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Toyota Avalon... Queen of Comfort Authentic Leather ...

To me, the Toyota brand is the absolute best there is for the average middle class person. I have owned my vehicle for approximately 10 years. It has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. I am now 72 years old so have had many different makes and models of vehicles and always seem to return to the Toyota brand. The current mileage is at 226,000+. Regular and timely maintenance on any vehicle is a must. With that being said, this car has never asked for a new engine, different transmission or any other major expensive parts to obtain her graceful age and mileage. Even with the high mileage, she still handles and performs like a newer vehicle. I must say that with the comfort of heated seats especially during the winter months, it a pleasure to drive. With a V6 engine, side-curtain airbags, front wheel drive, dual air conditioning, plenty of head and body room, she seats 5 passengers very comfortably. The luggage capacity is 14.4 cubic feet so plenty of room for a mid size car. The trunk can be accessed through the back seat for easy access to drinks on a long trip.

- Linda S

2006 Toyota Avalon- a great and reliable car

The Toyota Avalon is an amazing car. From it's smooth ride to its beautiful interior, it is truly a gem. The nice leather seats are great for winter because they are heated. The gas mileage is pretty good (about 24) too. I love driving my car and think it would be a great car for a new driver! It's extremely reliable and doesn't break down often. The only thing wrong with it so far was the headlight and it is pretty expensive to fix. The light bulb itself is $115 which is incredibly expensive for a low beam. Other than that this car has been amazing. I also get a lot of compliments saying that my car looks way newer than it is.

- Penny C

Toyota Avalon - baller / soccer mom mobile!

Great gas mileage for a larger car. It is very reliable. I bought used with 110, 000 miles, and now have 130, 000 - no major repairs. Starts up like it is new. Great road trip vehicle as it is so spacious and comfortable. Safety rating is great, airbags seemingly everywhere, and beeps if you do not have your seatbelt on. Fantastic stock stereo system - jell. Avalon's in black with chrome rims look like a Lexus vehicle, but provides the reliability of a soccer mom car. Only minor issues that I have had - burnt out wiper motor at 20k miles ($50 fix) and I have a minor air conditioning leak. Otherwise - best car I have ever owned.

- Daniel S

A random ramble to reach 250 characters. The car works if you care after it.

It's an older car so it has a lot of miles, however it's taken me across the country twice since I purchased it in 2014. Other than general care 0 problems. I take it to get oil changes whenever they're required, and go through tires quiet frequently as I travel several hundred miles a month. Mileage isn't terrible but it isn't not the best at 26 in highway, which is still about as much as I'd get if I was to buy a new Toyota Camry. I don't like the wood trim inside but everyone else seems to like it, I enjoy the windshield wipers as the sensor on them surprisingly works well.

- Amy L

Feels like you are driving on air!

I absolutely love this car. Equipped with enough space to make any road trip feel luxurious, the Avalon has made driving around the city feel more like an adventure than a hassle. The power of the engine is unparalleled, it picks up so fast when I need to get on the highway and I am impressed with the smooth ride. Though this model is a bit dated, because it has a tape playing feature, I wish it had a connection for an AUX cord, but I am sure that is a modification that I can make in the future.

- Cora D

Personalization rocks my socks.

This car is perfect for my needs. The seat heaters are probably my favorite part since they both heat and cool the seats at variable levels. The legroom is excellent throughout the car and the storage is not diminished because of it. The sunroof is fabulous and I love that it has the ability to tilt instead of only opening fully. The controls are very customizable which is excellent. The ignition coils are a known problem though. Be prepared to replace those every few years.

- Sydney H

The headlights are bright and almost blinding, its bright you can see for miles.

Its smooth drive, great on gas, depending on tires the car is very low on road noise. I love it because of the space in the car. Its beautiful overall. It has great sound system. I have tinted windows but also have a screen on my back window, I have never had that with any car. I also enjoy the mirrors, when high beams are on, the lights are not as strong because of how the mirrors are designed. Its an awesome car.

- Ayen S

Great quality car but faulty radios a pain in the butt.

My 2006 Toyota Alamo is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned it is great on gas it has excellent handling great smooth ride a lot of space I bought my car new one owner the problems that bi have with my vehicle is with the radio and the navigation system that has failed I am not sure of the reason butt have talked to other owners with the same problem so this it something that's reoccurring.

- John C

In all I hate this car. Radio looks nice and makes the car look newer than an 06.

I hate my Avalon. It is too big and does not drive as well as my car before this, which was a Honda Accord but it got totaled in an accident. I am way too small for this car and my blind spots are huge and I almost get into car accidents frequently because of it and I do not feel safe in this car. It shakes a lot when you brake and the brakes feel like you need to stomp on them.

- Isabella T

Comfortable dependable very stylish.

The Avalon is very comfortable easy to get in for both the driver and the passenger best car I have ever had low maintenance good mileage good dealership it's good on bad roads very accountable even in the backseat would buy another one like the heated seats and the power seat on the driver side and the passenger side the door is wide to get in and out easy.

- Diana C

The back/rear seats recline.

Interior is well designed, and obviously thought-out. Seats are comfortable. Plenty of room within the cabin. Trunk space is excellent. Gas mileage could be better, but suits my needs. Very reliable; haven't had problems in years. Always starts on cold mornings. Performance is adequate. Acceleration in town is good, but loses its edge at highway speeds.

- Tyler L

Toyota is built for the long run...

The Toyota avalon has been dependable, maintenance minimal, no breakdowns. Comfort is amazing. Steers and holds the road beautifully. Safe. Gas mileage very good. . As with most Toyota cars you can drive them for years without serious issues such as needing a new transmission, engine etc. The pickup/acceleration on this car is great. Highly recommend.

- Karen C

Not too big, not too small.

My car has luxurious air conditioning, you can adjust it to an exact temperature ranging from 64-86 degrees. It makes the car extremely comfortable for me and anyone else in it. It is a nice size, not too big and not too small. It has a roomy trunk. The brake pedal is not very sensitive. There’s no Bluetooth or AUX hook up which I wish it had.

- Abbey G

To buy used or not to buy.

I bought my Avalon used and have had a few issues with it such as battery and starter, but, overall I would buy another one tomorrow. Even being a high mileage vehicle it has kept resale value. It drives great and gets wonderful gas mileage. Overall I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a car. On a side note this is my first Toyota.

- Kathy H

Hands down the best feature is the ventilated seats.

I have had very good luck with my Avalon. It has many luxury features some may find superfluous (I. E. Window shades, ventilated seats) but drives well. Gas mileage leaves something to be desires but is not awful; it is a 2006 vehicle. While large the vehicle itself handles well, is very comfortable throughout, and the cabin noise is negligible.

- Christopher M

Great car to drive have hardly had to get it worked on at 260000 miles.

Great reliable car. As of right now it is at 260,000 miles. My 6'3' husband can comfortably sit in the back. Unfortunately to complain the engine is tilted so is extremely difficult to work on. Took 8 hours to get to the ignition coils. It does look sleek and professional but that is the one downfall is the tight fit in the engine.

- Alexandria M

It is extremely reliable, spacious (sometimes I have fit my two dogs, my two children in car seats, my husband and myself) in the car, and comfortable.

The dashboard leather cracked due to heat, but Toyota sent a letter and we got it fixed on them because it was happening frequently. My car has over 200,000 miles on it and it is still running great. I get oil changes every 4,500 miles. My driver side front wheel often loses air so I have to fill it probably once every 4 months

- Tiffany A

I love all the features it provides. Very comfortable ride.

It performs very well and I really like this model of car. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good car. Features included are great and helpful. Comfortable and clean. I really enjoy my car and everything it provides. I enjoy it and I would definitely buy another one down the road and recommend it to others.

- Linda B

Quality, performance, and dependability!

Reliability, super quality, mpg, luxury ride, quiet, very comfortable! Toyota Avalon is a very dependable vehicle and the room carry five grown individuals. Sound system is the best with leather seat throughout the car makes it even more comfortable. Encourage anyone looking for their next car to consider an Avalon!

- Peter U

It is very spacious and luxurious.

I enjoy the large size of my car. It comfortably can fit 5 adults with plenty of legroom in the back. The back seat is designed perfectly for car seat instillation and the car is spacious enough to stand up inside while installing a car seat. The Avalon has beautiful clean interiors and is very reliable.

- Meagan S

My daughter is waiting till it's hers.

My car is a gray car. I love how it handles and looks. I love it from the pearl paint job down to the seat belts! Having 4 kids I need a reliable car, and the only time my car had ever let me down was once when I left my lights on. . . The battery died, lol. Oops! This is the best car I've ever owned.

- Jenny W

My 2006 Toyota Avalon limited model.

This was my 4th Toyota that I have purchased. I can honestly say, these are very dependable vehicles. I have owned 4 Toyota vehicles only because I decided to upgrade. My Avalon has never put me down. I keep the maintenance up on it. I do not plan to trade it in. I will eventually get a newer model.

- Mel N

For an older driver the brake and gas pedals are quite close together.

The seats in this vehicle are comfortable and the faux leather interior allows for a very easy clean up and is easy maintain and clean in the event of spills. The engine has a lot of get up and go for those moments when you need to merge onto a freeway or to get out of the way of another vehicle.

- William K

My car has been mechanically sound. It rides and looks great.

I have only had the normal problems with my car. Like the battery, brakes, tires, things that happen to all vehicles. I love my Avalon. It is very nice. People that get in my car for the first time, tell me this is a really nice car. The ride, gas mileage are great. There is plenty of room also.

- Janet S

It has a nice engine sound when accelerating fast.

This vehicle has good gas mileage. It has. a lot of legroom in the back and also in the front. The front window is wide. It also has smooth breaks and a fast acceleration. While the stereo can also play CDs as well as audio cassettes and the speakers and volume are a good consistent quality.

- Anthony V

Great car, great mileage!

This is by far the best car I've owned so far! Drives great! Gets good gas mileage, and runs like a beauty! Haven't had any trouble out of it so far. It has leather seats and easy to clean. It has a sunroof, and adjustable temperature seats. Gets great air, and a big back seat.

- Brittany M

I absolutely love my little car.

My 2006 Toyota Avalon is a really great car. It is comfortable, and spacious. It has plenty of room for my son and his car seat along with whatever else he may need or have that day. It has televisions on the headrests so he is always occupied, which is great for long trips.

- Tessa O

Runs little a charm as long as you do normal maintenance on it.

Runs forever no problems at all. Nothing ever goes wrong. I get my brakes and oil changed on a regular basis and I have never had a problem since. The engine stick is running great I have changed tires once I think but it has about 168000 miles and still runs like a dream.

- Matthew W

2006 Toyota Avalon car driver.

This car runs smoothly even after 13 years. Toyota is a good company with good reputation. It is a full size car with a lot of space for all passengers. The engine is also good it is v6. 3.2 liter. The mileage per gallon is a little lower than Camry and corolla.

- Joshua J

Awesome family car with beautiful interior.

It's a great car! There is enough room to take my family on vacation. It also has a nice interior. The air conditioning is awesome. If I am cold, I can turn the heater on my side without worrying about the passengers wanting the air on. It also has large trunk.

- Emily W

Smooth and classy Toyota Avalon

Dislike having no backup camera, I enjoy the comfort and smooth feel of the vehicle. Breaks and acceleration still work well after 13 years and the car is still in good condition despite having over 100,000 miles on it. The leather interior is also a nice look.

- Marissa C

Dream machine. I love my car.

I love it. Keyless entry keyless start. Has a GPS system. Dual heat and air. Heated seats. Only thing that would make it better is if it drove itself. Smoothest ride ever. Speakers sound great. Plenty of trunk space. Has all the bells and whistles.

- Kim P

The most comfortable and reliable vehicle

The most comfortable car I have ever driven. I love the air conditioned seats and it is so roomy and quiet. Lots of trunk space and back seats fold down. I have had no issues and have over 150,00 miles. Toyotas are the most reliable vehicles made today.

- Julie G

Love our car! Do not know what else to say!

Fabulous car-only complaint is the GPS-computer system is ridiculously difficult to use! Very comfortable, easy to drive and does not look dated. Great trunk space, roomy interior! Our next car will either be a Honda or another Toyota-but an SUV this time!

- Betty K

It is such a comfy and roomy car. You can take it on long trips and not feel cramped up.

This vehicle has so much room, even in the back seat! The ride is unbelievably smooth and comfortable. I am very satisfied with the gas mileage for the year of car it is; 28-30 on the hwy is fantastic. There isn't anything I dislike about this car.

- Kimberly J

It is well taken care of, is very reliable, and cools down very quickly in the heat.

My car is very comfortable to ride in. It gets good gas mileage for a car of its size. There are rear seat air vents which is important when you live in the desert. The only thing that I do not really like is that it is low to the ground.

- Penny G

Overall reliable vehicle with a couple small interesting details

Overall it is a great car. It is an older model so there are things that are starting to fail. Such as, leather on seats is coming unsewn, adhesive on door from door handle is dripping, motor on seat isn't always operational.

- Dayla S

This car has a lot of room, for leg room and moving things.

What I like about my vehicle is that is spacious. What I also like about my vehicle is that is has a big trunk for all my groceries. What I dislike about my vehicle is that its a 6 cylinder car; therefore, gas is expensive.

- Brenda M

The Toyota Avalon is extremely reliable and safe.

The vehicle is trouble free, The brakes were first changed at 94,000 miles. Mileage on highway is excellent. The radio antenna is terrible, Sirius radio cuts out a lot, antenna is on inside of windshield, terrible

- geof P

The car is made to last just like the old days when American cars were made, but don't anymore. The Toyota Avalon is the highest rated car by CR year after year

I purchased my car used three years ago and it is still an absolute dream car. Still operates like new and the mechanics say it is an awesome ride. The car is now 13 years old and it is almost like brand new

- JW S

It rides very smooth on the road and in town.

Gets good gas mileage and legroom is great. The car rides very smooth. I do not like the paint you can touch it and it scratches. The garage door opener on the rear view mirror was very hard to set up,

- Kathy G

Very reliable car! I have had no problems with it in the 12 years I have owned it.

It really has no problems. It is a smooth riding, very comfortable car. Plenty of room for 5, with a very roomy trunk. Even a 12 years old this car still rides nice! Gets decent gas mileage to.

- Marjorie M

It is a well built car and offers a smooth ride. The style is impressive and gets a lot of attention.

My car has run well with little need for repairs. I like the styling and pleasant ride, even on long trips. It has a roomy interior and has held up well in the years I have owned it.

- Barbara K

Dependability, comfort, great mileage, beauty, and very roomy.

Love my Avalon, the color (silver) the style, the performance, and the roomy back seat. I had several expensive cars prior to this one, and this is by far my favorite. No complaints.


Its reliable and will pull back if it gets too close to any objects.

The car rattles and jerks from time to time. I was told it was normal. I do not like that. It electric so it may be the reason for jerking. Other than that it runs like a champ.

- Angel T

It does not have a spot for an AUX cord.

I like how my vehicle rides smooth, and runs perfectly. I love how it has such an updated interior. Out of the three vehicles I have owned, the Toyota Avalon is my favorite.

- Jessie E

My flying bullet , my Avalon

, the pros Of the vehicle is that the size is nice and roomy. And it front wheel drive so it's good in snow . Cons is that it's expensive due to being a old foreign car .

- DiNesha S

It is a reliable, comfortable, spacious 4-door sedan that does not give me any problems.

Reliable and comfortable. It is nice and spacious for a sedan, and has a surprising amount of technology for the year it was made, although there is no aux or audio jack.

- Hannah B

The car accelerates quickly, very quickly.

Good gas mileage for a 12 year old car. Still looks sleek compared to these newer cars. I wish the car had better suspension and turning but for 2006, I will take it.

- Andre U

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very spacious, and sometimes feels like a limousine.

I like that my vehicle is fairly spacious. I like that the colors inside are very neutral. I don't like how the motors are constantly needing to be fixed.

- Monet R

It gets pretty good highway mileage for a full size sedan - about 28 mpg.

I like the automatic rear window shade. I also like the moonroof. I don't like that I had to repair the air compressor. It was very expensive to fix.

- Harriet R

It's a dependable car for me.

I like that it is good on gas and has a 3.5 v6 liter engine and what I hate about it is I have a dent on the door and some scratches on it.

- Thomas W

Toyota is a good value for the money.

No problems. Bought it new. Very dependable, quiet, good gas mileage. Very comfortable. Heated/air conditioned seats. Back seat reclines.

- Pam K

06 Toyota Avalon, comfort and style

I like the vehicle it has good pickup, good fuel economy, I like the comfort features of the driver's seat and dual climate controls.

- rick f

It is a smooth ride and is comfortable.

I like that it rides smooth and has power seats. I dislike that I have had several problems with it, i. e. engine, brakes, battery.

- Katey M

I like the Comfortable ride for a Fibromyalgia person.

I like the comfort of traveling! It gets good gas mileage! I like the bigness of the car. I feel safe while driving or riding.

- Suzy H

There have been many recalls.

I love my vehicle it is the right size and I have enough room. It is good on gas. Enough room for everyone in my household.

- Sophia M

It gets me from point a to point b. I need to do a lot of maintenance and having to often look for parts online. But other than that, no real complaints.

It is an older car at this point in time, but it still runs quite well. Has some scratches and dents, but nothing to bad

- mihir p

It's a great riding vehicle, hugs the road comfortably

I have a 2006 Toyota Avalon XLS with 94K miles. I've had zero repairs on this automobile other than normal maintenance.

- Jonathan S

It handles beautifully and gives a very comfortable ride.

The ride is very smooth. The car purrs. The dual AC control is a favorite with my friends. The trunk is spacious.

- Joanna L

I like Toyotas, just not mine. I have had a better Toyota in the past before.

It has no auxiliary port, the brakes are weird because I only press them so lightly, but they make the car jerk.

- Keisha C

It is very safe. There are nine airbags ... including one at the driver's knees.

It is just as nice as a Lexus at a fraction of the cost. It is by far the most comfortable car I've ever owned.

- Mary E

It is well made and has been very reliable. It has had very few repairs.

My Avalon has been a very reliable car. It is roomy and very comfortable car. We have gotten our money's worth.

- Louise M

Toyota has best reliability in my opinion

Great car company 129.000 miles no problems at all, comfort is wonderful Performance beyond other car brands


It is reliable and cost effective.

It gets great gas mileage and does not breakdown/have issues often. Tires have been giving me issues lately.

- Sydney E

Very spacious and roomy vehicle.

Very reliable car. And with a little TLC like regular oil and filter changes,Toyotas will last a long time.

- Cedric B

One of the best cars I've owned

Awesome reliable car. Have not any issues with it. Very roomy on the inside and love the sound system.

- Tonia T

I love it!! You would love it too.

My car is a smooth riding roomy vehicle. It also has plenty of pick up when you need to accelerate.

- Christopher G

Not much maintenance is needed. Its stylish inside and looks nice.

It doesn't have bluetooth. I love the interior and the dependability. It's not new anymore!

- Allison R




If you have kids in car seats in the back, you can't reach them from the front without scooting your seat all the way back and lay it back some.

I love the roominess the car has. I love the way it rides, it has a huge trunk.

- Katie C

It is a very good vehicle to have. It is a vehicle is comfortable to have and drive.

It is a great vehicle. Runs great and is a very comfortable vehicle to have.

- John E

I don't have any issues with my car. I love it and I would buy an Toyota Avalon again for sure. It is the BEst

So many features if you get the Limited Edition. I would recommend it.

- Rebecca S

just like the lexus without the luxury price, has all the options

top of the line avalon. Has all the options i needed, no complaints

- steve h

Great on gas and very comfortable

It's great on gas. Smooth ride. I just wish it was a newer model.

- Aleshia S

Drive fast, more power, large capacity, comfortable

Drive fast, Strong, But use a lot of oil, good design, but old

- Zhaoshuai W

Brand and the company that should be reliable and trusted

Big and reliable and pretty Nothing disliked No complaints

- Dhelly H

My Toyota Avalon is a great car. It is super reliable and so comfortable to drive. I will own this car till it dies.

that is smells nice and is big and comfortable to riding in

- Lauren D

Blind spot is really bad.

Love the room but wish it was bigger. Great gas mileage.

- Amanda Z