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Great SUV-worth the money.

My vehicle is a Toyota 4runner. It has the third row back seat and it is 4-wheel drive. Not only is my SUV comfortable but it is also very dependable. I can load my dogs up in it, pull trailers for hay, and also ride out on the beach. I love the fact that I can put my back window down and my sunroof and let the breeze go through the car. My car has cloth interior, which I prefer because I have dogs. I do not want their toenail to accidentally go through the seat if it is leather. I have not had any issues with my car so far other than minor wear and tear. I drive quite a few miles for work. The only thing I wish was bigger is the space left in the back of the third row seat is up. The space left is very small and no more to really put anything.

- Corey M

Great and safe SUV, would recommend to people with families.

We really love our SUV, its roomy, quiet, great radio and speakers. The SUV handles great but our model doesn't have 4 wheel drive so in the winter it's not so great. Plenty of room for 3 car seats in the back seat and has a 3rd row. I wouldn't put a taller person in the 3rd row there won't be much room for their legs. I would say the 3rd row could fit an average size adult because you can move the middle row forward. I feel comfortable drive this model and feel safe driving my children in it.

- Co M

It gets great gas mileage in comparison to other SUVs of its size. On the highway we still get 21-22 miles per gallon even after having it for several years.

The 4Runner has awesome safety features and Toyota in general is known for their dependability and long lasting vehicles. It isn't HUGE per say but it is large enough for me to fit 3 car seats across the middle seat which leaves me an entire 3rd row seat in case we need it. It always offers a smooth ride. I love my sunroof and the sound system, especially "party mode" in the back. Out of all the full size SUVs...this one gets some of the best gas mileage and it actually looks cool too!

- Holly H

Perfect for rough terrain.

Our 4runner is perfect for our family of 4. We live in an area of rough terrain and it handles it perfectly. Four wheel drive is a must we mostly use 4 high but occasionally need to switch to low. The biggest problem we've had with that is when we shift out of 4 wheel it does not always fully shift. When it does that we have to stop and keep putting it in and out while stopping and then going. It is a pain but have to do it as the vehicle has a funny wobble until it fully shifts.

- Sunshine J

Transitioning from a small car to this car will take some time.

The Toyota has backup sensors, Bluetooth ability: for listening to music and utilizing your cell phone. The steering is a little loose, but might be specific to my vehicle, not across all Toyotas. Very smooth ride and set up a little high the Toyota has backup sensors, Bluetooth ability: for listening to music and utilizing your cell phone. The steering is a little loose, but might be specific to my vehicle, not across all Toyota us. Very smooth ride and sit up a little higher.

- Danny S

My Toyota 4runner Is the best!

My 4runner looks sharp! I like how it sits high and the seats are heated. On sunny days I enjoy riding with the moonroof open. The vehicle keeps track of when an oil change is due, so I don't have to think about it. There is plenty of room in the cargo area, and the back seats lay down to provide even more room. My grandchildren fit easily in the backseat, even with a car seat. I love my 4runner and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

- Barbara G

I am able to fit most large things in my car and it is the perfect tailgate car.

I had issues with the car's front shift differential earlier this year after owning the car for almost 7 years, but other than that, this car has been amazing! I have had no other issues with it at all. I plan to have it for many more years. The only thing I would change about the car is updating the Bluetooth system. It works, but it takes many more steps to connect your phone than more recently released cars.

- Mary H

This is a versatile high functioning SUV that's comfortable and useful.

My 4runner has tons of cargo space, navigates rough terrain wonderfully, fits the whole family, camping gear, fishing poles, boats on top and love the roll down tailgate window! The radio is very high quality (speakers sound amazing) and they are stock. I like the lumbar support which is adjustable too in the driver's seat.

- Lisa D

It has four wheel drive gear shift which is separate.

I love my vehicle because it is perfect for long road trips, fetching huge purchases, and slugging through the snow. It used to drive like a truck and I did not like that. But I took it to a mechanic and he told me I had the wrong tyres on it. So I changed them and the vehicle drives like a charm now. I love my 4runner.

- Mary C

This is just an okay ride.

Gas mileage is poor. Not overly responsive. Seats uncomfortable for long distance driving. Goes through brakes faster than my other vehicles. Ride quality is good. Really enjoy the fact that the rear liftgate window rolls down. No rear air conditioning, makes it hotter back there when multiple people are in the vehicle.

- Mike B

4Runner Lasts and Lasts and is reliable

It's been very reliable and has over 100,000 miles and still runs great. We have not had any issues with it so far. The interior is nice and clean. The 4 wheel drive is a great option and it is perfect us in the back roads. We tow a 26 foot camper with it with no issues at all and it is easy to drive and park

- Susanne J

2011 Toyota 4runner 4 wheel drive.

Amazing vehicle. It has the 3rd row if you need it. It�s safe and reliable. Gets around great in the snow. Rides smooth and handles well too. It is very good on gas it gets about 19 miles to the gallon. Had the reverse backup camera too. I've been driving this vehicle for two years and still love it!

- Tiffany G

Toyota 4runner, the car you need

My car is really good on gas. I never had a problem with the breaks, the one thing is that it takes a minute for the ac to kick on cool. I also like the radio and the speakers are really loud too. I wish the headlights were a bit brighter, sometimes it feels like I can't see very clearly at night.

- Rick. S

4 wheel can be engaged while moving as long as not going too fast.

Reliable, comfortable, goes through snow with ease, lots of storage room, pulls trailer with ease, no issues at all in 9 years, only general maintenance performed, great sound system, love the vehicle and would not consider any other, gas mileage could be a bit better, gets 18 miles per gallon.

- Kate L

Perfect for hauling kids, dogs, sports gear, and garden supplies.

I wish it had tilt steering and a trailer hitch. Love that it has lots of room and it is 4 wheel drive. But it kind of reminds me of the old family station wagon from the 60's or 70's. But it is perfect for hauling kids, dogs, sports gear and can hold 30 bags of mulch or large bags of dirt.

- Maria G

Great vehicle that will last forever.

I really enjoy my 4runner. It has great space when I need to transport something. The back seats lay down and gives a lot of space for hauling things. It is a very comfortable ride, short or long trips. Enjoy the added features of the heated seats and the hands free for phone and radio.

- Stephanie A

Dependable, comfortable, roomy.

I have had no problems with my vehicle and bought it used, it runs great, like the backup camera in the rearview mirror. Very roomy and comfortable. I would buy another one, I like Toyota. I like the heated seats, it warms up quick in the winter. It handles great in the snow.

- Denise M

Toyota works for you if you work for it.

I have had no issues with my Toyota to date. I just make sure it is serviced and on time, I have regular oil change, make sure tires or rotated every other oil change. I make sure they do the point check under the hood making sure filters, battery and everything is checked.

- Dixie L

The vehicle is very low on gas very dependable and safe to drive

The vehicle is very dependable reliable as well as great in gas. Since I've purchased my Toyota I had only wear and tear maintenance done to it such as tune ups and the brakes with tires Most importantly my family and I feel safe on the road when taking long travel trips

- Monica G

My 4runner has lasted me for eight years without any major problems.

The 4runner is a very reliable, durable, and comfortable SUV. The limited edition has excellent amenities. If I could suggest one improvement it would be to increase the height of the inside of the cab and leg space in the front and back areas. It rides somewhat smoothly.

- Amber G

Awesome vehicle. 5 stars would recommend.

The Toyota 4Runner is a Safe, reliable SUV, that gets decent gas mileage. It�s is Great in the snow. I have experienced No vehicle problems. My only complaint would be not enough room for more than 4 people comfortably, this is mainly because of child safety seats.

- Megs C

Blizzard Pearl color is gorgeous

Absolutely love this car. Beautiful interior. Smooth driving, and has some power. Beautiful, reliable SUV. Holds its value. Love the cargo trunk feature. Wish the third row option seating was a full seat instead of two bench seats. By far one of my favorite cars/SUV.

- Des L

We love our Toyota! We own two of them.

I love my SUV! It is very safe and we have never had any problems with it. I love the backup camera, leather seats, and sunroof. 3 People comfortably fit in the back seat and there is plenty of cargo room. It is the second 4Runner we have owned and love them both.

- Heather M

Seats go down easily. Makes very convenient when camping or traveling.

The Toyota 4runner is the most reliable car in the market. Have never had an issue with it. Provides great comfort for 4-5 passengers but third row eliminates trunk space and might be too cramped. Overall a great traveling car for both families and young adults.

- Alexandra M

Beautiful, white, four by four!

I am IN love with it. No problems! Runs great! My number one vehicular for the rest of my life! It is beautiful it goes threw everything like a champ! Never gave me problems! It is a great family vehicle! My kids love it! It is great off-road and on road!!

- Amanda C

Very reliable but needs more air vents in back

Very reliable, low maintenance. Drives like a truck. I really like how you can open the back window by putting key in back lock and turning it to open and close. It does take longer to warm or cool back seat passengers due to minimal air vents in back.


Very spacious and reliable

I love my Toyota 4Runner it is very reliable. I have owned this car for 2 years. I have never had problems breaking down or anything. There is plenty of room and a very spacious trunk. There is an option to add a third row in the back if you need to.

- Savannah S

That I believe Toyotas run better than any other vehicle

I like my Toyota forerunner for the simple fact that it has been reliable. I am partial to Toyota brands I have had quite a few. I like that the forerunner gets decent gas mileage. I also like that they are very reliable and seldomly break down

- Trevor B

It is a good car and a toyota so I plan on driving it for 200000 miles

I like that it is a big vehicle and 4 wheel drive. I would like it to get better gas mileage. It needs to have a better way to hold groceries in the back. They slide towards the back and fall out when you open the back door

- gretchen h

Strong, Reliable, Luxurious Truck That Handles Well In All Conditions

The Toyota 4Runner is great as it is a solid, dependable, roomy yet comfortable ride. We have taken it on several long distance vacations and it has always performed well in all kinds of weather.

- Jan A

The comfort of riding up higher while feeling safe.

I love the comfort and dependability of a toyota. It has a great resale value in addition to low mileage and all the technology bells and whistles. Most important it's safe for my family .

- rachel t

It is a pretty heavy vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle and the roominess of the interior. I like the features such as the sun roof and the Bluetooth radio capabilities. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Ann B

James R's Fantastic 4Runner

It is a very reliable vehicle, it runs clean and smoothly and I haven't had any issues with it yet. The car is comfortable to go on trips in with friends as well!

- James R

It rides good and is not rough like some other SUVs are.

I have a Gray 2010 Toyota 4Runner. It is the best vehicle and I absolutely love it! It has a lot of room and is pretty good on gas mileage. I have no complaints!

- John G

Very comfortable ride and roomy.

No problems, very comfortable has the lumbar adjustment, plus I am short and can adjust set for height as well as closeness has 3 row seat too and easy ride.

- Linda S

It will last forever if you take care of it.

I love my 4runner. It is been great getting the kids around and lots of space for the dogs and other items. It is got 130000 miles and still going strong.

- Emily L

It's the most reliable vehicle we have ever owned and very well made

Very reliable and well made vehicle. Comfortable for our family. Air conditioning isn't working as good as it use to but other than that it's perfect

- Stephanie D

The car's durability and performance. The 4-wheel drive is great and the overall quality is fantastic.

It's high quality. Beyond basic maintenance I have not had any problems. It's great in the snow in winter time and has enough room for road trips.

- Jean D

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is a decent car for families.

I like that my vehicle is big and has enough seats for several people. I dislike the gas mileage. I also like that my vehicle has a backup camera.

- Mason R

It is dependable and handles very well. Engine has plenty of power even when towing.

I like the power of the engine. I like the styling and looks of exterior and interior. The window seals and rubber exterior degraded quickly.

- Jimmy C

It is very reliable and affordable maintained. I would purchase another Toyota.

I love my 4runner. Very low maintenance issues- only had to replace the battery. It's very reliable, rides comfortably, and still looks great.

- Margaret W

Very reliable transportation and good on gas. Roomy and comfy.

I like that it fits children and adults comfortably, the space available in the back to carry pop ups, tables and chairs for baseball games.

- Beatrice P

3rd row is hard to sit in if the bench seat (2nd row) is up

Love the size of the vehicle. Would love for it to have bucket seats instead of a bench seat. Rides smooth and has plenty of legroom!

- Carrly L

It has more than 100, 000 miles, and it is still running strong!

This is the most reliable, problem-free car I have ever owned. I haul kids and dogs with ease! I really love it. I have no issues.

- Kristin S

Toyota 4Runner owned by me for many many years

Gets great gas mileage. Car is very reliable car has maintained its blue book value Finish is almost like the day we bought it

- Roxanne F

Has never needed any repair in the 7 years I have owned it other than the required maintenance such as tires and brakes.

My 4Runner is a great looking and reliable SUV. I have owned it since new and it has never let me down or needed any repairs.

- richie Q

That it runs very smooth and it is very comfortable to drive.

I like how smooth it runs. I also like the size. What i dislike is how much miles it has. But it's very comfortable to drive.

- Crystal A

It is great in the winter.

I like the size and power of the vehicle. I wish the vehicle had an automatic closing trunk and automatic lights.

- Jennifer P

Good on and off road capabilities. Roomy enough to fit more than two adults comfortably.

I like that it is big enough to fit my whole family but can also go off road. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Miranda P

Excellent vehicle and great performance

Very comfortable, an excellent performance, no problems at all, a strong vehicle, spend a lot of gas.

- Eli L