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Good car for big dogs and their dog lovers.

We bought this large car because we had just adopted a very big dog that needed to lie down on the floor in the back. The floor in back is not blocked by front seat metal pieces. Also the back seat can fit large dog crates when we do dog rescue transports. The car rides very smooth even for people/dogs in the back seat. The trunk is huge. The car feels wide when you are sitting in it but it is not too long nose-to-rear-bumper, so not too hard to park in regular parking spaces. I am glad it is a light gray interior because it is hot in southern California. I wish there was a safe spot to put my purse when I drive. The middle "stowaway" spot is not big enough for a woman's purse. But it is good for stashing phone rechargers etc. I wish the glove compartment was deeper because every time we try to close it, the paperwork gets jammed in the latch.

- Lorelei S

Heated/air conditioned seats- the only feature a vehicle needs!

I own a used 2005 Toyota Avalon Limited, white with tan trim and leather seats. My favorite feature is the heated/air conditioned seats. This was the selling point over newer cars for me. The car is large and has and roomy with ample leg room in the rear. As a family of four, one in a car seat and two 6 feet plus we have traveled 1000's of miles comfortably. The back seat has a locking hatch to the trunk perfect for easy access while going down the road. I still receive 20-23 mpg. With the maintenance tracker I am able to log every oil/tire rotation/checkup, etc. right on my dash. This feature ensures we never miss important maintenance. As for reliability I have just replaced the front left and right bearings-the only major maintenance done so far! I will buy another Toyota Avalon when the time comes.

- Sierra K

Great ride, low maintenance.

Last fall, we had an accident with a truck that hit us from behind with great speed ( 50-60 mph ). Our car saved our lives. We did not have any noticeable Injuries. ( later we had some head related symptoms from whiplash and loud sound of impact). The exterior rear took the brunt of the hit. No damage to interior. Instead of getting a new car - at the time we owned 3 ' the insurance co. paid for full restoration. Love the comfort of soft leather ( in great shape ), the smooth ride, seat comfort, fully adjustable, and feeling of luxury. Air conditioning in rear of car, multiple player ( CD, tape, radio), roof window - only thing missing is exterior sensors all around.). I will drive this car till I do not drive anymore, or the car dies. It is a workhorse!

- Carolyn F

Nice looking but high maintenance

The car has nice heated seats, a good amount of space, and a good sunroof. The buttons on the steering wheel are helpful but I don't use them often. The GPS system seems outdated and I don't know how to update it. I like that all the compartments close to make a sleek design but the door over the radio controls jams and I have to use a key to force it open. This car also has pretty huge blonde spots due to the small mirrors. It is NOT fuel efficient at all! The acceleration is very sensitive and somewhat jerky. If you buy this car, you can't drive with a lead foot. Also, be ready for some car repair costs (I've done the serpentine belt/pulley, replaces the tires multiple times, and may need to get the accelerator checked)

- Katt K

Praise for my Toyota Avalon.

My Toyota Avalon has been a very reliable car for several years. It is a very smooth ride and has plenty of leg and trunk room. Also, it feels sturdier than smaller cars we've had in the past, more substantial, and we like the feeling that it is a good, solid vehicle. The a/c is still ice-cold and the mileage ratio is good. One thing to watch for is that it can accelerate very rapidly and you do not really notice it (because the ride is so smooth), but keep an eye on the speedometer. In all, it is a great car and has always been a pleasure to drive.

- Susan J

Toyota Avalon Reliability

My Toyota Avalon has been in my family for almost 15 years now. It's been incredibly reliable with an easy ride and nice pick up. We have the XL version which aids in comfort especially for longer car rides or children. There is plenty of space in the backseat and trunk for all your needs. We've repaired the A/C and power-steering hoses but other than very minor and fixable problems, the car has been extremely reliable and has been able to be passed down to the next generation.

- Olivia D

Avalon - affordable style and comfort.

My Toyota Avalon is a good car considering it is a 2005. The only real problems I have had are related to normal wear and tear such as needing to replace the coils. It is spacious on the inside with comfortable interior. I really enjoy the heated/cooling seats. There is plenty of legroom for two adults in the back and the sunshade that comes up with the touch of a button over the rear windshield is great for keeping the car cool on hot days and cutting down on glare.

- Allie B

If had the chance to I will buy another Toyota Avalon. It's a very luxury type car very durable very reliable

The car is a good car. The only thing I don't like is the interior of the car roof wants to come down. It seems to tear up quick for some reason. Don't have kids to tear it up and just wants to fall down the rest of the car seems to be fine it runs good AC still works good in the car cruise control still works in the car everything seems to work fine I don't understand why in the roof inside the car wants to deteriorate.

- Wata M

The night air is best enjoyed with all the windows down and sunroof open.

Have you ever heard someone say, 'drive it until the wheels come off!' I love my Toyota Avalon. I have only has a few minor problems, such as: the dashboard cracking, leather cracking, roof upholstery losing adhesive, oil leakage, and a tape deck that has given up the ghost. Other than those minor issues, as long as I have changed the oil, rotated the tires, and occasionally had a tuning, the car runs as smooth as ever.

- Jerome S

The Toyota Avon is a very reliable and dependable vehicle.

I love my car, it is really good on the highway and haven't had any major problems with my car. It gets good gas mileage. My Avalon seems to be very dependable. My Avalon is very spacious for my family and has ample enough trunk space for your luggage or whatever. I would highly recommend the Toyota Avalon to anyone and if I could afford to upgrade my vehicle I would definitely would be getting a Avalon.

- Lisa R

Awesome Toyota ride, beauty of a sunroof and open road travels smoothly.

No problems has been a great reliable car. Great on gas. Roomy and comfortable. Runs great has a nice sunroof. Heated seats and reclining back seats. Large trunk space and lots of legroom for back passengers. Very reliable car no engine troubles or transmission. Smooth comfortable driving on the highways and stable ride on rough back streets

- Laura S

Long lasting car with few problems.

I have had my car since it had just 13,000 miles on it and have had no problems with it. As long as you keep the oil changed and regularly maintain it will pay off. My car has over 100,000 miles on it now and it is still running like new. The only issue that it has had is a cracked dash but Toyota pays to have that replaced under warranty.

- Helen R

Quality, Dependable smooth ride.

I absolutely love how smooth of a ride my car is, how dependable it is and how the Toyota brand holds Its quality. The vehicle is a little big for me, however the Camry doesn't ride as smooth. I only have one complaint is that the Avalon is not very good in the snow. I have been driving this car for 13 years and still LOVE IT!

- Brenda R

Roomy, and comfortable. Rides well.

Very comfortable car. Lots of room in the backseat. Car accelerates well. Lots of room in the trunk. Lots of legroom. Car rides very well and comfy on long car rides. Seats are comfortable. Very roomy. Seats five comfortably. I like how you can access the trunk from inside the car and the compartment is hidden and can be locked.

- Lynn N

Smooth and comfortable ride.

This car is incredibly dependable. Great on gas, smooth and comfortable ride. Leather seats are a nice touch. I have had this car for four years and it is required minimal work outside of your regular maintenance. I highly suggest this car to anyone who is more interested in stability and dependability than sports car appeal.

- Kate P

The best and worst of the Avalon.

The Avalon is very comfortable to drive or sit as a passenger even for long drives. I bought mine used and it has had a lot of issues. Air conditioning has been repaired several times, leaked from sun roof and through the front window, the radio stopped playing. But I love the comfortable back seat and big trunk.

- Kim H

Toyota Avalon won't quit!

My family and I have been driving this car for over 15 years, putting hundreds of thousands of miles on it and it's still going strong. It has had few minor maintenance needs and one major maintenance fix done on it in all that time. It's extremely comfortable to travel in and the most reliable car I've ever had.

- Kit S

It is different than other years for Avalon. It has features unused after '05.

I love this car. It has a smooth and comfortable ride and it gets me were I need to go. It is a touring edition so there is plenty of space for guests as well as a fair sized trunk. It can be trick in the winter because it rides so low but that is only a small part of the year. Still a great car.

- Kate P

It a great car it drives wonderfully and it is very quiet in side the car.

I have had no problem with my vehicle it runs great. It was giving to me from my mother who bought new. What do you want me to say when there is no problem with the car it is comfort to ride and is very reliability it performance beautifully. I am very happy to own this 2005 Toyota vehicle.

- Beth H

The car my mother gave me.

Works great, very smooth drive and quiet it is very nice inside I like that it has heated seat and air condition control on each side. It has a very big trunk so it will carry a lot of item in the trunk. It is a very nice car that was giving to me by my mother when she stop driving.

- Beth H

2005 Toyota Avalon 165k miles, still running like a champ!

It is a 2005 Toyota Avalon fully loaded, leather seats, sunroof, wood grain. Works perfectly fine started shaking after 150k miles. Tire rods had to be replaced. Leather on steering wheel started peeling, transmission slipping a little. But overall is still a good, reliable vehicle.

- Clay S

2005 Toyota Avalon is a great vehicle for the long haul.

I have had my Toyota Avalon for 13 years and have really loved this car. I keep up with maintenance and there have been issues here and there related to normal wear and tear, it has served me well at 143, 000 miles. Everyone that rides in it comments on how smooth the ride feels.

- Laura H

Car Runs Great And Is Gonna Be Mine For A While Because It Has Low Mileage

My car runs smoothly. I always have to put many fluids to not have the car act bad since its a old model car. The car should be a little higher because it seems to low for me. Overall this car is great has a lot of space for a sedan and is really easy to drive and take care of.

- Daniel B

The amazing Avalon. The vehicle that is worth every penny.

The Avalon is an extremely reliable car. I have needed only minor repairs with the exception of replacing the catalytic converters and some suspension work. It is older, but still drives smoothly. I am very comfortable as the seats are adjustable and the car is spacious.

- Tony G

Toyota Avalon, a great family car with great performance and reliability.

The Toyota Avalon is a great vehicle that requires very minimal maintenance and has great reliability. It is a very safe vehicle that is built to last and a vehicle I trust for transporting my family. It is my daily commute and has both high performance and great style.

- Fernandez C

Small white Avalon gets you where you need to go.

I have only had the car for about 1 and a half months. When it was bought the previous owners damaged the car inside and out. It still performs well and have not had any breakdowns. As far a reliable it has done sufficient with the time of driving this vehicle around.

- Michelle D

The greatest car to have: Toyota.

My car has had very little problems over the years therefore it is very reliable. Has been on many road trips and lasted for many miles and is still going. Very comfortable and smooth drive. I love the sunroof. Has a great performance. Great sound system as well.

- Madison L

A pleasure to drive and comfortable seating.

Very reliable. Good gas mileage. Easy to operate and has no problems. Nice inside and has sunroof. Has not cost me very much money to operate. Keeps to road and a pleasure to drive. Children like it and their seats. Seats 6 comfortably good head and leg room.

- Alice H

It very roomy. My family is tall and it has a lot of trunk space. !

My Avalon is great. I have a special warranty that as long as I get my service done at my dealer I get free tires. I just got free tires because I had a flat. They gave me 2 new front tires. I had to pay for a rotation and alinement. Saved me $300. 00.

- Meryl W

Toyota's are very dependable cars and I would recommend them to everybody.

I used to have another Avalon before and I was very happy with that one also. My Avalon is a comfortable and safe ride . I plan on keeping it for many more years. The only thing I don't like about it is, that the mileage is more than 150.000 already.

- Ursula K

The Toyota Avalon is a fuel efficient car that will last you years.

I love the seat warmers and the dual AC. I also like the gas mileage and sunshade. It also drives very smooth, however if you go over a speed-bump you risk messing up the NAV system (so I have to use my phone).

- Brianna R

The Toyota Avalon is built to last. It is a comfortable ride for long distances and it has plenty of room in the trunk for suitcases.

I love that it is roomy, comfortable, gets decent gas mileage and has lasted over 12 years and it paid off! I wish it had better gas mileage and that the paint job was holding up a little better.

- Faye P

It's very dependable. Excellent gas mileage on the highway

I absolutely love my vehicle. I bought it from 1 owner and had no issues. I would highly recommend anyone to buy an Avalon. The performance is superb and the performance is breathtaking

- DonJuan H

Very reliable and great on gas! Lots of trunk space and leg room

Very comfortable and roomy vehicle, great reliable car but if you have a big family you need to upgrade.. lots of trunk space and legroom but again if you need more seats maybe an suv

- Katelyn L

My car is very good on gas.I can go a long long time (in town and on the hwy) before I have to fill it up.

I have no complaints on my car. I wanted this kind of car after I did my homework checking on it. If anyone is looking for a good dependable car is is the one. It is a very nice car..

- rosetta a

It is extremely comfortable for traveling on long trips

The car rides and handles great. The visibility and comfort are great. The only thing I dislike is the dual tailpipes are low and sometimes scape when backing out of driveways.

- Stephen C

It is good on gas, easy to drive.

I like my vehicle because is easy to drive, do not spend a lot of gas, everything works fine. I like to drive it because I think is more easy to drive a car than a truck.

- A A

The car is a 2005 and I have had very little done to it. It is a very dependable car.

I get good gas mileage on both the highway and secondary streets. It is a very roomy car. I have very good trunk space. The car is fully loaded and everything works.

- Sharon V

It is a reliable car that was built to last. It is designed to be safe, functional, and appealing to the eye

It is a great sized sedan that can comfortably fit up to five passengers. It is a reliable vehicle and requires little maintenance outside of the routine maintenance.

- Cedric F

It's a great car reliable great resale value.

It's a great car. Very reliable. Plenty of room and very comfortable. Love Toyota's. It great gas mileage and resale value is great. Never going to get rid of it.

- Barbara D

A Toyota gets good gas mileage and is easy to maintain

I love my Avalon. I bought it used with 40k miles and one owner. It has given me no problems I am now looking for another used car and will consider a Toyota

- Ann B

Gives you great mileage ,Toyota is built to last, has minor maintenance and that really saves you money , easy to care for.

Toyota is built to last , does not require too much maintenance and it's very economical on gas. Great looking has power and it will probably outlast me.

- Virginia S

what I like and do not like about my car

i love just about everything about my car it has electric everything and heated seats about the only thing I don't like is it does not have cup holders

- pamela p

The Toyota Avalon is style and power without the high cost.

I love my Avalon, it is very comfortable and roomy. It is old but in very good condition and a classy looking car. I have no complaints about it.

- marianne r

It has a lot of room and it is really fast.

Love how big and spacious it is. Has a built in navigation system and also has heated seats. Really good on gas, i love my car... dislike nothing

- Mia A

The car is still in good condition now. It is good if you plan to use about fifteen years.

I bought the Avalon in 2005, but it is still in good standing right now. It is a good car if you plan to use about fifteen years.

- Tao T

Lasts forever. This Avalon is 13 years and still going strong with few issues.

This is a great vehicle, minimal problems, good performance. It is a little outdated, and does not have features I would like.

- Shannon S

It's a great car. I love Toyota vehicles.

The roominess of the car. The way it handles with ease. It's great with gas mileage. I really have no dislikes about the car.

- Kathy B

Heated seats are very nice. Just a good car

No problems with car. Has over 100,000 miles and still rides like a dream. Very comfortable riding in the back seat also

- Linda D

One of my mirrors are dull

I love my car very reliable it is burgundy four doors also with a sunroof 6 passenger cream seats. I really love my car

- Brittani M

It is 13 years old and is very comfortable, just getting broken in.

It is classy for an old lady, gets an average gasoline mileage and is low maintenance. It has 41, 000 miles on it.

- Anna W

It gives a great ride It's very stylish and I get great gas mileage

I love my car because it gives a smooth ride. It's very comfortable and it gets me from point A to point B


2005 Toyota Avalon ! Great car!

Love my car. Treats me great! No big problems ever! Runs great and it has plenty of horsepower. I love it

- Adam A

One thing that people should know is that my car is reliable and comfortable.

It is a nice big vehicle. I like the fact that it is safe. However, I wish there was bluetooth attached

- Danielle R

The car has a lot of leg room, and spacious enough for 3 people without feeling tight.

I dislike that the paint on my hood has chipped away right down to the metal of the car.

- Diane M

I like the color. It has a good stereo. I need to pay for some repairs.

It is my vehicle that I bought for my family to use to go to work and for leisure.

- Steve O

That even if it has a 'worn' look for so many years of use, it runs great.

It is reliable; It has run for many years without rouble; gives a smooth ride.

- janie r

The perfect work horse, with many wonderful features.

It is comfortable. It is roomy. It has many amenities. It just keeps on going.

- katrina m

It's good condition for a thirteen year old car, never any major issues.

This car is great on gas. It is a fantastic ride. Tons of room.

- Norinne M

It has a Sunroof and good gas mileage

I love my car.it has a sunroof. Good gas mileage.

- Renae Y