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Suitable for an active lifestyle! My vehicle is a sturdy, reliable piece of work.

My vehicle is very good. The quality of the vehicle is durable and possess a nice amount of substance in order to participate in an active lifestyle. It does not have a big pick-up so when driving up hills I typically have other vehicles pass by me. This is okay, unless following someone who has a better pick-up than the Toyota 4runner. I have the capability to turn my vehicle into four wheel drive, whether that is low or high, and I also have to luxury of using an incline switch if I were to be going up something steep. The roof has a rack, that could be a little bit bigger in order to carry more things on top, but it gets the job done. The back seat is very spacious and has a good amount of legroom for other people, as well as the front seats.

- Alexandra B

Problems with the entertainment system (and other Toyotas around the same year).

I love my car. The seats are very comfortable for long trips, especially since my low back will bother me occasionally. Plenty of room in the backseat for passengers. Love the trunk space as I am constantly having to carry stuff in my car for my job. I am able to get most of my work stuff in with no issues. The only issue I have had is with the entertainment system. It will freeze while playing music and have to restart after a couple minutes. It also will freeze when trying to make phone calls. It will restart, but you have to switch from the car to the phone in the middle of the call or hang up and call back. It always restarts on its own without having to turn the car off and on, but it's frustrating that it freezes/restarts period.

- Meghan F

The 4Runner is a rugged luxury vehicle that is tough enough for country life.

The Toyota 4Runner is a rigid SUV that will withstand country living, but also looks good going out on the town. The 4Runner provides spacious luxury seating for five adults. While providing a dream ride, that makes bumps undetectable. The steering is smooth and comfortable. It makes driving pleasurable. The performance of the 4Runner withstands the wear and tear of everyday use while looking and sounding amazing. Maintenance on this vehicle is all that you will ever need to do. There is reliability under the hood of this vehicle. The 4Runner has a large amount of technology upgrades that make driving convenient and easily, all wrapped in a luxury casing.

- Samantha C

The prose of having extras.

I enjoy driving my four runner no matter where I go. Weather it is a short or a long trip lots or room a roof rack if I needed to carry something it cannot ride inside the vehicle. The ride is comfortable as if I was in a mid size car. The extras are enjoyable as no hands phone not to mention calling by saying someone’s name. Also the back up camera is convenient especially when I am in a parking lot. And also in backing up to pull a trailer. There’s no need to keep getting in and out of the vehicle or having another person outside to guide you in this car, that in itself is time saving.

- Nora C

Reliable, off road capable family vehicle

I have owned one prior 4runner, and both this and it have been the most reliable cars I have ever owned. Both were 4x4s and we have used them for those purposes in addition to normal driving. Only one area did we have a problem with on our current 4runner was that it had cloth seats when we bought it used. We added aftermarket leather at a minimal cost and it has made a big difference in terms of comfort. In the newest body style there is a lot more interior room, though it does not appear that the vehicle has gotten much larger on the outside.

- Nate H

Extremely Reliable and Comfortable

I love more 4Runner, it is an extremely reliable SUV. The seats are comfortable, I've even driven in long road trips with it and I've never felt uncomfortable seating for hours at a time. The sound system is great, my volume can be low and I can still hear the music playing no problem. I've had my car for 5 years now and I'm so glad I got it. I will say more recently my touch screen on my car sometimes pauses and shuts off and it take a few minutes to kick back in. It doesn't happen often I've just noticed it happen a few times.

- Alexis B

Happy with my Toyota SUV. I would buy it again.

Problems with sunroof not working and stereo problems. Stereo shuts off by itself all the time. I might just require a software update but I do not have time to take it in. Seats are very comfortable, great lumbar support, I really like this vehicle. I live in new Orleans and its great here because the roads are terrible, I previously had a luxury SUV of the same size but it didn't handle the rough roads here as well. I do miss having a button to close the hatch and blind spot detectors but I am so glad I got the 4runner so far.

- Lisa R

A family friendly vehicle for the busy mom!

The 4runner is large enough for my husband (6 foot-220 lbs) which is awesome! Extra space is a must and he loves to drive. We also have a son who loves sports with tons of gear to take to practice and games and it seems to take up the whole trunk!! And when I go grocery shopping, all that storage space is definitely appreciated. We do have a problem with our rear window. Sometimes it works - sometimes it does not.

- Rachel M

We love our Toyota 4Runner

I love my 4Runner! This is a very reliable vehicle with great gas mileage. We use this vehicle on an off roads. We get close to 20 miles/gallon on the highway and 17 miles/gallon in town. We change oil every 3000 miles to keep it running well. The interior is very comfortable for long trips, even with every seat used. We use the hitch to maximize interior space. We love our 4Runner.

- Pamela S

Toyota 4runner: great car for whatever you are into.

I love Toyotas and my 4runner is wonderful. It is the perfect size; not too large, like the sequoia. You can park a 4runner almost anywhere. And it gets decent gas mileage. The only thing I would change is the annoying ding noise that alerts when the driver or front passenger has not fastened their seatbelt. It is extremely loud and it continues beeping for a long time, too long.

- Elizabeth S

Great SUV that handles the road well and makes you feel safe and stylish.

The car drives great on the road and is very comfortable. It makes me feel very safe. The turn radius could be better, but for a large car it is not bad. Five people are able to fit comfortably and the trunk holds a lot. I love how the hatch window rolls down; when all windows are down it is almost as if it is a convertible. Stereo plays very well and I have the basic model.

- Gabriela M

Toyota 4Runner. Mid-size sport utility vehicle. Perfect for a small family.

I really love my 4runner. For daily use it is perfect for our family of 3. On trips I wish it was a little more spacious. The features are very satisfactory. Not too frivolous but adequate. I love the seat warmers but I wish they were in the backseat as well. As the front. The seats are comfortable but could be a little more plush for those longer trips.

- Anna C

Comfortable, reliable, and durable.

My Toyota 4Runner SR5 is an extremely well built rugged terrain vehicle. It performs very well in all conditions. It is comfortable and easy to get around in. The only issue I have with my 4Runner is that the interior door trim is too high. I have a hard time reaching when I pull up to a drive thru or to the ATM. Mechanically the 4Runner has no problems.

- Stacie B

We love our 2014 4Runner!

I love my 2014 Toyota 4Runner! It's amazing. The seats a very comfortable, and I love the cooled seat option for hot summer days. The dual heating is also an amazing option for my husband and I. The trunk space is perfect for a stroller and groceries and anything else. We also love the 3rd row seating! It's perfect and comfortable for our family!

- Amber S

It is not perfect, but it is pretty close to it!

I am definitely happen I decided to purchase my 2014 4runner. The vehicle is comfortable to sit in, fun to drive, the rearview camera is a wonderful feature to have, the vehicle feels safe, and I love the interior just as much as I love the exterior. I do wish the gas mileage and turn radius could both be better than what they currently are.

- Brit C

The body of the car is great because it is easy to clean.

This car is very reliable and comfortable. I have had no major problems. Basically, I have just changed the oil and topped off the fluids. I love the comfort and the dashboard design. The car handles very well on the road. The acceleration is excellent and allows me to relax when taking a long drive. It handles rough roads very comfortably.

- Robert G

Great SUV! Lots of Luxury without paying the price of a luxury vehicle!

I haven't had any problems with my 2014 Toyota 4Runner Limited. I love this vehicle. The vehicle rides very smooth and has all the bells and whistles. The only thing I wish I would have gotten on my 4Runner is the third row seat. However, there is plenty of room for 5 adults to ride comfortably in the two rows that are in my vehicle.

- Shannon C

Totally happy with my Toyota 4runner.

There really are no problems with our Toyota 4runner, except it is hard for my grandmother to get into it because of it being so high off the ground. I love the vehicle otherwise. It is reliable, good driver and pulls out boat with ease. It is comfortable to ride in and the heater and air conditioning are exceptionally responsive.

- Patti F

Toyota reliable and dependable

I love my 4Runner! I think Toyota in general is super reliable as a company and the cars perform well. I haven't had any issues even after multiple cross country drives and drives through extreme weather. It handles difficult terrain well including snow and ice which is important. The car itself is very comfortable and spacious

- Shelby F

Comfortable and travels well though underpowered.

The paint on my 4runner is very soft. Within the first 10,000 miles there was noticeable wear on the fenders. Toyota claimed it was 'normal west and tear'. Also, the vehicle is very underpowered. Aside from that, it is very comfortable and rides nicely. I'd like to see more technology in the vehicle but what it has works well.

- Casey P

Great ride, great dependability!

Mechanically I've had no issues at all with my 4runner. I do have issues with my radio player cutting off randomly and freezing up. I also don't like that when I use the automatic start my engine shuts back off when I open the door defeating the purpose of my automatic start. Maintenance wise my vehicle has been great though.

- Jennifer H

The back window rolls down using my car

Very reliable car that can go 300k+ miles. Simple on the inside, but has everything I need. Lots of room in the rear cargo space. Sears fold down nicely. Runs like a beast. Seats are comfortable. I feel safe and like I could drive in all types of weather. Gas mileage is probably my biggest gripe. 19.7 mpg city currently.

- Heather S

Best family car hands down!

I love my 2014 Toyota 4Runner. It has 3rd row seating, backup camera, sunroof, and you can row down the back glass. It goods good highway gas mileage, and is so comfortable to ride in. It has 4-wheel drive and Bluetooth. The leather interior makes it look nice and the heated seats are great for those cold mornings.

- Erin B

It is a quality vehicle and has had no maintenance issues for 73,000 miles...which speaks for itself.

Vehicle has 73000 miles and has had NO issues. The quality of the vehicle is outstanding. The ride is smooth which is great since our city's roads are not well maintained. I have no complaints other than the headlights are not automatic and there is not an available option for them on this particular 4Runner.

- Linda V

My Amazing Truck I wouldn't get anything else!

I love this truck so much it is so roomy and a smooth ride! It can seat 8 which is perfect for road trips! There is so much room in the trunk as well. It does eat up a lot of gas so that's a negative about it but everything else is perfect. Toyota is such a trusted company that's been in my family forever!

- Alexis P

Toyota 4Runner the one and only! I described the features in the other comment.

I have not had any vehicle problems. I have had the car for four years with no problems. It has 90,000 miles. The car is a SUV and has a comfortable ride. The performance is good it has a smooth ride and is easy to steer. The features are nice with a sunroof, aluminum rims, and a nice stereo system.

- Rita S

it a good car and I don't have to worry about anything

I don't have any problem with my car. I love my car. It able to take me place where I need to be and making me get there on time. There room for my stuff and there also a plus seat in the back that I can take out. My car have lots of back space for my groceries and I don't have any problem with it.

- mor Y

Great vehicle for the long haul

I absolutely love my Toyota 4Runner! It has been an excellent vehicle over the last 5 years. It handles well, still looks like new, has leather that still looks great! The only things I would change are: It has a poor turn radius and would benefit from and automated lift gate

- Kelly D

Toyota 4Runners are the best! Love them!

The performance and reliability is great. The only issue I have had is with the catalytic converter tends to smell when warm outside. I have had it inspected and nothing is wrong with it. The ashtrays location are not great. Needs more ports for power. Love to see more technology.

- Robin G

My Toyota 4Runner. There's a lot of room:).

Its big. The chairs are comfy, and there's much room for luggage in the back. You can move the back chairs to make more room too. The windows and doors are easy to open. It can fit many people. There are six to eight seats. The color is right for me and there are cup holders:).

- Joyce L

4runners are the best of the best vehicles, it is my most prized possession.

No problems. Great on mileage. 4wr is perfect for unpredictable NC weather! Keep their value. Looks very nice lifted. Seats are adjustable so they can lay down for outdoor activities or traveling. The trunk window rolls down, which is perfect if you have pets, especially dogs.

- Carey D

4runners forever! Loved my first and purchased another!

Plenty of room for stuff and passengers. Love the interior and sunroof. Feel safe on long trips and on the highway. Drives smoothly, yet very powerful. Owned an older 4runner in past and new I had to own another one. Great purchase and I feel great about what I invested in.

- Laura G

Best car I have ever had. Only Toyota for this family from now on.

It is reliable and performance is awesome. It is comfortable and low maintenance. It is well built and looks new no matter the years that had pass. I have had no issues with it at all. It is roomy and rides smoothly. I would definitely purchase another Toyota again.

- Robyn G

Wellmade, travel friendly, black beauty

Well made and has held up. The rims drew me to picking black . All technology makes travel easy. Sunroof is a fun thing to have and love that the back glass can be rolled down. I wish it had a power liftgate and currently having issues with driver side door locks.

- Kimberly B

I love my vehicle! Very convenient and I am very comfortable, it is run very good.

Our vehicle is running good and I really love it,I do not have problem with it. I love Toyota 4 runner it is my dream car. It is run very smooth and never got problem in it. I love this car even if we travel very far we never got a problem very comfortable inside.

- Mary Grace M

Great car, super reliable

It's a good family car, sturdy, highly recommend. Very little problems. Reliable and dependable performance. Super comfortable on road trips. I love the cup holders for the kids in my family. Built very well. Great trunk space and amazing 3rd row seating feature.

- Ann G

My car is big and sturdy which I love.

I wish it had a bigger motor in it. Otherwise, it's a good, sturdy car. I like that it is so roomy with the third row seat. I don't have runners, which I wish just came standard though. The seats are comfortable and it fits a backwards facing car seat perfectly.

- Jennifer S

Program your garage doors to open according to the buttons.

Reliable, and high quality. I have always owned 4runners knowing friends and family who had it more than 300,000 miles on their older models. It is spacious for the dog and family, and doesn't look too bulky. Only issue was finding the car seat hooks at first.

- Monica M

beautiful and smooth running vehicle

so far my car hasn't given me any troubles. I have taken it everywhere as I go on road trips very often. If you want a safe and reliable car I would definitely say to go for a Toyota as they are definitely one of the best model cars out there in the market.

- Christopher N

Toyota 4Runner Limited edition Sleek looking black on black automatic/standard

I've had no problem with my vehicle. Excellent performance, very reliable and comfortably seats seven persons. The rear seats can be dropped for additional space. It can be driven as standard or automatic. It has the ecosystem so it burns gas efficiently.

- Charmaine G

A hip and reliable, spacious SUV.

I like that it is spacious, high off the ground and allows for better visibility, comfortable for long trips and the Toyota brand is known to be reliable. I like the color, white, and that the rear window rolls down. It allows a nice breeze on a cool day.

- Allison S

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is well maintained.

I have a red 4runner. I like it because it matches my personality and it has room for my kids and our stuff. I wish there was more room in the backseat. My kids and their things always seem so squished back there. It feels cramped on long road trips.

- Sara D

I love this car! Will always go to a 4runner when shopping for cars.

My 4runner is a very reliable car. The comfort is great and it is perfect for kids and dogs that are hauled around very often. I did have problems with the locking mechanisms inside the doors. It was covered under warranty and I replaced all 4 doors.

- Sarah S

It gets around amazing in bad weather- snow.

I bought my 4runner brand new in 2014. It has been spectacular. My only complaint is gas mileage but it is standard for an SUV. In the past few months, the power locks have stopped working and the quote to fix them is to pricey for me right now.

- Trish F

It feels safe to drive: easy to put in 4 wheel drive when needs.

The 4runner has plenty of power and gets decent gas mileage for an SUV. It is feature packed for off-roading but is just as comfortable on road. It feels super safe to drive in inclement weather. The steering and braking are very responsive.

- Lisa P

Toyota 4runner limited with moonroof

I really love my Toyota 4runner. There is enough space for my two children and all their things. Plenty of space in the back for groceries and extra curricular equipment. I love the hands free options as well as bluetooth connectivity.

- Ashley M

It is very reliable. It also fits 2 car seats but probably wouldn't fit 3.

I haven't had any problems with my 4runner. It has been great and I have only taken it in for service when an oil change is due. It is comfortable and fits my family of 4 with extra space. It drives really nicely and smoothly.

- Stephanie J

It is very comfortable and big. I can fit so much in it. Also it has 3rd row seats!

I love the fact I can hook my garage strait up to it. Also I love the sunroof. It is way easier to control than any other vehicle I have owned. I dislike the fact that since it is a push start, I can not get remote start.

- Laura Ashley W

The Toyota 4Runner is a great family SUV that we use daily.

I love our Toyota 4Runner because it is a great family car. It fits 2 car seats with our sons and an adult in the back seat comfortably and our stroller fits well in the back. We use the SUV to drive everywhere in town.

- Amanda L

It has a lot of room inside.

I love the large size of my vehicle. It makes it very easy to haul things. It is great for moving. I also love the roomy interior. I wish it had better gas mileage, but it is worth it to have the power of a truck.

- Amy B

2014 Toyota 4runner Limited

I love the Limited package. The sunroof and sound system are excellent. The four wheel drive performs excellent. It also handles steep mountain climbs on paved roads well. Only complaint will be acceleration.

- Jason E

Great mid size SUV for all terrain

My car is extremely reliable, I have never had an issue with it. Comfort is great, very roomy inside, front and back seats. The gas mileage isn't the best but I knew that going into the purchase.

- Matt M

Good suv, low maintenance, runs well in all weather.

4Runner is reliable, but not as well built as earlier models. We have had a 2003 and 2007, both of which seemed to be "sturdier", and boasted an 8 cylinder engine, which the new models do not.

- Jen L

The type of seats in the car is a little hard to keep clean due to the tan color.

It is a reliable vehicle that is a fit for our family. I like the vehicle, just did not care for the servicing at the dealership. It fits our family size just right. I also like it is 4WD.

- Stephanie M

This is a Great all-around vehicle for the entire family

Toyota 4Runners are reliable, comfortable, and safe. It is easy to drive and has good visibility out the back window. I like having the third row seat available and it has good cargo space.

- Rebekah V

Short people love this vehicle.

I am a short person, the forerunners height gives me an advantage to see over all the other cars. The vehicle is very comfortable to drive. And its features are very easy to learn.

- Amy M

Ease of handling on the road

Like the style , easy to drive, great gas mileage...do not like the placement of controls on sides of steering column( hard to see while driving) , engine is noisy

- Anne G

Toyota 4Runner is an amazing truck!

We have a Toyota 4Runner Limited Edition. We love it...it runs amazingly well. We took it 4 wheeling in the OBX last year and it handled the sand extremely well!

- Ali P

It holds Its value more than most vehicles.

The 4runner is fabulous. The only issue I do have is the touch screen radio does glitch sometimes. It is beautiful and I am constantly receiving compliments.

- Jessica H

Comfort and utility after a nice style

I really like my car, I like its style and comfort and it really is useful and familiar, it has not caused me any major problems and I am quite happy with it

- Joseph S

No issues mechanically with over 100, 000 miles on it.

Very reliable vehicle. I can take it out in the snow and feel very safe. It is big enough to not get scared when driving on the freeway next to semi trucks.

- Lindsey D

It takes a lot for it to be fixed.

It's the baseline so lights are not automatic. Also it does not have 4 wheel drive. Also, there is not the option to have Sirius or XM radio installed.

- Jay W

reliable, and reputation of company.

good, reliable, comfortable vehicle. Navigation system could use improvements, voice recognition not too good. Better gas mileage would be great.

- Mike P

Lot of room for driver. I'm 6'-4" and. Big guy and there's plenty of room.

Quality workmanship. Great utility. The 4Runner runs like a champ and feels solid. Lots of room on the interior. I'm 6'-4" and have plenty of room.

- Tom L

Dependable, I always know that it is going to get me from A to B without any issues

I really like my vehicle because I have not had any major mechanical issues since I have owned it. I really like the size and storage it offers me

- Howard P

That it is a safe vehicle for transporting children.

My truck is white with black rims. I love the way it drives and how safe it is. I feel like I have no blind spots and can clearly see the road.

- Annette A

It's a Toyota and will last forever. You won't have to replace it for a good decade unless you want to.

I love how high up I sit. There is excellent cargo space and towing capacity. It is quite a comfortable ride. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Marian W

It hold ups well and maintains its resale value. It rides more like a truck than an SUV.

I like the sturdiness and ruggedness of my vehicle. It holds up well to the things I put it through. I like the overall style and color of it.

- Ry M

It drives extremely well and gets fairly good gas mileage for its age. It is also a beast when handling snow and water.

I love how safe I feel driving it with my two kids. I also love that it is a flexible SUV. The only downfall would be not having a third row.

- Kristen R

Toyota 4runner - your next car.

Toyota 4runner offers quality craftsmanship over any other car I have ever owned. Never had any maintenance problems and runs like a dream.

- Matt B

My car has very good performance

I like my car is very comfortable and efficient with fuel. The engine is very silent and efficient. In general it has very good performance

- Chris b

Great gas mileage for suv. Radio had problems. slight vibration in front end is known issue for model

4runners have a problem with the radio system that cuts out randomly. Locks up and stops responding cutting out bluetooth, nav and radio

- David S

It is a classic SUV and serves many purposes in my life.

I love my 4runner. It is a classic SUV and I have been buying this model for a long time. Most of my friends and family have this model.

- Ana M

Great for a road trip and holds all of our equipment.

It's very comfortable. It's been very reliable. I like the backup camera and everything always fits in it. Does great in the winter.

- Pam T

Beautiful and comfortable to drive

No issues, love my truck. 4 wheel drive goes anywhere, sand and mud no problem. Highly recommend for anybody who likes to be outside.

- Swag M

It is a gas hog with a large tank.

I like the size. I hate the low gas mileage. I hate the large size side view mirrors. I like the sunroof. I like the large trunk space.

- Michelle W

Toyota is a good car maker, we've been very happy with this car purchase.

I like that it is reliable and sturdy. The inside of the car is roomy and functional. This car is 4 wheel drive so we can go anywhere.

- Cindy M

It is four wheel drive and a beast. The gas mileage is pretty good for such a big vehicle.

I love my truck. My favorite thing is four wheeling. It's a little bit hard for me to get into so I had to put some Step Boards on it.

- Boog M

The amount of space and how convenient it is.

4runner runs smooth and it is a great family car. We use it to travel with the kids with their sports. Very big inside and spacious.

- Grace H

Very nice ride, smooth, but not too smooth that you get carsick.

The size is a bit intimidating. Prefer the older style body before the size changed. The light above the gearshift is disorienting.


It has an amazing resale value because the vehicles are so amazing.

I love that it is spacious and high up. I also love that it has such a high resale value. They are also extremely reliable vehicles.

- Amanda K

4Runner with pull-out tailgating table

Very reliable!!! Have not had any performance issues. Good gas mileage for an SUV this size. Would buy another 4Runner!

- Janet W

That it will last forever!

I like the room and durability. but there are some electrical components that have failed. Also wish was easier on gas.

- Mark E

I trust Toyota it is durable and holds good value.

It is comfortable. It is dependable. It has plenty of space. Good on gas. I wish it had leather seats and remote start.

- Alison L

Great ride. Long lasting. Looks good.

I love the size, appearance, and durability. I dislike but can live with the gas mileage. I dislike the cost of parts.

- Julia H

You need netting in the hatchback. Items move and will fall out when the hatch is opened.

I love it. I am not too fond of the push start button. I wish it had movable pedals and a keypad on the outside door.

- Deffery S

That it is dependable and very easy to drive

Ease of use! The car makes it super easy to navigate. It's not too big or too small. Perfect for the family and dogs!

- Katie Z

It does well in hazardous conditions

It is trustworthy, doesn't need expensive imported parts, large and spacious, safety and good in hazardous conditions

- Ally T

My Toyota 4Runner-How it changed my drive

Very Reliable, extremely comfortable, nice features, leather seats, I like the truck frame, pretty good gas mileage

- Brandy K

It is a reliable vehicle with minimal breakdown history

Great reliable, good looking vehicle. It was a good value for the cost. It gets decent gas mileage and is spacious

- Shari W

Toyota is so reliable. We have owned 2 tundras, Rav 4 and a 4runner! All run great!

I love the look. I love the reliability. I wish it had better MPG. I also wish it was more comfortable to sit in.

- Sarah C

Good on gas on long road trips.

I like that is has enough room for 6 grandkids. I get great gas mileage. There's really nothing I do not like.

- Donna L

The ability it has in an off road setting. It has many off road features not found in many other SUVs.

I love the space and style of it. It is a comfortable SUV, but still sporty enough to not look like a mom car.

- Layne A

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It is a nice vehicle. Decent amount of space but nothing overly special about it. Id buy it again if needed.

- Michael G

Reliable. This car never breaks down. Only costs are oil changes, tires, brakes and inspections.

Love this Truck. Body on frame and not a car chassis. Rides and drives like a truck and not a car. Love it.

- Micharl M

is a very comfortable and quality vehicle that is never damaged.

It is a very comfortable vehicle easy to use, almost not damaged, I like it a lot is a quality vehicle

- Andy C

My car can handle any situation I run in to and It's always came through when I needed it to.

Offers all the features I need and more. It a reliable and it feels like a very confident choice.

- Westley M

durability and speed and miles per gallon on gas stylish and cool to drive

i love the name brand toyota its reliable and trustworthy stylish and fast sturdy and cool

- suz e

Great running with plenty of power

No complaints, It's just when I have to buy tires they will be rather expensive

- Bob S

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Toyota's are very reliable, comfortable and safe. Have owned one before.

- Lynda M

Dependable, long last vehicle, easy to drive. Comfortable.

Fun, easy to drive, looks great. Could get better gas mileage.

- Tenay R

Its fast and is good quality, never has let me in the middle of the road

I love the internal space, have a lot of comfort to sit

- Alan G

My suv is dependable . It looks great and catches your eye when i drive by . I get decent gas mileage.

I love my my suv ! I wish I had better gas mileage.

- Freda H

It has 4 wheel drive, a backup camera and 3rd row seating

I could be a tad larger but all-in-all it is great!

- Renee L

- Abir A

Overall perfect vehicle for this mom.

- Jamie N