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Quality, dependability. Toyota lives up to it is reputation.

I have a lot of confidence in Toyota. I currently drive a 2013 avalon. I have owned a Camry in the past, I bought the Camry new and owned it until the day it died, at 265, 000 miles. When I bought my avalon I was originally going to buy another Camry, but after a test drive I was blown away with the power in the engine and screeched the tires on the way out of the dealership without trying. In every way it was a step up from the Camry. I carry musical equipment to gigs and the trunk area was more than adequate. The back seat had enough room for my 6' 3" son to sit comfortably and the front leather seats are heated. It has 128, 000 miles on it and the only thing I had to replace was the water pump. I can honestly say the next new car I buy will probably be a Toyota.

- Robert B

An all around great ride with awesome gas mileage for a car this size and luxury.

This is my second Toyota Avalon because after buying my 2011, I swore I'd never drive any other type of vehicle. Although this 2013 is a limited and the 2011 was not, the 2011 had more 'convenience' options that must have been factory ordered by the first owner. I wish this 2013 had some of those options, however minor they may have been. Overall, I still love driving the Avalon, as it has wonderful gas mileage and a smooth ride, along with a sleek look. My favorite feature of these cars, from a convenience stand point, is the automatic unlock without having to dig in my purse for the key fob,

- Diane W

Toyota Avalon best car for price.

My car is really comfortable. It has tons of room for passengers even in the back seats. It is great for trips. It gets great gas mileage and the trunk as lots of room for luggage. The GPS system is really helpful. I haven't had any issues with performance. It has lots of power. I have had to replace the lights in front due to a rock breaking the glass but other than that just normal maintenance. I love the alerts for lane changes, the backup camera, heated seats and the keyless entry.

- Diana B

2013 Toyota Avalon: great car, reliable, fancy, and fuel saver.

My car drives amazing. It looks sporty but its not. It does have the setting of eco that saves you 10% gas, normal, and sports. Its luxury, comfortable, sleek, and an amazing car! I would 100% recommend. Gas mileage is great as well! This is my second car and I still don't have problems with it. It's a super safe car, for it has a sensor that tells you a car is going by so when you try to switch lanes you wont hit a car.

- Kristina K

It is a fantastic value for the price.

I love the individual climate controls and the heated seats. I also love the sunroof with the shade for when it is hot. My main disappointment with the vehicle is that it has only two cupholders in the front seat. We could use a cup or at least a bottle holder in the map pocket for water in addition to a holder for coffee or another drink for both my husband and myself. We most often travel together.

- Mendi R

A dependable, comfortable rude.

I have had no problems. It is very reliable, has a comfortable ride and gets great gas mileage. The only negative I have is the media screen is hard to see in daylight. I like the heated and cooled seats. The backup camera is a lifesaver. The controls on the steering wheel are useful to use the phone or turn on radio while driving without having to take your eyes off the road.

- Marg A

Toyota Avalon hybrid: worth the money.

This car is wonderful! The fuel efficiency has been a life-changer and a pocket filler. It is luxury on the inside; leather seats, heated seats, and up to date technology! Bluetooth available, plenty of ports to charge your phone in, navigation available, sunroof, and seats that automatically get into the perfect set position.

- Ashley B

I love my Toyota Avalon hybrid.

No problems with the vehicle, fast acceleration, excellent gas fuel economy nearing 40 mph. The vehicle is quite reliable and I really enjoy driving it, particularly on long trips as the seats are very comfortable. Love the heated seats and the ergonomics of the vehicle. I believe the car is also stylish for the age of it.

- Michael A

Toyota hybrid sedan - still going strong!

I keep this car in mint condition. Does not appear to be older than 2 years in appearance. She has over 100k and still run awesome. Has great fuel mileage -close to 37 mpg. With a hybrid sedan I drive it more for longer trips and use my other vehicle for in town trips. Seats up to 5 small adults comfortably.

- Stacy S

Savings of a Toyota Avalon.

The vehicle does not have too many problems because I have always kept up the regular maintenance on the vehicle. And it performs at a high level and I like to travel long distances with the car. I love the technology and the features while I am driving because I love to listen to music while I am driving.

- rodney M

If you have a large family the interior size is great.

I love the way it looks, drives. I like the features.. I like the size. I am short and it fits me just right. It has lots of trunk space. You wouldn't think so by looking at the outside. I do not like that all the doors do not unlock when you open the driver's side door only the passenger's side does..

- Karen K

Toyota Avalon fun car to drive. Sport mode v6 engine and awesome interior design.

Super comfortable and reliable! Awesome interior design with heated leather seats. Climate control works well. CD player and GPS could be updated. Drives smoothly. A little low to the ground so not the best in winter and careful of curbs. Automatic trunk popper. Automatic windows and mirrors.

- Beth G

Comfortable and quiet ride.

There have been no problems with my Toyota Avalon. I wanted a car that I could be very comfortable in while driving and traveling. I wanted a smooth ride and little road noise. I would definitely buy another Avalon. The heated seats are wonderful in the winter. My Avalon has been dependable.

- Barbara M

This is a good looking car.

I like that it is a more expensive model which signifies that I have done well in life. I like the way it looks and drives and that it is a larger vehicle giving me a lot of room for things when I travel. It has the largest trunk of all the cars I looked at and that was important to me.

- Debra B

Generally a great car with minor issues.

I love the performance and features. It accelerates well and the seating's are very comfortable. I also love the gas mileage. It does not get close to 40 mpg as listed. It gets about 38 mpg. But the GPS is very slow and left side of the car seems to make noise under certain conditions.

- Karen W

The most important thing to know about Avalons is the initial price tag can be daunting, but they are worth every penny.

I love my Avalon. Second I've owned. It is very comfortable, reliable, and safe. It is very fast, and gets from point a to point b well. It has great gas mileage as well. It also has a ton of features, anything you could ever ask for. I don't have any problems with this vehicle.

- Morgan H

Very reliable and pleasant to drive with good gas mileage for full sized car.

No problems, reliability has been great. Fit and finish is good. Performance and handling is good. Gas mileage is also a real plus, especially for a full sized vehicle. Only issue we've had is to really is not made to drive in snow. Has little clearance so gets high centered.

- Chad C

Avalon features--things I cannot live without on my car.

My car is very comfortable. It is extremely roomy, especially in the back, for extra passengers. I love the warning it gives you when backing up from a parking space. I, also, like the added feature of helping you to determine if it is o. K. For you to change lanes or not.

- Harriet E

Why I purchased a Toyota Avalon.

Comfortable 0 problems Reliable One of the best cars I've owned. Easy to get into. Good on mileage. Easy to maintain. Does not need premium gas. Reasonable repair bills. Love the heated seats. Always admired by others. Comfortable on long trips. Great air conditioning.

- Charles H

This car is very reliable. I do regular maintenance and haven't had to worry about anything else.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It is reliable. It is a hybrid. adjusting the temperature is easy, can set and leave. I love the heated and air conditioned seats. It has automatic lights and windshield wipers, so can set and forget about it. I love it.

- Cynthia D

Drives really good. Hugs the road. Good gas mileage. Too big.

The Avalon performs perfectly. I just don't like a big car. It is not what I am used to and hard to park. It really hugs the road and drive good in the snow. I have had no problems since I bought it but to replace the battery. That is all I can think of to say.

- Brenda R

Fantastic gas mileage and comfortable for the driver and passengers

The 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid was bought new and surpassed my high expectations of Toyota vehicles. The only parts I have replaced have been the typical tires, oil changes, air filters and wiper blades. I previously owned a Camry that I drove for seven years.

- Amy R

It has great power just as advertised.

Toyota always delivers great quality and durability. Most of my vehicles are Toyota but Ford is also an underrated brand. The v8 engines are great. I love American vehicles and believe Ford is one of the best values a person can get when looking for cars.

- Luis M

It gets great mileage because it is a hybrid car. The car charges itself, so there is no added work involved.

I love my car for many reasons. It gets great gas mileage because it is a hybrid, it has a lot of great upgrades, such as a charging station, and it has a lot of safety features, such as lane departure. I dislike the navigation system sometimes.

- Christine D

2013 Avalon. Great riding car.

I have had this car almost 5 yrs. I have had no issues at all. Gas mileage is good, rides very smooth. Great in the snowy weather. Worth the money. Only drawback are the tires. I have had them replaced already and they were quite expensive.

- Marianne B

Dependable. Drives so smoothly.

The dashboard gets very dusty. The rubber gaskets on either side of the moon roof came off when opening and the Toyota dealer said as long as it does not leak do not worry about it. Seriously, I paid for everything to work.

- Betty J W

It is comfort is unbelievable and it is luxurious.

The Toyota Avalon is the best car I have purchased to date. It is comfortable, rides smoothly and quietly. The gas mileage is very good and while it is a very classy car it is also got a bit of a sporty design.

- Jill C

My particular model is actually a hybrid, so one can expect a more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle in my Avalon.

I have been a fan of Toyota vehicles for as long as I can remember. They make some of the best looking and most reliable cars. The Avalon really delivers in terms of looks and overall performance.


An excellent Car, an Excellent Brand

Car runs smooth for being 5 years old, has small scratch from a couple years ago but no major problems, engine and suspension have never needed replacement so overall excellent car and model.

- Eugene P

Avalon has my vote! I am a loyal customer.

No problems drives great! I change my oil every 4, 000 miles and I wish I got better mileage at an average of 22 mpg but overall the power and performance for the price is the best.

- Annette B

the car has so far been reliable as far as major parts are concerned

this is a stylish vehicle. there have been no major problems. The heated seats are a plus. However, the leather on the console as well as the inside door panels has cracked.

- Nikki O

It is very spacious. Great gas mileage.

I love the stylish Avalon. It has all the features I was looking for and more. It is great on gas mileage. Very spacious inside and inside the trunk. Highly recommend.

- Zeletta E

Very little maintenance, just the routine maintenance is needed.

Very reliable, smooth ride, great fuel mileage. My vehicle also has the sport mode with hand held gear shifting. Very comfortable and roomy also. Excellent radio system.

- Carey J

though it's already 5 years old it still looks brand new and is very reliable

it's a hybrid so i don't have to fill the tank often. it's a very roomy interior and can fit 5 easily and comfortably. we've driven it cross country numerous times.

- karen h

The ride it offers is superb for a car in its price range. Toyota has been a highly rated car for so many reasons.

No complaints about the car. I've had no mechanical problems with it since I bought it used 2 yrs. ago. It gives me decent gas mileage and a very comfortable ride.

- Charles M

With routine maintenance, my car should make it to 250, 000 miles.

I would definitely recommend the Toyota Avalon. The ride is comfortable and plenty of room inside. I have 92, 000 miles and have not had any major repair problems.

- Janet M

It is the best car, it has awesome features and it is worth the money to feel like you are driving on a cloud.

My Avalon is comfortable to drive, it is luxurious. It has great features. The seat moves back when I stop the car so I can get out easier. The seats are heated.

- Lisa M

it is a dream to drive or ride.the car handles well in all weather conditions and terrains

the avalon has a trendy look for a sedan. it has ample leg room for passengers in the back without increasing the length of the car. it has a long roomy trunk.

- karen r

It is a reasonable price for a high quality car. This is the case with most toyotas.

I think the ride is very comfortable, and the sedan looks stylish. I like the acceleration as well. My only dislike is that the back seat does not fold down.

- Ryan D

My car has been super reliable and dependable. It's in incredibly Good shape and I love it!

I haven't really experienced any problems with my car. It's a hybrid though so it uses special oil not many people have. It's dependable and reliable

- Sydney W

Classy vehicle that has good power to manager traffic effectively.

The toyota Avalon is a really nice vehicle. When people get into my vehicle, they assume its a Lexis. I wish memorizing seat patterns was a standard.

- Jason C

The car has good gas mileage.

I have no complaints about my 2023 Avalon. I love my Avalon. I love the color. It takes me where I want to go. I have no dislikes about my Avalon.

- Bess M

It is very trustworthy. Have had no problems with it.

It has a very nice interior, vey smooth and really good at fuel. It is quite big inside and very comfortable but it was kind of a little pricey.

- Yu S

It's a limited sedan. It's also has less than 100,000 miles.

The style of the vehicle is great, both interior and exterior. It looks, feels and performs like a luxury car. Its like owning a mini Lexus.

- Brian C

It is pure luxury without the high price tag of many others

Beautiful car with great comfort, nice audio system and nice lines. It drives very nicely and the power seats with air conditioning is great

- Sue F

It is a dependable car that I can count on with confidence.

I like the smooth ride. I like the interior color. I do not like it does not have a sunroof. I do not like the rear seats do not recline.

- Carol H

Plenty of room and drives great.

The mileage is great. It is very dependable and comfortable. It has a lot of room in the back seat and trunk. It has features I love.

- Pauline G

It has been very reliable.

The vehicle gets good gas mileage. Toyotas are generally very reliable and our Avalon has been. We like the styling of the vehicle.

- Willie U

It gets great gas mileage locally as well as on the highway.

I like the comfort of the interior and the drive, and I love the hybrid aspect. I do not like that it rides so low to the ground.

- Rye W

My car gets great gas mileage.

I like the sound system. I like the fuel economy. I like the comfort. I like the reliability. I wish the back seats folded down.

- Matt S

I think that my car gets outstanding gas mileage and is a very comfortable ride.

Love the nav system. Good gas mileage. I love the color and comfort. It has a little less back seat room than my last car.

- Carolyn C

Driving the Toyota Avalon

I really love this car because it is great on gas mileage. I just wish the navigation system was not so high to add on.

- Zeletta W

Worth every penny to pay more for a more comfortable ride and nice features

Comfortable ride and all the extra features I want and enjoy. It is a Hybrid so I also enjoy the economy of gas usage

- Lynn E

It is a very safe car to travel in and comfortable to ride in back seat

I like the way it rides and drives, how it helps deaden road noise, is easy to handle in different types of weather

- william B

This car has great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage, comfortable seats and reliable. Many features that make the car easier and comfortable to drive.

- Katy H

This is a hybrid vehicle. Needs no external charging, charges as you drive (need to re-learn your driving habits).

No complaints about this vehicle. This is the first vehicle I ever owned that is completely suited to my needs.

- Margie L

Smooth ride, comfortable seating front and rear. Large truck space. Decent mileage for the size of the car

Sleek look. Silver in color and gets a great many compliments in the way it looks and I love the way it rides

- Karen D

Trouble free. All the other cars I have owned were not.

Reliable, never have any trouble, looks good. Car holds it value. Most of it is made in america too.

- Robert F

Low maintenance on the car and gets great gas mileage

The avalon is a great ar to Drive. It gets great gas mileage. It is great to drive and rides great.

- Terry G

it rides smoothly and gets fantastic gas mileage I get about 36 mpg

It's comfortable and can hold 5 passengers. it gets great mileage and tuneups are in expensive

- Jim B

It's great on gas. I have a great time riding around town with my son who is 12 years old. It has great storage space.

Its fully loaded. Gray exterior, black interior. Sunroof. Surround Sound

- Jordan L

It's a comfortable ride that I enjoy for family trips.

Like the comfort. Like the color. Like the size. Like that it runs.

- Fred H

I like it and it hasn't let me down and I feel I have received value for the purchase price

Nice feel and handling. Large interior. So far - no major repairs

- bob s

It is a Hybrid, which means it gets very good fuel economy.

Very comfortable touring sedan Black dash collects dust quickly

- Melinda A

Great mileage I get over thirty-eight miles per . In city driving I get over 600 miles per tank.

Hybrid I like the mileage, heated seats, keyless, and comfort.

- Judy G

This car is Very reliable as long as you keep up with schedule maintenance

Very reliable car. I never any major problems. Good on gas.

- Jill H

buy it it is great and dependable and a toyota and is luxurious

nice wish i had premium stereo itb has been very dependable

- chris g

Great car. Drives nice. perfect family vehicle would definitely buy another Toyota

love my avalon.good mileage. drives nice perfect size car.

- Stephine H

My Avalon Hybrid is very fuel efficient and has quite enough power. It also has many safety features such as adaptable cruise control, rear camera, and side warnings.

Efficient, comfortable, safe, and still fun to drive.

- Linda K

It's really spacious and drives nice

It's a smoother ride It's really spacious Looks nice

- Alfonso V