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Comfortable, dependable and family friendly.

This vehicle has been very comfortable and dependable. I notice the windshield seems to crack/chip easily. There are a few people I know with this vehicle and we all have the same crack in the windshield. There are also quite a few blind spots in the vehicle due to the structure. The rearview camera helps with backing up but switching lanes can be tricky with the blind spots. I also have noticed the weather stripping on the doors and around the windshield are starting to get cracked and peeling away. That could be due to living in the heat but it still is happening. Otherwise this vehicle has been amazing. It does ok on gas mileage. It is very comfortable with a bigger family and the third row option really helps. It does well in the mountains and in snow. I have even done some questionable off reading without complications. Great looking vehicle, wonderful warranty and comfortable. Lots of wonderful features that can be added as well.

- Sarah J

Best 4 wheel drive limited SUV.

My 4runner is the perfect size for a family of four. It drives well in all weather and I feel safe in it. I have never had any problems at all. It is comfortable and I love the features the limited edition offers. Mine has front seat warmers, remote start, sunroof/moonroof, Sirius/XM, navigation, Bluetooth and leather interior. I use all of the features but my favorite is the seat warmers and 4 wheel drive capabilities. I live in Colorado and trust that it will get me through rough terrain in the mountains. This is one of the most reliable cars you can get. I am on my third Toyota.

- Kate L

Color is Barcelona red but it is really more of a rich bright orange. I love it!

I love the seat warmers. It is performance is off the charts. It can drive through swamps or straight up rough terrain. It is built to be tough. It also drives great around town or on interstate. The color is a bright orange and everyone tells me how great that goes with the black leather seats trimmed in red stitching. It is got all the modern gadgets you want with a towing package. Men do not understand why I have this vehicle and are jealous. I maintenance it regularly and have no problems whatsoever with it is performance. It is overall awesome!

- Allison S

4Runner is a tank that is super dependable.

This car is built like a tank. It is dependable and goes great in the snow. It is also big enough to haul around 2 great Danes. The interior is comfortable and modern. Since it is an SUV it stands out against the boring crossovers that dominate today. The versatility is great. I love that the back seats can be laid flat to allow for better storage. The only complaint I have is the paint seems to scratch too easy. Vehicle has been very well maintained but there are a lot of scratches. Overall a car I would definitely buy again.

- Emily C

Toyota 4runner - SUV of choice.

I have only had issues with the brakes and rotors on my vehicle. The truck has been extremely reliable. I love the Toyota entune app and being able to hear text messages while driving. One of my favorite features is the back window that slides down. My truck is comfortable to drive and has a sleek look. My truck has never failed me. I have had issues with the auto start and the range of use.

- Alexis E

Great car, sturdy and durable.

So far I have really liked this car. I haven't had any problems yet. I have accidentally rear ended someone and there wasn't a scratch on my car even though the other car got damaged. It is a tank. Very reliable, love the spaciousness. I have moved 2 times while having this car and it was big enough to move everything without needing to rent a truck.

- Jen C

The car that will take you anywhere you need to go.

I love my 4runner! To me it is a perfect vehicle. Small enough that it is easy to drive and maneuver but big enough to haul people and things. It gets decent gas mileage at 17 but one thing I would change is to put a bell on the low fuel light. Sometimes I do not notice it come on and this is the only car I have ever had that does not have one.

- Tara S

Toyota 4runner is an awesome vehicle!

Buying my 4runner was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is the most reliable, comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. I have not had one single problem or issue with this vehicle; routine maintenance is the only thing I have had to have done. It also drives really well and is great in the snow. I would buy it again and again.

- Andrea G

Perfect vehicle for a small family

We love this vehicle! It is the perfect size for our family of 4. Safe and reliable. The truck space is ideal for carrying a double stroller plus groceries and other items. We connect 2 car seats safely in the backseat (using anchors) and there is enough room for a third (or an adult to sit between the two car seats in the back).

- Jessa N

The Toyota 4Runner, an amazing car.

My Toyota 4Runner is great but. It can hold up to 5 people. Two people in the front and 3 in the back and in the trunk is very spacious. Its perfect if you are looking forward to going to the beach or travelling with the family. It also handle great on long drives. But one problem for me is that the radio will randomly restart.

- Richard L

Enough space for my family and luggage, active security system and good quality.

My vehicle has good performance, good stability, maintains a good pace on the roads, easy to handle on land with stone floors, is four by four, good GPS system, air conditioning throughout the truck. Enough space for my family and luggage, active security system and good quality. Recognized brand with international support.

- Jorge J

It is been very dependable. I feel safe driving it and having my kids in it.

Great car! I have had no problems with this 4runner in the past 3+ years. It has only been in for scheduled maintenance. It feels roomy without being to big. I have two car seats that fit perfectly, even rear facing. My large double stroller fits in the back and I still have room for groceries. It is a great daily driver.

- Laura O

Over three years of use review for a 4Runner.

This car has really nice soft leather seats. When you first enter the car you are dazzled by the height quality look that everything has. The only problems that I have encountered is basic keep up, such as oil changes, tire rotations, etc.. So overall I would recommend this car to anyone who can afford it.

- Noah S

Best four wheel drive ever owned.

My 4Runner is a great, dependable SUV. The comfort and reliability this vehicle has is top notch. The 4WD is amazing and I love how when it is in 4WD and you go down steep hills it holds back better than any other 4WD I have owned. My only wish for it is that all trims came with leather interior.

- Jamie C

The vehicle is versatile and comfortable. It can go from off-roading to transporting kids in an instant and is capable of handling various road conditions.

I love the 4-wheel drive and the built in navigation feature. I love the ability to put the second row seats down to make the back bigger so I can haul things. The vehicle is comfortable and classy looking with the leather. The only thing I dislike about it is the gas mileage. I get 18 mpg.

- Jen F

Favorite vehicle I have owned.

It is very reliable and I have had no problems with it! The inside features are very nice and easy to use and the outside is sleek and modern. I also received some great incentives from my dealership like free oil changes. This is my second 4runner and it is my absolute favorite vehicle!

- Megan M

The 4-Runner is Barcelona Red, silver luggage racks and black interior.

The Toyota 4Runner is extremely comfortable and reliable. During the course of ownership I have experienced no problems with my vehicle. The heated seats, bluetooth connectivity, sun/moon roof are among my favorite features. The gas mileage is fantastic and highway mileage is great.

- roderick j

Holds its value mean it does not depreciate like other cars.

Very versatile and dependable. From trips to the mountain to go skiing or hauling the kids around, to getting supplies at home depot, this SUV works great! Unlike other vehicles this also holds its value very well. Only issues have been with Bluetooth system not also syncing correctly.

- Andrew C

Highlights of why I purchased.

Drives very nice, value of car does not depreciate like other vehicles. Sporty but reliable, can get many years out of this vehicle. A great car for families or single people. Roomy but not huge, looks nice compared to other SUVs. Toyota makes the most reliable vehicle in my opinion.

- Cathy R

Love my 4Runner! It is a beast in the snow, off-road, and looks fancy as well!

This SUV is amazing however, when it comes to the performance aspect, the car is gutless; I wish it had more get up and go. When it comes to electrical features, it would be nice to have automatic headlights and perhaps some more higher tech features considering the price of the car.

- Shell S

It gets you off the beaten path.

I bought my 2015 4Runner new. It has good power, great off-road capabilities, good cargo space, poor fuel economy, and dated electronics. It has a slide out cargo tray, power rear window, heated seats, a sunroof, good aftermarket support. Overall I am very happy with this vehicle.

- Patrick N

No complaints!! Would buy this again for sure.

Easy to drive, good visibility, decent mileage. It looks sleek and it catches eyes when driving down the road. I enjoy the lovely lumbar support. Some vehicles do not have an adequate support, but this car an extensive support to actually change the position of the lumbar spine.

- Lindsay W

The 'toyota 4runner - unmatched.

I have wanted a 4-runner ever since I was a teenager and saw the 1990 versions. In my mind there will never be another vehicle like the 4runner. The size, adding 3rd row, and various other exterior cosmetic changes they have made to the vehicle throughout the years is unmatched.

- Laura W

Aftermarket automatic headlight sensor can be installed to make life much easier. The brakes WILL adjust to you eventually and you will not always alternate between whiplash and standing on your head :)

I like that it is on a truck frame. I like that it has a power outlet inside. I would rather not have the sunroof. I do not like the fact that automatic headlights are not standard. The windshield wipers are not powerful/fast enough to provide clear vision in heavier rain.

- Karen P

Small problems and details of my car.

My car has presented problems with the air conditioning but they are not serious problems also usually presents problems with the transmission and I must take it to the mechanic to solve this type of problems but despite these problems I like my car would buy a Toyota again.

- Jack M

The ride is extremely smooth and the braking is as well.

The screen freezes periodically and will stay frozen for a few minutes. You have to hold down the volume button to restart it. It is quite annoying when you are driving down the road and this happens. Other than that I would say there are not any problems with the vehicle.

- Nicole A

Dependable, reliable, and safe.

This is my 3rd 4Runner. I love how smooth they drive and how dependable they are! I have never had any problems with any of my 4Runners. They have a sleek design also. I love having the space to carry my sons sports equipment but I do not feel as though I am driving a bus.

- Nancy C

It is a big vehicle, but doesn't feel like a big vehicle when you are driving it.

I don't even know where to begin. I love my vehicle! I love driving it! It's a smooth, comfortable drive. It has minimal blind spots. The only negative I have found is that the entune screen needs to be angled, because you can't read it if the sun is shining on it.

- Trisha W

Perfect vehicle for our family.

We love our Toyota 4runner. It is the perfect size for our family. . Not too big and not too small. The only thing I do not like about the vehicle is that we do not have the air vents at the top of the vehicle in the backseat and my 14 month old sweats in his car seat.

- Maggie G

Sporty SUV with looks that kill and safety features that do not.

Has good power and ride quality. Very reliable and love the looks and comfort. I do not like the gas usage. It fills up with about $60 and I have to fill up twice a week since I drive so much. Besides that it is a great vehicle with decent room and great features.

- Larry C

Toyota 4Runner, is it for you?

The 4Runner rides good it is fast but is a bulky SUV. I wanted a big SUV in the beginning but now think I want something more compact maybe the RAV4. Gas is not to bad but more than I would like to be spending again maybe a smaller SUV would suit me better today!

- Veronica B

Toyota Avalon: really great!

The Toyota Avalon has comfortable front and back seats with a good amount of space. The trunk has lots of room and the whole car seems safe and sturdy. Driving is very smooth and the car has plenty of nice features like a built in GPS, pull out cup holder, etc.

- Ally N

The camera, Bluetooth, seat belt alarms improve my satisfaction with the car.

I really like the camera that provides the driver with a visual when they are backing into spaces. This has decreased the amount of time it takes to park and prevented any possible accidents. I do not dislike anything about the car.

- Tatiana B

It has true four wheel drive. I live in a winter city and it is so necessary to have a reliable vehicle.

I love the feel of driving this vehicle, it is so smooth and a wonderful ride! The 3rd row seating is great to have. I also love that it has true 4 wheel drive. I dislike the in car navigation. I find it annoying and hard to use.

- Kaycee D

Quality built and only need to do regular maintenance and it won't give you any trouble.

It is a quality built car and I've had no issue with it other than regular maintenance. It has all of the features I want and it's a nice style, ie, not too boxy or curvy. It is large enough for me in how I use it.

- Lisa E

It's a great vehicle. I've never had any mechanical issues.

I absolutely love my Toyota 4Runner. I have the off road package and while I've never taken it off road I have used some of the features for bad weather. I feel very safe when driving it in bad road conditions.

- Josephine W

A reliable all-weather vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my Toyota 4runner. It has handled every driving challenge perfectly--from poor road conditions to rain to sleet and snow. Great performance with excellent gas mileage.

- Barbara H

My Reliable Toyota 4Runner

I love my Toyota 4Runner, it's a great car. It's performance is great, it can be a little rough sometimes on the road (but then again it is basically a truck). Great family car and super comfortable!

- sydney v

Tough and fun to drive!!!

My car is rugged, reliable and fun to drive. It has a lot of cargo space, I can accidentally run over curbs in parking lots without it being a big deal, and the backup camera makes baking up easy.

- Amy G

It is a really, really nice car and is very comfortable to travel in or just run errands around town

It's a very nice SUV. I love sitting up high and driving in a very comfortable car on trips. The interior is black and I do not like that, it's hard to see and it shows every dust particle.

- Susan R

It is a true truck and rides like one. It is a classic SUV.

I like that it's a true truck and has a very high ride height. It has all the luxury features I need including ventilated seats. I would like it to have Toyota Safety Sense and LED lights.

- Ryan M

It has a great brand in which the customer service and maintenance team is amazing and repairs are easy to find.

I love my car It's really spacious, my kids car seat are secured, seats are nice. I wish the mpg was a little higher because I spent a lot on gas. Overall I feel it is a reliable vehicle.


It's the miles you get per gallon. Its great.

I really like my truck, its double cab and there is a plenty of space in the back also its 6 cylinder so its fine on gas. I do not dislike anything of it. I will buy another one again.

- Jerry V

It is the best vehicle I have ever had. I will take care of it a lot.

For the moment, my vehicle is in perfect condition.Since I keep up with the faults of the car. In my opinion, your vehicle may fail if there is a missing part on the hood of the car.

- Josue Q

toyota 4runner for family

the vehicle has excellent handling and design, very comfortable interior their maintenance and services are expensive but not frequent, their deterioration is minimal with the route,

- Guillian M

Easy to slide seats to access third row and putting up and down is just as easy depending on your needs for the day

I love my 4runner it has just enough room for my 3 children. The back seats lower easily for extra storage. Or are easily put up for extra guests. It is perfect amount for my needs.

- Shawna T

Reasons why I love my 4Runner!

I love my 4Runner. It is the perfect size for my family and has great warranties that we were able to purchase from Toyota. Toyotas are the only cars my husband and I will own!

- Emilee S

the most interesting detail is the box that is very modern and compact from my point of view.

the car is very compact, quite comfortable, it is not very expensive, it is easy to handle, it has good performance, it is of quality, and the seats are very comfortable.

- Martin M

It has really responsive steering and definitely can handle off-terrain well.

It drives extremely well, but the biggest problem is how much it tends to cost to fill it up every time at the gas station. So it could be better in its fuel efficiency.

- Adm W

great family car. i can stuff the car full of baby items and sport things and still have room.

I love how much room i have in the backseat for a car seat. Lots of room in the trunk for groceries. Also the steering wheel is really comfy. Good gas mileage as well.

- megan d

It has great value and holds its value well. It's a quality vehicle.

I love my car! It has plenty of room to haul everything I need, it feels safe and it handles well. It's not the best uphill in snow, but it can't be perfect, right?

- Erica B

I love my Toyota 4Runner!

It performs better than I would normally expect and gets better gas mileage than expected. I love that it has a split third row so storage isn't completely lost.

- Alison M

an elegant all purpose vehicle

i love my toyota it's a very nice vehicle, i use it for all purposes and it never fails me. if i had to recommend a car to somebody it would be a toyota 4runner

- arthur w

It is a good family vehicle.

I love the way it drives. It is smooth. It is high up, so it makes me feel safe. But I wish that it had a third row with added space in the trunk area combined.

- Amy H

It is small inside but comfortable for kids.

It fits the whole family. I wish the back seats had more legroom. The alignment has always caused problems and the car shakes when you drive more than 50 mph.

- Noelle A

Great vehicle for everyone.

I have had no trouble at all with my vehicle. It rides smoothly and is very safe. The extras like the navigation system are easy to use and very convenient.

- Megan C

My vehicle has been the best for me, and I will plan to use it for much longer as it lasts a while.

I love my 4Runner, it's always there for me, has built in SOS capabilities and can provide a stable drive. Great for people who like a higher vehicle.

- Zane S

how spacious and comfortable it can be, plus how sturdy and safe.

I like the power it has and the technological details, it is also very comfortable. I would like it to be a little more friendly with the environment.

- Louis T

It's a great car that will last a long time if maintained properly.

I love that it has enough room for my entire family. I dislike the gas mileage, but it is decent for the size of the vehicle. I wish it had a 3rd row.

- Kymberleigh B

Love this car and can fit the whole family.

It drives great and fits the whole family. Gas mileage is kind of bad on it but when you have. Large family it works. It is safe and dependable.

- Brittany D

Awesome Toyota 4Runner recommend highly

The best vehicle I have ever owned. Very reliable, not a problem since purchase. I purchased the base model, but the features are extraordinary

- wil b

Very functional and reliable.

Very roomy with lots of power. Comfortable ride with luxurious interior. Accommodates driving in the city and navigating through the outdoors.

- Tiffany T

Great luxury car, not great family car.

Stereo screen glitches a lot if you don't update your system every year.Also the warranty was not that great for all the extra money I paid.

- Danielle L

It's perfect size, no too big nor too small

My truck is smooth and perform wonder, never had a problem with it! It's the best car I ever had. Perfect size and I love the third seat row

- Ana R

It is four wheel drive and is for outdoor lovers.

I love it. It has the smoothest ride and can go offroad, no problem. I don't love the actual space on the inside of the vehicle however.

- A t

It is easy to go through different kinds of terrain.

It runs well. It can carry many people. It can go through dirt. Sometimes the tires can go flat. Other than that not many complaints.

- Matthew B

Comfort of a car, but sits high off the ground.

The size, comfort, backup camera. I do wish there was an automatic door close on the back. I also wish it connected to iPhone apps.

- Monica R

I love Toyota FourRunners!

I hate the black color. Love the vehicle itself. It's very reliable. The front seats are comfortable, the back seats not so much.

- deanna b

It is an excellent vehicle with many good qualities.

I absolutely love my 4runner. I have had no issues and it is great for hauling and towing. To top it off it is really damn sexy!

- Billy M

4Runners are a sweet ride

I love my 4runner, it runs great. It does well for trailing and going off road. Very roomy and comfortable. Decent gas mileage.

- Taryn J

It is a fun car to drive, and it looks great.

It is a white 4runner. I have add a lift to it, so it is a little higher. I really love driving it, as it is so fun to drive.

- Cameron Z

Reliability. Bad on gas but never a bad decision.

It's always reliable. I've always had a 4Runner and it's never failed me. It goes through the rain and snow without a problem!

- Matthew H

Makes you feels safe. And has lots of room.

Spacious cab hold a lot. Love how big it is. Can fit a lot of people in it. Great for travel. Dislike how much gas it takes.

- Patricia C

4runner is the best option!

It's reliable and surprisingly saves gas. I feel safe driving my car to and from work. The space in my vehicle is amazing!

- Jessica L

Upon all research of other suv, it is the one that will hold its value for resale!

I love how it handles when driving g. Has plenty of cargo space and room for lots of groceries! Love my backup camera!

- Brandi S

That toyota is a very reliable vehicle. Most of them do get great mileage.

I love the backup camera, and the heated seats. The things that I don't like manual lift for the back and the mileage.

- Stacy S

Its reliable, and comfortable.

I have no complaints, I love my car, the air-conditioning is great, cruise control, just love everything about my car.

- Jessica B

it is very easy to drive and has good power when you need it

4runners are great. all you have to do is change the oil. keep up on very basic maintenance and you are good to go

- ali m

Its black it cute it is pretty nice runs smooth but it still sucks but I lo.

It sucks and it sucks and it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks.

- Wednesday L

The ability to lift the tires up higher makes driving easier.

The car is reliable and spacious with lots of room for transporting items. The quality of the leather seats is good.

- Vivian N

Reliability, roominess. Great tire size for off-road.

It is a really reliable car, with lots of room. Brakes and suspension are decent. Great for off-road fishing trips.

- Cheryl T

Toyota's hold their value well.

Toyota is the best. This is our third 4Runner and they run great and hold their value. We haven't had any trouble.

- Jessie B

Rugged vehicle that can take you off the beaten track.

I like the durability of my 4Runner. I can fit a lot of gear in it. There is plenty of backseat pace for kids.

- Amy Z

Good gas mileage smooth ride.

Drives great. Good on gas. Very comfortable. Drives well in the snow. Plenty of room for the family and pets.

- Stacey G

Nice sporty roomy vehicle

Wheel well sounds. Air conditioning unit problems heated seats not working after a few months broken sunroof

- Danna W

Nothing important. It is difficult to change the oil.

No problems with performance, comfort or reliability. I just wish the a/c and heater worked a bit better.

- Brittany H

It handles great on the road and drives more like a car. It has plenty of room.

Big roomy and convertible. It drives smooth and is good on gas. This is our second time buying a 4runner.

- Sharon O

4x4 toyota best in vehicle

excellent vehicle 4x4 full performance in all aspects has many special features which I highly recommend

- willian h

es una camioneta rústica dispuesta a ir a todo lado

mi vehiculo es una camioneta toyota runners una camioneta demasiada buena muy cómoda es una camionet

- sophia a

My Toyota 4runner is super safe.

I love how smooth of a ride it is. Love the fact it has four wheel drive. Love how comfortable it is.

- Ariel A

Toyota 4Runner Family Review

The 4Runner is everything I needed it to be. Holds our family of five comfortably. Travels smoothly.

- Jennifer B

The 4Runner is a very reliable vehicle and easy to take care of.

I like that it has the 3rd row seating. I like that it is easy to drive. There is nothing I dislike.

- Amy C

have all the documentation up to date, and be aware of their spare parts and their good functionality

my vehicle is splendid, it moves me everywhere, I have no complaint about it, it is my consent

- carlos r

It holds me whole family. It is perfect size to hold everything that I need from sports stuff to grocery to pets.

Like the room of the car. The gas mileage is not great but it is doable for the size car.

- jule P

It is comfortable. It is limited. It is not fuel efficient.

It's high. It can withstand flooding in our area. It's costly. It's not fuel efficient.

- Jan O

It has good value over time

I like the ride and the overall quality. I like that it sits higher and is durable

- Katherine L

Great mileage, good car For kids & moving around, from work to school

Spacious computable I love it I wish it had an Automatic trunk opener

- Gigi S

Dependable cars Little or no repairs Last a long time

This is my 5th Toyota and my second 4runner ... Very dependable cars

- Sam C

It seats 7 people comfortably, and can go anywhere

Love this car. I have no complaints about it at all. Best car ever

- Christy B

It's good quality and very dependable. I love the third row seating!

Wish it had automatic headlights. It's very roomy and comfortable.

- Rhonda D

It is the best SUV in the market right now. I would not drive anything else.

My vehicle is an SUV. It is reliable. I love it. It can tow a boat

- Stephanie L

The seats are very uncomfortable on long rides. There are not enough cup holders. Also, there are not enough vents.

Payments are not cheap. Also, the touchscreen is trying to go out.

- Susan T

Very comfortable and easy to drive. It's nice to sit higher and see much better.

Love it! Comfortable, not bad on gas, stylish and easy to drive.

- Jeannette A

It works very well. I like it very much it may not be the coolest. But it gets me to where I need to go and that's important to me

It is dependable It is reliable It is versatile No complaints

- Mike B

Love the look and feel of driving my 4Runner. I really do not like the black leather seats with tiny air holes. Horrible to keep clean!

Drives like a dream. Feels and looks more expensive than it is.

- Stacey H

No complaints. Great vehicle. Third Toyota I have had.

Big, roomy, comfortable. Reliable. Runs smooth. Love Toyotas!

- Patty J

This is the second 4runner that I have owned. They are rugged yet comfortable. Smooth ride. Plenty of space. No complaints, I love it and would maybe get again and would definitely recommend.

Great car. Very reliable, comfortable and cool. Overall good


reliable and low maintenance

great car and low maintenance reliable and no complaints.

- ajneia n

This is my third 4runner in the last 20 years. I love driving Toyotas. I love the size of the SUV, the dependability, and the resale value. I do not have any dislikes about my current vehicle (except the mess my kids make in it :)

The Dependability of the 4runner is its best feature.

- Beth W

Under powered. Great reliability. No complaints. love the dealership.

underpowered vehicle. challenging at certain times

- paul s



- Denny's D