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The Toyota 4runner has great spacious cargo capacity. Easy seat adjustment.

It is a big SUV with a lot of capacity which was important to me because I love flea markets. It sits on a truck chassis but is a pretty smooth ride. The vehicle feels "tight". I love the power driver's seat because I am on the short side but I can adjust the seat to where I feel in control of the vehicle. I like the fact that the passenger window is an automatic rising like the driver's window. The cargo space seats are relatively easy to put down. My vehicle came equipped with rubber floor mats including the back cargo area. I got the charcoal gray which I still really like even a year later. My complainants are minor. I wish the back up camera/GPS was located closer to the drivers front view. I find it distracting to look over to my right and my sighting. In addition, in the middle of the day the sun hits the screen and you cannot see anything. That is a big problem for me. Some kind of small canopy over the screen would have resolved this issue. Another issue, I do not like the four wheel drive being on the console. I would have preferred it on the dash for two reasons. One, I would prefer having the extra cup holder and second - again I have to look down and to my right. Last complaint, car was just about a year old and I needed front end breaks. This ended up costing me about $300. Pricey. I cannot wait to see what new tires is going to run me.

- Gail C

Overall, very reliable Toyota lives up to its reputation.

2017 Toyota 4runner has been reliable with over 28,000 miles already. This is our second purchase. The first was a 2008 4runner, both sr5 models. The 2017 has a more rugged look. Some features that were changed, the headrest has fewer adjustments, the controls for heat/cooling system are knobs which takes your focus off the road, the scout navigation GPS program is not reliable. I use my smartphone for google maps, more accurate. Too bad for a newer vehicle/cost of the this the navigation could have been more up to date. Came with standard floor liners throughout, which I like for New England living. The headrests in the backseat partially block the view of rear window. Cabin has plenty of space and came with extra 120v ports for electricity if needed. 4wd shifts easily back and forth from driver's seat control. Seats are comfortable, good lumbar support.

- Ann R

Reliable tough and comfortable

I have had several Toyota's and this is my second 4runner. This is a car that is reliable economical and fun to drive. I have the 4wd because we go off road. It is easy to change to 4wd. It has high ground clearance. Interior seats are very roomy and comfortable. Plenty of legroom. Great visibility in the backup camera and great warning devices all around the car. It has heated and cooled front seats which really helps in extreme weather. It's cargo area is larger than many SUV. Great for travel and equipment needs. Comfortable to drive with excellent visibility. Despite being powerful like a truck the 4Runner is easy to steer. The radio is average with an acceptable built in GPS and CD player. Toyota financing was actually pretty good but I went with my credit union. All the Toyota's I have owned have worn well and not required lots of repairs.

- Mary J

2017 Toyota 4runner trd off-road premium a great SUV, especially for the price.

The 2017 Toyota 4runner trd off-road premium gets decent gas mileage for in town driving and even better gas mileage for highway and long distance trips. It has a comfortable interior with attractive details. I love the leather seats. They make for easy cleanup especially if you have kids or dogs. The heated seats are just the right temperature. The sunroof and rear window that rolls down add a great feature to the SUV. There is enough room for car seat, luggage, passengers, etc. without being too cramped. Reliable and safe in bad weather. The back seats recline which is an awesome feature. I haven't used the towing feature yet but it's wonderful to have that option available when I need it. Overall, it's a great vehicle and I would highly recommended it to people in the market for an SUV.

- Dawn B

I love everything about my car especially the third row seat

mine has the third row seat. Love the a/c and heated front seats. I love my third row, but I do not use it often. The other issue I have my 4runner is that the third row because of the seat position has a lip on the back so you lose a little of trunk space because of that versus one without a third row seat. Just ask to see them side by side at the dealership and you'll what I am talking about. But I love my car nonetheless. The technology in it is awesome and it has so many little details that I love. I love the pearl color and my sunroof. The sunroof is an awesome option. Mine is also limited but has the four wheel drive. It works for me where I live, but I understand that is not needed for many other people. Something to consider though and is available if you need it.

- Christi B

Move over for the Toyota 4runner.

The Toyota 4runner is a car that has made me feel the safest. It is so large and heavy that I feel as though nothing could ever hurt me. As well as this, there have been no issues with maintenance in the year I have owned the car. The salesperson who helped us purchase the right car for our household even told his personal story to the brand and model. He has had a Toyota 4runner for 20 years and he said he would never consider trading it in because it works as well as five year old cars from other brands. But if he did choose to bring it in and purchase a newer version, he would receive significant value for the trade in. The design is not just beautiful and sleek, but it is a great working car. If you drive a 4runner on the road, everyone gets out of the way for you!

- Kelly B

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love the size of the vehicle. I had a Toyota rav4 before and it was a great car but the space I needed wasn't there with that vehicle. We have been able to put a lot of things in the back for home improvements, etc.. It is much more comfortable when we go on trips with people to bring our dog and another couple, we also installed some racks for storage on the roof. It has lots of power, have had no problems with the engine or anything else, great vehicle, I will definitely get another one when the time comes.

- Stephanie A

The pros of owning a Toyota 4runner.

It's a great reliable vehicle. Very comfortable for long trips. Great handling in snow and rain. Would like to have better gas mileage. Handles great in winds especially during high winds. Big enough to compete with semis on the interstates. The towing capacity is unbelievable cannot even tell your pulling a trailer. Built on a truck chassis tough as a truck rides like a car. No power tailgate but like the power rear window very nice. All time 4 wheel drive is great.

- Larry W

The good and bad of my new Toyota.

I feel like the interior could use some help. The plastic piece behind the door handle keeps falling off. There is a mechanical cover missing from the back seat. There is something rattling around in the tailgate. The technology could use improving on. The GPS you have to use is horrible! The touch screen radio is also not user friendly. On the outside I love the looks of the 4Runner. I think it is a great looking car and will probably last a very long time.

- Rebecca W

Sporty vehicle with great features.

The 2017 4runner is a really great car! It is sporty which is one of the reasons I bought it. Has keyless entry, leather seats, sunroof, and touch screen navigation. Drives nice and is pretty good on gas. The only downfall that I have found is comfort. While riding in the front is comfortable, the back seats are not very comfortable for someone who is tall. I am almost 6 ft and hit my head when I ride in the back. Other than that it is a great vehicle!

- Ashley D

The Toyota 4Runner is an excellent family vehicle.

My 4Runner is a very reliable and safe car with excellent safety ratings, comfortable with leather seats, as well as spacious leg room, and 4 wheel drive capabilities. I had an accident 2 years ago where I was ran into a light pole. My child (in a car seat in the back seat) and myself were unharmed. I fully believe in the safety of this vehicle. I would recommend a Toyota 4Runner to anyone looking to buy an affordable and safe vehicle.

- Julie H

The future of Toyota 4runner

Excellent for traveling,.the vehicle rides smoothly, the AC is immaculate.the sound system is one of the best out there. The vehicle performance as to driving from point to point is spot-on. The only minor things I have is my vehicle driver side remote lock switch stopped working about 3 months ago now the passenger side front went now I having to replace it. Other than that it's a well rounded vehicle for being a Toyota 4runner.

- Joe H

Toyota 4runner- best vehicle I have ever owned!

I love my 4runner! Rides very smooth and extremely comfortable. Fully loaded model with all available options except 3rd row seat. This vehicle is very reliable and has had no mechanical or electrical issues. I wish that the tailgate opened by remote, but other than that I have no complaints. I would buy another 4runner without a doubt. Previous vehicle was a 4-door Jeep wrangler and was a horrible vehicle compared to 4runner.

- Katrina L

Newer vehicle, old reliable!

My 2017 Toyota 4runner is a great vehicle. Although I have only had for a little over 2 years, I feel that it is a reliable SUV. It is roomy and comfortable. The thing I love most about my 4runner is that I can go anywhere with it without worrying about getting stuck. Rain, snow, off road terrain. For a body on frame SUV, it handles really well with the kdss system that this models comes with.

- Kao S

All I owned is 4 Runners. Great cars!

Reliable and fun to drive. Have always been a 4runner fan..the only thing I don't like is the fact that the turn radius isn't that great. But everything else is great! Has a lot of power for a V6. Obviously the body style is greater than any other SUV that is on the market. If you are in the market for a great SUV that holds it value and will also last forever this is your choice!

- Randall A

My vehicle has an awesome reverse camera feature in the console

The 4Runner has a very comfortable ride and is easy to handle. I would recommend it to anyone solely based on its resale value. It is one of the most sought after vehicles on the market today. And it's also fairly reasonably priced for its features. I would not spend the extra money for a limited as the only difference is leather seats and navigation for several thousand more.

- Jade N

Black 2017 Toyota 4runner limited edition with the tailgate package.

Its very fast which is a blessing and a curse. Super reliable. I enjoy having the navigation as well as the push to start. As far as comfort goes, the back seat has a lot but I'd prefer more in the front. I haven't had any problems. Its extremely reliable but gas mileage could be better. I enjoy my pull out table in the back of my trunk as well as the plugs throughout the car.

- Chelsea F

I love my 4Runner. This 4Runner is can not be compared to any other vehicle.

No problems - runs great, comfortable ride, gas efficient, can load my very large dogs and groceries without anyone being cramped. Can move freely on the freeway, the car has many safety features, like seeing what is behind you when parking, there are no blind spots when traveling on the freeway to pass cars, the seats are very comfortable and provide lumbar support.

- Paula S

This car is very roomy and comfortable to ride in.

Very roomy, hugs the road, very safe vehicle. A lot of room to haul things when needed. This is a comfortable vehicle for long trips and can carry up to 5 people when needed. We often travel with our dogs and the seats go down and the dogs are very comfortable and they enjoy the vehicle also. The seats are very comfortable and adjustable for myself and my husband.

- Cathy P

An amazing vehicle - not for tough landscapes.

Overall, this vehicle has an amazing nav system, Bluetooth audio system, and digital display. The four-wheel drive is slightly lacking and struggles on some hills. I love the vehicle, but hate some of it is handling. I recommend for those who do not drive on rough roads. However, if you drive on any tough hills or snowy areas, I would choose a different vehicle.

- Chase T

My car is spacious, comfortable. Perfect for my college lifestyle.

Very spacious! I love my 4Runner. I enjoy being able to fold down the back seats for room to move back and forth from college. It makes it easy so I don't have to rent a big moving truck. My car is always used to go to the airport with my whole family, it fits the family of five and all of our suitcases which is great. I've never had any issues with my car.

- Emily T

Mom car for family of seven!

I absolutely love my 4Runner ! It's rides so smooth and has zero problems. The best part is that I can fit my whole family in it with the 3rd row seating. The only thing that my kids complain about is the fact that it does not have ac vents in the 3rd row seating area. Other than that I really have no complaints about it. It's my dream mom car !

- Delores C

Great, reliable, attractive car that is well worth money spent.

Reliable and comfortable car. For the price, it lacks features you would expect such as automatic headlights, blind spot mirrors etc. Not great gas mileage but to be expected for the type and size of car. Toyota’s have a history of holding their value and lasting a long time. Previously owned an older Toyota 4 runner that had over 180k miles.

- Christine K

Very big inside lots of space.

It is really big has lots of trunk space for doing grocery shopping, has space for 6 people and very roomy comfortable seats and cup holders etc. . . Has a nice radio and nice speakers for listening to radio also has controls on steering wheel and also you can make phone calls through the steering wheel. Has big tires for off-road adventures.

- Teresa L

Love hands free feature. Able to focus without holding a phone and driving.

This is my first Toyota as my main vehicle and I absolutely love it. I drive 45 minutes 1 way to work 5 days a week and the ride is so comfortable. We use it on the weekends as well for grocery shopping. I bought new furniture and was able to fit it in the back with no problem. Will definitely recommend to anyone and would buy another one!!

- Renee J

I have a 4Runner is silver color has sound accessories, has equipment of buceo.

I have a 4Runner is silver color has sound accessories, has equipment of buceo. I would like to paint them blue. I have a 4Runner is silver color has sound accessories, has equipment of buceo. I would like to paint them blue. I have a 4Runner is silver color has sound accessories, has equipment of buceo. I would like to paint them blue.

- Juan R

4Runner - greatest vehicle on the planet

No problems ever. Performance is obsolete. Reliability is 100%. Comfort is a little under luxurious only because it is supposed to be used as a legit sport utility for off roading, 4 wheeling and driving in terrains that are harsher on most vehicles. Features are great. Always can expect top of the line trim and extras

- Ryan H

The best vehicle is a 4Runner!

I love my 4Runner. It drives great! It has Bluetooth connection to my phone for calls and music which is great since my state has a hands free law. The seats are very comfortable and the back seats are roomy even when 3 people are back there. I love having plenty of cargo room for vacation and trips to the grocery store.

- KC M

Perfection, a nice ride everything to hop in.

Great car, good for outdoor events, having a group of soccer kids and carpooling them to games, such a great vehicle, I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone that's in the process of looking for a reliable vehicle. Easy to drive, off roading and the back window goes down, the only SUV that has that feature. Can't beat it

- Ramsey P

Best investment ever! All purpose family vehicle!

Highly recommend this comfortable quality performance vehicle perfect for everything from family trips to hunting to moving a family across country! The heated and cooled seats are a nice feature and the present for the set reminders 2 drivers. The opposition for additional seating has come in handy more than once!

- John R

I love my Toyota 4Runner!

Great car, I love it! For the price point, this is my dream car. Pros: its big and hauls all of my kids and dogs in 1 trip! It's also nice to look at, I get lots of compliments on it. Cons: I wish it had better gas mileage and more updated technology inside like android auto. 4 runners really hold their value too!


Decent gas mileage and perfect adventure mobile.

The only issue I've had is the automatic lock on the drivers side door going in and out and having to be locked/unlocked manually with the key. Its super reliable, decent as mileage, comfy and makes me feel safe while I am on the road. The back seats lay flat so it's perfect for transporting large items or pups.

- Kimberly S

My 4Runner is family friendly and fun for off road driving!

It's really fun to drive! I like that the second rows has sliding seats, so people who are a bit taller can fit comfortably. All of the controls are very user friendly, and they all function great after two years of driving it. I do wish I had more trunk space when the third row was up, the space is very small.

- Jessica E

It is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, which requires a monthly exercising of the 4 wheel drive option.

I really like the comfort of the vehicle. I like to take it on long cross country trips and it carries all the stuff I need. It has a great navigation and sound system. I dislike that the back seats do not fold flat, which eliminates the ability for me to sleep in the back comfortably when I am car camping.

- Tom C

My favorite since I have been driving.

I have been driving the car for 2 years now and have not had any issues. The leather like seats look and feel great and hold up very well. This trim model is great for the limited off roading that I do. My only complaint would be the factory tires it comes with. They do not perform well in wet conditions.

- Aga P

Under the hood of the Toyota 4Runner appears a 4.0-liter V6 engine, with 270 HP and 278 lb-ft of torque, coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift mode. In addition, this vehicle manages to tow up to 4,700 pounds, including a tow hitch from the factory.

In fact, it is a sport utility with off-roader capabilities, including a truck chassis, as well as dynamic kinetic suspension and climbing control, which encourages adventurous drivers to enter complex terrain. In this line, add security systems applied to the climbing of slopes, as well as for descents.

- bryant S

Car has advanced technology. Bluetooth. Very appealing to the eye.

The Toyota 4runner is an exceptional SUV. It contains tons of interior space and luxurious leather seating. The overall performance of the car is outstanding. The ride is smooth and strong. Technology is up to date and very easy to use. The vehicle gets great gas mileage and is really safe on the road.

- caitlin H

Sporty feel with reliable gas mileage.

My car is incredibly reliable. This was a huge factor when deciding to purchase the vehicle. Gas mileage was also another thing to consider before purchase. Because this was my first car purchase on my own, I will say that the dealership I purchased it from provided the most stress free environment.

- Heather O

Toyota 4Runner, the perfect family vehicle.

I love my 4Runner! It is extremely spacious and works perfectly with having a child and two large dogs. Some people say 4Runners drive rough, but I truly think it is smooth! The gas mileage is standard for a large vehicle. My only complaint would be that the technology could use slight improvement.

- Olivia F

Perfect for a family of 4

It's perfect for us! Really the way only downside is the cost of gas. I knew the MPG was going to be way less than what I was use to just because I was used to driving smaller cars and had Corolla's or Civics seems since I was 16. In reality it still have good MPG for the size of the vehicle.

- Ashley J

Toyota�s have always been the best vehicles you can have. They run forever.

I have not had any problems. It has great performance, reliability, comfort and features. It's a great truck. It runs great. It's very reliable. I don't know of any Toyota that is not reliable. It's very comfortable. It has great features like the backup camera and third row seating.

- Anna W

I love my Toyota. Both my 4runner and tundra. I wouldn't own another vehicle.

Amazing car. Very safe. Excellent during harsh winters. I will not own another vehicle in the future. I have 3 small children, dogs, and do the houses grocery shopping weekly. This car works amazingly for our family. I recommend the 4runner to anyone who is looking into buying a new car.

- Sofia G

Interesting details and recommendations

Is very comfort when you are driving or when you are a passenger, I like the features like Ecosport, GPS. For the moment I don't have any problem and I highly recommend this type a car because is very familiar and sport at the same time. You can go whatever you want with a great comfort


Toyota 4Runner, great SUV, but tray with care

It's a very nice car and I've really enjoyed driving it. However, I noticed the interior and exterior finishes are all somewhat delicate. The paint on the bumper chips easily and the interior show scratches with the slightest wear. Not impressive on what should be a rugged vehicle.

- Jen E

Very easy to maintain, can put miles on its engine and it would fail.

Love the reliability, the way it drives, very smooth, easy to handle. Love this car. My 4runner is large enough to carry my fur kids to and from the vet, groceries from the stores. I love the way it looks, very classy, all of the new techie stuff on the car makes it safe to drive.

- Annie S

The 4runner is worth looking into.

I absolutely love my Toyota 4runner from the backup camera, gps, and touch screen radio. It is by far my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. . Took it to the mountain and had no problem driving up and down the mountains. Its 3 rows is perfect for a family of 5 with growing boys.

- Nicole O

Toyota 4Runner trd off-road.

Super comfortable, easy to drive, spacious, wonderful for off-roading and city driving. I love the height of the car and the different driving options. I feel like we definitely got our money's worth when purchasing this vehicle. I will probably purchase another in the future.

- Martha A

Awesome vehicle! Roomy, spacious, with lots of perks.

Beautiful trim and interior. Great stereo system with great sound through the car. Drives so smoothly. Not like the usual SUV that feels like a truck. Decent gas mileage. Will go in any weather or any terrain. Very roomy interior for a large family. Navigation system is great!

- Tim M

Smoother drive and spacious.

Has little to no road noise, drives smooth, very clear back up camera, very spacious back seat and trunk, great if you have kids, easy to use Bluetooth system, can connect my phone for music, USB hookup, only have one problem and that is with the seat stitching coming loose.

- Victoria R

Love my vehicle you should also.

No issues with it I love it. We love that the back window goes completely down. We find the ride to be smooth and enjoyable. The dogs love going for rides in it as well. The dealer is great to work with as well as the service department. It is eligible for free oil changes.

- Shannon K

Super comfortable and great system.

The seats of this car are very comfortable and sleek looking. I love having the touch screen it makes it easier to have a navigation system. Not only does it make it easier to find your destination, but you can also access music and your contacts to call friends or family.

- Shane G

4Runners are very nice vehicles.

4Runners are awesome. Absolutely reliable, and fun to drive. Just wish it was bigger and could tow more. I've customized it a bit - I cut out a hole in the center console and installed a ham radio. This is my 3rd 4Runner - I love them that much. They last 250K miles.

- Jeff G

My dream car finally, it is a beauty!!

I love that it is on a truck bed. I do not love the gas mileage. We wanted something with a 3rd row. There are not too many 4Runners with that option. For the amount of money spent I would have thought there would be more interior bells and whistles but it is fairly basic.

- Cara R

Am in Love with the 4runner

I love my car I don't have any problems with it. It good on gas and it runs very smooth.I love all the features it have it have plenty of state and the kids love the DVD player. And the set are very comfortable.I love this SUV it a good Family car. Everything is perfect

- Tanya B

Baby friendly and cooler than a van.

I love my car so much! The rear view backup camera has saved me a lot! It is also perfect for road trips. We have driven it since we had a baby. It fits all the baby gear perfectly without looking like a “mom” car. It handles like a car, but is the size of an SUV.

- Katherine G

Great SUV, smooth driving comfortable for long distance drive.

Good leg room, great smooth drive. I wish it had more vents for ac especially on the third row seat. Would be better if there was camera in front and blind spot sensor for the price, and automatic or control for rear door as it is heavy to manually open and close.

- Robinson G

Love Toyota! More tech needed!

I love Toyota! It is a reliable vehicle that holds its value but the downfall is that it isn't technology savvy. The 4Runner does not have a push start button which now a days the majority of cars do. Audio and other dash equipment are outdated. No issues so far.

- Linn G

It's Safety and technology features.

It a limited edition and I love the new technology! GPS and Bluetooth, and the adjustable seats. The material used for the upholstery is comfortable and I am happy that it's stain resistant. The design and color helps make this vehicle even more appealing to own.

- Jasmine C

Spacious, dependable, durable, high-quality, beautiful.

I have not experienced any problems. The vehicle is extremely reliable. The vehicle is very comfortable. The vehicle does not have a few features that I would like, such as: blind spot monitoring, heated steering wheel, air conditioned seats, parking assist, etc.

- Nikki S

Able to tow and be an off-road vehicle

I like having a powerful, safe vehicle with 4wd. Comfortable seats, touchscreen display with built-in navigation and rear-view camera. Do not like how it does not have the side mirror indicator lights for passing vehicles; does not have the greatest gas mileage.

- Cathy m

Best vehicle purchase ever

No mechanical problems. Love the look of the 4runner. It is a solid vehicle, runs smooth. So much leg room. I love how you can adjust the back seats. This is my first Toyota, and I may never buy another make of vehicle. It is so extremely comfortable.


I absolutely love my trd 4Runner!

I have had no problems with my 2017 4Runner. I love my car and will definitely buy a Toyota for my next vehicle. It performs well in icy and rainy weather as well as off-road. Definitely buy a 4Runner! Mine has been extremely reliable and is very comfortable.

- Morgan R

It's an amazing vehicle. Runs and drives amazing.

I love the way it drives. Doesn't drive like a big truck. Has all the features you would want. Wish I had gotten one with a third row for more space. But it is very comfortable. It's the perfect size for a small family and pulls a small trailer which is nice.

- Hayley C

This car has everything you may need!

Amazing and very durable. Has all the items needed inside and is awesome in the snow or mud or any outdoor activities that I like to do. You can add any equipment to it easily like roof or bike rack and can tow all the necessary items like a boat or jet ski.

- Lynne C

I will always buy Toyota!

Very spacious, rides very smooth, gets great gas mileage for its size on highway and streets. Excellent choice with kids with easy access to optional third row seating. Rides great in nasty weather, very easy to use technology and lots of storage space.

- Whitney C

Heated seats. Leather interior. Off-road capabilities. Height. Reliable.

I absolutely love my car. I would recommend it to everyone. I have full off-road capabilities with heated seats. I like to take my car to the beach and tailgate in the hatchback. Move the speaker volume to the back. And the seats clean easily with leather.

- Alyssa V

Toyotas are always dependable.

The car performs well. We have never had any problems with it but it is only two years old so do not know the issues for the future. We like that the vehicle is not overly large, just the right size for or needs. It transports well and easy to maintain.

- Cynthia K

Best of both worlds! Modern and sleek yet heavy duty and roomy.

The Toyota 4Runner is a such a durable yet sleek vehicle. It's the best of both worlds. Heavy duty and lots of storage while also offering soft leather seats with a moonroof and the ability to put all windows down including the back to enjoy the breeze!

- Lisa F

It does not drive like a big SUV. It is comfortable and rides high.

I love that the 4runner is large and spacious without feeling like a boat or too big for me to drive. I love that I can roll down the trunk window. I love that it rides high as well. I love the safety feeling that it gives me and the look of it.

- Kristen B

Toyota 4Runner - Unparalleled reliability and durability

This is my 5th Toyota 4Runner and my last 2 were traded in with 200K miles and received max value (KBB). Very reliable and as long as routine maintenance is done the 4Runner has proven to perform with a very low Total Cost of Ownership.

- Jason E

Very easy to clean. Okay with gas per mile. Navigation/dash screen cannot be used when car is motion... even by passenger.

Love the car. Don't like that the navigation system cannot be used if the car is moving so you have to type the destination in before driving. Not a huge fan of the dash layout prefer the limited dash layout more. Overall very roomy

- Mackenzie M

It is very easy to drive and is spacious for a family.

I love the space the vehicle has. I love the body style of my vehicle. The only dislikes are their is not enough cup holders in it, and for the year and cost of the vehicle, it does not have as many bells and whistles as our rave.

- Amy M

You can load up the car with groceries, pets, kids.

My 4runner drivers very smooth, it has all of the bells and whistles I need. When driving on the freeway it is very quiet. Parking the care if very easy, I do not have any blind spots. The car does not fishtail in the rain.

- Patricia S

5 stars go to Toyota 4runner.

Very comfortable, smooth ride. All. Of the technology features are very helpful. My vehicle did not come with leather, but I had it put in. I wish mine had a sunroof. Besides that, runs great, I have had no issues.

- Claire T

The RAV4 is versatile modern special to walk around the city.

I have found in my RAV4 useful companion for all times. My SUV is the maximum is wide it fits everything. The seats are comfortable, the suspension is incredible. The only thing is that it consumes a little gas.

- Alexandra P

It is a good car to drive and comfortable ride.

I like the height that the car seat. I like the feel of the ride. But the car has no head room. It also does not have a button to press to close the liftgate. The liftgate is very heavy and can be hard to close.

- Christie K

Best family vehicle and even room for the four legged babies in your life!

Very spacious and comfortable. Love the Versatility of having an optional third row seating. Drives smooth and very reliable! The front panel screen is large enough to see when navigating and changing tunes.

- Ashley A

totally a road tripping car!

We haven't had any performance problems with our car in the year and a half we've owned it. I love all the features of this car especially the reclining g back seats! They are the best on long road trips.

- Jodi F

It has a lot of vehicle space in the back. The seats can also fold downwards.

This vehicle is my mother's vehicle, as mine was not listed. I have ridden in her vehicle before. It is not too large, like a pickup truck, but it is not as small as a car. It's ride is also very smooth.

- Nicole B

Reliable and Dependable mode of transportation. An extremely enjoyable ride!

LOVE my 4runner. We call it the beast. It has a smooth comfortable ride and will take us anywhere! I love the running boards which make it easy to get into the car. Also love the heated leather seats!

- Cat B

It is the greatest vehicle to use in a regular day to go to work and whatever and also it is a great option to use with your family and friends

Well, i like it a lot, because it is a very comfortable vehicle, it has everything that a regular people need to have an incredible trip and the price worth it . I don't have any complaints about it

- Jason W

Durable enough to drive anywhere but also a smooth everyday ride for your family

It drives very smoothly but it has the durability to be driven on rougher terrain too. It is comfortable for my family and me. It is good in the snow. It looks sharp. Fits a lot of things.

- Stacey A

The most important of my Toyota 4runner is that it is very comfortable and fashionable, I love

It is a good vehicle, is very comfortable, very exciting, has good aceleracion, is modern, is fashionable, is comfortable, you have many horsepower, is rustic but at the same time sports

- Gabriel A

That it runs very smoothly and is super good on gas!

It is a black and silver 2017 Toyota 4Runner and I love it so much. It runs very well and I like how the pedals are not super sensitive. The seats are easily adjustable and very comfy!

- Kaylee E

The roof window is the most creative thing in the car.

I like everything about my car, especially the seats. It's so comfortable in many ways. I can open the roof window any time I want, to smell the fresh air. I love the color of it.

- Raj A

It is extremely reliable and has great resale value.

I love my 4runner. I have had no issues and love Toyota’s customer service. By far the best vehicle I have owned and when it is time to trade this one in I will get another!

- Morgan B

Although it is not a luxury car, it is still a nice car.

I like how smoothly the engine runs compared to my other cars. Also, it is pretty quiet when it starts. The air conditioner and heating is very easy to run, which is nice.

- Emma P

The car is very reliable.

I have really enjoyed the Toyota 4runner. I have had no mechanical issues with it whatsoever. The interior is very comfortable. However the gas mileage is a negative.

- Ashley T

This 4Runner is large, but it is rugged and capable.

My vehicle is only one year old but I have had no problems with it thus far. It performs well. It has been reliable, comfortable enough. I love the 4WD availability.

- teresa j

This is the last of the true SUVs. With body on frame design and full time 4WD.

I love the room and features of the 4runner. It is off-road capabilities just cannot be beat by any other SUV on the market. The only complaint is the gas mileage.

- Stephan C

I have to go with me and I have a great weekend too

I will you please confirm that you are not sure how much is the best way to get the same time I was wondering if I have been trying to get the best regards and

- Chad P

The most important thing to know is its reliability.

I like all the safety features of the SUV, like the roll bars the airbags. Like the leather seats. The only thing i wish that was better is the gas mileage.

- Lyn T

This is the car I love driving and I couldn't go back to anything else.

It is so comfortable to drive. It is smooth on the road; I always feel safe. I wish that the word recognition was a lot better on the hands free system.

- Kathryn S

How reliable this vehicle is!.

I like the room it has and the back up camera but I do not like the navigation system. I would like a 3rd row seat. I do not care for the front counsel.

- Amy K

Toyota 4Runner with 3rd row seat.

Reliable SUV. Wish it would have better gas mileage but overall it is a really great vehicle. 3rd row seat a little small and difficult to use.

- Kelly B

Runs very quiet and smooth.

I have to say, my vehicle is very comfortable. It runs very smooth and fast. Have to be careful, you might end up speeding without noticing.

- Rafael J

The 4runner handles all sorts of terrains and hauls a family with space to spare.

The 4Runner is known for its reliability, strong resale, and has an optional 3rd row. The third row is spacious compared to similar vehicles

- Joel B

Toyota 4Runner = bombass truck

Super smooth suspension, I love the way it drives. The turn radius is phenomenal for a truck, and I absolutely love my rear power window.

- Brittney G

Family friendly and good gas mileage.

Love this truck for everything. Family vacations, sports, or just driving around town. The back is perfect size for my two dogs too.

- Kristina A

The Toyota 4Runner is an awesome vehicle for anyone.

I love the smooth ride of the 4Runner. I love how powerful it is. I don't love the gas mileage. But I do love the spaciousness.

- Chase P

There are several reasons why I chose this car, but I know that it will last me a very long time.

I love the well made 4runner, i feel safe and able to take on any challenge for my driving needs. Its comfortable and well made.

- Tyler B

It is good for both a large family or a small family.

Easy to drive. It is reliable. Well thought out. It is very comfortable.. Wish it wasn't so high and it has a serious blind spot.

- Ana M

It is the best SUV for all of your family needs.

I love how it rides, the space, everything about it. Its a limited and it does not have an automatic back door opener button.

- Kimberly D

The car is very durable off road vehicle, able to drive on any terrain or through any weather.

Very durable, able to drive through any weather or terrain. Dominating appearing vehicle. Only complaint is poor gas mileage.

- Kathleen H

I really like the look of the car.

This car can handle anything and feels luxurious. My 4runner gets pretty good gas mileage considering it is size. I love it!

- Olive C

rubbers very large leather seats

my vehicle is very good it does not have any kind of problem with the 4x4, it has a lot of comfort and it is very luxurious

- Jonathan w

Great car would get another.

Love it great in snow n ice. Runs great with no issues. Would really recommend another one. Hold the value like no other.

- Timothy K

The Toyota 4runner is an incredible car.

The 4runner rides so smoothly! It is nice and simple which I exactly what I was looking for. I do with it had a sunroof.

- Margaret A

It is a reliable SUV, whether it is rain snow or dryland the car can take it.

It is new which I like but it does not have heated seats in the back, and the rear hatch is a pain to have to pull down.

- Jamie F

TRD 4runner is Amazing and fun

I truly enjoy my 4runner. Especially when we go.camping and off road in it. The TRD is beautiful as well as functional

- Jerry W

Stylish and comfortable, smooth ride but rugged on the outside!

I love my 4Runner! It is rugged on the outside yet nice and comfortable on the inside. Get one, you won't regret it!

- Lisa D

If you have more than 2 car seats. Look for something different. But if you don't and need a good vehicle for snow. This is awesome!

I love that is an SUV that handles like a truck. It is a great vehicle for the winter snow. Not great for car seats.

- Nikkie R

the quality of your spare parts and above all the technical service of the designer company

I really like my vehicle is widely comfortable for my family, engine with great strength and quality. I recommend

- August B

My 4runner ad a family car

I have no issues with my 4runner it is one of the best vehicles I have ever had.has no problems just comfortable

- Sabrina C

The resale value is tremendous.

I love the space and versatility for a midsize SUV. The only complaint would be in relation to the fuel economy.

- Joel D

Toyota 4 runner I like is very good

excellent vehicle designed for high performance roads and fuels, I love the power of the engine. I recommend it

- jill M

The tires do not hold air very well at all.

Love the roominess. It drives luxury. Love the color. White was my favorite love the size. The price was right.

- Diana P

silver Toyota 4runner bought in 2017

vehicle has ran great since bought, holds up on long trips and the gas mileage is great. the vehicle is great.

- Elijah c

I like it, it entertains me, it's the best, I find it attractive fun and I like it because it solves

very good I like it, it entertains me, it's the best, I find it attractive fun and I like it because it solves

- david h

It had many safety features.

Love the color and body style. It drives smoothly and has so many features such as Bluetooth and hands free.

- Amber R

The control panel in the car because show you everything that is happening.

I love my SUV is perfect and versatile, I like the control offered, the height, and the luxury design of it.

- Arthur A

the design of its interior is very nice. I really recommend it

I like my current vehicle. It is very soft and comfortable on the road. It has an excellent fuel efficiency

- Charles B

the most important detail are the seats

the vehicle is very compact and very diverse but it does not have any problem and it is very easy to learn

- Peter S

I like its design and comfort. I really recommend it

I like my vehicle since I bought it, I have not had any problem, excellent performance on the road. I love

- Mike R

It has high quality and is comfortable

It is a very practical and comfortable vehicle when it comes to going out for a walk with my whole family

- jim J

It's safe and dependable.

I love everything about it! It's durable, trustworthy and dependable. It looks good and it drives smooth.

- Kacy C

it is the perfect car, it is luxurious, comfortable, i feel incredible in it, it makes me feel very good

it is the perfect car, it is luxurious comfortable, i feel incredible in it, it makes me feel very good

- Kaiden A

It's the total package in terms of engineering and style.

Doesn't always play well with my iPod. Like most everything else, including looks and performance a lot.

- Curt T

Safe to drive , more room and extra comfy

Big but use lot of gas. Comfortable, easy to drive, easy back up. Love it, free oil change for 2 years.

- Surin T

I like my car is wonderful

wonderful car really grateful with his performance and quality, very good engine. high fuel efficiency

- Jason P

Very roomy for all my family but not too big to make it hard to drive . Looks sporty. Has good off road ability.

My vehicle is very reliable, has room for all my family . Easy to drive. Love the style . Very sporty!

- Angelica R

That I have not had any problem with my car.

I love it! It drives smoothly. It is big enough to make me feel safe. It also fits all our baby gear.

- Katherine T

Toyotas are dependable vehicles

I love the look and style of the 4RUnner. I feel very safe in this vehicle. Great for family outings.

- l b

I really recommend it very good car

I love my vehicle is very comfortable and efficient in fuel consumption. It has an excellent design.

- Theodore P

How big it is inside. Despite it looking small outside.

I sit high, so my view of the road is better. It is powerful. Feels solid on the road. Dependable.

- Susan G

It is Convenient and stylish. Looks great but is still practical.

I love my car. It is big, but not too big and has a smooth ride. Easy to get my kids in and out.

- Megan E

I like its speed, and very good model, it is very good vehicle and good rubbers.

I like its speed I like its speed, and very good model, it is very good vehicle and good rubbers.

- William W

mi vehiculo es muy bueno y resistente para todo tipo de trabajo

estar pendiente cada dia de sus mantenimientos para que el automóvil se mantenga activo

- jose a

I like the awd option. This is why we picked this car. It also has an extra third row. Reliable. No complaints.

Safe and awd. Nice interior with leather. Many drive their 4runner past 300k miles

- catherine s

Good value.Great vehicle for families.

Rides and handles well. Very comfortable. Lots of cargo room. No complaints.

- Barbara S

It is safe. Drives like a truck. It is a gas guzzler.

I love the size. I feel safe in it. I struggle with how much gas it uses.

- Allison M

Great outdoor vehicle and pet friendly. Don't like the cloth seats and seems cheap on the inside of the vehicle for how much it costs.

It's a very reliable car and can do just about anything in any weather.

- Savannah G

It has bed gas mileage even on the highway. Get a perks card

It has the worst Mimi age. But I like that it is big and stylish.

- Noel W

Love it. Great interior and exterior. Love the cuStomers service at Fred Anderson. I would not get a different vehicle if I could do it again

Air conditioning seats. Tinted windows with leather seats

- Clay B

The most important thing others should know about the vehicle is its reliable

I don't dislike anything about this vehicle. It's great!

- Becky L

How to respond to my needs!!!!

Complicated "bells and whistles and seat adjustments!!!

- Donald M

Smooth and fast ride. Modern sleek look. Height to view.

Love space and smooth ride. Modern look. Gas guzzling.

- Kathy T

It has very good traction

It's very comfortable It helps me a lot to travel

- tom L

Nice looking and reliable

Lack of options. Otherwise good. Smooth.

- Summer B

Our vehicle is based on our values of family and fun.

- Megan C

Spacious & technology friendly for babies to teens!

- Gigi M

Toyota 4runner - very good purchase.

- Bob E

We love the option of having a 3rd row seat.

- Jason C