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The Highlights of a Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner is like a pickup truck though smaller than a pickup truck. It handles well in winter. Being high off the road makes it better when snow gets deep. Four by four, with manual switch is the way to go. No automatic switching to four wheel drive. Switch manually to 4 wheel drive low, or switch to 4 wheel drive high. There is room for five passengers. There is room for luggage in the back and some also come with a luggage rack on top which is good for extra storage. The sound system is awesome. The bass is good, really good! You can play CDs and yes also the old fashioned cassette tapes in my older model! I can't say enough about how good the sound is. The 4Runner is a very strong vehicle. Anyone looking for a truck that is not huge and still is well off the road as far as clearance, the 4Runner is the way to go. The 4Runner is great bang for your buck. It is good bought new or buy one used, the 4Runner will not fail you. The 4Runner has towing capability. Take it on camping trips road trips or just quick trips running errands. The only concern that I can think of is that the road noise is to loud for my preference. I would like a quieter cabin. Other than that I love my 4Runner!

- Shirley I

This particular year is equipped with a timing chain instead of a timing belt.

Toyota 4 runners in general are great vehicles. Though my 4runner is base model it still have great feature. sunroof if probably my favorite. Along with roof racks for traveling. Also aside from the inside height it can basically be used as a pickup truck the rear seats fold down completely allowing ample space if you need to hit the hardware store and if somethings seem a little to long to fit, the rear window goes down for those oversized 2 by 4s etc. Another great feature is it comes equipped with a tow package so you will not have to purchase an add on. Also great for grocery shopping the floor in the rear lifts up to become a secondary shelf with ample space to store many groceries and even comes equipped with a sun shield for those refrigerated groceries as we. One more thing is the air conditioning, coldest ac I have ever had in any vehicle and there are ac vents in the rear as well.

- Kris B

Perfect reliable adventure car.

This car is an excellent car for adventure. I never have to worry about fitting all of my gear (I ski, climb, mountain bike, etc.). I can sleep in the back of my car comfortably with another person. It can handle any road conditions and it has taken me to places I could have never accessed with many other cars. The car is solid and sturdy but also very fun to drive. The interior is spacious and people always comment on its leg room. The back window rolls all the way down and that is probably one of the most enjoyable extra features the car has. My car has 150,000 miles and has not had any issues besides regular maintenance. It feels like it still has a lot of life left in it.

- Lucia I

The best SUV out there!! Pickup truck meets SUV.

I absolutely love my Toyota 4Runner! This car is honestly the best version of SUV possible! With my Toyota 4Runner, I can put the seats down and roll the back window down and it can act like a pick up truck. There are only two problems I have experienced with this car. The first problem I experience a lot is that my heat shield rattles every once in a while and sometimes I have to get that tightened because that gets super annoying. Also, when I hit 30-40 miles per hour at 1500 rpm, my car rattles as if it is on a rumble strip. My mechanic says that it is a problem with my transmission. Other than that, my car has been running great for 13 years- almost brand new!

- Brooke G

That this car will last you a long time if you take good care of it.

The Toyota 4runner is our oldest car, but still works amazingly. We've had it for 13 years and it still functions like any other car. We haven't had many problems with it, and they are completely reliable. One reason I specifically like the car is that you can add two extra seats in the trunk if needs. You would think they are uncomfortable, but they are actually the best spot in the whole car. The car provides enough space like a truck; without being big and bulky. I highly recommend this car to anyone who wants a truck without having a legitimate truck. I am strongly happy and proud with the car.

- Jose F

Small spaces between car seats but big trunk space.

The problem I have is that the front windows are too small and it is impose to see a vehicle coming around in the front by the sides. I would have to lean over just to double check. The windows in the car overall is too small. The performance is amazing though and I do feel comfortable in the car because it is a equal spacing that provides me with comfort. The features are great as well but if you want a car lighter that is just a downfall but the features are great and easy to adjust even while driving.

- Mamie L

Reliability. No mechanical issues. Strong engine.

I love this SUV. Rides like a truck. I get about 15 miles to the gallon. Has 4 wheel drive. I've never gotten stuck with it. Whether it be in snow or mud. Good tires are expensive. You can haul many things. Whether it be towing a trailer or loading it full of items. Has lots of room. Cargo area is large. Has spare tire that is not a doughnut. Has roof rack and comes with tow hitch. We have the basic model. But does have power door locks and windows. Back window goes all the way down. Cloth seats.

- Amanda D

The perfect reliable family SUV.

The car drives very smoothly and I love the size. It has been very reliable for me and my family and we feel safe in it on a daily basis. It is quite comfortable and the perfect size for our family. We really like Toyotas in general and will probably continue to buy them. We have gotten good feedback from our mechanics on Toyotas and specifically the 4runner, so we know it is a good solid car. We like the leather seats, the look of the car, and that the back windshield goes down.

- Emma M

It's a mix between an SUV and a pickup truck. Its badass.

The back window rolls down which is awesome and the seats go down as well so I can move a lot of stuff and have things that stick out of the back of my car. The only problems I have are that the heat shield rattles a lot so I have to get that fixed a lot and then also sometimes if I am in a certain speed range the car rattles which my mechanic explained is normal with this car. But yeah the 4runner is a SUV but a super badass SUV.

- Brooke G

The doors automatically lock when you start it which makes me feel very safe.

Never had a problem. Love it! I drove it all the way across country from Louisiana to Portland Oregon. It did not give me any trouble and it was surprisingly good on gas. Also surprisingly it's extremely comfortable to sleep in if need be. The only problem I've ever had with it was the brakes. However that was completely my fault for not having them checked when I noticed a problem.

- Melissa C

Toyota 4runner - a reliable and comfortable car.

I love my car. It is very reliable, and I have been driving it for about 5 years now as I bought it used. I have been experiencing some problems with the reporting system of the car but it still drives great and makes me feel secure driving in ice and snow where I live in Colorado. It has always gotten me to where I need to go comfortably and I will drive this car into the ground!

- Jessica I

I love my Toyota 4Runner Limited

I have only had a couple of small mechanical issues. Battery and alternator had to be replaced. The brakes had to be replaced. The tires as usual are replaced and the regular oil change. It runs great and I love driving it. I have taken it on a few road trips and it is great for hauling gear or dogs. I do a lot of hunting so it is good for taking all my gear and getting moving.

- Steve G

It is a very comfortable and roomy family vehicle.

I have owned my vehicle the life of the vehicle. I love it and honestly have had no major issues. Performance is still as good as it was when I bought it. I have over 220,000 miles on it and she is still going. For a family of 3 with kids very active in sports it is roomy and accommodates all mine and my kids needs. Would not trade it for anything, well maybe a newer model..

- Amy W

This vehicle features a window that rolls all the way down in the rear hatch.

I love this vehicle. I bought it pre-owned. Since it is a 2005, it does not have the high-falutin features that break on newer models. I love that this vehicle doesn't have a seat belt sensor. My model is the sr5 but someone upgraded to leather seats. Parts are relatively inexpensive and the motor is bulletproof. This vehicle will last you 500k miles if you treat it right.

- Ian P

Why you should buy a 4runner.

I have 240,000 miles on my 4runner. I love this car. I have only had to do regular maintenance. I have to put new shocks on it, but it is the first time. It has never broke down and it is totally reliable. I did have clear coat failure on the hood and roof last year. Decided to paint it, because my mechanic said it will go for at least another 250,000 miles!

- Lesley I

The space in the vehicle is the best part.

My vehicle is has been very reliable for the last thirteen years. I love it because maintenance is not expensive however over the years it has become a gas guzzler. I love that the truck is roomy and the sits lay down. Everything in the truck is in its original form and it has held up great especially against three children their three sports and teammates.

- Susie F

Good mileage, roomy and comfortable.

Car is very roomy and comfortable. Automatic windows and door locks. Seats are cloth and comfortable. Car sits high off the ground but not too high. What I do not like is there is no place to plug in my ipod. It has a CD and cassette. I have to use a cassette tape that allows you to plug into an ipod to use it. Car gets decent gas mileage for its size.

- Emily L

Reliability, by far the best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love how reliable this vehicle is, it has very comfortable seats. They do amazing in all types of weather conditions. On my vehicle I have a lift kit, new bumpers and new wheels and rims. With all the additions to the vehicle it still over all has a great performance. The gas mileage before the additions was fair for a vehicle of its size.

- Sami P

This car lasts for years and years.

We did recently have to make some major repairs but it has served us so well for a car that is over 10 years old! I do not want to sell it, I love the comfort of the car and the ease with which it drives. It is an older model, so it does not have many 'features' but even the back seat ac is a huge deal for us with our kids in the back.

- Erin C

I'm almost to 200,000 miles

My check engine light has been on for a while and we fixed multiple different things and somehow nothing seems to be fixing the problem. I have an oil leak, gas leak and my traction control lights have been on too. Still not sure why. Other than that my vehicle has always ran pretty well for the age and miles I can't really complain.

- Kay C

This car is great as it also has on board navigation and plugs for chargers.

I haven't had any problems with my 4runner. It runs really well with 77 thousand miles on it and also has been amazingly dependable. We've driven it on long trips and also just around town. It gets fairly good gas mileage for an SUV. I would recommend this car for anyone looking for space or even as a first car for a new driver.

- Andrea F

I hope I never have to buy another car this one is so great.

I have never had a major problem. She's got 160, 000 miles on her and counting. Sher runs great. Performs well in the city and on the highway. Never even had so much as a flat tire. Very comfortable. I occasionally car camp and the trunk is spacious enough for me to sleep in. I hope she runs forever. Best car I have ever owned.

- Ron S

It has tons of space for road trips so get on the road and make memories

I love my Toyota 4runner, she gets me where I need to go and she is great for having outdoor fun as well. We live in the desert so having a 4x4 is amazing. The 4runner is roomy and can easily camped in. Its an all around great car. I do.wish I had a newer model and that it didn't break down but i'll be upgrading soon.

- Chantelle W

The color of my car is the best part. In the sunlight it gleams.

I love my 4Runner. When I drive it its smooth and always is enjoyable to drive. Would honestly buy another 4Runner when I am done with the one I drive now. The seats are comfy and the overall experience of driving is great. I always jam out when I am driving and I love the feeling of being up high when I drive.

- Tim W

Good quality built vehicle

I've owned my Toyota 4Runner for ten years. It has never given me any problems. It's a smooth, comfortable driving vehicle. The only negative I found is that it's not very good on gas mileage. But all in all it's a great vehicle and when I ever decide to buy another vehicle, I will probably get another 4Runner.

- Sharon G

The versatile and reliable 4Runner Sport

Love my 2005 4Runner Sport. I live in Colorado so the versatility of this vehicle is perfect. Not only is it an awesome everyday driver, but it also handles the outdoor activities like a dream as well. It comes with a V8 and has a lot of torque. Perfect for when towing and mountain driving are required.

- Michael B

Great, comfortable, very roomy SUV.

It is very comfortable, drives well and get good gas mileage for a v8. Very roomy, seats 5 with plenty of storage in the back area. The back seat folds down very nicely. Slip fold down if you need that. It is a great SUV. Toyota is a great brand and last forever. I find it very comfortable for a mid size SUV.

- Patricia Y

Runs great, engine is superb and reliable and maintenance is not expensive.

Paint may peel easily. Maintenance upkeep is not expensive but necessary especially if high mileage. I have had to replace my starter and brakes only once, as well as the battery. Keep in mind that my 4runner is at 213,000 miles. Other than that, it is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned.

- Paloma G

Powerful but safe, get the thrill of driving while also keeping your family safe.

It is an overall good car and has run really well for a long time. Not great gas mileage and a little rough on the highway when going above 60. Shakes a little bit when changing gears at that speed and shakes when going over 65. Drives great around time. Really drives like a truck without being that big.

- Richard M

I would do it all over again..

I bought this truck in 2009, other than wear and tear which wasn't much at all., I have never had any major problems. A deer hit my front end years ago, after repairing the entire front end, even then, it kept running as if I had purchased it off the showroom floor. I would love to purchase a new one.

- Tamara P

2005 Toyota 4runner 200. 000 miles and going strong!

Have 200. 000 miles and the Toyotas are very dependable. Rides very good and is very easy to maintaining. The manufacturer has designed the vehicles to last. Toyota has been one of the auto leaders in safety and longevity of Toyota products. They service their vehicles and have quality products.

- Lee R

My Toyota 4Runner is extremely reliable and dependable.

My vehicle is very durable, reliable, and well made. It is very dependable and does not require very much maintenance. Additionally, it is relatively inexpensive to fix a Toyota which I really like. It is a SUV so I have a lot of visibility to see other cars and what is happening on the road.

- Kath G

Who wouldn't want a 4Runner.

I love my 4Runner! It is currently at over 190, 500 miles & has a been great & reliable source of transportation for me & my needs. It has a sunroof for when I want extra light & CD/tape player & outlet too! It drives well & is a fun vehicle & it is been good to me because I take care of it.

- Gay C

Sturdy, reliable and well priced.

My Toyota 4Runner was reliable, good looking and sturdy. I have had it for 14 years without many problems. I have gone on many trips with family and friends. I would recommend anyone to purchase a Toyota 4Runner. The amount paid to purchase a 4Runner is quite reasonable for it is value.

- Debbie N

My Toyota 4Runner is the best SUV Ever!!

If I ever buy another car it will be another 4Runner. I love this car. Spacious, comfortable, and overall excellent quality. I have not had any major issues with it. Just the normal wear & tear. This 4Runner lasts forever. I would recommend Toyota to all of my friends & family.

- Deborah C

Toyota 4Runner awesome vehicle truly a gem

Awesome, reliable, no issues always dependable oil change is easy DIY, Runs great, runs on Premium Gas Very little maintenance, Four wheel drive is great, no leaks anywhere, well put together motor, cannot say enough about this vehicle Took it out wheeling and no issues at all

- Mike Z

A very durable car for anyone.

It is super durable, great 4-wheel drive. Gas mileage is on the lower side but not bad for the year. It accelerates really well and has a large trunk space. The back seats are convenient for moving things and allow for more trunk space if needed. All around a really great car.

- Cara B

Best SUV for town and country.

As long as you do your oil changes, this car can keep running for 15 plus years. It is reliable and it is good for daily usage within city limits and long distance. It is also used for multiple uses. The rear seats can be flattened and big item purchases seem effortless.

- Jane S

Extremely reliable fam van

The car drives very smooth and includes many features that are simple yet very useful. If it were to have one flaw it would only be that there are no seat heating settings. It is also very easy to maintain and is extremely reliable especially for families with busy kids.

- irene V

A reliable vehicle that will get you where you want to go. Beautiful SUV.

2005 Toyota four runner, has 148, 000 miles. It is a one owner vehicle. The color is silver gray. Looks good and runs great. Has cloth seats. It is loaded with power windows, power brakes, power seats and power brakes. Has am and FM radio, CD player and cassette player.

- Jean H

Pros and Cons and issues in my opinion

Blender clicks in dash intermittently when the air conditioning is on, it has an exhaust rattle, the radio volume knob goes crazy sometimes but overall I enjoy driving it and it gets decent fuel mileage for an SUV. It does great in snow and rain and has good style

- Jennifer K

Cannot go wrong with a Toyota 4runner.

If maintained properly, this car is the best. Its big enough for a family or person with pets, but not ridiculously big or wide. Super reliable, very comfortable and gets great gas mileage for its size. The rear window and the folding back seats are game changers.

- Jen B

Roomy, comfortable and reliable

I love my car, I haven't had many problems with it. Just the basic wear and tear. I got it already used. The owner keep up with all the maintenance. I've had to change the spark plugs and brake calipers. The gas miles are not great on it but the room is awesome!

- Jeanette N

It has over 160, 000 miles.

The vehicle runs well and has lasted a long time. I really enjoy having a decent amount of trunk space, while not having to big of a vehicle. I have had to do some repairs, but the car is over 13 years old so that is to be expected. Easy to drive. Gets good mpg.

- Hunter S

It gets me where I need to go.

It is big enough to haul large things, has 4WD, dependable, carries 5 people. Pretty comfortable but on long trips need a seat cushion. It does not have seat warmers nor can you roll down the windows but has automatic door and window locks. The wipers squeak.

- Becky D

this thing is more reliable than anything i've ever driven.

this is my 3rd 4runner. I've had other model vehicles, but 4runners fit my needs for almost everything. they are very reliable, able to go offroad for camping, and have ample storage room. each vehicle has had over 300,000 miles on it, so they're awesome!

- bran a

Long lasting and Reliable

I like the style of the 4runner. I find most of the new SUVs to have a very "van-like" shape. I got my car used but have had it for 6 years with only minor issues. It is 13 years old now so I can tell that is starting to show its age. But I am an overall fan.

- Jess H

Toyota 4runner, 14 years old and still going strong.

Comfortable, great ride, very reliable, sunroof, hatch window rolls down with a touch of a button on key fob or from the front dash. Spacious, great storage. Side rails, roof rack. Spare tire underneath. Power windows. Heating and a/c controls in back seat.

- Lisa C

4runner is a vehicle for all terrain sports

Just back shock absorbers and the ac had to recharge it. But the most basic parts they are ok. Very good stability runs smooth. Never had troubles with transmission. Very spacious. Perfect for pulling any kind of boat or trailers it has a lot of power.

- Edgar C

2005 Toyota 4-runner sr 5.

Space is optimal for storage and passengers: 5 seats plus spacious trunk and roof rack for additional storage. Car is extremely reliable. Performance is optimal. Features are basic for a midsize SUV: electric seat and window controls, stereo is basic.

- Samantha E

2005 Toyota 4Runner is one of the most reliable cars on the road, with great gas mileage for a full sized suv

My 4Runner is extremely reliable, it gets great gas mileage and has caused me very few problems over the course of 13 years. My only complaints are that it rides like a boat, and it's old and beat up. But it's still holding its resale value.

- Jill C

Lower than expected gas mileage.

I am a large individual and like the roominess and comfort the vehicle provides. I also like that it is 4 wheel capable. What I dislike most about the vehicle is the gas mileage, around 16 mpg in town and 20 on the highway.

- John J

I have had no major problems keeping up the with maintenance is very important.

My 4runner is very reliable. It is 13 years old and still runs great. Smooth ride. haven't had to do more than regular maintenance and new tires. Would definitely recommend it and will get another Toyota in the future.

- Laraine C

It may not be the best car but it will last you a really long time and won't have a problem.

My dad had this car before me and the only problem we ever had was a little fix with the coolant other than that the car has been fantastic great gas mileage seats are just now starting to crack but great car 10/10

- Tyrone R

Close the back gently it automatically closes itself doesn't need to be slammed.

I really like being able to ride with all of my windows down including the back window. I like that I feel safe and protected in my 4runner because of the size. I do not like how quickly gas goes in my vehicle.

- Rebecca J

It's extremely reliable & it seats 7.

I love that it has a V8 engine, which is hard to find. I also love that it seats 7. It's the perfect size for my son & I & our 2 dogs. There is nothing I dislike. It's extremely dependable & comfortable.

- Lynda S

It uses much gas and paying for that expense adds up and can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

I like it because it is spacious and it is a good looking SUV. I don't like that it is a gas guzzler and that it has a particular issue known by the manufacturer that according to them they will not fix.

- M U

My vehicles is very reliable and will get you where you need to go.

My vehicle is very reliable and feels safe when driving it. It has a lot of space and is good for road trips and transporting bigger items. The only thing I'd change about it is giving it better mileage.

- autumn H

It has been reliable, but remember how much size matters and if the car is something that will meet everyday needs.

In today's terms, a pretty old vehicle that has been in the family for over a decade. It is somehow reaching a point to where it is breaking down, though it has been pretty reliable up to that point.

- Stephen D

It suits me well, is very versatile and is also a stylish looking vehicle.

I like having a mid to full size SUV, it comes in handy when I have to haul things and I can pack a lot in it. Plus I like sitting up higher than others. The only problem is the upkeep is expensive.

- Lonna W

Dependable and useful. Most of my life travels in that car with me

I was traveling quite a bit a few years ago and this vehicle has been wonderful. I have never had any problem despite over 160,000 miles. Cosmetically it is starting to wear down, but that is okay.

- Shelley c

Best family car we ever had!

Most reliable vehicle we have ever owned. As with any car, if you maintain it properly, this car would last forever. Would buy another in a heartbeat if our kids were still at home. Love this car!

- Michele L

It has the functionality and capacity of a large car but the feel of a truck.

Given Its age it's held up well. The entire undercarriage is starting to rust now though so I'll be looking to replace with a similar vehicle soon. I love the size and towing capacity.

- Pat C

It is incredibly reliable, very spacious, only thing is it does not get great gas mileage if you drive long distances regularly

I have had no problems with our 4runner in the 3 years since we bought it. Only typical maintenance has been required, and I drive at least 70 miles each day, not including long trips.

- Alex H

It is good on gas considering it is a v8.

It is a great car! It is very tall. It has 4wd. It has a good center of gravity. The car has only had one problem which was the AC going out, but was fixed when getting the right unit.

- Sean F

The older models of the 4Runner are very top heavy and have high rollover risks. The newer models aren't as top heavy and are much safer.

My car is incredibly dependable. I've had it for about seven years now and it's never really given me any trouble. Toyotas are manufactured very well and I would recommend to anyone.

- Ashley C

It is a great family vehicle.

My 4Runner has been a very dependable car. I have the larger v8 engine and I still get great gas mileage. If it is up to me, I will only drive a 4Runner forever! I am sold for life.

- Meredith A

Toyota 4Runner still running and close to 300K miles

My 4runner has been an excellent vehicle. I have close to 300K miles and it still runs like the day I bought it. I've had close to no issues other than typical maintenance.

- Meg S

Feel safe, no major problems despite age, recalls fixed fast.

Love has both CD and cassette capability. Very comfortable, sunroom, high off ground, leather seats. Dislike no backup video, back entry is hard to open with full hands.

- Sharon W

Very reliable sports utility vehicle.

My car is very reliable. Have had no problems except usual wear and tear. It is very sturdy to drive in the snow. Very comfortable ride. Gas mileage not so good.

- Adrian T

No major complain so far happened.

My 4runner runs great and is very reliable. I love that I do not have a payment, although a new car sounds nice, I will stick with my trusty paid off vehicle.

- Nicole G

It is very reliable and a very fun vehicle to drive.

I really like the reliability of my vehicle. My vehicle is very low maintenance. Dislike I wish it didn't cost so much and that it got better gas mileage.

- Tim G

My Toyota 4runner is very reliable and looks good.

Our 4runner has been very reliable. We bought it used and it has had minimal issues, mainly electrical. For a 13 year old car it is still running great.

- Sofie H

Great car and awesome find!

I have a Toyota. I really love it. It drives great and has decent gas mileage for a bigger car. I also enjoy the heated seats and the safety features.

- Stephanie C

My vehicle has 155, 000 miles on it. There is no rust.

I love the way this vehicle performs in the snow and ice. Toyota gave me a new frame and the vehicle is reliable and I like the height while driving.

- Lisa R

The brakes take a good amount of force to work.

I like the control of the vehicle. I dislike how large some parts of the vehicle are and that makes it difficult to see. I like the AC system also.

- Emily g

My car has over 160,000 miles. The car is reliable and has lasted over 13 years for myself.

The vehicle runs well but has needed some repairs. Has a lot of trunk space. The back seats fold down, so you can have even more space. Good mpg.

- Hunter S

I enjoy all the hidden compartments.

I love my vehicle. I've had almost no problems with it only basic repairs for normal wear and tear. I wish that it would get better gas mileage.

- Amy E

This is a very reliable and spacious family vehicle.

I really like the space in the four runner as well as the 4 wheel drive capability. I really don't like the gas mileage the vehicle has though.

- Portia T

The 4runner has got power, and I maintain it so it's still running great!

I love the size, gas mileage and the v8 power. I love the pick up! I drive a little ways to and from work, and I get pretty good gas mileage.

- April S

It's all mine and a very dependable vehicle.

My 4runner is dependable and a nice durable truck. It is comfortable to sit in and roomy. It gets good gas mileage in the city and highway.

- Sharon P

Good to use the 4x4 and stay out in the country so when it rains we get the mud.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love it, would not change my vehicle. Has very good space for my kids. Very good to travel too.

- Diana S

Dependable, technology up to date.

Toyota reliability is unsurpassed. Maintenance costs have been minimal. The vehicle rides great and handles great for a larger vehicle.

- Jeff L

The 4Runner is a reliable and well built vehicle that has multiple uses.

Love my 4Runner. It is a reliable and well built vehicle. I have been able to use it as a utility truck also with the seats down.

- Margaret R

It does not need to have a lot of work beyond maintenance.

It is older difficult to get out of because I am short used lots of gas.. Drives well it is good in the snow little maintenance.

- Adrian T

It drives and rides great, very smooth.

No complaints. It has been a great and reliable vehicle. I have only had to have regular maintenance with no major breakdowns.

- Lorraine T

Toyota reliability is terrific. Maintenance costs for the vehicle have been minimal.

Toyota reliability is unsurpassed. It is comfortable and roomy and rides nice. I am not overly impressed w the fuel economy.

- Jeff K

Great gas mileage for a truck it comfortable to travel in.

I love my little truck it gets me to where I want to go. It's great for going to the lake and it accommodates my family

- Lyndsy B

There's no recall still good quality.

Great quality and less if gas. Do not have a problem when driving. Never been towing... But do not have built in gps.

- Bing R

Very few mechanical issues over several years

Perfect size, runs great for number of miles, fairly easy to get parts, easy to drive Complaint: dashboard is sticky

- Val s

I have no complaints because my SUV have been great to me. The only issues I have had is regular wear and tear since day one but that is because I take good care of my cars.

Great gas mileage and overall road drive. It just the right size when you want an SUV with maximum performance.

- Kaye J

It is a great car with a lot of room and rarely needs repairs.

I like the dependability and the engine power. I do not like the gas consumption. I like the way the car looks.

- James R

Perfect vehicle for families.

Great family car, good storage, does great around town and on highway. Would recommend to those with children.

- Melanie L

It is powerful and does great in the snow, not so much in the rain.

Old car so requires a lot of repairs. Does not get great gas mileage. Slips a little bit when the road is wet.

- Richard M

It is a reliable vehicle that will last a long time as long as you maintain it.

I like that it is not close to the ground. I like that it is roomy. I also like that the vehicle last longer.

- Lisa P

It is dependable and cost of ownership is low. Other than the purchase price and some scheduled maintenance I've had zero repairs in 13 years.

It's practically maintenance free, runs great after 142K miles and looks great. It is super dependable.

- lisa h

I've had it for over 10 years and it's still going strong.

It runs well, doesn't need to be tuned-up very often and is overall reliable even after all these years.

- Deborah K

This vehicle is a good family car.

It has plenty of room. It is dependable. It is the right size.. Bad gas mileage is the only complaint..

- Tia R

It is dependable, drives well, and reasonably easy to fix.

Love that it is 4wd. Love the look. Love the way it drives. Do not dislike anything about this vehicle.

- Karen M

It's a safe car but requires a lot of gas. The maintenance is expensive as well.

A big car that is safe. It requires a lot of gas because It's v8. The maintenance is expensive.

- Adele C

It is very reliable and has a decent tow rating

It is a reliable vehicle made in Japan. I don't like how low the suspension is from the factory.

- Ken N

Extremely reliable and comfortable vehicle with a very reasonable maintenance cost.

Very comfortable ride. My vehicle has a lot of great options. Fuel economy could be better.

- Michael S

Maintenance has been extremely easy

The size and cargo room are perfect for my lifestyle, I wish I had the 4wd version

- Lauren F

I love the durability of the car. It is a nice size for our family. The back window is one of my favorite features!

It is very reliable, to the point of being able to run while things are broken!

- Carley P

the resale value is good because toyota is reliable

The size and durability/reliability. Dislike the gas mpg though.

- Andrew S

I don't have to spend a lot of money on it

I love brand, design, it is really comfortable and very useful

- Claudia V

it's easy to care for and never gives us any trouble at all.

i love everything about it. it's reliable, easy maintenance.

- marcia t

My vehicle is low mile #, run very good and look like new it black color. You can't find anywhere low miles like this car.

The most important about my car, is low miles #. Run good

- Angela S

Four runner are the way to go.

- Brittany M