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Toyota 4Runner is stunning and functional. It will not disappoint!

Toyota 4Runner is reliable and beautiful! Drives smooth and quiet even with aftermarket large tires. Roomy for a 6'3 husband to be a passenger. Storage in the back is perfect for an active family with a daughter in sports. Great for dogs! We have 5 and they all go in the 4Runner. Great visibility out the driver seats as the seats sit high and have many adjustment levels. Holds value exceptionally for trade in or resale as well. Toyota is notorious for running well I to 300, 000 miles. I have owned three 4Runners and will continue to purchase.

- Lynn R

You pay more for quality and dependability. The five year warranty that came with the SUV was great. We like the vehicle so much that we bought an extended warranty.

I like Toyota vehicles because they are dependable and hold their value better than most vehicles. I like the size of my SUV 4Runner. It is not too small or too big. One thing I do not like about my SUV is that it is not technologically advanced. For example it does not have a warning buzzer for backing up, it does not have cordless phone charging, and it does not have memory settings for different drivers.

- Terrie A

I love the fact that the back window rolls down. It lets you have a great flow.

I love the options that come on this vehicle for a 2011 like keyless entry, sunroof, back window rolls down, great handling, heated seats. It is the perfect car for me. It has a great stereo system with Bluetooth options. It also has a GPS system with turn by turn guidance built in which gives the driver much better understanding of directions.

- Seth B

It gets me from point A to point B.

The Toyota 4Runner is a dependable sport utility vehicle that has a decent mileage for a mid-size sport utility vehicle. The 4Runner does not have as much standard features as a American sport utility vehicle, like automatic door locks and windows. It does not have a backup camera nor a navigation system.

- Steven J

A great SUV that can take on anything.

No problems just general maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation. It would be nice to have the newer features like a back up camera or a screen in the middle dash. Tinted windows would be a plus and automated headlights would be a plus. All in all it is a reliable vehicle just needs some updates.

- Josh A

Toyota rav4 is really a car to consider buying.

I love my car and really think it is reliable to say the least. It drives really smoothly and does not take much gas to fill it up. In the snow it performs very well with the brakes and tires. I love how not too low or too high it sits on the road and it does not make too much noise when its running.

- Chris O

I love my 4runner - dependable and stylish!

I love the reliability of my 4runner. Gas mileage is great, it is a comfortable ride, and I have full confidence it will keep running as long as I need it to. It is also very roomy on the inside - we have plenty of room both for passengers and for cargo. I love the sunroof and sound system!

- Andrea A

Dependable family vehicle.

I love the way it drives. It is very comfortable on long trips. It tows a pull behind trailer with ease. It is a very dependable vehicle. I have basic model without a lot of frills, but it has exactly what I need! Love the sunroof and third row seating for when we have little ones with us.

- Candace L

Always depend on you, 4runner.

I am so happy when I drive my 4Runner. It has power, it is strong--don't worry about snow, I know she can do it and always has. Very dependable, as a woman who drives alone, I do not worry! A friend who drives a small Mercedes drove my car and he said, this is a comfortable car to drive!

- Pat B

Great family vehicle!! Very spacious with extra room for belongs.

Love it. Easy and fun to drive. Amazing to drive in snow and bad weather. Always feel safe in it. Enough room for both my boys and there stuff. Back cargo area is spacious. Great gas mileage and low maintenance. Have yet to have a problem only have to take it in for routine maintenance.

- Becky T

I drive a 2011 Toyota 4Runner. The durability is well worth the money.

I absolutely love my Toyota 4Runner! We've had Toyota's last us longer than they should be running. When you are driving the ride is so smooth. However, the quality of the leather and seats could use some updating. We have a sequoia, the leather and seats are absolutely amazing.

- Ann D

A sleek and stylish car: the Toyota 4runner.

This car is the perfect size for me and has a sleek and stylish exterior. I do not exactly live the material the seats are made of, they stain way too easily and dust easily collects and black areas in the interior of the car. The car is nice to drive and has simple controls.

- Saint L

I love the reliability of a Toyota.

I love the size of my Toyota 4Runner. I love the pearly white color. The Toyota 4Runner is very reliable. The 4Runner is very sporty and has a big trunk. I used to have the Toyota sequoia and loved that so I do miss the size of that on days when the kids have friends over.

- Sara T

If you want a great consistent balance of safety for space and price, this is a perfect choice.

The size of the car is perfect for feeling safe, but not too bulky/heavy on the road. In fact, it is smooth driving on the highway, and the color (pearl white) catches the eye just right. Also, bluetooth functionality for cordless device connection and hands-free talking!

- Ben S

The 4Runner is not a luxury vehicle, so the ride is not going to be a smooth one. If you are looking for a sport vehicle, however, this is the one for you.

The 4 runner is a very reliable SUV. Toyota is known for their long running vehicles, mine in particular has over 100,000 miles and still runs like new. As long as you maintain your vehicle and don't neglect it you will get more than your money's worth from a Toyota.

- Taryn K

Toyota 4Runners are low maintenance vehicles.

This vehicle is great. There’s a lot of room throughout the entire car. It does very well on gas. I have not had any major problems with it, I take it in for the regular maintenance appointments like oil changes. It runs very smooth on the road and off-roading.

- Karen K

Great car for big families that do not want a mom van.

Really great car, very ample, useful for family trips but uses a lot of gas, the turn radius is not amazing but it is not bad either if you need a large car to carry some cargo this is a great car, does well in most terrains, very comfortable interior.

- Enrique T

Toyota 4runner is great reliable vehicle.

It is reliable, change brakes at 90,000 miles, 4 wheel drive works really well. The view is good not many blind spots. Tires last about 45,000 miles. Back hatch shocks went out after 80,000 miles. No major issues. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Kevin M

2011 Toyota 4Runner with a 4 cylinder

My vehicle offers a rear camera that is shown on the rearview mirror. The interior is a nice black. The engine is a 4 cylinder and takes about 20 gallons. The vehicle informs you if you are saving gas or not by the eco light turning on when you are.

- lakeisha s

a lot of vehicle for the money. Very good value, and Toyota quality, which is a win win

It is a 4runner Limited 4X2 and is loaded. Runs great, good performance, no issues, except that I had to have the takata airbag replaced on the passenger side. Good fit and finish, and I think it rides very good and is very stable on the road

- Leo R

The 4runner is a great family vehicle.

I love my 4runner. It is the perfect size for my family and me. It has the 3rd row which is great of my kids have friends who tag along and is easy to fold down for extra storage when shopping. Great family vehicle that drives well!

- Lacey H

It is got a 3rd row option, safe.

I like the 3rd row fold down option, decent on gas, big but not too big. I do not like that there is no 4 wheel drive, do not like the black interior or headrests and the plastic exterior handles that damage easily.

- Jessica G

Routine maintenance is much less costly than when I owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

I like that it is well made and have not had any major repair issues in the seven years I've owned it. It handles well, but is not for off road. I wish it did handle better in snow and icy road conditions.

- Susan P

I love that it is very reliable.

I love the reliability, perfect size, love the pearly white color. Does not have as much power going up hills. Love the backup camera & Bluetooth phone. Volume & station change on the steering wheel.

- Sara T

I love the back hatch window that rolls down!

I have had luxury SUVs in the past and now have a 4runner. As far as looks go I love it, but comfort is definitely a downgrade from what I am used to. The 4runner drives rougher, more like a truck.

- Kate G

Fit, finish, and reliability are above other vehicles in its class. It holds its value.

The vehicle is comfortable to travel in and has good off-road capabilities. It has been trouble free with just scheduled maintenance being performed. This vehicle holds its value for resale.

- Jim G

It has a security alarm that goes off even if you backup to close to something.

What I like about my vehicle is it has plenty of room for my family and it rides very smooth. What I don't like is well nothing really except I am just a tad short getting into it.

- Jessica J

Drives easily over rough territory and is even in its steering.

Dependable, I never worry about breakdowns; roomy, I can transport people and things comfortably; gets there whatever the weather, never worry about getting through the snow.

- Pat A

The reverse camera is a great feature!

My Toyota four runner is extremely comfortable, drives amazing. The 4wheel drive works better than others I have used! Has two full plug outlets that come in very handy.

- Neil M

That it is very reliable and I can see it lasting years to come.

Like the comfort and smooth drive. Very good on road trips, lots of cargo space & roomy back seat. Wish it had AC vents in roof of back seats like the tahoe & suburban.

- Kay D

It is a great vehicle. I would recommend it for everyone to have a family. Great to go to the beach and how's the full trunk but you can carry a lot of things

It is a great family vehicle.The ride is comfortable. It is very secure favorite heat has power to pull boats. Very reliable and durable. Has never broken down on me.

- Darwin M

The car does amazing in adverse conditions such as rain, mud and snow.

It is very reliable and has never given me trouble. The 4wd is phenomenal in snow and I go skiing a lot. It has plenty of cargo room for all my gear and accessories.

- Adam H

It is a low maintenance vehicle and is safe on the road.

Great utility space and plush interior.. My dog likes it.. Has been maintenance free.. No complaints and will most likely be getting another 4runner in the future.

- Dana C

Toyota is good for mileage.

Love the room. Love the look. Smooth ride. Does not require a lot of maint. Makes good for travel. Good gas mileage - does not cost an arm and leg to fill up.

- Emily S

I feel the most important thing about my Toyota 4 runner, is about how much room it actually has inside. You can fit a family of 5 plus a ton of things in the cargo area.

I didn't expect the wheels to be eaten away like they did from road corrosion. It fits my family perfectly. Lots of cargo room for travel and groceries.

- nicole d

Toyota 4runner is great!

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is the perfect family vehicle. Toyota's are very dependable. I would highly recommend this type of vehicle.

- Elizabeth T

Beware of the crazy lady behind the driver's seat! Kidding of course. Toyota are very dependable vehicles & if taken care, can last well into 200K miles or more

I love that it had enough space for my family (3 kids + large dog). Still had a lot of pickup when I need it. I only wish it had 3 rows.

- Carly C

It is very reliable and only needs standard routine work like oil and filter changes.

The 4runner is very reliable. It has only been in the shop for routine maintenance. I like the styling and the room that it has.

- mike c

It drives high up and fits my whole family

Very reliable and safe. It makes my family feel very comfortable and it is spacious. But not too big to get into small places

- Leire D

It's great on dirt roads and going on mountains. Also, it's an easy car to control.

It has allowed me to travel to several states within days; no problems at all. Also, its a great height and very comfortable.

- Jenny P

It is 4 x 4 vech which I used a lot during the winter and rainy days out in the country

Have had no issues with my 4runner at this time, I use it to travel, work, hunting, soccer games, volleyball games, and band.

- Keene D

It will last a long time. Good for outdoor activities.

It drives very nicely and great for taking to the beach. We bought because we needed a third row for our 3 kids. We love it!

- Jen K

It is 4 wheel drive and there's a lot of cargo space in the back.

I like the body style of it. It is the trial edition. I love that it is 4 wheel drive and I have a lot of space in the back.

- Karen K

Well it's a great work and dog truck and gets good gas mileage

I bought this 4runner from toyota of santa cruz. it has 4 wheel drive and it is white. I love it and my dog loves it too

- jody g

The most important thing about my car is that it has enough space for my family and I.

I like that it has enough space to travel with my family. I like the comfort it provides. And I like the style of it.

- Gabriela N

I have never had a single repair issue in 7 years of ownership

Very reliable. Large enough t carry plenty of cargo. Good gas mileage for size. Comfortable and i feel safe

- Mail W

A real go getter going over the road. U need one.

No problems runs great, it has 82000 plus miles on it. Ready for tune up and have the tires changed.

- Robert L

Very well made. It will last for years.

I love the look of the 4runner. It is very comfortable and drives great. Also, Toyotas last forever.

- Tammy H

It's A reliable car. It has good storage and it's a good size. It looks nice and holds up well for many years.

It's a great size. I love how reliable toyotas are too. Lots of storage but not too big either

- Jen B

It is a great car and it will hold its value well.

I love how it sits high up, I feel safe driving it. I love how it drives in the snow!

- Jen D

It has a very smooth ride and the air conditioning is nice.

I love the leather seats and the air conditioning. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Aaron B

I love that it's not too big or too small. Also I like that it has a lot of space for packing since we travel a lot. The only complaint is that it didn't come with a step since I'm short and have to jump to get on.

It's really spacious. It's also high enough since it rains a lot in our area.

- Elena C

will last a long time and get very many miles before needing something else

has 4x4 and is a truck that was a good price. Last very long and dependable

- john h

it is great it is great it is great it is great it is white

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- leslie y