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Sunshine. The sunroof is something I love to have open on a good day.

I love the performance of the car. The interior is leather and has held up very well no wear or tears. There is a sunroof, I love it. The gas mileage is also good. The only major problem is shifting from first to second. I am told it is as simple as a sensor that is not working properly. The Avalon is a comfortable car to ride in on long trips. There is a lot of head room as well as leg room. Other than the normal wear and tear and breakdown of parts because of usage time etc. The Avalon is a great car.

- Rene H

Toyota Avalon is very reliable!

I absolutely love this car! For my age, it is not exactly the style of car that I would like to drive, but it is so reliable! I have driven it for over 4 years already and before that a family member drove it for as long as I can remember. It has been in a few minor crashes, but never had any mechanical problems. It is so smooth to drive and has great steering and pedal pressure. I hope to drive this care for as long as possible, and so far the only thing that would stop me is a serious wreck.

- Audrey S

Still going strong after all these years

I love and have always loved my Avalon. I have owned it for over 10 years, and it has, without a doubt, been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It is very comfortable and roomy, even for tall people. It also blocks out a remarkable amount of sound, especially for a 15 year old vehicle. It is a joy to drive and responds as well today as it did the day I got it. I will drive it until the wheels fall off, unless Toyota comes up with a self cleaning model!!

- Michele D

The mid-size luxury vehicle that drives like a charm.

I love my car so I keep it in like new condition. I only have 60,000 miles on the vehicle but it rides like a charm. I use it for my around town car because I want to keep it in like new condition. It's a nice mid size luxury vehicle that has had little or no problems. I recommend the vehicle to anyone wanting a nice smooth ride with all the right options. Mine has a sunroof and JBL stereo which make the vehicle just perfect for me.

- Michael E

Toyota Avalon with a sunroof.

This vehicle I bought used with less than 60, 00 miles on it. The brakes are squealing a bit right now but I have had no other problems with this vehicle. I feel like this car is not really suited to my personality but I needed a car quickly as I was job searching at the time and had totaled my 2015 Honda Civic. The car has heat up seats but I haven't used them yet as it is still pretty warm here in Texas.

- Nicole M

The flagship of Toyota! The smoothest ride out there.

I love my Toyota. I do not have 100, 000 miles on her yet but it's close. For fourteen years old, she rides smoother and better than some Mercedes I have driven or rode in. I have real leather seats, not imitation leather. I have heated seats, power windows, even navigation. And with my old car, which looks beautiful, all I do is keep the oil changed, all the fluids full, and good gas. Love my Avalon!

- Eileen S

Love car mileage is great

My car is 15 years old and I am just starting to have a few problems with it, but I think it is mainly because I don't drive it much. It only has like 70,000 miles on it. But my door locks broke, something is stopped up and keep the check engine light on and just small things. Other than that I love this car and it has been next to the best car I have ever owned.

- Jacqueline C

Reliable, comfortable, relaxing to drive.

Honestly I love my car. It drives smoothly, and is reliable with AMAZING gas mileage. Toyota's last a LONG TIME if you take good care of them. :) They are definitely a car that you can rely on! My Avalon can get up to 400 miles per tank. Your gas lasts a long time too. It's comfortable and spacious, my guests love riding in my car. I will forever buy Toyota's.

- Lizzie P

decent gas mileage, comfy seats, and good speakers for music, extremely reliable

The Toyota Avalon 2004, is an extremely reliable car, that has never once left me stranded. It is an extremely comfortable car, with seat warmers. The speakers that came with the car work really well and sound great. The only problems that I have with the car is the time belt comes loose frequently but it is usually an easy fix.

- Alex A

The back seats of this car are reclinable !!

Luxury Toyota. The speed and take off on this car is amazing. The gas mileage is pretty bad but the other specs of the car make up for it. The car is huge for a sedan overall. The best way to describe it, it's like you're sitting in a boat. It can comfortably fit 3 passengers into the back seat and the back seats are reclinable!

- Tanya P

Wonderful, safe, reliable, economical. A pleasure to drive.

Toyota Avalon's are reliable, safe and comfortable vehicles for people of all ages. I bought this car used for its thoughtful design, comfort, reliability and safety record. I have not been disappointed with my choice of vehicle. Toyota Avalon's are also economical on gas and have a great repair record.

- Sue T

It will make it through a teenage driver.

My 2004 Avalon was given to me in 2014 and has had Its share of problems due to age. It was originally a company car, and came to me with almost 150, 00 miles on it. Now it is close to 160, 000 miles and it still running great! Any Toyota Avalon you buy is sure to last you many years into the future!

- Stephanie B

Reliable work vehicle but could have a few extra features.

Reliable and good on gas. A comfortable ride. I has some nice features such as leather interior and heated seats. Also has auto windshield wipers. I wish the car had a tire pressure sensor. I feel like I am check tire pressure a lot. Another downside is the low fuel icon does not have a chime.

- Sarah M

A great roomy family vehicle.

Reliable, comfortable, powerful but not loud. Not very sleek, roomy back seat and large trunk low maintenance vehicle. Leather seat are hot in the summer, a/c has worked well. We have had to replace the trunk lock system and also hood latch. The trunk lock was very had to replace.

- Debbie R

My Toyota Avalon is very reliable and comfortable.

I haven't had any major issues with my Avalon. I love the Toyota brand and was so excited to have my first Toyota car. It is very roomy and comfortable. It is also a very reliable car. Some of the features have started to break but it is also 15 years old. Nothing major though.

- Heather S

Black 2004 Toyota Avalon xl if good condition

I have a black Toyota Avalon. It has been a great vehicle and reliable. It is a 4 door xl and is very spacious. It has a sunroof and a spacious trunk. I have had this car for 5 years and I have not had any major issues with it. Just the usual maintenance to maintain a car.

- Erica M

How much I love my car and how I am not ever giving it up.

I love my car nothing is wrong with it. It is great and I am not giving it up it is amazing how it runs and works it was given to me as a gift from my father I am never leaving this car unless I get a better one then I will trade in this one but until that happens no.

- Destiny W

Beautiful style and showmanship. Many compliments

Best car perform low maintenance very little problems. No recalls tires for life included but dealership put in additional criteria. Check light stays on and dealership unable to determine why. Radio speakers starting to go out replace early in ownership of car.

- Emma M

Avalon can be the car that you would be a lifelong fan.

Very quiet and smooth ride. Most roomy car l ever own even though from outside it looks smaller. Powerful engine. Old car- closest to 250,000 miles on it but never broke down and any maintenance was low cost. Biggest thumb down is the gas mileage-could be better.

- Daniel C

Toyota Avalon is safe, comfortable and reliable.

I like my Toyota Avalon comfort, reliability, safety features and looks. The trunk size and good gas mileage are also a major plus. I recommend the Toyota Avalon to all age groups but especially to senior citizens. The Toyota Avalon is a reliably good buy.

- Susan T

It is powerful and reliable for everyday use and gets slightly above average gas mileage.

The engine is powerful and is more than sufficient for daily use. It has a fairly low amount of problems, only having to replace the brakes so far. Shocks are alright but could be better. Car is very long so sharp turns should be done with caution.

- Benjamin C

It is dependable and economical. It rides relatively smoothly.

I like my Toyota because it is comfortable, economical, and dependable. If I could change one thing, I would make the road clearance about 3 inches higher to make it easier to get into and out of.

- Beverly G

The car is very reliable and gets very good gas mileage.

I like that it is a very reliable car. I wish it was different color, but that is just me being picky. I love the features and technology and safety features of the car.

- Nolan G

Reliable, well built, strong engine, with easy upkeep, safe and trustworthy

It has a very strong engine and goes much faster than any of the other cars i have owned. it has leather seats, easy to clean, very spacious and roomy, trustworthy toyota

- Jenn P

It drives smoothly, it is very reliable, & I like it.

My car is very reliable. All I have ever done is routine maintenance. I have 170, 000 mile on it. I would enjoy a newer car, but there is nothing wrong with my car.

- Patricia D

That it give great performance, no problem with normal upkeep.

Because it gives good and great performance. Very little and only normal maintenance. No consistent problems especially when normal maintenance is kept up.

- AJ R

It rides very smoothly and is nice and quiet inside.

I'd rides very smoothly, though I wish it would accelerate faster. The leather seats are nice. I like all of the ways to make the seats comfier as well.

- Matthew S

This vehicle gets extremely good mileage for its size.

It's an ok vehicle. The car controls well and is big enough for most needs. The upkeep on the vehicle isn't that bad either and neither is the mileage.

- Jeffrey W

My car has a sunroof even though it is an older model!

I like that my vehicle is reliable. I do not like not having an AUX cord. I do enjoy my sunroof, but I do not like how quick the leather seats get hot.

- Alta M

It is very dependable and requires very little mechanical work.

I like that it is dependable. It has over 212000 miles and has required very little mechanical work. It is comfortable and it is a very smooth ride.

- Robert J

Reliable. Solid. Comfortable. Dependable. Toyota Quality.

Predictably reliable. Toyota makes and stands behind one of the best products on the market. No plans to consider changing - why would I?

- Todd M

It is reliable and get you where you need to go.

I like it because it is spacious. I like it because it gets good gas mileage. I dislike the front of it because it looks kind of ugly.

- Kaitlyn B

The one thing people should know about the car is how good the gas mileage is

It is a good reliable car. The seats are comfortable. There is plenty of room for everything, but the car is not too big.

- Keegan W

It is comfortable and safe

It has been a good reliable cars since we bought it almost 16 years ago! Regular maintenance has let it keep It's value.

- Bill L

Its get good gas mile. Drive smooth. And is a comfortable car.

It drives smoothly. It is good on gas. I like the interior and also the heated seats. Do not really have any complaints.

- Barbara A

Toyotas are very reliable autos. They are also stylish.

I love the smooth ride. It has been trouble free through the years. It has nice leather seats and is very comfortable.

- Judy J

Fast car with a good gas mileage.

GPS, power outlet, leather, heated seats, color, radio, sound system, size, space, trunk, fast engine, good in gas.

- Debra C

The Avalon is an excellent priced luxury car that maintains its value

Very comfortable car that has had few maintenance issues.Maintains its value. Great gas mileage, good visibility .

- LaVelle T

the check engine light comes on and goes off. It has 195.000 miles on the odometer.

The color is blue gray. It has good legroom up front and a large trunk. It is too low and hard to get out off.

- Roy S

No details to give towards it

Not for sale so I don't understand why is it so important for me to describe my personal daily get around ride

- Quwaynie B

Toyota Avalon is a great high mileage vehicle. I have over 300,000 Miles.

The car is very comfortable. It gets excellent gas mileage. Drives and handles well. I only wish it was newer.

- Anna M

Love Toyota Avalon, would buy again

No problems. Great gas mileage, large interior, plenty of legroom in the back. Always reliable. Handles well

- Christopher A

Nothing to know. I guess that it's reliable and gets good gas mileage.

Gets good gas mileage and seems to be reliable. I do not like the fact that the engine did catch on fire.

- Christopher H

Toyota Avalons are great vehicles and will last a long time, provided you give it the care it needs.

No real problems. Bought it used, it is still in great shape, drives perfectly, no superficial issues.

- Chris M

too much electronics prevents self-repair

too much electronics make it hard to work on myself. But it's a Toyota so it's reliable.

- joe A

Like cabin space, fuel economy, sound system, trunk size, smooth ride Dislike lack of seat padding, cheap vent air directors

200k+ miles and still going strong! Mostly highways with oil changes roughly 20-30k mi.

- James S

Toyotas will last forever if you just take care of them.

It has great Fuel economy. It looks good. It's very reliable. Maintenance is easy.

- Peyton H

There is Very little maintenance and the gas mileage is very good and lasts along time

There are very few complaints. Car rides very smoothly. It is good on gas mileage.

- Eleanor S

It drives were I want it to.

I don't have any problems with my car whatsoever It's wonderful just wonderful .

- Marvin W

You can't go wrong purchasing a Toyota. You may pay a bit more but completely worth it

Beautiful body style and dependable. Great service at Toyota dealership close by

- Jan F

Dependable and reliable forever

It's old, but it runs really well still. Very dependable. Needs a modern stereo

- Kat B

I am very happy with this car other than the handling in the snow and wet weather. Other than that, I am very happy with this vehicle

This car drives very well and is a very comfortable car with a lot of extras.

- Rick h

My car always starts when I put the key in the ignition!

It's very reliable. It's very roomy. I wish it was a little sportier.

- Karen K

It is large enough to comfortably accommodate 5 adults.

Like: spacious, sturdy, comfortable Dislike: terrible gas economy

- Maria C

It has a warning light that comes on for a taillight that is not actually out.

It is reliable. It gives decent gas mileage. It is comfortable.

- Teresa F

It is a reliable brand & holds its value as it ages.

Very easy to drive, comfortable to sit it & is very reliable.

- Steph B

Nothing fancy, just gets you there.

It has been very dependable. Everything works.No complaints.

- Ma B