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The Toyota 4Runner is a great vehicle to own for use as a family vehicle.

I like my Toyota 4Runner, it is a great vehicle to drive. It feels solid when driving on the highway, local streets and of road travel. Is has a good feeling that it hugs the road. I like the control of the side mirrors and the door locking systems. I also like the fact that the rear window has a heating element in it so that on cold or rainy days I can turn the heat on and clear that rear window while I am driving. I also like that there is a window wiper. There is a hidden storage compartment in the rear area. Also there is a storage side compartment on one side of the back open area with electrical outlets for devices and also for running an electrical cord to the outside of the vehicle.

- John B

Many reasons to own a Toyota 4runner.

My 2013 Toyota 4runner is very solidly built and is very safe and comfortable to drive in any weather condition. It drives down the road smoothly and on the sand with ease (with air out of tires of course). It has beautiful leather heated seats, cruise control, party speakers with a push of a button, air conditioning, foldable back seat and plenty of room for everyone. Safe, reliable, comfortable and durable for sure. Plan to keep this vehicle as long as I can due to its reliability, security and fondness that I have for it since buying it. Thank you Toyota for making such an outstanding vehicle. I would recommend the Toyota 4-runner to anyone.

- Tina S

Great off-road vehicle and reliable.

Vehicle is now 5 years old. No problems have occurred so far. Only negative I can think of is rather poor fuel economy at about 19 mpg overall. Some of that is due to all terrain tires and the fact that we do use vehicle off-road which is what it is designed for. Very durable and reliable and has all the options that I want and none that I do not want. Today's vehicles are very tough to find without having to pay for stuff that you do not desire.

- Tom W

Great SUV that drives like a truck.

I love the size and the option of having a third row in my 4runner. It has a lot of torque and can tow when needed. It drives like a truck but the turn radius is not very good. The seats are very comfortable and it has a very easy ride. I love the option of the third row, but it is extremely hard to get in and out of. The vehicle also needs added vents for the heat and air conditioning for the second and third row.

- Niki K

Road trip vehicle of the year.

My 4runner runs pretty well. It currently has 78,000 miles on it and I never had any problems. It is extremely comfortable for long distance driving and if you put the back seats down, it is not too bad to sleep in. I get about 20 mpg on the highway and 18 in the city so it is not too bad on wallet for gas either. It is a great vehicle to own and I recommend to anyone with a sense of adventure.

- Gonzalez D

Toyota trucks are comfortable.

I very much enjoy my Toyota truck because it is big and comfortable for its size. The exterior is easy to clean as it is black leather. There are seat warmers and coolers for winter and summer. The camera feature is my favorite thing in the car and it is very accurate. Another thing that is very helpful is the beeping sound when you are switching lanes and another car is too close to yours.

- Marija V

Great choice for a mom ride!! I love it!!

The limited provides smooth comfortable riding/driving. Leather trim is great for anyone who has children. Third row seats come in handy, and also lots of storage space when third row is not in use. I love the fact that it is small enough for me to get around easily, yet big enough to carry everything I need on a daily basis such as baby stroller, etc. And still have room for groceries!

- Lacey R

Great vehicle for families with up to date accessories.

I love my Toyota 4Runner! I wanted an SUV but not huge and not a minivan. It is the perfect size for me to grow into with future children. It rides great, I love how it sits up off the ground but I do not feel like I am driving a bus. It has Bluetooth to listen to Pandora through the speakers and hands free on the steering wheel to use the phone.

- Courtney L

Best SUV you can have! Safe reliable and dependable!

My 4Runner has been the best car I have bought. It is so realizable, dependable. I feel safe in it. When my kids go out they use the truck & I feel that my kids are safe. I will buy another one eventually down the road. I would like to purchase one for my son. I love it looks great drives great. The interior is great. Mine has the 3rd row.

- Jacqueline A

It is great for people who live in the mountains when it comes to performance.

The gas mileage could be better. It lowers significantly over time. I haven't had an major problems in the year and a half I have been driving the car (which was bought used). I have driven to and from my university many times without issues and the car performs well. I wish some of the features were more up to date.

- Laura O

I love the windows that it has, 4 main and then the one on the back tailgate.

I love my vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and has tons of room. I can go on road trips in it comfortably. I am a tall female so legroom is a big deal for me and I have plenty in the 4Runner. I do wish that I could charge my phone while the truck is off but that is minor point that is not deal breaker.

- Jennifer P

Pearl white Toyota 4Runner, 4 wheel drive automatic.

I really love the look of my Toyota in the color, it is pearl white. I have the cloth interior which is easy to clean and vacuum as I have dogs! I love that it is 4-wheel drive and an automatic. I also got the lifelong oil changes with it, which is very convenient at the dealership in Springfield Oregon.

- Amanda M

2013 Toyota SUV very reliable.

I really like this car. It is very reliable. I have the limited edition, and have to say I have not been pleased with the comfort of the seats. I also wish it had more air vents in the back seat, as I worry that my kids do not get enough air flow. Third row that folds into the floor is very convenient.

- Kristin S

2013 4runner vary spacious includes own a/c vents in the back.

I absolutely love my 4runner it is very spacious easy to drive and I sit up high. My vehicle has a backup camera making it easy to park. The 4 runner rides very smooth. It also come with a third row for extra seating. My nephew loves that it comes with their own vent control for a/c and heater.

- Destiny V

Toyota 4runner: comfortable, smooth, and efficient.

The vehicle drives really well for a used car. Ever since we got it, there haven't really been any issues. There's a lot of room to be comfortable, and it drives smoothly. Radio works well, only issue is that sometimes, the trunk can be hard to open. There are not any major issues I know of.

- Dalton E

It is one of the best car anyone can ask for.

It is my dream car and it is feel so happy when I drive in my car. My whole family loves the car. It's one of my family member. I feel proud my friends look so high about my car. Its service is high. I feel my car is better than any of the branded car. I feel like my dream come true.

- Toyota J

It is the perfect family vehicle.

It is comfortable, reliable, and I love the look of it. We have 3 young children and a large dog and it comfortably fits us all with room for storage. It’ almost six years old and we've never had any maintenance issues or troubles. I feel perfectly safe driving my family in it.

- Sara H

Great all around family vehicle, good for hauling kids or construction supplies.

Very reliable, sturdy, kid friendly. It gets decent gas mileage and has not had any mechanical problems during the last 5 years. The navigation feature is a little clunky but works well. Customer service at the dealership is top notch. Would buy another Toyota in a heartbeat.

- Jason H

I love everything about my 4runner.

Great for pretty much everything. It is big but not too big. Can carry plenty of people. Has a party mode for my speakers to make it great for tailgating. Love the interior and it rides so smooth. The value lasts forever. The sounds system is amazing. I just love my car!

- Erin E

Spacious, decent mileage for the size, going well.

Our Toyota 4Runner was originally my husband's vehicle, which I inherited. It's more comfortable to drive for him than for me, as I'm very small, but otherwise I enjoy the roominess and comfort. I was disappointed when we had leaking shocks already, at 65,000 miles.

- Michele P

It's been a great car! I am very pleased with it.

Love my car the only problem that I have had is the running board on the drivers side, the sensor went out when the car was about a year old. The repair was over $1000 so I choose not to fix it and turn off the sensor for $100. Great performance, very comfortable.

- Carol S

Great vehicle for a family.

Vehicle is smooth driving comfortable seats, with 3rd row seating all power controls drives well in the winter and it's very reliable to get you from start to finish, so far no problems, its a very durable vehicle and I would recommend this to anyone.

- Kimberly C

Toyota 4Runner Limited has all the perks of a big truck with all the comforts of a luxury vehicle.

I love how big my truck is. I sit up nice and high and can see all around. I can fit 7 people in my truck which is really convenient. I love my heated leather seats which come in handy in the cold months and I love how well my truck does in the snow.

- Lillian O

My car is very dependable in all different kinds of weather/climate conditions.

I love that my vehicle is rugged enough for my family, but has all of the upgrades and features that keep me comfortable. I love the leather interior and heated seats. I wish there were more air vents for the rear seated passengers.

- Liz E

Only Toyota Flaw is the Silver Handles

Car has held up great! My only dislike is that they silver handles have cracked and peeled off. For the price I paid for my car, I would expect hire quality material to be used to ensure this cracking and peeling does not happen.

- Rachel S

Good all around vehicle that could use a few bells and whistles.

Generally I like my vehicle but there are a few features that weren't available like memory seats and a heated steering wheel that I would have liked. It's been reliable and is comfortable. The controls are easy to work.

- Trina B

It's a great family car and has a lot of room for a family of four along with a car seat.

I love how we have plenty of room for our family of 4 which includes a car seat. It rides smooth. I don't like that the Toyota dealership can not find out why the DVD player will come on at times when the car is started.

- Katie G

Toyota 2013 4runner highlights

Love the way it handles for a 4x4. Very comfortable seats, lots of room for hauling and storage, seats go down so does back window. Pick up and gas aren't bad about 15 in town wish it did 25

- Lana C

it can tow other cars because it is a pretty big car and can fit 5 people easily

i like how spacious the car is. i like how i can fit the whole family without being squeezed. It's not always the easiest car to park, so i hate how wide it is.

- jeff d

Love the space and how safe I feel in it. Sunroof is a plus too!

It's a bit much with gas. Have to be very careful in how you turn. Can feel/hear highway noise. However I love the space. GPS screen use need improvements.

- Vanessa C

It has leather seats, a sunroof, a lot of space, and it is good in snow/extreme weather

I love my 4runner and have never had any issues with it. After 5 years, it still runs like new and I plan to keep it for as many years as possible.

- Emily H

It is top heavy and in high winds seems to sway side to side.

I like the fact that it is fully loaded with 4x4 and can go anywhere I need it to. It is stylish and smooth riding. Sits high and is compact.

- Leslie R

It's one of the most dependable cars I have ever had.

Love my cargo room, the look,the seat are comfortable, it's still looks and drives like the day I bought it. l will drive it until it stops.

- Rose N

4 wheel drive is a must have for me and I have had zero issues with it.

The vehicle performs great. I have used the 4 wheel drive numerous times and I don't know what I did before it. No issues with anything.

- Haleigh G

It's a very reliable vehicle to drive. It will get you where you need to go. Low maintenance needs

It's very reliable. We haven't had any problems with it at all. I also like the style and color. I wish it had a third row of seats.

- Kristy S

Reliable manufacturer and vehicle.

Sporty looking, beautiful metallic color, good gas mileage, excellent interior features,17-inch wheels, moonroof; no complaints.

- Phyllis F

That it is very reliable and will run good for a very long time.

My car is silver and has a V6 engine. It gets pretty good gas mileage compared to other SUVs. I love how much space is inside.

- Peter S

Comfortable ride, low maintenance,

Comfortable ride, large cargo area. In the 5 years we have owned the vehicle we have only replaced tires and the battery.

- Karen M

it is awesome for real. you can not go wrong with getting a toyota especially a 4runner

love it. very reliable. no complaints at all. handles very great in weather and on gravel. i don't know what else to say

- b m

Dependable for the most part, . Tires can be expensive.

Comfy and fun to drive. It takes me where I want to go, I love the all wheel drive in winter. I like the height of it.

- Pat W

Great all around vehicle for any environment.

Great on mileage, performance and comfort. Reliable and safe. Many features and room. Looks sharp and fun to drive.

- Brad M

How long it will run for.

I love home roomy it is in the inside. I love how I have had zero issues. I love the fact that it will run forever.

- Whitney E

It has a great suspension

Very reliable good running low maintenance good looking very comfortable no problems as of yet and performs well

- Brad J

It drives really well and gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

Like the way it drives and looks. Dislike the way things transporting fall out when opening the back hatch.

- Sharon R

It is considered to be a very safe vehicle.

Vehicle has a roomy interior. I love the sporty exterior. It is very dependable and perfect for my family.

- Jessica L

it is a great drive, and is good on gas to me, i have all the features on it

i absolutely love my 4 runner and i have absolutely no complaints, it's the best for me

- jackie j