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Roomy and powerful surprise.

I bought my Toyota avalon from the original owner when the car was sixteen years old. It had very low mileage, damage to the body, and sun damage. This is how much faith I have in the Toyota vehicle. It is been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. No problems other than sunroof sticking and some squeaking sounds in the undercarriage. I believe that is due to exposure to the extreme weather and elements in the state in which the vehicle was parked. . It's actually very comfortable and roomy and has more power than people expect from a compact vehicle. I will definitely look into another Toyota when this baby is ready to be retired.

- Dawn E

I really like my make and model of my car. I would recommend it to anybody.

The most problems I have of my vehicle is that it's really low to the ground, and if you go over a speed bump you will most likely scrape the bottom of your car. The tires that you have to get with them always look flat, even though they are brand new. I always have strangers telling me my tires are flat. The only real problem I have with all Toyota's is that the checking engine light never goes off, it's always on, even if it's in perfect condition. On the inside everything is sleek and classic, the seats are comfortable and easy to clean. It does very well with oil, and has very good gas mileage!

- Alexis S

Economical and affordable, and safe for any family.

Toyota Avalon is a very reliable vehicle, which usually when it has problems, is very minor. I only had problems when going down sand roads, the battery cables need cleaning. And when it's hot out, the water, or oil needs to be checked, and replenished. Other than those minor things, I have not had any problems with it. I have had regular oil changes, and check fluids regularly. It is also real economical on gas. My vehicle is an older model. The newer models of Toyota Avalon's are supposed to be even more economical, and updated safety features for your whole family.

- Tanya M

Lots of leg space in front/backs. Lots of space in the trunk.

I haven't had any problems with my car as long as I take it in for it's routine work, like oil changes. I like the space that's available inside of the car. I've had a chance to ride in the back seat as a passenger, and there's a lot of legroom. I also have two car seats in the back seat, and still have room for one more passenger to fit in the middle. The only thing that I would change about this vehicle would be the radio system, to be more updated with streaming radio, bluetooth connections, and hands-free mobile talking.

- Toni M

2001 Toyota Avalon: can't tell it�s almost 20 years old!

My Avalon is an older model, but unless you're looking at it from the outside, you really can't tell!! Avalon's, when well maintained like any other Toyota, can last ' seriously- forever. Mine has almost 300,000 miles and is still running like new. The only high-cost maintenance I've had to do is replace the rack-and-pinion (I think that's how you spell/day it) on the drivetrain, but that's a common Toyota issue. Really though, I love my Avalon and love it's reliability. Plan on driving it for many years to come!

- Britney J

A very reliable car, will get you where you need to go.

It is a nice car if well taken care of. The car I have is older. At this point, it is running well even though I have some problems due to poor care. Problems including: my engine has a possible leak, my tires seem to have trouble keeping air even though I have replaced them; and the controls to move the driver's seat has come off. Other than that, the car has been running very well, all things considered. It still holds like a soldier and gets me where I need to go around the city.

- Nae B

It is a very classy land boat.

My car is used. It was previously used by my mother, and before that my grandma. Its very reliable, but the last few years have been hard on it. For it being almost 20 years old, I have had to replace the alternator this past summer, and the check engine lights come one quite frequently. But it is usually minor fixes like the gas cap seal and engine coolant. The car itself is very large and comfortable for all sizes. The speakers are jell and they are very nice.

- Patricia B

It's a great 4 door family sedan.

Its an automatic transmission with power windows and locks. It has a tape deck and am/FM radio. Ac and heater works great! Power sunroof never leaks. It gets great gas mileage. Super reliable. I've never had any issues with it. Power adjustable seats that have a heated option. Great digital dash display for time/date and other options. I have mine set to tell me how many more miles I can go on what gas I have in the tank. Large trunk and spacious back seats!

- Cheyenne M

Not hard to figure out A lot of cars may take a long time if you're not familiar

The car drives great. It drives really smooth especially for it to be an older car. Sometimes there's a problem with the check engine light but it seems like that factory issues considering how well the car drives. It has a very nice interior. It does take a lot of gas but it is a big body car so that's somewhat normal. Toyota Avalon's are great cats to drive for work or any other traveling necessities. Once the gas tank is full, it lasts for a long time.

- Micah W

I love the sound system with the factory subwoofer.

I am the second owner of a silver 2001 Toyota Avalon. I have driven it for one year now with no problems or mechanical issues aside from needing to replace the struts due to normal wear. With over 200, 000 miles on it, the engine is still strong and the transmission shifts perfectly. It has been maintained by the Toyota dealership for all recommended services such as oil changes and tune ups.

- Steve D

It has an ashtray and a sunroof.

I bought the car used with nearly 300, 000 miles on it. There were no problems with the car whatsoever. Very reliable and great on gas. Rides very smoothly. No unnecessary jerks and bumps or sounds. It has a sunroof which completely opens and is great in the summertime. Both the front and rear seats are leather and it feels like I am sitting on my couch. Very comfortable and reliable car.

- Austin F

2001 Toyota Avalon review

So far I've not had any major problems with this car. It performs very well and has been very reliable. It's very comfortable expect in the hot summer months. The seats get real hot even though they are light colored. The JBL audio package is really nice and sounds awesome. It even comes with a built in subwoofer. The only problem is that the factory stereo cuts off when making turns.

- Joshua V

2001 Toyota Avalons are a MUST!

The features are amazing. Has a Feature to tell you how many miles till you run out of gas, how many mpg your using as your driving. Leather seats, tells you temperature, has compass, security alarm, air vents for back seats, automatic locks when car is in drive, heated seats. It's very comfortable. I love this car and all Toyota makes and models but Avalons are my favorite!

- Shelby T

Reliable 2001 Toyota Avalon.

I love that my Avalon is really reliable. It runs well and I do not usually have maintenance issues. At this point it is generally expensive to get routine maintenance--things always pop up--but the car does not break down on me. My main complaint is that the stereo does not work anymore, but I would imagine that partially has to do with how old the car is.

- Rachel W

Quiet, reliable, and great for the family.

Quiet, spacious, and great gas mileage! The screen displays how many miles you have until your out of gas and has saved my life on numerous occasions. The heat works great in the winter and the ac is perfect in the summer! Safe, reliable, and very ahead of its time. This car has features some newer models don't even have.

- Lee T

wooden finishes make it look antique

the reason why I love my car is because it is the luxury edition Toyota Avalon and comes with wooden finishes. Also I installed my own sound system because the stock sounds were not the best. The reason why I would really invest in this car is because it has already been eighteen years and it is still running smoothly.

- Isaiah M

2001 Avalon Review: All About that Bass, is just the Bad Part

It is a very nice car and it has everything you could ask for. Sometimes I wish I didn't have leather seats because they stick to your legs and get really hot in the summer. One thing I kind of really don't like is the bass in the car. It's just really bad so if you enjoy bass filled music this is not the car for you.

- Rose D

Aa amazing and very reliable car to drive.

The vehicle I have has been so very reliability and amazing. I have had know major problems with the car since I bought it in 2001. Just oil change and breaks and battery. It has been a very comfortable car to drive, very quiet and smooth and also fun to drive. Gas mileage is very good and does great on the highway.

- Michael F

Reliable Toyota. Cheap to maintain and very reliable.

My car is extremely reliable. Very comfortable large car. The car is a little old, so the fuel economy is just alright. I get around 18 miles per gallon. I just wish that I had another gear for better highway mileage. The fuel tank holds around 15 gallons and I can get around 350-400 miles of range per tank.

- Alec L

A small black car that is just for me and my family.

My car is the only car I have for me and my family. It is just the right size for me and my daughters. I have had some minor problems with my car but its normal things that happens. I do have a lot of miles on it and I think I might have a major problem with the motor but I am working on getting it fixed.

- Tia A

Reliable car with longevity.

Toyota's are super reliable and easy to repair, I have had Toyota's pretty much my whole driving life! The comfort is good, this particular year does not quite have the music capability I would like but that is to be expected from a 2001 car. Good room in the backseat and excellent truck capacity.

- Renee S

Toyota Avalon is a great car.

It drives good, comfortable seating, good on gas(regular). It has 212,000 miles and it does have some dents. This is the second Avalon xl that we have owned. Next to the Honda accord, I really like the Toyota brand. The car has radio, tape player and CD player. The system has a very good sound.

- Valerie R

I love my Toyota but it could use some more features.

I love the way it drives. One thing I wish it had would be an auxiliary cord plug-in. I also dislike how even when I turn off the air conditioning or heat, air will still blow out of the vents. But it is really reliable and have barely had any issues with it. I have put a lot of miles on it.

- Kelly M

Good safe vehicle I have enjoyed owning.

The vehicle has been very good except in the last few years some things have gone wrong in electrical system, mostly regular wear and tear. Otherwise I really like the size, shape and still wish it was blue, but we got a white one cheaper. Fits taller men also, not just short women like me.

- Kathleen W

It is a good reliable car. Has 4 doors and a sunroof.

I have a 2001 Toyota Avalon. It is silver in color. 4 door. Leather interior. It has a tear in the passenger side seat. It is a gas saver a really good reliable car. Automatic locks. All the windows roll down. And it has a sunroof. I had the car for 2 years so now it is time for a new one.

- Kimberly G

Smooth ride with comfortable seats and loaded with neat features.

It gets great gas mileage. It drives smoothly. It has a roomy back seat and trunk. It is comfortable. It has heated seats, hood factory CD player and radio. It has features on the dash indicating outside temp, etc. It is easy to drive. It has a sunroof and neat storage compartments.

- Mandy C

Comfortable car to travel in. Seats are leather and. Very comfortable.

I love my Toyota Avalon it has been a wonderful car to own. Haven't had a whole lot of problems. It is very comfortable. It has a lot of room. In the front seat and also in the back seat. It also has a very spacious trunk that I use a lot. It has been a very reliable car to own.

- Toni S

Low maintenance, good mileage, minor repairs every now and then.

It runs well. It does not need a lot of maintenance. I have had it for about three years and it has about 170000 miles on it. I have had to have the brakes changed once. There is a slight wobble in the winter time because snow gets in the tire wells but that is easy to scrape out.

- Adam M

Green Toyota Avalon tan on inside.

My car is a Toyota Avalon. It is dark green. It is very old but if you are like me then it doesn't matter. It is tan inside and comfortable seats. But some of the car is ripped. If you are going to buy the car do not ask for it to get fixed. It runs as smooth as butter.

- Kristin J

Compact cute little car easy to drive.

It is nice kind of out of style, seats are leather, automatic windows and locks. Radio is just tape CD or am/FM. No technology. Good ac & heat! Not a ton of room in the back but enough, trunk is decent size & gas is on driver side, old fashioned speedometer.

- Julianna P

2001 Toyota Avalon aka the best car I have ever owned.

Very reliable, runs very smoothly. I haven't had an issue with the car yet. My favorite part about the car is how comfortable the seats are. The speakers are really good, and it always gets me from point A to point B without issues. Great on gas. I love this car.

- Alma B

The sound system is amazing.

Sometimes my car tends to smell like gas. The battery tens to not be able to hold a charge or start up sometimes. The mileage is also very high and my radio light does not work. My car charger port is faulty and barely works. My back right window does not work.

- Madeline S

2001 Toyota Avalon--still going!

Overall, I love my Avalon. It is really reliable, especially for a car that has been going since 2001. It has not ever broken down on me and while there are occasional surprises when I take it in for maintenance, usually it just needs a normal tune up.

- Rachel W

This Toyota is a very reliable vehicle. I have had to do only minor repairs, which were very easy to perform.

My car has electric adjustable seats and a sunroof which make driving very comfortable and enjoyable. I have had very few problems with this vehicle. The few repairs that I have had to do have been easy to perform.

- Robert B

Avalon. Efficient. Affordable.

I love my car. With over 216,000 miles on it it still cranks up beautifully and rides smooth. The leather interior is in excellent condition because of the previous owner. My old problem is my car rolls out of gear

- Tayonna B

There is plenty of space in the car. It's easy to clean out as well.

The only problem with my vehicle is the fact that it is old. Most of my issues come from the car being old and it's time to replace something or change something. Other than that, the car does just fine for me!

- Brittany A

To take care of my car my car will take care of you.

Very dependable, it drives real fast, very comfortable to sit in it has a lot of them for my kids and my friends and all of their stuff and all of my stuff my mom all her stuff mom and all of his stuff.

- Michelle B

Extraordinary reliability.

Soft ride. 244000 miles. No problems except usual wear and tear. Still have original Freon in air conditioner. Never added any. Original brakes lasted over 80,000 miles. Great vehicles. No complaints.

- Richard S

Reliable and dependable - it will get you where you need to go

It's reliable and dependable. The AC works - bonus for this summer. Easy to get parts for. Downside no onboard navigation system - my girlfriend drives the new car in the house :-(

- Mikey C

While the car may show its age through physical features, it's still a good car and I can always depend on it.

The car is really good on gas. It has been been passed down in my family through the year which showcases its dependability. It also a very nice size; not too big and not too small.

- Jokeah M

That it has great gas mileage. Also, it has a big trunk and backseat!

I love the color of my vehicle. I love the 6 cylinder engine. It drives and rides very smoothly which I also love. I love the gas mileage. I just wish it was a newer year.

- Kaitlin C

Still very quiet and runs well in the city and highway.

No problems at the moment. Car runs well and no major issues. Sometimes it does not idle well until it warmed up or the transmission is slow to shift when it is cold.

- Jay K

The back seat can hold 2 car seats and still have room for a adult to sit.

The window tinting is peeling off that was put on by the dealership. Replacement parts are hard to find. Like the fact that even after 17 years it still runs great.

- Wendy S

it has a bench seat and is big enough to protect you in a crash

it is nice to drive, comfortable, get good gas mileage. big to protect in case of a crash. bench seat in front, so not crammed into a form fitting bucket seat

- Georginne E

My car is the most reliable vehicle I've ever had. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

My Toyota Avalon is the best car I've ever owned. My sedan's color is silver. It the top of the line XLS model. I love what my Toyota does for me!

- Tammi B

been very well taken care of its entire life smooth ride

it is very comfortable good on gas I am the second owner my parents bought it brand new no major issues great upkeep oil changed every 3000 miles

- amy g

It has a good engine but the car is old and has problems

Reliable but old. At this time i am,ready for a newer car. Old cars require lots of maintenance. I don't want to put any more money into the car

- Shalana V

It is trouble free. Gets great gas mileage. Very quiet inside car when driving

Have about 244000 miles on car. Does not burn oil. Have original dream in air conditioner. Everything works great never had a major problem

- Rick S

that it lasts long and is a very comfortable car, good on gas and take little to maintain it

I love that it is roomy and comfortable. It has aged well with over 197000 miles on it and I spend money on maintenance but never anything big

- kim b

Very very Reliable Toyota

No real issues till this year. Nothing really major. A.c. is still freezing. I've had to replace door handles. On inside. Very reliable.

- Rebecca L

Reliable. I have had so few problems and intend to continue to drive.

Very few problems, looks good, rides smoothly. I do not like the neck protectors. They are so high that I find it difficult to back up.

- Jan H

Great car! Get it, any year or make

It drives smooth, reliable since 2001, no problems. Long trips are easy to taken had a sunroof . great car for performance and luxury

- alex J

My vehicle is very reliable. It has over 200,000 miles on it. I run it hard and it burns oil but keeps on going!

My car is very reliable. It has features that were luxuries when it was manufactured. I like the leather heated seats.

- Britty J

I love this car, when I'm ready for a new one, I will look at the new version.

It's great, roomy and comfortable, good on gas, reliable, after 17 years and over 100,000 miles it still runs great.

- Louise M

My car is very safe. It has good gas mileage and is very durable

I like how safe it is. It's a compact car, easy to drive. It gets great gas mileage. It's just kind of ugly

- Katie P


I love all the features, the look, and how this car runs. Truly the nicest car I have ever owned. :-)

- Jerry C

The amount of power the engine has for a small family sedan.

This car is a lot of fun to drive. It has plenty of power. The gas mileage is good.

- Daniel S

Safety record of this vehicle is bar none. Other vehicles have been owned by this family but cannot compare with this vehicle.

I like my vehicle a lot. It has longevity and to date has been a dependable vehicle

- Terry C

It is a good car. It does whole It's value.

The car travels well. It has good gas mileage. It does have some dents and dings.

- Valerie M

If you want a safe, reliable and attractive car its the car for you.

I love the quality. The ride is real smooth, and thw vehicle is reliable!

- Teiah H

others should know that the car needs work

i dislike a lot about the car. it is never clean. my son keep it filthy.

- Kimberla R

save on gas last for a lifetime drive great and smooth

i just bought the car so far it's good nothing i dislike no complaints

- marianne h

I have had almost no problems with this car. I only need to do oil changes and replace the tires, and that's it. I have confidence in the Toyota brand.

Comfortable and reliable, drives like a smooth ship.

- Jennifer S

it is dependable and very reliable

i dislike the cup holder placement but it is usable

- Steven P

Very reliable spacious wonderful car.

- Rachel A