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The Toyota 4Runner the most practical, safest family car on the road today.

Having worked for Toyota for approximately 25 years I became very familiar with the product. The Toyota 4Runner was a very dependable comfortable plenty of storage available four-wheel drive vehicle. As in most cars slash trucks how well you take care of them general lee will reflect how well it takes care of you. So by having your maintenance done on a regular basis these vehicles have been known to run for several hundred thousand miles without any serious breakdowns just normal maintenance. My wife and I enjoy traveling it has plenty of storage for luggage and golf clubs. It also handles on the road very well sits up high so you have a great view of the road as you are traveling. I would recommend the Toyota 4Runner to anyone in my family because I believe for your money it is the best vehicle on the road today as well as one of the safest.

- Michael C

Best for bad weather and great in accidents!

My Toyota 4runner was a great investment. It is the perfect size between a giant SUV and a compact car. The cloth seats are comfortable, but the do stain easily. So I recommend buying seat covers. I love the aux feature and the cruise control. This car works great in the snow, no matter how bad the weather is. I am a commuter and while the gas mileage is not that great in the city, it is wonderful on the highways. In addition, this baby can take a hit. My car has been hit from behind and not even a dent and nobody in my vehicle was injured. It was also t-bone when somebody ran a stop sign and while it was a little bit dent, it kept me safe, especially compared to the Honda SUV that hit me, the front of their car was destroyed.

- Nicole S

4Runners: The Sturdiest Vehicles on the Planet.

Toyota 4Runners are the most reliable cars I've ever come across. The maintenance is affordable and Toyota is a great company that takes care of you if you have any problems. You could put hundreds of thousands of miles on these things and they still run like the day you bought them, you've just gotta make sure you keep up with all of the fluids and basic maintenance. I plan on driving mine until it doesn't drive anymore! It's safe, reliable, comfortable, and trustworthy. The only thing that is a downside is the gas mileage. It's an SUV so it's never going to be great, but that is the only thing I could find wrong with this car! I love it.

- Kyle L

Great gas mileage, safety, easily maintained, great resale value.

I love the reliability of my Toyota 4runner. It has super safety features and gets good gas mileage which helps with a tight budget. It is very helpful with transporting pine straw and outdoor plants. It is very comfortable for driver and passengers on long trips with great seating capacity for travel and luggage storage. With regular and routine maintenance my vehicle has given me virtually no problems. If and when the time comes to get a new vehicle, I hope I can afford another Toyota 4runner!

- Marcia B

Toyota 4runner: city delivery beast.

Absolutely none! The Toyota 4runner has been extremely dependable and durable. For someone who drives (city miles) all day, I have the visibility, agility, and space I need to deliver products and be able to traverse a busy city easily. My 4runner is more than 10 years old and I have had zero problems with anything, I do keep routine maintenance, but I am about to pass the 200,000 mile mark without any complaints or issues! I love it, I am a 4runner driver for life!

- Courtney R

Forerunners can run up to 800,000 miles if taken care of.

Absolutely love my car. You can run 4 runners up to 800,000 miles as long as you keep up on the timing belt and spark plugs. Thing that I really want to change is having a sunroof. Unfortunately my 2006 does not have one, however it would be very easy to put one in as it is not one of the newer and more computerized cars. I would suggest a forerunner to anybody who asked. Although the newer ones are awesome and desirable, the old ones will last you just as long.

- Vanessa H

2006 Toyota 4runner review.

I am the owner of a 2006 Toyota 4runner and it is a great vehicle it is a 2006 model and aside from regular scheduled maintenance such as oil changes and tires windshield wipers and filters for the cabin air and engine plus a few fuses I haven't had anything major to have worked on it is a great vehicle and I am very happy with the way things are going with it I recommend the Toyota 4 runner to anyone who is interested in a great vehicle.

- Trinity B

Toyota takes to the beaches

Overall very reliable'has lasted a long time with minimal problems and regular maintenance. Works very well in all types of road conditions from rain to rough terrain. Only problems I've encountered are issues with the blinker circuits shorting and having to replace them. Interior has held up well despite a lot of dirt and sand being in the car. Has been an enjoyable experience to own and drive.

- Melissa J

AUX cord port, back glass going down, comfy to drive.

My 4Runner does not have many problem, had it for 2 years so far with no issues, it is a reliable car to own. Comfortable to drive and the model I own has a spot to do an AUX cord, has a sunroof, there is a button on the keys you can kit to make the back glass to go down to make putting the groceries in better without opening the back gate, plus there are a good bit of "hidden" mini spots.

- Avery H

Good for long distance traveling.

I have 3 kids and dogs. It fits 3 car seats decently and plenty of room in the back for my dogs. It is not too closed in. I wish I had the option to have a 3rd row but it’ll do for now. Gas mileage is right driving long distance. I try not to slam on the gas in city and someone lose 10 mile in rage taking a 2 minute drive. So it definitely does not do well in city limits.

- Haley S

so much room for storage!!

I love how roomy it is and how much storage space it has! It has been a very reliable car with minimal problems! The hatchback is amazing to fit large things and the back window is able to roll up and down if you just need to grab something out of there quick! Some downfalls are that it uses a lot of gas and it is a big car so it can't fit in tight parking spaces!

- Lexie M

Dependable, Reliable, Rugged, Stylish. This car meets all you needs.

I love the Toyota 4runner!!! This vehicle is great truck and car combination. I love the body style it does not look like the newest 4runners. I still has a little of the boxy look like I like about the original 4runner. My baby runs like a dream.. The only issue I have with her is the A/C, I have a small leak which I need to get repaired soon.

- Crystal S

The best vehicle I have been owned!

My 4runner is the best vehicle I have ever owned! It can go anywhere and take anything you need along for the ride. Other than routine work it has never let me down! The audio systems is better than any new car I have been and the ride is very comfortable. It is the best vehicle I have ever driven in the snow and easy plows through a foot of snow!

- Sam F

Rolling everywhere in my Toyota 4Runner

I love my Toyota 4Runner. Whether I am around town, pulling a small camper or exploring in the desert, my Toyota 4Runner has performed above and beyond my expectations. I never thought I could do all that I do in only one vehicle. I keep maintenance up and I believe that is what will keep me rolling on into the late 200,000 miles without a problem

- Kelly L

Flex hood saved my life plus Jesus! Deer accident on 85,

Not many problems, just the average for any vehicle. Still drives smoothly and very sturdy and reliable vehicles. Very comfortable and adjustable height in seats. Good on gas 23 miles to a gallon for a SUV and uses regular gas, which is a plus. Flex hood was a lifesaver during a bad accident. Still looks good after ten plus years.

- Melissa B

Toyota’s amazing reliability and more.

It is very spacious, reliable just by doing regular maintenance I have never had to do anything major repairs, easy up keep, great safety features especially if you have children, and great folding down seats to extend trunk size for transporting pets or moving, and amazing towing feature that shows the power of the vehicle.

- Glen F

It is reliable and spacious.

I like how durable it is. My car is sturdy and reliable, I am someone who enjoys being outdoors and my car is perfect for my adventures. I have 2 big dogs of my own and usually end up bringing a friend and their big dog along too and we all fit comfortably. The only thing I wish was that I had a newer model of the same car.

- Michelle L

Best made SUV in the world.

Have not had any problems. This is the best made vehicle and it is a smooth ride. You will not find better more dependable vehicles than those put out by Toyota and they last forever if you do the regular maintenance. I make sure to change the oil every 3000 miles as that is not a requirement just something I do.

- Lori R

Only vehicle we will ever own.

We have no problems. 4runners are great for lasting forever and low maintenance. We have not had any major problems, and they (we have 2) have never had any major repairs needed. They are great in winter on ice and snow. You sit higher than a lot of vehicles on the interstate so you feel safe and can see very well.

- Barb O

I will be a repeat Toyota 4Runner buyer!

I love how my 4Runner drives! Other than taking it to the dealer for routine maintenance visits/oil changes, I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. We take the 4Runner on 1 to 2 700-mile-long trips annually, and enjoy a comfortable and safe drive, while being able to fit everything and everyone in the car.

- Nr K

Love my 4runner, big enough for the family but small enough just for me.

It might not have been built to be a luxury vehicle, but when we go on family vacations it rides like one. It is roomy and dependable. I love the tinted windows that keeps the sun out. The seats will lay all the way down I can carry a small dresser or sleep in the back. Same smooth ride even at 300,000 miles.

- Meredith M

Always runs good, still going strong. You won't regret buying this car

This is a very dependable vehicle-. I bought this 13 years ago, never had any problems with it. I am retired now and I still have this vehicle. I get several letters from dealers that are interested in purchasing it. Always refused to get rid of it. My next upgrade would be a newer model of this same 4Runner

- Christine A

Very comfortable and holds value!

My 4runner is amazing. This car was built to last. Since we bought it 8 years ago, it hasn't had any major problems. The best thing about the 4runner is that it is very comfortable, and convenient. The space is perfect for our family and for an older car it still looks great and definitely holds its value.

- Kari W

I feel like my family is safe on the road while I am driving.

I love that there is enough space for my 2 childrens car seats in the back seat and enough room for the double stroller in the trunk. It's so easy to put groceries in the back just by pushing the button on the key fob and putting down the window. On top of it all, I feel like my family is safe on the road.

- Bailey B

I'm in love with my 4runner!

I love my 4runner. Low maintenance & reliable. I bought my 4runner 4 years ago and don't see myself getting rid of it anytime soon. I often joke that I will pass this vehicle down to my daughter who is only 2 years old. This vehicle holds its value as well. I can't think of any negatives at this time.

- Kenny S

it drives like no other vehicle i've ever driven, makes me comfortable and feel safe

i love the look and the feel of my toyota, i love that it has 3rd row seats, that they are easy to take in and out. that we have plenty of space, that it looks classy, drives great, that i'm up high and just the way i feel when i drive it. no complaints except i wish it didn't use as much gas as it does

- brenda P

2006 Toyota 4Runner four wheel drive 6-cylinder. Black SUV.

Toyota 4Runner 2006 is a very reliable car. About 190000 miles with the engine running good. Handles snow very well. Has good handling with towing. Smooth driver with comfortable seating. Very nice and loud sound system with jbl speakers. Decently expensive on gas but it is a SUV so that is normal.

- Tate L

Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.

This vehicle has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. It drives great, feels like a truck. It's very comfortable and perfect for fitting my dog in the back. Repairs have been fairly inexpensive and I truly enjoy this vehicle. I have taken this vehicle all over the state with no issues.

- Maria J

Handles great seats that lay down sunroof rear window that rolls down.

Toyotas are wonderful cars they run forever. It is steers good it rides good brakes good. It is comfortable it has a leather interior it has racks on top running boards. It handles great the steering is good has a sunroof rear roll down the window airbags leather seats the seats lay down.

- Sue T

Interesting detail. Traction control cannot be toggled and always turned on.

V8 engine provides decent acceleration but it is a very heavy car with a high center of gravity and very bulky. Eats up gas quickly and requires frequent refills. Trunk feels spacious and holds a large volume. Very good speakers with heavy bass. Seat material is durable. Great car.

- Christian O

Love the leather seats and metallic paint.

Very comfortable car, leather heated seats. 4 wheel drive, with different controls for driving in all different conditions. Great heater and ac. The limited paint is the charcoal gray with the metallic finish, very pretty. Great stereo also audio aux for music from music device.

- Debi H

It�s 4 wheel drive which is a good option in case of bad weather

I have not had any issues yet! I was worried it wouldn't fit 3 car seats but it does! Drives smooth, runs smooth I took it off road and it's all stock but handled really well in the terrain we were in. I wish the 4runners still came with the manual transmission option though

- Ashley O

It has been completely reliable for the 9 years I've owned it.

I bought the car used, it wan3 years old when I bought it. I've owned it for nine years and it has been completely reliable. I've had, no , major mechanical issues with it. It is comfortable, drives well and gets good gas mileage for a SUV. It has been a great family car.

- Russell S

Super reliable car!! Love everything about it.

Very reliable. Have had no problems with it and it almost has 300, 000 miles on it. It is not very expensive to keep up with and maintain. It is sporty but still cute. Looks good in stock but things can be added and it still will look good. There’s only a few color options.

- Stacy D

Toyota 4Runner for different terrains.

The 4Runner is a good and sturdy car. It has a lot of room for 7 people. Since it has a 4 wheel drive, we are able to bring it to rough terrain which is necessary for work inspections. Since the car is already twelve years old, we are encountering numerous problems already.

- Maria G

Toyota 4runner is the ABSOLUTE BEST vehicle!!

It rides extremely smoothly. Just recently changed the spark plugs and one coil pack after having driven it over 150,000 miles. I have more than enough space and absolutely love it! Also, have only changed the tires once. It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned.

- Ali W

Toyota 4runner best car ever.

My car has been so reliable over the past 6 years that I have owned it. I have never had any problems with the car. Where I live, the roads are awful with a lot of potholes and my car drives over them very well. I would highly recommend this vehicle to friends and family.

- Elizabeth W

Performance and reliability.

Haven't had problems with my 4runner vehicle, it is very reliable, good performance. You named I have done it all with this vehicle on any type of terrain, load from groceries to construction materials ( bags of cement and cement blocks) will have in the future new model.

- Diana C

It's an awesome car. The heated seats

I've had no problems with my car. I love the heated seats the sunroof how the back window can roll down. Threw child safety locks. Threw space top hall everything in the back. The color it's not too big but not too small. I only had to fix the brakes in the last 5 years

- Roberta M

Toyota’s have excellent mechanical performance.

Our 4runner has been very sound vehicle in performance and mechanically. We have owned Toyota’s for 30 years and never have had any major mechanic problem. Current vehicle has over 300, 000 miles and still mechanically sound. Toyota’s are our preference for vehicle.

- Cindy M

It's very roomy and comfortable for short and long car trips, and has excellent manufacture speakers to make listening to music or audiobooks very enjoyable.

My Toyota 4Runner is the most favorite out of all the vehicles I've ever owned. It's extremely reliable in all weather conditions, has had very few minor repair issues, and provides a comfortable, smooth ride. Will buy another when it's time to purchase a newer vehicle.

- Wendy P

Black Toyota 4runner 2006 great car!

We have had trouble with the oxygen sensor, had it replaced and it is like new now. The tires have also gotten misaligned at points. The paint fades - black 4runner - but that is probably normal for a car of its age. The vehicle is very comfortable and reliable overall!

- Greer R

My 4Runner has raised my family!

There is no better SUV out there. This car has saved me in many accidents. I've raised 2 kids in this car and it's been driven for miles and miles. I've never had one problem with it. I've made sure to keep up with the regular maintenance and that's all it needs!

- Suzan B

I absolutely love my 4runner, I cannot wait to get a newer one!

I love my 4runner. It always starts and even though the gas mileage is not the best I always enjoy driving around in it. The mirrors in the back that cover my blind spot has to be my favorite feature! Also the vents in the back seat are extremely nice to have.

- Lindsey T

Toyota SUV 2006 White great

There are no problems with my vehicle. It runs great. Good gas mileage. Sunroof. Decent sound system. Leather interior. Toyota floor mats. Back seats lay flat. White. Alloy tires. V6 engine. High mileage due to driving back and forth to Charleston. Love my SUV

- Nicole W

Happy with purchase of Toyota 4Runner

My 4Runner has really stood the test of time. Is a 2006 model with 150k miles and has required minimal repair. Lots of room, comfortable. Can use for towing. Only con is poor gas mileage. Holds value well (unlike many other cars). Would purchase again.

- Erin R

Toyota 4Runner year is 2006.

The car is very comfortable and in spite of the high mileage is still very reliable. The car is using a little bit more gas because it is an old model since it is a 2006. The paint is now fading on the sides of the car which makes the car look very old.

- Marina G

The 4Runner provides reliable, comfortable transportation.

I like the size. It is narrower than a Chevy SUV which makes parking easier. I do not like driving in wind storms. It gets blown all over the road. Combined with a tendency to dart some when I drive it, despite new tires and alignment, wind is bad.

- Joann W

It is quicker than you'd thing for a vehicle of Its size.

I love the reliability. It is quick enough to hop up to highway speeds in fast heavy traffic. I love being able to lower the rear windshield and open the sunroof and drive with the breeze. I am yet to have any problems with this 12 year old car.

- Alan T

Why Toyotas are number one. Maintenance free. Just change oil regularly.

I have owned my Toyota for 12 years and have not had any major problems. I have owned 3 Toyotas and all of them are remarkable. They keep going and going. Their mileage is great and their ride is like a Cadillac. I would never by anything else.

- Garnet R

Very dependable and has lasted a long time and lots of miles.

The car is very dependable and easy to maintain. The dashboard had to be replaced due to a recall and it took Toyota over a year to receive one for my car and when they installed it they cracked the new one. Not happy with the dealership.

- Rebecca C

It provides a smooth, comfortable ride while providing a feeling of safety as well.

I love my truck. It is comfortable and has plenty of room for our family. The back has a good amount of storage space for luggage, groceries, etc. I like that the back window can go down to allow access to the back storage space.

- Bobbi F

12 years/140k miles with just routine maintenance

My 2006 Toyota 4Runner is very reliable, having accumulated over 140,000 miles. The hardware and paint have held up extremely well. Additionally, it has plenty of of power, creature comforts and seating for 5 people.

- Charles G

It is the perfect combination of comfort and size.

I love my Toyota 4Runner. It has enough space to carry everything I need but isn't so big that I can't park it or fit it in the driveway. It gets decent gas mileage and is great in all weather conditions.

- Matt V

Good ride for an SUV. Engine has great pickup for a V6 and runs very well.

Great vehicle that is still going strong. Minor wear but engine is solid. Regular maintenance performed and have new tires put on several months ago. Only thing I miss is Bluetooth capability.

- Tami L

Very reliable and takes a beating. That there is a reason you see so many older models on the road.

I love the roll down window in the hatch and the fact that it is on a truck chassis. It's reliable even after 170k miles. I dislike the placement of the a/c vents. The back seat gets hot.

- Mari L

It is awesome for off-roading.

I have had no problems with my vehicle since owning it, it is been a very reliable as I travel often. It is comfortable for short people, the roof is pretty low but we manage just fine.

- April F

It is reliable! Is not that what we all want?

My vehicle is awesome! I have had absolutely no problems since I purchased it used more than 5 years ago. Just keep up the routine maintenance and it will keep you happy. I promise!

- David F

It is dependably reliable.

It is dependable - lots of miles few repairs. It is versatile - I can take lots of people, my dogs, haul cargo. Whatever I need it for. I dislike the paint is peeling in one area.

- Peggy O

The most important thing is I feel safe and comfortable traveling long distances.

I love the amount of room we have to store things in the back. we get around great in all different terrains. the only thing I dislike is we seem to always have to replace brakes.

- coralee d

4runners drive well and are great quality

My car is not 12 years old. it has around 150,000 miles on it. I have had no issues with the car other than little maintenance duties. It drives very well and is great quality.

- Jenna W

It is well built and can withstand many elements.

I love the way my car drives and handles when I drive it. I love how my car has lasted so long and will keep running for a long time. I wish the back door opened easier.

- Roar T

Great value for the money.

I like the look of the 4runner.I also like Toyota 's has high resale value. I do wish they had a little more room. I also would like for the dash was arranged different.

- Greg H

It's extremely reliable, it is very comfortable to drive and it has everything you need.

I like that I have mirrors in the back that cover my blind spots. I love the vents in the back seat and all the space. Only thing I dislike is the bad gas mileage.

- Lindsey T

Toyota 2006 4runner, super fast and reliable.

So reliable, easy ride. however have problems with the air conditioner making noises. Always constantly having to change brakes or get something done on the car.

- Emily O

It is incredibly reliable. I am forever a loyal Toyota girl after this experience.

I love the size, the look, the interior room, the ride. It suits me and my personality. I don't like that I have 207,000 miles and will have to replace it soon.

- Haley G

It is dependable and reliable.

I like that I has a car and it is very dependable. I have never had any major issue besides the water pump has went up at least 3 times since I had it.

- Janet H

It is dependable and has been a very fuel efficient car as long as I have owned it.

My vehicle is wonderful. It is very dependable and is the perfect size for what I need. It is older though so it does have some wear and tear on it.

- Kelly S

The most important of my vehicle is that I can carry a lot of things for my vacation or for a long travel.

I like because it's comfortable, trusted and right size for a long travel. I think the dislike is an old vehicle and need to replace to a new one.

- Susan M

Reliable, comfortable and fun to drive!

Very reliable. The technology is lacking but overall a comfortable and great vehicle. It can go off-road and is also great for everyday driving.

- Bonny B

Great four wheel drive in the snow!

Love the roominess. Do not like the stock audio system. Great in the snow, and great for camping. I have cloth seats but would prefer leather!

- Johnny T

It is the most reliable car ever!

This car has never given me any problems! It has roughly 250, 000 miles and it is still one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned!

- Jacob T

Toyota is a very reliable and maintenance free vehicle.

Toyota make a very reliable vehicles. It has not require much maintenance. I love size of it. I wish a new one would not cost so much.

- Lisa M

It is very dependable and has been easy to drive in all weather conditions.

I like the dependability of it. I do not like the amount of room I have in it now that my family has grown. It is very easy to drive.

- Meghan N

My Dream Car Amazing!!!!!

Very spacious car, goes pretty fast for a Toyota. This car is my favorite car I have ever had. Comfortable seats and spacious trunk.

- Ally W

It is greats for kids! They have enough room and so do you for all items.

It steers nice and has great cup holders and can have seven seats or a large truck if you want to take the two back seats out.

- Laura D

A nice 4WD, cruise, fold down back seat for extra storage.

I've had my 2006 4runner now for 6 months, with zero issues, has high mileage and still handles and drives like a new vehicle.

- Brian F

It is affordable but feels luxurious.

I love how spacious it is, I feel safe on the road with my family and it is been very reliable. I do not have any complaints.

- Christina Y

Toyota 4Runner, Wonderful SUV

Horrible sulfur smell when going uphill, accelerating fast, especially with the rear window down. Other than that, I love it!

- Tammy B

4runners last a very long time and hold their value.

It is very spacious. The 4runner has run well for 12 years without any real issues. For an suv, it gets great gas mileage.

- Marcie T

The car is reliable. It is a brand that is trusted and long lasting.

Like it because it is easy to drive. It is a very comfortable car. Even though the pain is fading in some parts of the car.

- Kim R

It is one of the most comfortable SUV on the road today.

I have not complaints about my SUV. I love the size and how it handles. Most of all, I love the good gas mileage it gets.

- Mary S

The car is still in good condition but still need work done.

The brakes the windshield the tires need to be fixed so much need to be fixed. I am trying to fix my car one at a time.

- Sandy N

The one most important thing others should know about the car is it's been reliable

Lots of room both for passengers and luggage. Not the most comfortable on a long journey. Fuel consumption not great

- Jane O

Sometimes when you try to open the doors the locking mechanism won't work and lock the door. The actuator is going out.

I like how the truck can fit two car seats. Does not do well in the snow at all. Nice to transport large loads with.

- Tanis B

It's a great reliable SUV. A car you can count on.

Roomy comfortable interior; reliable vehicle. just replaced my alternator on my 12 year old 4runner. smooth ride.

- Audrey Z

my toyota is very reliable still going strong great family and fun vehicle

I love my toyota it has been very reliable. My toyota is still in great shape and stylish would get another one

- maria m

Best vehicle on the road.

In 10 years I have had no issues with this truck. It runs great and all I do is change the oil every 3000 miles

- andrew p

It is a vehicle that is reasonably priced and long lasting.

My vehicle is used but sturdy. The engine works well and I've had no major issues. It is a reliable vehicle.

- Veronica G

Toyotas' are really dependable. Mine has lots of miles.

I really like the smooth ride. Love rear air conditioning. One thing I dislike is the cup holders are small.

- Jessica D

How reliable it is. It is a trustworthy brand.

I like my car because it is pretty. And a large SUV that I feel safe in. I do not like it is gas mileage.

- Amanda C

nice model and run smoothly

Toyota 4Runner run smooth, no problem with major issue. I owed it for 12 years and still good. I love it

- lun n

The gas mileage it is the best.

It has great cargo space. It fits 3 car seats across. I do not like that it does not have 3rd row seats.

- Haley S

Lot's of space for storage.

I love the reliability of it. Over these years this car has been there with little to no issues at all.

- Adrian C

I like that it is a good sturdy vehicle and that Toyota is a dependable vehicle. It is on the older side and while I would love to replace it, I am a college student and can't afford to.

Toyota is dependable and has served me well even though my vehicle has well over 100,000 miles on it!

- Alyssa R

It has many miles, but it's alright and I've gotten 2 flat tires before

It's so perfect. I feel so comfortable driving it. I wish the sound system was a bit better though.

- rina B

It is a great car for the age we have not had too many issues.

I love that it is great in snow hate the fact it is getting old and starting to have some squeaks.

- Karen L

Gas mileage is awesome for an SUV

Like how much room you have in the trunk. Dislike how difficult it is to park in small spaces

- Roy m

Compact yet spacious and safe for kids. well-built

I like how it's very spacious yet compact. Well built and very safe. Kid-friendly too.

- John A

the 4 runner has been a good car for myself and family

car has plenty of space for cargo fits 3 car seats it's 11 years old and still runs well

- suz e

It's awesome. It's rugged. It's fun to drive. It roomy. It looks good clean or dirty.

I like everything about it. I don't like that the center console pops open.

- Jacob V

Great kid carrier for the whole family.

Lots of room. Goes just about anywhere. Looks good but could get better mpg

- Andrew C

will go anywhere and is dependable and it rides well

no complaints love this vehicle will buy again when i buy a new car

- lisa w

It is a great adventuremobile

Wish it had a low washer fluid warning! Otherwise it's great!

- Josh j

Dependable, plan to drive it at least 300,000 miles before I purchase a new 4runner

4 wheel drive, large cargo space, color, the way it drives

- karen a

Tow my trailer really well and is very comfortable.

Good towing. Like the roll down window in tailgate.

- Marilyn M