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My Avalon is like a member of the family

2014 Toyota Avalon XLE Premium

I love the way it handles. I have driven over one million miles. I was in sales for many years. I know cars. I never worry about getting on the road. I properly maintain my vehicle and it is reliable. I have never had any sort of issue with this car. My husband does not worry about my being on the road traveling hours away from home. It rides great and is comfortable. When you drive for 5 or 6 hours, it is important to be comfortable. I have a sunroof that I use often when the weather is pretty. The stereo sounds great and I use Bluetooth often. I take older people to the doctor and they love the Avalon! It is easy for them to get in and out and always comment on the comfortability. This is my second Avalon and will not be my last.

- Kay R

The Avalon is peppy, handles great and is pretty.

2014 Toyota Avalon XLE

I love my Avalon. It is very reliable. It is a peppy little car. There are a few things that I don't love about my Avalon. The Bluetooth doesn't work properly. I can receive phone calls, but it will not stay connected to listen to books. I took it to the dealer to get it fixed and they were not able to fix it. The mechanic mentioned something about reinstalling the software might fix it, but it didn't. I would have thought that Toyota would actually be on top of this issue. Also, the plastic engine cover has come loose and it rattles very loudly. I have had that looked at and the pins that hold the plastic down have all stripped out so they don't hold the plastic firmly.

- Laura M

My vehicle is nice looking, safe, has room and is reliable

2014 Toyota Avalon Limited

I love my car it is very reliable, I have had no bad experiences with it so far and I have had it for several years now. I bought my car used however you would never know because it works very well. It has a nice amount of seats without being a minivan that way I can still transport things or people if needed. My cat travels well and has been a very reliable car. It was a good price and well worth my money. I would definitely recommend this car because it is safe, reliable and I love it

- Gabrielle P

Toyota hybrid is a mix of high and low points.

2014 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon hybrid is a very comfortable car. It is quiet, a good size, safe, and having a hybrid is great for gas mileage. The hvac vents blow into a short person's face because they have limited adjustability. The GPS is difficult to use because I can only see a small radius of travel area. Putting addresses in is laborious and it frequently sends me on a more complex route than is necessary.

- Joan D

Stylish and dependable, safe and comfortable

2014 Toyota Avalon XLE Touring

Problem free, smooth ride, great style, great electronics package, 32 mpg on a trip, very comfortable seats front and back. You feel confident that your car will do what you ask in normal circumstances. It was not designed to climb a Rocky Hill or get through a shallow swamp. But it starts on command, no trouble lights on the dash and gives you a relaxing ride .

- Paul H

Avalon a great car for the average driver.

2014 Toyota Avalon

The car is easy to drive and very comfortable. The interior has leather seating and the gauges are easy to read the only problem I have had was the radiator went bad. It gets good gas mileage and the ride is quiet. It has great gas mileage. I will certainly think about buying one on my next car purchase. The car has a great exterior. I like it a lot. Great car.

- Larry H

Luxury vehicle that holds its value.

2014 Toyota Avalon XLE Premium

My car feels luxurious and has worn well since purchasing it new in 2014. I have never had any mechanical problems and it is very reliable. The seats are leather and there is wood trim on dash and doors making it luxurious. The screen for back up camera and navigation is very large and easy to see. The sound from audio is supreme.

- Michele H

The feel of a Avalon limited car. Consider the Toyota Avalon.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I love the look the feel and all the option offered with this vehicle. I have a charge for my Wifi heated seats. Sunroof, tinted windows, leather seats. Its a limited version. Remote control key. Sos alert keypad and more. It tell me when my tire pressure is low how many mile I can travel with the amount gas I have and etc.

- Gloria B

The speakers and aux cord

2014 Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid

it has nice leather seats and is very spacious. It gets extremely good gas mileage. it's very reliable. Also its has a aux cord so I'm able to play my music. The speakers are also pretty nice. I've only had the car for about a year and aside from having routine oil changes done, I haven't had any issues

- Abby D

That it's reliable and safe for your family and friends.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I don't have any complaints about my Avalon. I have wanted a Toyota for a long time. It is the perfect size for me and my family and I know it won't leave stranded on the side of the road. I love that it's reliable and Toyotas will go forever if you take care of them.I hope it lasts me for many years.

- Heather S

My 2014 wonder woman Avalon.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Bought it used with low miles. If it gets too cold the Audio on the radio will not work, rending the Bluetooth useless for the phone. Other than that issue, it is a great car and love it! Lots of pep and great ride. Heated seats are nice but on hot Texas days wish it came with cooled seats.

- Cynthia G

Keep up on maintenance and service it will last a long time. It is comfortable.

2014 Toyota Avalon

No it is a great reliable vehicle. Keep up on maintenance and services, it is very economical to go back and forth. We have to go to Stanford to a lot Angeles at least a 6 to 10 times a year. I just hate it. Not what I would have picked. I did not have no say so nor got to choose.

- Maria O

Why I love my Toyota, handles the best of any car I ever had.

2014 Toyota Avalon XLE

I have had no problems with my car, it handles very well on ice snow rain covered roads. It is very comfortable ride. Has many great features auto seat adjustments climate control backup camera, mirror blind spot warning light, I love this car and my next one will be another one!

- Kathy B

It has been very reliable. We have not had it in the shop.

2014 Toyota Avalon

We had a Maxima that I totaled. my husband wanted to try the Avalon. It is OK. Has great functions but I do not think the seats are as comfortable as the Maxima. They are stiffer. I feel the car is a little too low for me to get in and out of easy. We are looking to replace

- Linda S

The heated seats in the back are very nice.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Great car. We like it very much. Scary though. Heard if in an accident car might not run. Will have to have it towed so the battery on the hybrid can be restarted. Not sure I like that idea. Just hope I do not get into an accident. Otherwise very nice car. Interior is very nice.

- Kim H

My experience with my 2014 Avalon hybrid limited.

2014 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon hybrid limited is very reliable and saves on gas too. The car has a nice ride, is quiet and easy to drive. The only problem I have encountered so far has to do with the rear sunshade. The rear sunshade had to be replaced because the motor in the original in gave out.

- Allan P

It is not an old granny car and is a reliable car to get you anywhere.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I like how big it is, leaving plenty of room for car seats, legroom and items in the trunk. I like how smoothly it drives and the heated seats and sound system. I don't like the built in navigation system because it is harder to use than just putting things in my phone.

- Laurie H

Comfort, speed,gas mileage.

2014 Toyota Avalon Limited

The performance of my Avalon is amazing. It handles really well on rainy days on the slick roads. There is a lot of room in the Avalon. I am tall so I need leg room. Plus there still tons of room in the truck. A really smooth riding vehicle that gets get gas mileage.

- Teresa A

Dependable, comfortable and sleek.

2014 Toyota Avalon XLE Premium

Very reliable, roomy, and comfortable car. My car color is charcoal, so it looks good as well. I have had 2 Avalon in my life, and each have been very dependable. Excellent gas mileage and is very quiet on the road. Lastly, my grown up children love the car as well.

- John L

My 2014 Toyota Avalon car.

2014 Toyota Avalon XLE

Have no issue at all with my vehicle. Is a very reliable car. One thing I really love about this car is that it responds fast when I wanted. Is a stable car and it feels like a luxury car with all the nice interior details. Over all I am very happy about this car.

- Saul G

That it is the best in gas mileage, good safety and performance records, and very attractive.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Toyota has a very good record with vehicles. My car gets the best gas rating of all cars in its category. It is very comfortable, and very quiet with no road noise. Even though we have had it for 4 years, it has never had any mechanical breakdowns.

- Herman M

It handles well. The quality of the car is great, except for the back of the seat falling off.

2014 Toyota Avalon

It runs well and hasn't left me stranded. The back of the driver's seat fell off, but the dealer replaced it free of charge with no problem. It's a nice comfortable ride. Only complaint is that I would like some features that it doesn't have.

- Anthony S

Affordably elegant and luxurious vehicle that's well worth the cost.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I love the fuel economy, aesthetics, and seating ergonomics. Also love the handling and smoothness of the ride. Would have liked to have more safety features, but they've been added on newer models. There's nothing I dislike about the vehicle.

- David R

The Avalon is a powerful and nice-looking care but choose darker interior!

2014 Toyota Avalon

Overall, the Toyota Avalon has proven to be a worthwhile vehicle. It has great pick-up and is quite fuel efficient. Unfortunately, we chose lighter leather and it picks up dye from clothing and shows every bit of dirt.

- Joette L

It is extremely dependable.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I love the performance; especially the power and manure ability. I like the backup camera because it helps me ensure there is no one or no cars coming into the space. I like the roomy/spaciousness of the interior.

- Sandra M

The comfort of the ride and the heat8ng cooling system.

2014 Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is a comfortable ride. I like the style and color (cranberry red) of the car. I also like that it can seat 4 people very well and the heating and cooling system works well in the front and back

- Mary S

It has always been Dependable. Seats are very comfortable

2014 Toyota Avalon

Very reliable. Gets good mileage esp on trips. Have not had any problems with this car. We plan on keeping this car another two years. It currently has 60,000 miles on it and it is good for many more

- Sandy R

My vehicle is so beautiful

2014 Toyota Avalon

I really enjoy driving my 2014 edition Toyota Avalon, because it has great mileage and resale value for new drivers, however, one problem I've faced while owning this car is the sudden acceleration.

- RiRi G

2014 Toyota Avalon is a dream luxury car.

2014 Toyota Avalon

My Toyota Avalon runs smooth it rides like a dream. It's very roomy and comfortable and no problems at all with it. It is well equipped but no gps system other than that it's a wonderful car.

- Anthony B

When you have the regular maintenance performed, you should not have any problems. Great car for the money.

2014 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon rides just like a Lexus. It has regular maintenance performed and has never had any major problems. I will buy another one in a minute. Best car I have ever had for the money.

- marilyn f

That it is the most comfortable car I ever owned and I feel very safe when in it.

2014 Toyota Avalon

It's extremely roomy and comfortable, has great pick up and go power, and looks stylish and more expensive than it is. It's the smartest purchase I ever made and I hope it lasts forever.

- Laurie V

Toyota is a reliable, high quality manufacturer.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Hybrid avalon with premium seats, trim. I like the comfortable, quiet ride. I like the gas mileage though it was better when new. The leather seats are a little hard to keep clean.

- Brian C

The tank big so it holds a lot of gas but the hybrid system.

2014 Toyota Avalon

It is a really good car. I love it. Big enough to carry around things. Safe if you have kids. Love all the extra safety stuff that comes with it. I love the hybrid part of the car.

- Madison E

It's car that is long-lasting. Pretty good on gas and withstand harsh weather/environment.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I love that my car can hold up during an accident. It is very durable and not easy to break down. I do not like how my interior seating is deteriorated and discolored very easily.

- Cierra W

Smooth ride and comfortable, good mid range car for driver.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Smooth ride, good acceleration. Don't like the rear view camera, not wide enough. Seats are comfortable, especially when the heated seats are used. Should have USB hub in back.

- Sharon C

Love our car but the recall was a bummer.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I really enjoy this car because it is very roomy and fuel efficient. The only downfall is that the window had a recall and we had to take out car to the shop to get fixed.

- Melissa P

dependable in the coldest weather- starts easily and is good in the snow

2014 Toyota Avalon

dependable, easy to drive, low maintenance my wife likes it. good gas mileage. we have 2 of the same make and they will be replaced with the same make in the future

- james f

It is very reliable car and runs great.

2014 Toyota Avalon

The car is very reliable and runs great. I like all the features on it like the blind side monitoring on the side mirrors. It gets over 30 miles on the freeway.

- Ed B

Full size safe car for family

2014 Toyota Avalon

Avalon is big full size car, which is rare at current time. Its fuel efficiency is OK around 20 Mpg and the blind spot detection is the most useful feature.

- Hsin W

It is a very reliable vehicle that performs well.

2014 Toyota Avalon

No complaints. It's a hybrid, so it is great on gas. It is a comfortable ride, it handles beautifully, plenty of room, and no problems for four years now.

- Joyce R

Beautiful, comfortable, rides well, roomy and gets great mileage.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I have had my car for 4+ years hand love it. I have only taken it to the dealership for oil changes and new tires. I would definitely buy a Toyota again.

- Karen D

It is comfortable, affordable, and dependable. Has a very enjoyable ride

2014 Toyota Avalon

I love the dependability of the vehicle. I enjoy the luxurious feel of the vehicle and the comfort. There isn't anything that I dislike about the vehicle

- Barbara P

It's a great ride, quite comfortable, top quality.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I love the spacious interior. I dislike the chrome trim reflecting into my eyes. I dislike how low the passenger seat is and that it isn't adjustable

- Erin C

the highlight of my vehicle is,the comfort is good and prize is low

2014 Toyota Avalon

it so comfort when compared to others.it consume less fuel.it give good mileage .it has air bags.it has 4 airbags .it has good seat comfort

- murali k

Pretty good car, no major problems.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I like my car. It's been running well since the day i got it. I haven't had any mechanical issues with it, and it still drives smoothly.

- Ryan N

It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Since my car is a hybrid, it gets great gas mileage. It's so comfortable, and drives beautifully. I have no complaints about it at all.

- Elaine M

It has a nice design is economical, and drives beautifully.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I love my Avalon. It runs beautifully, has a smooth ride, and gets good mileage. It is a very comfortable car and is easy to drive.

- Sandy P

Trustworthy and very dependable.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Very smooth running. Have had no problems. Classy looking car. Will probably keep for a long time because the style is very nice.

- Merry P

It drives nice and maintenance don't cost much.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I dislike that I'm having starter issues and when the driver door unlocks all doors unlock. Other than that I love the car.


It is black and drives smoothly. I take it to work everyday for a 30 min drive.

2014 Toyota Avalon

My Toyota Avalon is an amazing car that gets me from point A to point B. It works great and I don't have problems with it.

- Bella B

It is a hybrid. This allows me to get roughly 35 miles per gallon overall.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I have no complaints. I like the ride, the safety features, and the fact that it is a hybrid and therefore uses less gas.

- Mark A

The handle on the driver's door can be touched in order to lock or unlock the doors.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I love the backup camera. It is very helpful when parking. I also love how I don't need to turn the key for the ignition.

- Patrick E

It is great on gas and it is held up to the Nissan standard.

2014 Toyota Avalon

What I love about my Toyota avalon is that it drive smooth. It is good on gas. It looks nice and it is very dependable.

- Jessica D

The Toyota brand makes very reliable vehicles.

2014 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon hybrid gets great gas mileage, it is comfortable and stylish. It rides very smooth. Toyota is very reliable.

- Donna C

Great color.. Great tires.. Great heater.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Great gas mileage... Nice car.. If someone hits you car stops.. Mirrors are great.. Heated seats nice.. Seats are nice.

- Sue L

It has a high resale value. It is rated very high in consumer magazines.

2014 Toyota Avalon

I like the interior and the safety features that the car has. It has a smooth and quiet ride. It is very reliable.

- Larry H

Its classical and simple to drive

2014 Toyota Avalon

From the brand name you can tell its a good car.It has low gas consumption,great speed golden color and i love it

- Mohamed O

Requires synthetic oil which is an expensive maintenance item.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Car is comfortable for larger person. Rides well compared to Avalon. Would like a better interface with IPhone.

- Richard S

It is fuel efficient and gets about 41 miles per gallon.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Drives smoothly. Very reliable. Comfortable and gas efficient. Very easy to maintain. It is very easy to drive.

- Mary F

Toyota Avalon Hybrid. Best car I've ever owned

2014 Toyota Avalon

Excellent gas mileage, no repairs. Would buy another one. Quietest ride I've ever had. Would recommend this car

- Lloyd B

Toyota Avalon Hybrid model

2014 Toyota Avalon

I have the hybrid model. We love it, it has a very smooth ride, great gas mileage, lots of room, & looks nice.

- kare v

Fast engine and comfortable

2014 Toyota Avalon

very comfortable, nice leather, fast engine, a lot of space, on the other hands, very bad tiers, that's it

- Dean D

How this car give you the elegance of a Acura without. The price.

2014 Toyota Avalon

This car has great ride. This is fun to drive. This car is low to maintain. And it is sporty looking car.

- james N

It is a great investment. If I have to purchase another car it will definitely be another Avalon.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Love the look and comfort. The Avalon has a very smooth ride and easy to handle. There are no dislikes.

- Sybil B

This car is very good on gas.

2014 Toyota Avalon

It has a lot of features that I enjoy. It drives very smooth. The ride is awesome. I have no complaints.

- Christie M

The car is real comfortable in its ride.

2014 Toyota Avalon

It is roomy. It has a very smooth ride. It looks great. I wish it was it kept outside noise out more.

- Sandy B

If you're in the market to buy a fuel efficient car with all of the greatest features buy a Toyota.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Fuel Efficient. It handles well. Comfortable. It's state of the art for its year and price range.

- Erik D

It will always get you from point a to point b without breaking down.

2014 Toyota Avalon

Very reliable vehicle. Plenty of interior room. Good gas mileage for a large car.

- Bruce T

I like that there's a camera to check my rear view to parallel park better. I like that my car has a push to start instead of inserting a key into the ignition. I like that my car is spacious. I like that that my trunk has ample room.

2014 Toyota Avalon

They should know that is a safe and reliable car. Also, it has spacious room.

- Shayla H

It's fuel-efficient (40+ mpg)

2014 Toyota Avalon

It's great, but missing some features I had on my previous car.

- R g

PIck up and good interior that the main thing i like about my car

2014 Toyota Avalon

Like this luxury vehicle and toyota is very trustworthy brand

- Ritu c

It is good on gas and can go far distances. It is reliable with little problems.

2014 Toyota Avalon

It is reliable. I like to use it. It is good on gas.

- renee g

Energy saving hybrid that is helping the environment and our country.

2014 Toyota Avalon

It is a hybrid. Very comfortable and a smooth ride.

- Barry G

fuel economy is great; can be programed for satellite radio

2014 Toyota Avalon

very comfortable; great road car; adjustable seats

- sue k