner. Old but great

My vehicle is great. Back controlled windows, heated seats, leather interior, choice of 2 or 4 wheel drive options. Nothing what the new cars are made of..

- Sham V

Great gas mileage long lasting vehicle.

Performs great cheap to fix if any problems happen great gas mileage does good off-roading good storage area long lasting vehicle Won't buy any other SUV.

- Robert T

It is still running well because I have it maintained at the required intervals.

My vehicle has 277,000 miles on it. It is still running well because I have it serviced at regular intervals and get my oil changed every 5,000 miles.

- Ivy R

Big tires, large interior.

It is reliable, fun to drive, large, dependable. I have had this vehicle for 16 years and plan to keep driving it until it will not drive any longer.

- Dylan C

Toyotas are the BEST as far as low maintenance vehicles that are affordable.

It's an awesome car. I've not had to have anything major done to it and it's my everyday driver. It has just enough room for me. I love my 4runner.

- Kimberly G

It's an all around dependable vehicle

It has ample cargo area, gets decent gas mileage and is comfortable. It however, is is 16 years and has LOTS of miles on it with a few issues.

- Amy D

The most important thing is that my SUV is reliable and or dependable.

I absolutely love my SUV. I do not have any dislikes. I love the body style. It's the best vehicle I've ever owned. It is very reliable.

- Loretta L

It's indestructible and gets me through any weather from rain to snow to sunshine.

I love my 4runner size and power. I don't like that my air conditioner doesn't work and I would prefer a jewel tone color instead of white.

- Karri W

It has not cost me a lot in maintenance.

The seats are a little small. It accelerates to fast on hills and in curves. But it is a good ride and moves me from one point to the next.

- Patricia D

It has an older model of a radio and you cannot put in an aux.

I hate that my radio broke. Also it is too big to fit in parking spots normal cars could squeeze into. I like the idea of TVs in the car.

- Isabella L

The car has great gas mileage.

The vehicle gets great gas mileage, and it is roomy enough for a family of four. It has a sleek design i love. It drives great.

- Hope W

Lasts long, inside & out. Regular maintenance a must.

Performance & reliability great, even though old. Comfortable ride. Random people ask if it is for sale. No complaints so far.

- Venus D

Toyota cars run forever. I do not worry about my car breaking down on the side of the road.

Strong, heavy vehicle makes me feel safe. Reliable and has a good resale value. The only negative is that it's a gas guzzler.

- Elizabeth E

Great car. Very well made vehicle. Would buy another one.

I love my 4runner. It is a very reliable car. Runs great. We have replaced the radiator once. Family friendly. And well made.

- Peggy L

That Toyota makes a very good product and is very dependable.

This vehicle has been very dependable for me. Everything works great. I usually only use it for errands because I am retired.

- Barry T

best car on market for the money

I love this car 4x4 has everything I need heated seats in winter love that no problems for me I would buy a 4runner again

- tamara a

The pos. Don't buy one. It's too small

It's a pos. I would never buy another one. I need room and there's no room in it at all. I have a boy and one on the way.

- Lauren G

Dependability and still looks great.

Rarely have any problems. Comfortable and roomy. Nice leather. Love the fold down seats and cargo space. Motor is quiet.

- Pamela H

Its green and angry. The power steering is gone.

I've had to rebuild the engine at least twice already. But when I have a job that only a truck can do she gets it done.

- Emma S

Toyota 4Runners last a long time. She should go at least 400k miles.

She runs great, looks good, fits in my garage, will go anywhere, and will outlive me. I don't like the rusty bumpers.

- Ronnie R

It is comfortable and easy to maneuver.

I love everything about my 4runner. I love the way it drives. I love that it is dependable. I love the way it looks.

- Denise K

Overall good vehicle, best for off-road use.

Gets good gas mileage, is fairly comfortable, the ride is a bit rough because of the big tires, but overall not bad.

- Kate K

2002 Toyota 4runner survey

4runners are amazing vehicles. I have never had any problems with my 4runner. It's an extremely reliable vehicle.

- Christopher H

It has good mileage and it runs pretty good.

My car has a few problems for one I can't take it to the car wash due to the water will come in from the windows.

- Kelly L

It is an uncomplicated vehicle that is easy to care for and very reliable.

The gas mileage. SUVs do not get the best gas mileage. It gets ok mileage on the highway but only so/so in town

- Pam M

My vehicle is great for storage and has good mileage.

It has been a reliable vehicle for almost 20 years. It continues to be fully functional with proper maintenance.

- Kat T

It is white, four door and no tint

Car runs great but uses up a lot of gas. It has A/C. The antenna to car broke so rarely get any radio station.

- Rumchong T

Reliable small family vehicle

Our car has 245,000 miles with only routine maintenance and no major issues. It is roomy, great for a family

- elnora B

Best off-road vehicle on the market

Easy to work on, runs as long as you take care of it. Absolutely indestructible, and will take you anywhere.

- Allen H

Go anywhere with my 4runner

Reliable and go anywhere that just keeps going and can do anything at any time that I want and when I want.

- Brian C

Very reliable. Sixteen years old and nothing but routine maintenance.

Big, safe, holds a lot, getting older, not great mileage, people constantly approach me to buy it.

- Rebecca W

It's a 2002...and it still looks good and runs good and it's 2018.

I love how dependable it is. I love how stylish it looks. I like how it has a good reputation.

- Kevin b

Even though it's an older vehicle, it is reliable.

It's reliable. I like it's color. I hate it's age because of somewhat frequent repairs.

- Karrie V

I love how durable it is. I feel safe when driving it. I also love that the windows are wide and I can easily see in all directions.

It has lasted me forever. I have over 100,000 miles on it and it is still going strong.

- Natalie R

I would like a newer car. Otherwise I love the size and style of the car and the reliability

Old but it is very reliable. Has had some work done to it but runs like new

- Courtney S

There is a lot of room to utilize.

I like that it drives like a truck and enjoy how high it sits on the road.

- S t

I have over 300,000 miles on my Toyota and she is going great. I keep her maintained and she starts up and brings me to point A and wherever else I need to go.

Toyotas are very reliable when you take care of them

- Traci G