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The best. It handles extreme weather changes the best.

I love my 4runner, my husband and I have put a lot of miles on it in the short time we've owned it. We drive between 5-7 hundred miles a week and my Toyota has never gave us a problem. We have extreme weather changes where we live, the only thing that I would change is the paint color of the car because it is not a common color that auto stores carry, my husband is a great mechanic and services the car himself, and the shop he works at does not even have the color. Same with the inside color, it would be nice to be able to touch up things from time to time. The top rack is something I would also like to see changed for something solid. But those are small things that do not really make a difference when looking for a car, it is more about the performance and durability that matters, and my car passes those with an a+. I love this car and would buy any Toyota in the future.

- Melody S

My trusty not rusty Toyota 4runner/runner!

The Toyota 4runner has many features that make driving more comfortable. This is paramount due to my rural location. Walmart, doctor appointments etc. are 40+ miles away. The seats are very comfortable and there isn't much bouncing which is important due to neck and back pain. The trunk are is larger and also allows for raising a platform of sorts, so that you can have a shelf, as well as small side compartments for handy storage of tools or jumper cables etc. The body design is a little boxy, but it does not look 14 years old and thus does not make you feel like you're driving an outdated body style. The tire rims are aluminum and cause a black substance to cover the rims between washes and the silver paint on them has bubbled, but not bad for the age. I would prefer a different material for the rims. Overall a great car.

- Brittany A

I love the height it put you up to say over other cars I love the roominess and the four-wheel-drive everything about it it's very smooth riding even though it's 14 years old.

I absolutely love my 2004 Toyota forerunner S are. It has four-wheel-drive, And that is a mess with me. I drove SUV most of my life however I had never drove a foreign maker model until I got my Toyota I will never own nothing else but a Toyota I absolutely love it I have not had a problem out of it. I would never buy forward again I might consider another Chevy but I doubt it the Toyota run so smooth I only have 150 miles and it is already 14 years out. It has not gave me any trouble

- Kandy C

It is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

My 4runner has been the best vehicle I have ever owned... It goes great in the snow.. And it has not caused our family any problems.. We will always own a Toyota they keep their value.. I love the fact that it has a v8. I would like to see Toyota make the new ones with a v8 in them.. But now they come only with a v6. The 4 runner also has enough room for our family overall it is just a great SUV.

- Tamara M

Practical family SUV and easy to use features.

I love the removable third row seats. It has been the most reliable car I have ever had. We love taking it up to the mounts and she handles steep climbs easily. I have never had a mechanical issue. The seats are easy to adjust and fold up. The only issue is lack of trunk space when the third row seats are in. Other than that it gets get mileage and the seats are comfortable for the long drives.

- Kris K

Toyota 4runner. Safe reliable vehicle.

We have a grey Toyota 4runner. It has been a reliable car for us except sometimes the heat does not want to work right. The back seat is big enough for 3 infant car seats but we will probably consider a trade in for a minivan that offers third row seating. It has comfortable leather seats. The trunk space could be a little bit bigger but all around a good and safe reliable vehicle.

- Cheryl L

Very roomy and convenient.

I really never had any problems with my vehicle my husband maintains it pretty well he is a mechanic it is very reliable, it is very good on gas mileage, it is roomy and comfortable. My husband likes to ride bike so he puts the bikes in the back with no problem, we also have 5 fur babies that we take to the park a couple times out of the week and we have no problem with the room.

- Nancy A

The 2004 4Runner is a great choice of SUV for busy moms. It doesn't get great mileage in City but it does ok on the open road. Just watch out when driving in the city for the blind spot created in front of the side view mirrors

My 4Runner is big like a truck but rides smooth like a car. I easily haul boxes of thrift store purchases and donations. It's easy to get into and out of my 4Runner which has run over 240,000 miles and is still running strong. The only thing I don't like about it is that the side mirrors are too large and dangerously block my view sometimes.

- Deborah P

This car has over 250k miles and has never once broken down.

This car has over 250k miles and is still the most reliable vehicle i've ever had. It can get through several feet of snow and not struggle and handles amazingly. Like most SUV's, the turning radius is not amazing however, compared to my Chevrolet I had before (which had major problems all the time and died at 170k miles) its night and day.

- Andrea T

2004 Toyota 4runner 'my opinion'.

Gas mileage is horrible, overall the vehicle is sturdy and dependable, although we've dealt with many minor problems (electrical with windows back hatch /window) (maintenance light won't go off) which is basically just telling you 'hey you've driven this many miles we recommend new fluids pumps lines etc' but as far as dependable, very.

- Nicki B

Speedy and reliable mom hauler.

I love my 4runner for speed, space and ability to go off road. My current 4runner has over 200,000 miles on it and is still going strong. It is a reliable vehicle. There is a current problem with the oxygen intake which will need to be fixed. The gas mileage is not exactly where I'd like it to be, but I cannot beat the v8 engine!

- Amanda C

Not 4WD, but it drives the back roads of the Texas hill country like a champ!

I bought my 4runner new in 2004 and it has been fantastic the entire 14 years! Performance has always been solid, and I have always been confident in it is reliability. The sunroof/moonroof has given me a slight bit of trouble, but nothing major. The back windshield wiper is not the strongest feature, but okay overall.

- Megan C

High mileage and still going strong.

My truck has 379,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. The dashboard has a recall. The passenger side is peeling and has started to crack. The brakes need to be changed often, but the main I issue I have is the ac does not work. This truck is reliable, comfortable, and spacious. I absolutely love it.

- Christy B

I love my Toyota 4runner.

I absolutely love my 4runner! It is very reliable dependable never had any issues out of it. Only thing I ever had to do is change the oil & buy new set of tires. It is the most reliable and dependable vehicle I have ever owned. I will definitely buy another 4runner in the future.

- Michelle C

It is extremely reliable. The car will last you for a very long time.

It's solid and feels like a tank. The handling is tight. I have had 0 problems with it. I do regular maintenance on the vehicle and it treats me well. The 4x4 capabilities are great. Love it and will buy another one whenever this one dies which I don't know know when that will be.

- Stephan F

A SUV that seats 5 and runs great.

I have not vehicle problems. This car since I had it handed down to me has had no problems and it's a great car and an upgrade from my last car. I love this car a lot. It has seat warmers which I love and a sunroof too. This car is just great. It has been very reliable so far.

- Faith E

Toyota is hands down the best car manufacturer.

Best vehicle ever has 380, 000 miles on it and have only done maintenance items on it. Fluids, brakes and that is it. Would drive it tomorrow across country and not even think twice. Very dependable vehicle and super ride. Toyota definitely makes the best vehicle hands down.

- Corey H

04 4runner. Still runs great.

It has been a great car. It is had routine maintenance but no other expensive problems. The back seat leg room is a little cramped. Wish there was a little more cargo space in the back. Acceleration is good. Can be a bit sluggish going uphill. Ride is still pretty smooth.


BEST SUV! Dependable & holds value!!

Best SUV I've ever had. I believe 4Runners are one the most dependable and valued SUVs of all time. Not to mention that hold their value insanely well. I continue to drive this SUV with pride & continue to do so until something better(highly unlikely) takes over.

- Yvette E

My 4Runner is spacious, sturdy, and dependable.

I have yet to have any problems with my 4Runner. There was one previous owner before me and they didn't have any trouble. My 4Runner currently has 140, 000 miles and it runs great. Whenever I do have to upgrade, I will definitely consider purchasing another one.

- Jordan L

Best vehicle for all lifestyles!

I absolutely love my Toyota 4runner!! It is comfortable, roomy and extremely reliable. It has 320,000 miles on it and still runs like a champ. 4 wheel drive is awesome and it never gets stuck. It has a peppy v8 engine with enough power to haul my horses too!!

- Michelle A

Air conditioner self power.

I love my 4runner. It is so easy for me to put all of my stuff in and just go. It is easy to keep clean. I can load all of my friends in it! I love the engine power that the v8 gives. The only problem I have is that sometimes the a/c turns itself on and off.

- Winston S

Review of 2004 Toyota 4Runner.

Have never had any issues. Very comfortable drive with heated leather seats. My vehicle is 14 years old and still looks great. I get regular oil changes and tire rotations. Gas mileage averages 19 mph, but it is worth that to have the availability is credia.

- Karen H

It is going strong even with 150,000 miles on it. ??

I like the way it handles and pulls my tiny little trailer and holds a ton of stuff. The dog seems to enjoy riding in the back more than any other vehicle I have owned, to the point of refusing to get out. I wish the turning radius was a little tighter.

- Dee M

I love my 4runner, there is no one thing I can highlight it is the best.

This is the best vehicle that I have personally driven, it is good on gas, drives well in snow and ice. Easy maintenance costs, handles well in traffic. It is reliable and I trust my dealership when I do need maintenance. Roomy and comfortable to drive.

- Linda T

Toyota’s are amazing vehicles.

Amazing car runs great and Toyota’s last forever. 4Runners have great life expectancy as well as the highlander. The 4Runner is also a great family vehicle, good for camping, and decent on gas mileage. Takes regular fuel. Also makes a great first car.

- Dorian S

Although my vehicle is 14 years old, it is very dependable.

My vehicle has almost become part of the family. It carried by father back and forth for doctor visits and/or hospitals, and now it takes me to help my mother. I am very comfortable driving the vehicle and consider it a very reliable vehicle.

- Rebecca P

4Runner is an amazing car that I will keep buying.

This car has over 200k miles and it seriously drives like a dream. I will drive this car until it gives out and then buy another 4Runner. It is spacious, reliable, Comfortable, and I've never had any problems other than normal maintenance.

- Julia M

4Runners are very spacious and comfortable while looking badass on the road.

The only issue I have had with this vehicle is the head gasket being cracked. I guess this is typical for 4runners. Other than that an issue is mileage for gas. I love the rest of it. It looks nice and is very spacious and comfortable.

- Rachel L

It is great quality and if you take care of it it will last forever!

I love everything about my 4runner. I love how it sits up high and how it holds a lot of cargo when the seats fold down. I have moved a lot of furniture this way. It is very dependable and I have had very little to no issues with it.

- Savanna A

Great mechanical structure, poor aesthetic quality and maneuverability.

Has never given me issues engine wise, I like the room, 4 wheel drive and sturdy construction. I wish it got better gas mileage and the blind spots weren't so hard to navigate. Paint and interior have started to wear off with age.

- Mara S

It holds up year over year. If you take care of it the way you're supposed to, you should be able to run it into the ground. I have 160,000 miles on mine and still run it daily.

I really like the durability of the car. I have been using it in all weather (big snowstorms) and always feel safe. It could be better on gas - currently at 18 mpg. It is also very spacious and allows me to travel with a lot.

- Scott F

Airbags - side airbags. Great sound system. Wireless system with headsets.

I bought my 4runner brand new off the lot. In addition, I have serviced it by the service schedule and only have had to do normal maintenance and brakes. It rides like a high end car but goes off-road with no problem.

- Angela C

Toyota 4runner, as good 14 years later as the day it was new.

My vehicle is one of the best if not best cars I have ever owned. The comfort, performance, and reliability of the Toyota 4runner is bar none and continually amazes me as the miles add on.

- Ivan M

I feel very safe in it except, the backseat safety belts stopped working.

The rear brakes have locked up I was told a common problem. Rust in the rear door that included the back window mechanism. Otherwise a great SUV if I had the money I would buy another one.

- Mike A

Toyota 4runner- great family car but be prepared to deal with electrical issues!

My 4runner has electrical issues and the catalytic converters have been fully replaced twice. The tow hitch is loose so it clunks as I drive. These issues are common for my vehicle.

- Shannon S

Reliable and Dependable Toyota 4Runner

The vehicle is reliable, requires minimal maintenance, it is comfortable and versatile. We take it camping every year and it fits everything we need. It seats 5 people comfortably.

- Marie R

very good value for $ paid

it has things that other cars do not: eyeglass holder, Ac for back seat, lots of cup holders, back window goes down..Doesn't break down often, 166,000+ miles! MPG could be better.

- jo R

It is spacious and reliable.

I like that my vehicle is spacious, reliable, and has a window that rolls down on the hatch. I like that I can fit all my needs in it. I dislike that it does not have Bluetooth.

- Jenna F

The Great Perks of a Larger Vehicle

The toyota 4runner is a great car for me because I can see everything when I drive. When I drive a smaller car such as a toyota corolla, i feel as though i cannot see the road.

- nancy b

The Toyota 4Runner is a very reliable car.

The vehicle has been very reliable and has driven over 150,000 miles with no large problems at all. Overall, I have been very pleased with the performance of this car.

- Gregory H

My SUV is my getaway car to go exploring instead of staying home.

I like that it is a SUV and it is very spacious. It is great for travel and to go grocery shopping. What I dislike is the gas mileage. I need like $50 for a full tank.

- Nora V

I have room to haul things around in the back - more than meets the eye because the back seats fold down

I like how it is imposing on the road and other vehicles move out of my way. I like the cargo space in the back. I do not like how rusty it has gotten on the bottom.

- Ximen J

That it is very useful and has a lot of memories. My family is the only family to own the car so it has a lot of history.

It's a black Toyota 4runner V8 sport edition. I love the power and the ability to pull a horse trailer and how much space it has. I hate how much gas it uses though.

- Chelcey N

Extremely reliable and is the most dependable car I have owned.

I absolutely love my 4runner. It has third row seating which is amazing and very convenient when taking road trips. It ride smooth and is by far my favorite vehicle.

- Tracy T

I love my car I treat it as my baby.

My vehicle is reliable and has never left me stranded. It requires low maintenance. It has a lot of room and is comfortable. Gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

- Chelsea H

4Runners are the very best

The best SUV! Reliable, sporty, economic. No problems since I keep up on maintenance. Only downfall is wish it fit 3 adults in back seat with more comfort

- Ashley C

Roomy, spacious and having a kid, family it's great.

It has 160,000 miles and it works awesome. I haven't had any problems and keep the oil change and regular tune ups once a year. The car is very faithful

- Tiffany O

It's dependable in kinds of weather. It has very little repair expenses.

It is big enough to carry lots of luggage and our dog. It's paid for. Has been reliable. Needs general maintenance so far. Has less than 100000 miles.

- Louis G

Great on gas for long trips even though it is a large engine.

Love that it is very dependable. It is very easy for me to buy parts and work on it myself. It hold all my kids with some extra space for groceries.

- Sean M

It's a very reliable vehicle! With regular maintenance and care, this car will last us quite a while and be well worth the cost!

My vehicle was purchased used. It is great for traveling long or short distances, and my fiance and I love that we can drive it when we go camping.

- Desiree S

4runners go everywhere you need to go!

My car is very reliable, I have never had any problems with it. It is 4 wheel drive and handles exceptionally well in snow and other bad weather

- Mary M

Good gas mileage for an SUV and very few maintenance issues.

I am very pleased with this vehicle. I have had it since 2008 and had very few maintenance issues. For an SUV it has exceptional gas mileage.

- Patricia G

The car is dependable and maintenance is affordable.

Dislikes are that gas efficiency is only 20 mpg. The back area does not have a lot of room for storage. Likes are that it is very dependable.

- Jay B

Toyota trucks are the best made trucks for the price.

I like the durability of Toyota trucks. They have a long proven record of reliability. They are low maintenance and very affordable over all.

- Bob A

with high mileage it still runs great.

Love my vehicle a lot. I had it for 10 years now it is 14 years old. I have very little issues with it. It still runs like a champ.

- roxie S

It is reliable and gets me from point A to point B very well.

Only complaint is the head gasket is messed up. It seems like a known issue, but I have to pay for it. That is my only complaint.

- Brett D

It is expensive to keep up with but it will last forever.

I like that my vehicle has a v8 engine. It has plenty of power to drive up the mountains where I live. The gas is expensive though.

- Morgan M

My Toyota is a very reliable car even for its age.

I love my 4Runner because it is so reliable. Gas mileage is awesome. Even though it's an older car it is made of good quality.

- Sanjuanita P

My reliable and dependable 4runner

My vehicle is very reliable and we have not had a problem ever since. It is very reliable and the gas mileage is very good.

- Chie R

Heated seats with a sunroof.

I like the way it runs. I like to go off roading. I like it because it is high. There nothing I do not like about my truck..

- Monica M

4runner 2004 4 wheel drive 4 door.

Came from up north and has damage from salt. I bout it used but have only replaced a few parts hvac blower fan. Alternator.

- Tim H

The 4 runner is a sturdy, well built reliable vehicle.

No major problems, it has been in the shop one time. I feel it is a reliable well built SUV, it has been a great vehicle.

- Lea Ann M

Reliable and smooth running.

I love my Toyota 4runner. It is reliable easy on gas and is good in for the winter month. And I love how it sits high.

- Wanda W

Reliable. Economical. Smooth ride with adequate seating and storage.

This Toyota has 315, 000. Miles on it and had only myself and one other owner. It still runs great! Still runs great.

- Michelle B

It's 4 wheel drive and handles well on icy roads.

I love the style and how much roomy it is. It drives so smooth. Toyota seem to have less mechanically problems too.

- Tracy M

My Toyota is very reliable and safe and dependable.

I drive an SUV from Toyota. It is a 2wd and I wish I would of purchase a 4wd. Especially when I try to go off road.

- John M

One thing others should know about "their own cars", is just to have it checked on once in a while, to avoid damages.

We do have and own a Toyota Sienna and it is still up and running until today. Same routine maintenance monthly :P

- Isao K

Best Toyota. Best SUV. Must have

BEST car I've ever had. It's 4 wheel drive. Has lots of room for my family. Lots of room for ALL our activities.

- Danielle S

Great value, all the gadgets are included and better than any other brand.

It is old and need maintenance.. It is great off road and big enough to sleep in.. Good in bad road conditions.

- Kat T

It is safe to drive and use by the whole family.

I like that it is easy to drive. The maintenance is cheap and easy too. It consumes gasoline just about right.

- Chok R

It does not breakdown. It has lasted forever.

It is very spacious. I also like the gas mileage for the size of it. I have had no problems with maintenance.

- Jeff C

Beautiful vehicle. Gold and like new.

Excellent vehicle. Very reliable and comfortable. Never been in an accident or had any problems of any kind.

- stuart p

My brakes are pretty touchy.

I like everything about my vehicle. I get aggravated sometimes because my check engine light comes on a lot.

- Kacey P

It is dependable and runs good.

Has over 150k miles and still going strong! No mechanical issues. Interior is great and the car runs smooth.

- Rhonda O

Lots of room not too small. The truck is extra large for cargo.

I love the reliability but wish it was bigger. I like that it gets good gas mileage. They are good vehicles.

- Brandy M

That it is very dependable.

It is very dependable. In the 12 years that I've driven it I have always felt safe. It still looks great!

- Felicia H

Toyota is a long lasting brand if you keep the maintenance up in the vehicle.

Vehicle is very reliable. I do not have any dislikes. The vehicle is fully loaded for the year of 2004.

- Linda W

It is a very dependable SUV.

I do not ever have major problems as long as I keep up maintenance. Drives good. Gas mileage is fair.

- Kristen T

Amazing vehicle! Highly recommended

No issues Drives great. I love it. Even mileage is decent. Very comfortable. Can do off reading too!

- Pradeep N

Toyota 4runners are very reliable when maintenance is kept up

It runs very smooth. It's reliable and Toyota's lasts a long time when keeping up with maintenance.

- Julie H

Dependable, lots of trunk room an feel safe in the car

It's a great car and has been very dependable. I love the suv and feel very good driving in it

- Diana w

Reliable with great resale value

More power than previous model years, Roomy interior with sizeable cargo space

- Charlie S

My car is sporty and kid friendly. It has 4 wheel drive and isn't too big.

I love the size of my car. The car rides smooth. There is plenty of legroom.

- April G

It's low maintenance and durable.

It runs great. It's long lasting and durable. It has an older look to it.

- Cassandra P

It is super safe so you don't have to worry about getting hurt if I crash

I like that it's big. It has a lot of storage. It makes me feel safe.

- Sophie B

That is belongs to me. Toyota is a good brand.

As an automotive technician, I haven't had any major problems.


Toyota 4Runner is a safe and reliable vehicle, always gets you there.

My vehicle is safe, sturdy, reliable, and comfortable.

- d j

It's a car that is smooth when driving.

I love my car, it has great mileage and is Japanese.

- Viet P

reliable and dependable .

No complaints, has been a very reliable vehicle.

- erin K