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Bonus features with Toyota Avalon Limited - best car ever!

My vehicle is wonderful on the interior and exterior! It drives really smooth and gets great gas mileage. The heated and cooling seats are also a nice added touch (available in both the driver's seat and passenger seat). The dual temperature adjusters are great for when riding in the car with another person for an extended period of time. The bonus functionalities of the vehicle make it well worth the investment! The map feature is amazing, showing you where you're going and the streets you're surrounding at all times. The sunroof is wonderful. My favorite feature is the way the seats move and the ability you have to adjust the driver's seat. I am in love with my Avalon, especially this make and model!

- Shelby C

My Toyota Avalon review. The basics and some overlooked details.

The car runs perfect and the space is very generous on the inside. The only problem I have is the 2 big side frames on both sides of the front windshield. It's so thick from air bags inside that it sometimes blocks the view of people crossing the street sometimes which can be dangerous for them. But if you got good eyes should not be much of a problem though. Everything else is smooth love the gas mileage and the clean and smooth ride. Double muffler makes it look fast. The reliability of the car is impressive too, very few breakdown over the years if you take care of it. Overall I love the car and it's a very comfy ride.

- Alex D

The best Toyota in the world get you one.

I do not have any problems with my 2009 Toyota Avalon and any minor problems that I do have they are very easy to fix even when I do choose to get a new car I will most likely get another Avalon but most definitely another Toyota they are great on gas easy to maintain and not too bad on the eyes either laugh out loud I will recommend a Toyota to any and everybody.

- Alexandria A

Luxury vehicle meant for comfort not gas saving.

Performs fairly well with a nice powerful engine. Pickup is very quick. A very smooth and comfortable ride; I would definitely say this is a luxury car. There is an issue with the back window shade, after a few years, the electronics go out on it. So it is a very annoying vibration every time you are in reverse (I am sure I could solve it by disconnecting).

- Tye L

Toyotas are great cars still I am a return customer.

I drive a 2009 Toyota Avalon. I love that car. It rides great and is very comfortable. If gets great gas mileage, too. I am complimented on it all the time. I think Toyotas are generally a wonderful car. I plan on buying another one. I have owned a Camry n the last and lived it also. I may buy another Camry or Avalon.

- Steph M

Comfort and quality the Toyota Avalon ranks among the best sedans on the market.

The only problem to the vehicle is that it is only 2 wheel drive. But it performs well in sever weather like rain or snow and also ice. It is super comfortable and very reliable. Some of the features to the Toyota 2009 Avalon is the seat warmers. Seat warmers were new around 2009 not many had them.

- Ryan C

Pretty fully loaded and technologically advanced for a 2009.

Great on gas mileage. The ac/heated seats with 3 different fan settings make for a very comfortable ride. The sound system is premium and engine is super quiet. The only issue I really have is with the steering functionality of the vehicle where it pulls to the left often.

- Natalie W

I would put it in the same category and being as nice as some other "luxury" sedans, but less expensive.

I have had the vehicle for two years. I got it used. It runs well, has good pick-up, and the interior is very nice. The seat warmer/cooler is a very nice feature and in general, it is quiet inside. There have been some glitches with the warning panel that I have disliked.

- David G

Long distance travelers, roomy and comfortable. GPS included

My car is very nice. It has a ton of space, it runs very well even though it has a lot of miles on it! I love the sunroof. I recommend this for someone with kids because it is spacious. I have a tan interior which keeps the car cool in the summer. Great car!

- Audrey N

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like the roominess and leg room, the excellent mileage, and the fact that my late papa bought it and left it to me. The only thing I would change is the black leather (or maybe faux-leather seats because they are too hot for florida).

- Dorothy E

a lot of care for the money, ahead of It's time technologically, though now out of date.

It's my first full sized vehicle, which is probably something I will not repeat. I like the ride and storage capacity but will be ready for a smaller, more technologically updated and energy efficient vehicle the next time around.

- Pam L

dependable and reliable. was good value for the money

the car has been very dependable. Provides a good ride with plenty of space. the styling is adequate and has held up very well over the years

- anne b

A car that keeps on running

reliable, comfortable, safe, fuel efficient. this car has run well for 10 years and I expect it will continue to so for many more years.

- Karen M

It is reliable, dependable, and rock solid

It's a basic car. It gets me from point A to B. It's solid, reliable, easy to get parts for. My only dislike is that it's not a hybrid

- Mikey S

It is highly economical and is a very comfortable vehicle

Highly reliable, it is low maintenance, has good gas mileage, very comfortable, has controls in the steering wheel, good sound system

- Lynn N

I love my Toyota Avalon. Still runs great

I have had no major issues with my Avalon. It's very reliable. The interior has held up well in the Florida sun. No complaints.

- Mary P

One of the best driving cars I've ever had and would recommend to anyone

Great driving car, very comfortable, good on gas, good starter car, has cruise control, has a lot of get up and go

- Shelby V

another Great Toyota Avalon

Very reliable vehicle. And very few problems. Maintenance is very low. Gas mileage is around 25 miles per gallon

- Don M

The Toyota Avalon is a low maintenance, reliable vehicle, especially during the cold season.

I like the miles per gallon it gets, the roomy legroom for ones seated in the back and the trunk space.


It is a safe and comfortable car to drive as well as a passenger.

It is very comfortable to drive. It is stylish and attractive. It is a safe car with high ratings.

- catherine c

it has held up well for how old it is and very dependable

quiet, comfortable ride, dependable. getting old and need to replace before the end of 2019

- sandy b

the seats are not comfortable. the car gets good gas mileage.

I like the ride of the car. the car gets good gas mileage. the seats are not comfortable

- John M