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Our 4runner is useful because of the bench in the back folding down.

My family bought the 4runner used with 40, 000 miles on it already, and to this day it still runs wonderfully. The problems we have are not with the car itself, but rather features. For example, the radio no longer plays unless you hit a pothole, and sometimes the trunk hatch gets completely stuck and is unable to open. This vehicle however, makes me feel safe driving on roads that are less than ideal and we often use this car for trips versus the others because of its reliability.

- Sara V

4runner running great after 10 years.

Very reliable and relatively low maintenance - for example, I just had the original front brake pads changed out after 70, 000 miles. The v-8 engine provides lots of power and the four-wheel drive are great features for living in the Colorado mountains. After 10 years the CD deck is finally starting to fail but that is to be expected after such a long time.

- Kyle S

It has a lot of power because it is a v8, it is easy to drive.

I like the power (v8), I can see over the hood, I can reach the pedals, storage, size.... I do not like that it doesn't have a 3rd seat, it could have a smoother ride, groceries fall out of the back when you lift the hatch, because the floor is elevated, it is older so it doesn't have bells and whistles that new ones have..

- Vicky M

SUV that looks great, drives great and has fun features.

This is the first SUV I ever drove and I loved it!! My commute from home to work to school was a total of 45 miles a day and it got great gas mileage. Also went to the beach a lot and it did an amazing job on the sand! Favorite feature was the back window that rolled down. I would definitely buy another 4runner!

- Aubrey S

Toyota 4runner affordable luxury.

Very reliable, and spacious. I haven't had any mechanical issues with it so far. I do the regular maintenance and rotate tires. Gas mileage is not too bad. Have some amenities. I really love the traction control on it. I have the sr5 model which is 4 wheel drive. Love it.

- Jesse U

Great all condition vehicle.

This vehicle is extremely reliable in all weather conditions. It also gets pretty decent gas mileage of around twenty miles per gallon. This vehicle does great in the snow as well. Very nice four wheel drive vehicle. Only problem is third row is extremely small.

- Michael C

It drives very well in any kind of weather. It has a lot of room. It's a great family vehicle.

I have no complaints. We love how it drives in the snow. I really have no dislikes about this vehicle. We did research on this vehicle and ask friends how they liked theirs. We are very satisfied.

- Tina P

It's extremely reliable and it's easy to drive.

I like that it 4 wheel drive and has enough room for my family. I dislike that it doesn't have satellite radio in it. I also dislike that it doesn't have navigation.

- Lauren W

The size of trunk space with seats folded down.

I have had no problems with the vehicle itself, but rather the utilities such as the gas cap being loose and the radio not working.

- Sara V

The 2009 4Runner is a reliable car.

if you maintain a car, you won't have any problems. This car is reliable and has lots of features that many other cars have.

- Andrea M

Has lots of room for passengers and equipped with lots of safety components

Always has driven well and given me no problems. Would recommend to anyone looking for a dependable long lasting vehicle!

- Will C

Very dependable and comfortable.

Very reliable. Performs great. Looks great. Smooth drive. I absolutely love it and will only ever buy Toyota vehicles.

- Emily G

It's safe, reliable, and strong enough to perform many tasks.

It's kinda old, but I do really like the seats and the feel of the interior. The sturdy construction is always a plus

- Rin N

My 4Runner is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

Love the reliability of my car. I love that it is reliable in the snow. I love the space for storage in the back.

- Gail B

great car to own and ride

no problems with the car. Looks great, runs great and smooth. at par mileage per gallon so all in all good car

- Nitin K

Private purchase Salvage title, but in very good condition

I enjoy driving an suv. I wish it had a third row seat. I wish I would have purchased a V6 instead of a V8

- Glenda A

Extremely reliable and very high quality.

Great quality of build. Very few issues requiring me to take it in for service. Very reliable.

- Derek s

The 4Runner is a very reliable car, but is starting to have minor issues and the gas mileage is not what I would wish any longer.

It is a work horse, it can go anywhere with a load of people and things.

- Molly P

It's good, fuel efficient and can handle everything we put in it.

Love my car and don't have anything negative to say about it

- Jazz K