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My fabulous older Toyota Avalon

There's almost never anything wrong with it even though it's an older car. I drive very far for a living and still almost never have problems. I could rant and rave about my car. It's luxurious and had very good maintenance when it was first bought and because of this it works very well. The only thing I've had to replace was the windshield, the brakes and I've had to change the oil but that's it. It's a fabulous car. I've mainly had Toyotas in my life and so has my husband. We recommend Toyotas to everyone and will most likely only continue to buy from Toyota.

- Wendy M

03 Avalon XLS still going strong

It's been through a lot and just keeps going. My Avalon is easy to do most of the work myself. It's reliable and fun to drive. I would be lost without my heated seats and power seat adjust. The radio comes with a tape deck and a CD player. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat, even if the front seats and adjusted all the way back. The gas mileage is great on freeway driving, but when city driving, it does go down a noticeable amount. I've only had to do routine maintenance on this car and it's still going strong.

- Kit B

Toyota Avalon 2003: an old one but a good one.

The car is old but runs great. It is a very smooth and steady drive. Sometimes it is so smooth you do not realize how fast you are driving. Turning and brakes are very smooth as well with no issues. The seats are leather but are nice to sit in. It is a larger car, which makes the backseat very comfortable. The car is equipped with jbl speakers. The speakers are great but because the car is old, they do not work in the back seat. If there is no music playing and the speakers are on, there is a high pitched noise.

- Alyssa P

2003 Toyota Avalon: Safe, Comfortable, Reliable

This is an extremely reliable car that has been passed down through my family for several years. I have taken it on numerous road trips, and have always found it to be extremely comfortable to drive. I commute about an hour to work each day, so the comfort and safety that I feel in this car is very important to me. Aside from minor tune-ups (wiper blade replacements, etc.) I haven't had to get any work on this vehicle despite its age. When taken good care of, this is a car that will last for a very long time.

- Bailey H

The atmosphere of elegance means you have arrived in status of the moment!

2003 Toyota Avalon XLS is a very dependable midsize car. It handles the roads with class and power steering tightness. The interior is very elegant with wood design dashboard contrasted by off white leather power designed seats. It can comfortably hold up to five people. The trunk has gracious space for traveling bags. It is loaded with power luxuries such as temperature control daily, heated seats, cruise control plus many more features to catch your eye.

- Julie A

Buying a car: who could ask for anything more?

My Avalon xls is very comfortable: seat adjustments are good & easy to do, great performance. Power operated side mirrors excellent. . The roof opening feature is nice to have in moderate weather. . The instrument displays on the dashboard are adjustable light intensity- great at night. Minimal maintenance costs. Always passes my niece yearly inspection. I have low mileage, several people have told me :"if you ever want to sell: tell me first".

- Ann Marie F

My vehicle is a gray 2003 Toyota Avalon.

My vehicle drives very smoothly. I enjoy driving compact cars. My Toyota Avalon has about 3000 miles on it. I recently had steering worked on because the steering wasn't working properly while turning at certain times. My vehicle has not been in any wrecks or fender benders and I have never been pulled over. In general the maintenance of my car has been very good. Oil changes and tune ups have all been performed when they are necessary.

- Alex C

My car is the perfect balance between beauty, luxury, and muscle.

I love my Avalon. It handles great, and its luxurious. My kids love the sunroof. I love my lumbar support. I always know exactly how much gas I have left. My lights are automatic so I don't worry. It has high end torque so I get up and go fast and can maneuver through traffic at my own pace and agility. This car is smooth and luxurious. My oldest daughter is next in line for it. I am sure she'll love it as much as I do!

- Jenny W

Comfortable and easy handling

The Avalon is a great larger car. The seating is super comfortable. The cup holders for the front are great size wise, deep enough to hold my coffee without fear of tipping. It handles more like a zippy sports car than a full size. It has a roomy and comfortable back seat. The trunk is huge and easily accommodates luggage for 4 for a weeks vacation. At over 150K miles and still running strong. Dependable.

- Lori P

15 Years and Still Going Strong!

The Avalon is comfortable, reliable and economical. My Avalon is 15 years old and still in great shape. I have it serviced regularly and make sure the tires are properly inflated and in good shape. It still gets close to 30 MPG highway. After 15 years, it is getting some body rust. This could be easily repairable but I'm planning on trading it in within the next 3-4 years.

- Kirk R

Ultra-reliable vehicle with roomy interior

This is an amazing car! It has 219,000 miles on it and I haven't had any major repairs. I have kept up with basic maintenance (oil changes, flushes, brake pads and rotors, tires, etc.) but this car has been incredibly reliable! It's also really roomy on the inside and has nice interior features for an early 2000's car, like heated seats and a dual temp control system.

- Michelle B

It is durable and long lasting. My car is 15 years old and still going great!

I have a used car that is very old, but it is still in great shape and rarely has engine troubles. For being a sedan, it is very spacious and has a ton of room in the trunk. It is very long, which makes it hard to park sometimes, but that comes with the spaciousness I suppose. I have rarely had a complaint about this car. Very reliable.

- Rachel H

I have loved my moonroof. The splurge was worth it!

I have loved this car since I bought it new. Has had regular maintenance-new tires, rear brakes, oil changes, etc.. The exterior has a few dings and bad places from regular wear and tear. It has been hit in the rear once and was fixed and the I got hit again. Haven't bit he bullet to have it fixed just yet. Runs well and is a good car.

- Rosie W

The Toyota Avalon is a very reliable car

My car was made in 2003 and is still in great condition. I haven't had a lot of problems with it. The seats are comfortable and I feel safe when driving it. I can trust that it will function properly and I will arrive at my destination without any problems occurring on the car's end. This vehicle is one that I trust greatly.

- Savannah T

Toyota Avalon-a great first car.

The vehicle has good gas mileage which makes it really great when traveling far. Additionally, this is my first car so it is very easy to steer and the breaks are not too sensitive. The only thing I do not like is the fact that the car is older so it does not have the more contemporary capabilities such as Bluetooth.

- Emma G

The most important thing about my car is that it does well in any weather.

I really like my car. It is a bit old. Everything works well and is good for my needs. I do not do much driving. The one thing that I wish my car had was seat warmers. It is very comfortable and reliable. I have never had any major problems with it, just the typical battery dying. I would recommend this car overall.

- Sydney B

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

I like my car because despite its age, it is like the energizer bunny, as long as you maintain it, regular oil changes etc. I have switched to full synthetic oil due to the miles but I have not had any major issues with it since I bought it. . I would prefer a sports car but this car has been very good to me.

- Linda P

the speaker system in my Toyota is amazing

I love my vehicle, it is reliable comfortable nice pick up goes fast. Every Time I need to drive the car it's always something to be excited about. The speaker system is also perfect every song sounds perfect. When I have the windows rolled down with my music going it's going to always be a great drive.

- Danielle G

Comfortable summer cruiser.

The 2003 Toyota Avalon is a great commuter car. Good on gas mileage at around 20 mpg, 30 hwy, comfortable quiet ride. Tops out at 140, excellent handling, easy to maintain. Old school tape deck radio, cruise control, cold a. C. And keeps warm in the winter. Power windows/locks, roomy interior and trunk.

- Jerry L

2003 Toyota Avalon is a great vehicle.

Nothing has been wrong with this vehicle. Its nice leather seats heated and comfortable and reliable. There have been seriously issues. I would purchase this car again in a second. It is a fantastic value for your money. I would suggest everyone looking for great transportation look into this vehicle.

- Robin H

There are hidden compartments in the doors for you to put important items.

My car performs nicely, is very reliable, super comfortable, and has amazing features. If you're someone who's very concerned with aesthetic I wouldn't recommend this car because the body of the car isn't very attractive. My car has almost 200,000 miles on it and is still super reliable and runs well.

- Dakota R

Love my Toyota this is my fourth Toyota.

Great fuel great ride dependable low cost maintained great finish color selection leather seats excellent sound system Avalon has a excellent GPS and love the six CD changer one recall on airbags was taken care quickly and complete would recommend a Avalon to any one have Toyota cars for years.

- Robert U

Toyota Avalon great car highly recommend to those looking to buy.

This car is one of the most reliable cars ever. It gets you to where you need to car with comfort and space for up to 5 people. As long as you take car and keep on maintenance there should be no problems. The car is a long heavy car if you do not mind that you should enjoy every ride in it.

- Jess J

The luxury sedan is not only a good running car it�s appearance is good looking.

Great cars. It gets good gas mileage, has a fairly powerful engine, handles well, and delivers a smooth ride. Inside, it's upscale and spacious, and it offers a litany of active safety features and gets great safety scores. Great sound system especially compared to Kia.

- Sarah W

Absolutely Superb: the best car a girl could as for

I absolutely adore this car. It has almost 300,000 miles and is still just as wonderful as when I first got it. These cars are truly built to last and look stylish while they do. This car is quite large for a four door sedan, and definitely holds up well over the years.

- Ashlyn P

Buy an Avalon or you are be sorry.

My vehicle is very dependable and it is good on gas. I love I spacious it is. I would highly recommend that you buy this car if there is any left. I would love to have the newest model but no money right now. I got this car for a 11 years now and it is very dependable.

- MaIL. V

My car is in good shape clean inside and out for a family vehicle.

My vehicle have leather seats clean inside and our low mileage and runs great pass emissions test it is need new tires, brake's been done drive like a champ, am/FM CD changer always keep in good shape clean inside and outside nice family vehicle color is white 4 door.

- Eric K

2003 Toyota Avalon xls review.

Drives very good. Handles smoothly. Has power and stops quickly. Great features. Gets excellent gas mileage. No major problems. Has over 124,000 miles and runs like new. Has seat warmers and sunroof. V6 engine with great pick up spread and can accelerate with ease.

- Tom H

Almost as good as a Lexus at a lower price.

Comfortable, powerful, low maintenance, good steering, turns on a dime, starts easily in cold weather, heated front seats, good visibility, leather seat covers, good seating capacity, long-lasting paint, good radio, good CD player, good tape player, good tires.

- Judith R

It is wide and very comfortable

It is a good car. It is comfortable to go on road trips with. Ac often works very good. It runs very smooth. Although it is a V6 it doesn't waste as much gas. In order for it to waist less gas you should fill up your tank and the gas will last you more time.

- Jay C

Most of all it is the smooth and comfortable ride that it provides.

Our Toyota avalon is comfortable for long trips and short stops around town. We travel up north to minnesota every year and it is the best ride possible for us. My wife and I enjoy everything about this car. And we own it now and got it for a decent price.

- Jeff C

2003 Toyota Avalon Review

The Avalon is a luxury car with all the bells and whistles! Smooth ride, heated leather seats, spacious leg room, sunroof, large trunk space. Drives just as nice at higher miles as when purchased new. Toyota is a trusted brand in my eyes! Nice ride!

- Jerry S

190,000 miles and still going strong

My car has been exceptionally reliable, with minimal major repairs after regular maintenance. I also find the comfort and quality of the vehicle to be wonderful, with the car looking very good even after all these years.

- Sara T

It is a large sedan, but very good car for a daily driver. Definitely a commuter.

I bought my vehicle used and I would highly recommend the Avalon to anyone looking for a sedan. I would not recommend buying one from the same dealership. It is a solid, mostly reliable vehicle when properly maintained.

- Andrea B

2003 Toyota Avalon still running strong!

Well, I bought my vehicle used from my father. Nothing in the way of many problems, thus far. I just make sure to keep my oil changed and all that good stuff. Had to replace the battery a while back, that is about it.

- Billy W

Be. Careful driving at night because the headlights have a film on them.

I like the size of the car and the smooth ride and quick pick up. I have had some trouble with the radiator, thermostat and leaking antifreeze. Hopefully I have these problems fixed and will have smooth driving.

- Peggy R

It's very reliable and comfortable. It's also very safe. Sort of like a mini tank despite being compact.

This car is really reliable. It has lots of trunk room for a compact car and is extremely safe to drive. Gas mileage is great. I've taken several long car trips and have never had any issues. Very comfortable.

- Korey T

Built to last and as solid and reliable as they make em

Very , very solid and reliable car. Over 230k miles and still going strong. The only issues that I've had are the durability of the door handles. I've had to replace 2 interior handles and one exterior handle

- Charlie B

For a 2003 it gets good gas mileage 22. 3 mpg.

A little bit of a rough ride, but is a 218, 000 miles. Has been very reliable and not to many major breakdowns. Very big and spacious interior. Overall a good vehicle and would recommend it to someone else.

- Alex T

It is a good, reliable car.

It used to have a engine problem, but now that's fixed and it works fin. I love the color of the vehicle also. I also love the fact that it is reliable to start up and get me to where I need to go.

- Justin B

People should know that it is an XLS, the highest trim line for the Avalon.

I love the quality feel of my car. It runs smoothly and is responsive. I feel proud that it is a car that reflects well on my status. I don't like that it is beginning to show its age.

- Todd T

Toyota Avalon is easy to care for and will take you where you need to go for many years.

Car runs smoothly with little issues for years now. It's been a dependable car for us. I've had Toyota's throughout my life and they've always held up to even the roughest conditions.

- Virginia G

Overall, like the car. Only a couple complaints

I enjoy my vehicle but I wish that the engine didn't lag as much. I also wish that the vehicle didn't sway when I have to hit the brakes hard. Overall, I do like my vehicle.

- Aubrie S

Super reliable car great for families or people on their own.

This car has a great lifespan. It runs super smooth and is quiet. I am the second owner and let me tell you, it is great for long road trips or just driving around town.

- Lyndsay K

It lasts a long time and is very dependable.

I have no complaints. The car has taken me 215,000 miles and I have only done regular maintenance on it. It is good on gas and comfortable to ride in.

- Sue B

There is no gas cap, also there are so many you need to read the owner's manual.

It is comfortable, economical and reliable. I do not have any complaints. I have not had any trouble with this car and it has almost 200k miles on it.

- Melanie W

Avelons are known to go over 300 thousand miles. They are really reliable.

Suspension is noisy. But, it is good on fuel, has ice cold a/c. Transmission and engine are solid. It handles well, is responsive and comfortable.

- Alex N

It is black, drives pretty well.

Drives well, no real problems. Gets good gas mileage. I do not like that it has a lot of miles but it handles well. Tires get worn down easily.

- Jamie C

My 2003 Toyota Avalon is very reliable. It performs well.

My Avalon is very reliable. It is very spacious and comfortable. I have had it for several years and have not had any major problems with it.

- Judy W

It is much roomier than it looks.

Amazingly comfortable. I love the seat warmers, great in Wisconsin winters. It has a lot of speed and handles extremely well. No complaints.

- Keri C

It is well made as I hardly had any problems with it

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I also like that it's really safe and easy to drive but I don't like that it's a little long in size

- Nick G

The most important thing for people to know is that my car is sturdy and reliable.

Well. Its a Toyota so you know it will last for a very long time, just over a 100,000 miles. It drives well enough, interior is very roomy.

- Kate J

It's been very dependable. We purchased it used and have gotten about 9 years of good service from it.

Smooth ride, good acceleration, very few maintenance issues as we approach 200,000 miles. Don't really have any major complaints.

- Brian R

Toyota's are dependable automobiles.

I like that it is dependable. It gets great gas mileage. It is paid for. There is nothing that I can think of that I dislike.

- Ruth J

Dependable Toyota she always starts and run great just want some of the new feature

Well for 15 year old car she not bad just old and worn out Toyota are very reliable cars just want a update on new feature

- Jen K

Very low maintenance! Great Car! The Avalon gives a very comfortable ride, it's roomy and has great trunk space!!

I have no complaints concerning my Avalon. My car has 245,00 mile and is still running great it's in great shape also!

- Terrie S

The parking brake can be slightly touchy, but it just takes an extra second to release fully

It is a good car that gets me from a to b. The radio works well although the tape player and CD player both do not work

- Tessa G

It is super comfortable and great for road trips.

It is super comfortable, and has a very smooth ride. Quick to drive and very fast. Our family love all of our Toyotas.

- Joseph M

Buy a Avalon it will change your life.

This car is a very spacious. It have a V6 engine so it drives very smoothly. I love this car it last me 11 years now.

- Mai V

Overall a decent, reliable car

It's a good car, easy to control and a good size. The turn signal is a little too quiet though. Adequate turn radius

- Rachael W

It has 4 doors and working windows!!.

I like the size. I absolutely hate the CD player my CD is stuck and now I cannot play anything. No aux outlet.

- Kayla G

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Like because it has good ac. Runs well. Dislike cause doesn't have all the modern features like the new cars.

- Linda P

Looking clean and run smoothly.

My daily car is being great to just little short on money to keep up the maintenance. Still a dependable car.

- A A

It is a truck so I do not mind helping other people when they need stuff moved.

It drives extremely great. The air conditioning is the best/very cold. Great on gas. Dislike the CD changer.

- Ann F

This car has an awesome, smooth ride, and it is easy to get in and out of. My family members comment on the ease of entry and the smooth ride. Downside, there is an engine problem that no one seems to be able to pinpoint and it blows a lot of oil.

This car is roomy with a smooth and comfortable ride. Great for larger families as well as long distance.

- Lisa H

It is extremely comfortable for long road trips, and does not have large blind spots. Also features like the sun roof, seat warmers, and security features (one key turn unlocks one door, two key turns unlocks all) are great. I do of course wish it wasn't so old...I know I will have to purchase another car before too long.

I think the one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is COMFORTABLE.

- Margaret H

It's hanging in there. Keeps going with extremely high miles.

Like trunk space. High mileage with no major repairs. I hate the broken AC.

- Alex O

Good gas mileage but I've had issues with tires staying in alignment

Great car. Good gas mileage. Safe but not fun to drive.

- Matt K

dependability is this cars second name, has done whatever asked of it

Luxury ride. Stylish exterior Reliable and affordable

- colleen h

It fits a lot in it. It doesn't have the best gas mileage but it lasts a long time

Not the best gas mileage. Trustworthy car. Large

- Kara b