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Very reliable, no new technology needed.

I bought this vehicle used, from a Toyota dealership, when it was four years and 51 thousand miles old. I've had it for nearly seven years now and have had nearly no problems with it. While it is not used for long daily commuting, but mostly short distance, around the town driving, I have also taken many road trips without incident. Having put 80 thousand miles on it since my purchase, I have made sure to keep up on all regular and recommended maintenance. Some minor problems I have experienced have been the abs assembly unit making a noise and possibly not working anymore, but no lights come on. I got my second set of new tires about a month ago and also replaced all five tire pressure sensors, which had probably never been done before. Those are only estimated to last seven years, but I got ten out of them, so that is a positive. There was a recall a few years back on some sort of part that caused the car to make an almost unnoticeable/slight jerk while driving. This would only happen randomly while driving, but stopped with foot on brake at a stop light or similar. I took it to a dealership to have the part replaced, but sometimes I still think I feel it. In general, I do not recommend dealerships for service, as I also had a different one leave out the transfer case plug when I had the 110, 000 mile service done. It drained all the way out and I drove for a couple days with dry gears. After taking it to a local oil change station, they had to put 5 quarts in, so I wouldn't be surprised if my rear-end goes out sooner than later because of that poor service job. Overall, the I love the features in this car and am unimpressed by the technology in newer vehicles. It has just what I need and has always proved reliable, comfortable and nice to look at. Although, my husband does not agree about it is comfortableness, but he rarely drives or rides in it, so that is irrelevant.

- Leigh S

Fantastic vehicle for travel and children!

I quite like my 2008 Toyota 4Runner... The "front seat" has multiple storage compartments and cup holders (it adjusts to accommodate various container sizes) including a flip down that functions like a table.... In the "rear seat" we find a garbage bag holder, a flip down console which also extends into cup holders and a table (similar to the front) great for snacks, etc. Very reliable, as long as there is regular maintenance great for road trips and children! Love the large trunk and spacious backseat... Would absolutely recommend it to those who love road trips or have growing families.

- Katherine W

Toyota 4Runner is a great car that is very reliable with awesome control!

I love this car! It has plenty of room for multiple passengers. It also has tons of room for moving or hauling big loads when you put the seats down. My biggest complaint is that the gas mileage is not great. And that I has a really big tank so it is very expensive to fill, usually cost me around $60. The four-wheel-drive is very helpful in the snow and has great control in bad weather. I have owned the car for three years and it has not had any maintenance issues. With that being said I do keep up on oil changes and tire rotation and general maintenance.

- Audrey B

Durable and long lasting SUV.

Love my cars durability and functionality. Previously had a truck and after it was totaled I got a little car. I traded it for my 4runner and love it. Rides smooth and haven't had any major issues with it so far. Being a tall girl the seats are too tall for me, I cannot wear my hair up without it hitting the roof. The shape of the standard seats becomes uncomfortable for me on long road trips as well. I bought this knowing it would last me years but unfortunately i'll have to invest in after market products to help with overall comfort.

- Courtney P

The perfect adventure & family road trip car!

We love this car. It is a great car, with little maintenance. We purchased the car right before deciding to start a family. It really is the perfect family car! It does not require any extra, special parts or oil. We also have two large dogs. The back window that rolls down is so great for when we go on long trips. They are happy with the fresh air & space. Aside from the family aspect, it is the perfect outdoor, adventure vehicle. Great for luggage, surfboards, snowboarding gear.

- Marissa D

Toyota 4Runner: Reliable, Durable, & Overall Wonderful Vehicle

I bought this car with 144k miles on it & it now has over 275k miles on it. Other than routine maintenance, I have NEVER had any issues with my car. It still runs great. And I gave my car the nickname "Old Faithful" because it has been such a reliable vehicle. It is very comfortable and I would HIGHLY recommend a Toyota 4Runner. I plan on keeping this one for another 3-4 years, but when I go to purchase a new vehicle, I am almost positive that it will be a Toyota 4Runner.

- Samantha S

Love my Toyota, but one thing I'd change..

I love my 4runner. It is very comfortable to drive and feels more like a car than a big SUV. I love the stereo system and manufacturers speakers. I have not had to replace them. I have also been really happy with how easy it has been to maintain. We have taken good care of it and have had no major issues. I do hate the mpg. I fill up my 4runner at least once a week in comparison to my husband’s Honda CR-V which is every 1 1/2 weeks.

- Courtney R

The amount of space truly is the greatest feature this car has to offer!

My only true concern is that there is a leak somewhere that, when it rains, causes the whole car to smell like moldy socks. Other than that, this car is wonderful, and I recommend it to people all the time! There is plenty of cargo space: I can fit a cello, an upright bass, and two people in the car with plenty of space. It gets decent gas mileage, and is good for traveling long distances.

- Morgan J

Fun to drive (4 wheel drive) Comfortable for 4 on road trips

The Toyota 4Runner is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. We take it on all family vacations or road trip,180,000 plus miles and still going strong. The only issue I've had is back window and wiper not working properly, the opener for the back has melted and leaves black sticky stuff on your hands. I love my 4Runner and will buy a new one when the time comes.

- Deborah B

Six windows all automatic.

This things gets around easy handles great in the snow as well as on the beach both in four wheel drive and outside of four wheel drive. It has lots of space and I love the added moon roof and rear windshield windows that are fully automatic and movable. Only complaint I had was a transmission issue that was a tad pricier to repair due to it being a closed transmission.

- Amanda H

The 4Runner is kinda like a summer crossover.

I drive 2008 4Runner. It's very comfortable and rides smooth. It comes with a sunroof and a roll down back glass window. It averages around 20 miles per gallon. It has an AUX cord import so that is very important to me. It does have a good bit of space and I like that the back seats can lay down. So I have more room for storage in the back. I am happy with my vehicle.

- Ronnie R

It is a very liable car considering the miles and age of it.

Car side door will not open from inside. Also the engine has problems and windshield wipers as well. It is performance is very liable and it has 160, 000 miles on it and it still runs perfectly well. It is really comfortable the seats are not leather but are still really well. Mostly everything in the car still works pretty new since we've got the car.

- Haley G

Toyota 4runner is durable, reliable, and stylish.

I have had no issues with my 4runner until the last 2 years. I bought my 4runner new in 2009, it is a 2008 model and no issues until 2016. I had some minor fixes that cost about $2000 to �fix it all�, and since then no problems except I recently had to replace the gas cap which was $38. Toyota 4runner is durable, reliable and stylish.

- Olivia H

Overall I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a SUV.

The lights burn out easy, it is very reliable, gets good gas mileage, spacious, dependable in bad weather. I love the size it is not too big that it does not fit in parking spaces, but big enough for all the things we need to take with us. The navigation system & radio is nice, & my child loves the DVD player.

- Shelly G

Terrific family big car of 5.

The performance of the 4-runner accelerates at a very fast pace, also the engine is very loud. The only down side of the car is, that it is 8 cylinders. The gas is very pricey. The car has terrific grip. So on rainy and snowy days you have no worries. Lastly it is a spacious car for a family of 5 members.

- Carolina R

Great all around Toyota forerunner.

Has some electrical issues, but besides that we've only had to replace brakes and a few other minor repairs considering it has 190, 000 miles on it. Its a navy blue color and the paint on the hood, roof, door handles and other general areas. It does have 190, 000 miles on it and we bought it used.

- Justice M

Versatile, safe, reliable.

I love to go camping and fishing and the off road capabilities are great. It has removable 3rd row seating which is nice because sometimes you need more room than seats. It drives smoothly. The rear window rolls all the way down. Perfect for my dog. Great in the snow. No large mechanical issues.

- Cole D

Toyota's outstanding 4runner!

Excellent performance, mileage, comfort. Always reliable; have had no problems with it and it has almost 80, 000 miles on it. Even though it is a 2008 model, has stayed in style. Current models have not changed that much. Excellent gas mileage. Lumbar support in drivers seat is a life-saver!

- Katheryn W

Amazing reliable comfortable and easy accessible!

I love my 4runner it has been great in every aspect! I get great gas mileage around town and on road trips also! It has never failed me I also owned another 4runner before my purchase of this newer model. I love how cold the a/c stays in the summer and how warm the heater is in the winter!

- Mandi D

It's fun to drive and comfortable and convenient for families.

I love my 4Runner and will probably drive it as long as it is reliable and then get another one. I love pretty much everything about it except the seat fabric - tore at the seams over time, and the lift for the back door hatch - melted and became gummy where you grab it after a few years

- April H

Great room, bad gas mileage.

What I really do not like is that it does not have great gas mileage. I took it camping with my friends and the five of us fit inside it comfortably but when it came to filling up on gas was a pain, and I had to ask for gas money. Other than that, there is plenty of room and its great.

- Emma S

Easy to maintain and easy to drive.

My Toyota 4runner has been very reliable and is appealing to look at. One feature that we really like is that the regular maintenance such as oil changes are easy and we can do them. Another feature that we like is the fact that vehicle is very easy to drive and has good visibility.

- Judy P

Durability of Toyota 4Runner.

I love the towing capabilities, it comfortably fits our family of 4 and can accommodate another person without a child’s car seat. The only thing that is unfortunate is how old it is at this point. Gas mileage could be better to make the vehicle more of a favorite.

- Crystal V

Toyotas are dependable and will last for several hundreds of thousands of miles.

This is my second Toyota 4Runner. I love the size. I can pack a lot in, but they are still small enough to be manageable in a parking lot. They are reliable. My first 4Runner had 296,000 miles on it, and the one I drive now, is getting close. No complaints.

- Brandi L

Vehicle is incredibly reliable.

Toyota 4runner vehicles are wonderful. I have had my automobile for over ten years and have had nearly zero issues with it. They are extremely reliable, wonderful to drive, and very comfortable. I will definitely look at other 4runners in the future.

- Matthew N

It requires very low maintenance. you can depend on it on long trips and not have problems. Great gas mileage and is very spacious inside.

This vehicle has never required any repairs only minimal maintenance every few years other than fluid changes. i have 100k miles and i have only replaced the battery and tires. Car has plenty of room and is highly dependable.

- Michael L

It can drive smoothly. I can easily take left and right turns and have a smooth brake.

My vehicle is great in my opinion. I can smoothly drive and it is not too big, so I don't feel like I am driving a huge vehicle. The color is black which is a bit average and ordinary and that is what I dislike about it.

- Rehan L

It is a little loud on the highway however, it is smooth and allows us to go over big bumps with minimum discomfort

It has great reliability and plenty of space for a growing family of three. The spare tire in the back is amazing as well as the storage area under the trunk mat that allows us to put the tire tools and charging cables!

- caitlyn m

An exceptional SUV with room and gas economy

The 4runner is slightly large SUV. It is quite roomy comfortable and extremely easy to handle. Gas mileage is quite good at 17 mpg even with a V8 engine. So far I have over 285000 miles and still going strong.

- John P

Very safe vehicle to drive and very roomy.

Very reliable only routine maintenance costs so far invested in vehicle. A very solid riding SUV and the comfort on longer trips is awesome. The gas mileage is also very good for a v6 engine.

- Rob F

Durable and Reliable Toyota 4Runner

I like the size of my vehicle. I just had to get new tires so it rides pretty well. My brakes do need to get replaced though. Other than that, I don't really have any problems with it.

- ally c

Very secure, especially if you have kids! Good space, not too big or too small!

I have Toyota 4Runner, I was looking for a SUV car because i have kids. it was the best choice. very secure. but i drive a lot far distance. which makes stop by the gas station a lot. lol

- Ani S

Currently, it has a loose heat shield, which makes it sound like it's rattling at times. It isn't a problem in terms of the vehicle running.

It is a recent purchase. I bought it due to its alleged reliability and length of life. Mileage isn't great but isn't horrible. It's fairly comfortable to drive as I'm a tall individual.

- Stephen S

Never leave you stranded.

Is awesome, I love my suv. it goes everywhere and with a smooth ride. Needs gas, and it has a big tank. Complaints? the bumpers with time get kind of lose and it sounds, don't like it.

- Rick W

very reliable car it starts all the time except every 2-3 years for a battery. it also drives like a cadillac

love my vehicle it drives very smoothly it starts all the time except when it needs a new battery. it very reliable if you do your oil changes every 3000-5000 miles . no complaints

- laura m

It is a low maintenance and durable vehicle that will last and give you many years of driving.

I love having the rugged 4WD ability combined with a comfortable and luxury interior. The size is just right for great maneuverability and comfortable for driving long distances.

- Andrea B

Others should know about the spacious room inside the car. Some 4runners how 1 back row and others 2. With 1 back row, you have plenty of storage in the trunk. With 2 back rows, you have plenty of space and seats for passengers.

I like the MPG I receive with my 4runner. I love the interior design and the spacious room. It has a lot of room for storage. Also, I like the step up on the side of my car.

- Greg H

Easy to drive. It feels almost too easy.

Love gas mileage. Love the ease of driving it. Steers great easy to fit in spaces. Interior is small and the stance feels small. I drove a bigger SUV previously.

- Rebekah M

Overall, it is a very reliable car and I would buy one again.

I really like my car. It is the perfect size for me and my needs. It gets good gas mileage and has not had any serious issues since I've gotten it in 2008.

- Lauren L

It is a reliable vehicle and built to last for years.

Comfortable and roomy. I love the way it drives and a minimal features. It is a simple and reliable car that I know will last for years and years.

- Jenny F

That it is mechanically sound and as long as maintenance is done there are not mechanical issues.

It is comfortable to drive. it is easy to handle. It fits my needs as far as room. It is a smooth ride and has had no issues mechanically.

- Jessica B

A sturdy, reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage.

Reliable vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage. Haven't had any issues other than routine maintenance. Great trade-in or resale value.

- Marcia B

Decent size vehicle not too big, easy to park & good for traveling

Very reliable, however considering it is a sporty car it does not ride super smooth...I've been in older Hondas that rode more smooth

- Lisa M

My vehicle is overall durable, reliable, and an excellent car.

Very reliable, great storage room, excellent gas mileage, comfortable, easily maintenanced and repaired, overall excellent quality.

- Morgan B

Durability. It drives and performs as good as the day I bought it (new).

I like the comfort, quality, style, and performance. There is absolutely nothing about it that I dislike. No complaints at all.

- Katheryn Q

It's a reliable vehicle. I wish it was a little more roomier but satisfied with the way it currently is.

I like the 4Runner. My last 3 vehicles prior were also 4Runners. My only complaint is that I wish there were more plug in ports.

- Denise H

It's reliable, tough, and fun to drive. It holds all I need it to and is safe.

It is reliable. It is rugged. It is comfortable. It has good cargo capacity. I like the look style and feel of the vehicle.

- Mike S

It is roomier and more comfortable than it looks.

I love the look of the car. I also love how it drives. I only wish it got better gas mileage and was cheaper to replace parts.

- Skyler B

It's a quality SUV. I love it.

I love the sunroof. I also love how all the windows go down, including the very back. I also love the heated seats.

- Brandlyn S

It's a perfect sized car for anyone and feels extremely safe.

I absolutely love my car. It was my dream car, so I have no complains about it so far. I've only had it for a year.

- Jenna B

Toyotas have a good reputation as a reliable automobile.

Very reliable. No problems just routine maintenance. Could be a little more comfortable driving is a little rough.

- Tina K

Great vehicle I love it .....

I love everything about this car except the gas part I wish the seats are rather otherwise the car is perfect

- Emad D

It is a very dependable vehicle

It has been a very dependable vehicle. I haven't had to replace or repair much either. Overall GREAT vehicle!

- Amanda G

Toyota 4Runner! Great family SUV!

Very reliable, and love the look and performance. Not a very smooth ride. Love the 4 wheel drive. Great car!

- Ashley M

It's a good car very reliable bought secondhand and still have it running well years later

Only problem is the breaks shot after a few years and muffler needs replacing because it sounds like and rc

- kay t

its reliable, and safe. it's fun to drive, and gets me around town.

i like that it's an SUV and 4WD. i also like that it drives like a truck, not a car. it's fun to drive.

- cari s

Nice price good value and really nice ride.

I love the size. It is really room. And it sits up high. I wish the driver's seat cushion was thicker.

- Kiki C

The most important thing about this vehicle is that it has been very dependable!

No complaints! Perfect for taking trips or just hauling things around. It has a roomy interior also.

- debra g

My room on wheels where I can be home on wheels.

Very reliable and very good on gas. Has very comfortable seating and just the right amount of legroom.

- Natasha B

That it can handle just about anything.

The comfort of the car, the handling while driving. Most important I can depend on it being reliable.

- Eva R

Reliable. Safe. I have had it for years and only had routine maintenance

I love the size. Plenty of space for seating and trunk space. I do wish I had gotten 3 rows

- John M

This Toyota is very dependable. Low maintenance. If you take care of it this car will last many years.

Has a lot of power. Quiet, higher up than a car, comfortable, Seats 5 people. dependable.

- mark B

It is very costly to repair being such a big vehicle.

Decent gas mileage. It has lasted a while with over 260k miles. Plenty of room.

- Shelton E

Very comfortable to drive. Gas Mileage is terrible, only 16 mpg Able to go at any time because of 4 wheel drive

The stereo system is very loud it can hurt your ears if you turn it up to high

- Brian L

No major issues with my car since I bought it used 5 years ago. I've only had to replace the brakes and tires (as with any car). Still runs great after 140,000+ miles.

Not all 4runners have 4-wheel drive as a standard option.

- Peter F