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This is a great money-saving car!

2015 Toyota Avalon

The vehicle has very nice gas mileage, I travel to and from my work everyday in this car and only have to fill it up once a week. All the seats in the car have warmers and the car has a great, fast working ac/heater. The seats adjust to all body types, the driver's seat even remembers certain positions for all drivers. The car also warns you if there is someone in your blind spot on your side view mirrors which is especially helpful on the interstate. The car also has a helpful rear-view camera that allows you to see what is behind you. The car also connects to my phone automatically and I can control what I listen to on the dashboard and the steering wheel.

- Blake A

Has most everything well, and thus sits near the top of the large car class.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The v6 engine has ample power, with a gentle onset of acceleration that make it responsive and befitting a luxury sedan. Handling precision is comfortable. The ride is smooth and stays composed around turns. Has standard leather upholstery and heated, power adjustable front seats. The care seats five, both seats have plenty of headroom and legroom for adults. It has just over 16 cubic feet of truck space. Standard features are dual-zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth , USB ports, and eight speaker audio system with a 6. 1 Inch touch screen display. The touch controls for audio and climate settings respond quickly and are simple to use.

- Liz G

Comfortable for all passengers and great gas mileage.

2015 Toyota Avalon

It has a very smooth ride, great gas mileage and extremely comfortable Even for backseat passengers. I am not fond of leather and wish we could get it in a plush seat like my previous Avalon. I have the off-white leather and it shows a lot of dirt including blue from blue jeans which of been washed many many times.This is my third Avalon and I will definitely get another one because I like it so much. I don't know if it is due to the curve of the windshield or just my bad luck but all three Avalon's have had chipped windshield from stones flying up from other cars.

- Deb N

Toyota Avalons are top quality cars with exceptional performance.

2015 Toyota Avalon Limited

My Avalon is luxurious with heated/ cooled comfortable leather seats. It thus far has proven to be very reliable. With regular car maintenance I believe this car will go for miles. Some additional features I enjoy is the XM radio availability, a two way opening moonroof and the power seats. There are great safety features which include backup camera and mirror sensors ( for monitoring blind sights) Toyota is the only car company I will purchase a vehicle from.

- Ashley E

Comfort at very level, sitting, performance and handling work well together.

2015 Toyota Avalon

It's very difficult to report to people the problems I have had with my Toyota. Basically, I must say there have been no problems since I drove it off the lot in 2015. The performance is quick and quiet. Reponses well both in handling, turning and power. The comfort is very good, after all it is the reason I purchased the Avalon. The features are satisfactory, of course, what was paid for earlier with the 2015 are not standard in the 2019 models.

- Joshua P

2015 avalon hybrid. A car you will be happy to own.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Best feature is the gas mileage. Currently 35 mpg. 35 dollars will allow me 540 miles of travel. Stereo system is very good. Acceleration is good in sport mode. In eco mode there is a small acceleration hesitation from a dead stop. The smoothness of the ride is typical of a midsize car. I really like the blind side mirror indicators for when objects are on the side. The best feature in my opinion is how quiet the engine is.

- Philip R

I would definitely purchase another Avalon!

2015 Toyota Avalon

My vehicle is comfortable and reliable. I love the interior color and design. I have not had any performance issues with my car. It is a smooth ride and gives great gas mileage. The seats are especially comfortable. I really like how passengers can make themselves comfortable by adjusting the air on their side without affecting my level of comfort. I would buy another Avalon!

- Nik T

Comfortable for driver and all passengers.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The vehicle has very many useful features but it does not tell you which tire is low, just that a tire is low in pressure. The gas tank opening is sometime hard to open. The ride is comfortable and the vehicle has worked well for me with no performance issues. I like the side mirrors that help with the blind spot. The camera is clear for the rear view and very helpful,

- Kathy S

conventional gas engine or a hybrid powertrain

2015 Toyota Avalon Limited

2015 Toyota Avalon comes with paddle shifters on all models, and an upgraded Entune infotainment system. XLE Touring variants now have the blind spot monitor as standard equipment. The new-for-2015 Touring Sport Edition is and is only available in Attitude Black, and comes with HID headlights, dark blue interior trim and stitching and 18-inch black-painted wheels

- Md T

Unsurpassed quality compared to its competitors.

2015 Toyota Avalon Limited

It is a great vehicle that lasts through it is mileage 100%. I have never had an issue with any Toyota vehicle I have ever owned, but the Avalon has far exceeded my expectations. The quality of the engine and the interior are superb and unequalled in my experience. I recommend purchasing a Toyota of any kind to anyone in the market to buy a vehicle.

- Kenneth F

Review of my 2015 Toyota Avalon. Generally trouble free.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Every thing has been fine except for tire wear and the torque converter had to be replaced. The interior and exterior are holding up fine. Haven't had to replace and lamps or turn signals. The windshield wipers are working fine the GPS system is right most of the time but occasionally does not work. There is a lot of trunk space for groceries.

- Stephen C

Great fuel economy for a mid size car.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The ride and reliability are good, gas mileage is great. I like the dual climate controls and the sensors that tell you if something is behind you when backing out. Also the sensors that tell you if a car is next to you before changing lanes, Car handles well and I have not had any problems with it in the three years I have owned the car.

- Carole G

Great vehicle for the working world.

2015 Toyota Avalon Limited

It is reliable, good gas mileage, strong engine, beautiful style. It drives smooth, great back up camera system and alarm system. It feels sturdy when driving through the wind. It is great on the highway. I feel safe knowing that if I got into a car accident I would have a good chance of walking away with minor injuries.

- Crystal N

Toyota Avalon the best on the market right now. Smooth riding vehicle.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love my Avalon it is a comfortable ride front and back seat. It handle the road very well. I have owned two vehicles before my Toyota Avalon and I wish I had started with a Avalon. It is really a good and reliable vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle for young and old. I wouldn't trade my Avalon for nothing else.

- Lee B

Beautiful design, incredible features, and comfort.

2015 Toyota Avalon XLE

My vehicle is incredibly reliable. I know that it will treat me well throughout the many years to come. The interior is comfortable and the exterior design is sleek. I love the amount of room, both inside the vehicle and inside the trunk. The features are perfect for my taste, and I love the handle of the car.

- Allie P

Love my Toyota Avalon hybrid!

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love my Toyota Avalon. It rides smoothly and drives beautifully. I love the heated leather seats, the navigation, and Bluetooth options which all work as designed. I have encountered no issues with the automobile; only normal maintenance is required. In addition, my Avalon is a hybrid and gets over 40 mpg!

- Kathy R

A wonderful car to drive.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love my Avalon. It is comfortable, roomy, and stylish. It has heated seats which I love in the winter. The navigation system is reliable and easy to use. The trunk is big enough to put almost anything in. Always getting compliments on its looks. Gas mileage is fantastic and no problems after 3 years.

- Bea P

Reliability and long life.

2015 Toyota Avalon Limited

Very reliable! Smooth ride. Roomy trunk and inside!! This is my second Avalon. Love that it is on a Lexus chase and has a Lexus engine. Included many of the extras we bought on our Lexus. Cost was reasonable for the model. Service cost is pretty fair. My first Avalon was a 2007 and had 310,000 miles.

- Pam G

Great car, great price with low maintenance

2015 Toyota Avalon Limited

No real problems, I think Toyotas are great cars. Sometimes I look around and see old Toyota's on the road and that is how you know they make good cars. We have gotten lots of compliments on our car and we really have low maintenance fees if and when we have maintenance issues.

- Kevin K

Toyota Avalon, a pleasure to drive.

2015 Toyota Avalon

No problems to report. Performance is incredible. Smooth ride. Great acceleration. Love the different modes for the ride. Sound system is a little underpowered. Absolutely fantastic gas mileage. Great corner handling. Ample room in the trunk. Wonderful sedan for long trips.

- Derek S

Great driving car, perfect for road trips!

2015 Toyota Avalon XLE Touring

This is a great car for driving long distances, I regularly travel 600 miles round trip and love driving this car. The seats are very roomy and comfortable. Gas mileage is great. The console features are very easy to use and the Bluetooth connection has never failed me.

- Amanda M

Not sure about the title.Toyota Avalon.

2015 Toyota Avalon XLE

Avalon is a best car, cheap maintenance, high quality, luxury car, can run last long at least 250k miles. Right now, I have no problem with this vehicle, just prepare to change transmission fluid, replace battery, highly recommend people to buy this car. Toyota Avalon.

- Brian N

It is a nice car. The interior has leather seats and a electronic screen.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The car that is primarily used is a 2015 Toyota Avalon and it performs and drives pretty well. But for the price that we paid for it was not worth the car in my opinion. The was close to about 40, 000 or more. I wouldn't recommend this car unless you have small family.

- India B

Toyota Avalon is an amazing car.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love my Avalon! It gets amazing miles and drives smooth. I can do any traveling without having to worry if my nice car is going to break down or not. It is wonderful leather interior also is great with my child and makes it easy to clean any messes.

- Alexis M

A well manufactured vehicle that is very safe and reliable on the highway.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The vehicle is very reliable and is a comfortable ride. It is a top of the line vehicle that we enjoy. Just completed a 2,000 mile drive and it was an excellent performer. No complaints but it is more can than we can afford as we are now retired.

- Michael W

Bells and Whistles have me Beaming

2015 Toyota Avalon

Recently purchased as a used vehicle with only 19000 miles. Previous vehicle was a 2003 avalon. I am enjoying the bells and whistles of the 2015. Have put it on a road trip as of yet I am concerned if mileage will be the same, better or worse.

- Shelia S

It has heated seats to warm up before you can get in it, and is very comfortable.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Very reliable, good gas mileage, equipped with GPS, phone on steering wheel, backup camera, , electronic blinkers on side view mirrors that light up to let you know a car is next to your door, sunroof and everything that you would need!

- Deborah F

The included accessories that promote safe driving and the good gas mileage makes this an excellent car.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Comfortable ride. Large foot space for passengers. Hybrid! Good gas mileage. Love the back up camera and side warning system. Don't like that it dents when something like a small box falls on the hood.

- Margaret T

Comfortable driving around town or on trips.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Toyota is a safe family style car. Good gas mileage both in local and long distance driving. Roomy comfortable. Easy handling while running errands and comfortable with lots of legroom on driving trips.

- Carol T

That it is like all Toyota vehicles. It is dependable and safe.

2015 Toyota Avalon

That I can not turn off the beeping if I drive with trunk lid open. I sometime transport something to big to allow me to close trunk, so I tie it off and put up with the constant beeping while driving.

- David C

The gas mileage is great on the pockets.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon is a great car, its fast and good on gas. It's good on long road trips too, for a midsize car its very comfortable and spacious enough for tall people and the interior is stylishly made. .

- Lillian L

That the ride is super smooth, and that it gets really good gas mileage

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love my vehicle, the only thing that I would have liked better would have been if it would have come with floor mats. I would have also loved if it would have come standard with a satellite radio

- Sherita N

Rise like a luxury car! My Avalon is reliable and handles well on highway.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Love the way in which my Avalon handles. The car rides smoothly; more comfortable than most luxury vehicles. This car is by far my favorite. Rides like a luxury car without the expense b.

- Linda K

Overall, the Avalon is a great car!

2015 Toyota Avalon

No problems with reliability or performance. Love the seat heaters! The built-in navigation system is not the greatest, and I would love better gas mileage, but overall, no complaints.

- Katherine S

While the car is expensive, the comfort, handling and luxury makes it worth the price!

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love the comfortable ride, sound system, power everything, leather seats, sunroof, backup camera, interior and exterior color and blind spot monitors. Just love the car, period!!!!

- Mary K

It is very reliable. It has never given us any problems.

2015 Toyota Avalon

It is very comfortable and has many safety features. It is roomy as well and good looking. It has a good sound system, leather ventilated seats and good air conditioner

- Gloria H

That it is safe to drive and comfortable.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Comfort - the seats can be modified to fit any body style. Steering wheel controls are outstanding and easy to use. Love to voice activated phone and all the usb ports.

- Pat S

It is very reliable and safe.

2015 Toyota Avalon

No problems. Love all features - Bluetooth is great! Love the GPS in car. . . Do wish it had current traffic maps to avid backups. Seats are very comfortable.

- Patricia D

Great fuel economy! And with the excellent engineering of a Toyota...very low maintenance!

2015 Toyota Avalon

We love our Avalon Hybrid...it's smooth, powerful yet quiet. The only downside is that smaller trunk space because of the battery system takes up some room.

- Laurie M

It handles great and I feel safe on the highway.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Love the beautiful style love the way it handles. Love the roomy interior. Do not like that although the trunk is roomy it does not have much height.

- Kathy D

2015 Toyota Avalon satisfaction review.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The vehicle performs and handles well. It is highly reliable. The interior and seating are extremely comfortable. I would purchase this model again.

- J W

The Avalon is sleek in style. Drives smooth and offers luxury as well as comfort.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I have had no problem with my Toyota Avalon. Just regular maintenance. They offer excellent service. Great on the highway and day to day driving.

- Doreen C

Fuel economy is good. Luxury car with advantages.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I like my Toyota Avalon because it has a large cabin space. It's fuel consumption is economical and it is a strong durable car that runs smooth.

- chris G

Sometimes the computer can be troublesome. I've had to reset at times.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Feels like driving a luxury car but at an affordable price. I love the design of the vehicle. It's very roomy and comfortable for my family.

- Mikki B

It is basically the same thing as a Lexus is without the price tag.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love how quiet it is to drive and how little I have to fill up on gas. I feel for the amount of luxury it comes with I have no complaints.

- Lauren S

The 2015 Toyota Avalon is easy maintain and a pleasure to drive.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The car is comfortable. It rides smoothly. The car has just enough bells and whistles to know how to use them. It's a good looking vehicle.

- Rasheen D

It's very comfortable. I like it very much.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love my car, the spaciousness and luxury. It's the best car I've ever had. It has everything I want in a car. It's very comfortable.

- gaye S

Luxuries , high speed, 6 cylinder

2015 Toyota Avalon

I purchased my Toyota Avalon about 2 years ago. I have been loving it.. The only thing I wish they will make is the Avalon 4 cylinders.

- Sandra P

The Toyota Avalon is a very good and reliable car.

2015 Toyota Avalon

love the ease of driving it. Went from a F150 to the Avalon and it gets in and out of parking spots easy and traffic is a breeze now

- Tammy J

It has a button start ignition and it has good handling on the road

2015 Toyota Avalon

I have owned this car for only a few months but so far i like it. My favorite feature on this vehicle is the button start ignition

- steven L

Nice, stylish, good mileage, A comfortable fun driving car. I have performed all the maintenance as scheduled and the car has been trouble free. This is my second Avalon and my 5th Toyota.

2015 Toyota Avalon

The paint is much more tender than my previous Toyotas. The car drives very smooth and is comfortable. Accelerates very quickly.

- Daniel N

It is not just a luxury car, it has some serious horsepower

2015 Toyota Avalon

I like the comfort that the car provides as well as all the amenities such as the touch screen and hands-free phone capabilities

- Spencer H

Getting a luxury car with out paying the markup for a Lexus.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Very comfortable. Great gas mileage. Reliable and excellent performance in both economy and sport mode. Great customer service.

- Michael J

It runs great and has so much room.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I like the gas mileage, the trim and the ride. What I dislike about the car is that it is fwd and the amount of cargo space.

- Andrea W

Comfortable! Reliable. Efficient.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Love the comfort, smooth ride and convenience. It's expensive but well worth it and I hope to have it for many years.

- Hannah P

The technology that the company has put in this car is great.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I like the color of white. I get great mileage. The interior is what I wanted. There is nothing that I dislike.

- susan j

It ride so smooth and the color really stands out it is pretty.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love my vehicle because it rides very smooth and its good on gas while traveling and it has heated seats.

- Natasha D

Awesome, good family car, lots of room, economic gas mileage.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Drivers nice, great gas mileage, spacious, nice car, leather, eco mode, sunroof, 2 types of floor mats.

- Amanda G

Reliability is very good as most Toyotas are.

2015 Toyota Avalon

It is roomy it is reliable. Gas mileage is not so good. The torque converter went out. Poor tire wear.

- Stephen C

Toyota is reliable & the 2 dealerships I have used have been great.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love it have had no problems. Rides nicely, roomy, comfortable. Maintenance has been minimal & easy.

- Nancy U

The car is affordable and has worked well in the last 3 years.

2015 Toyota Avalon

I like the interior and affordability of the car. It provides a lot of benefits for me and my family,

- nick s

one of the most important things about the toyota avalon is the heated seats

2015 Toyota Avalon

I love the heated leather seats. It's cozy in the winter. I love the interior overall. nice and big

- SAMe T

Very nice hybrid. Very good gas mileage.

2015 Toyota Avalon

It's a Luxury car. Has leather interior. And best of all it's a hybrid and gets great gas mileage.

- Frank V

It's so comfortable on long trips and it gets good gas mileage and uses regular gas

2015 Toyota Avalon

Love the lane assist and comfort of this car. I also like the styling . Gets good gas mileage.

- Linda H

It is safe and reliable. It handles well and has good acceleration.

2015 Toyota Avalon

It drives and handles well. It is comfortable and roomy. It is dependable and reliable.

- linda m

It is a very reliable car as are most Toyotas

2015 Toyota Avalon

It is stylish, roomy, comfortable, reliable fuel efficient and has plenty of power

- Peggy F

the most important thing is It's very good on gas. it is a hybrid.

2015 Toyota Avalon

very comfortable car. It has a good size trunk. and most of all It's a hybrid.

- rose g

The one most important thing I would want others to know is the low cost of maintenance.

2015 Toyota Avalon

It drives well, has reasonable economy, and is comfortable. No complaints.

- Liz F

Rides well and smooth and has good safety features

2015 Toyota Avalon

Nice riding car with good safety features but bad quality leather seats

- Cheryl J

the Avalon hybrid is a roomy, comfortable automobile,

2015 Toyota Avalon

roomy, comfortable, good on gas, many features, many safety features.


It's beautiful! and the ride is comfortable. I would recommend it's low price.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Gas saver + strong mechanically + comfortable ride

- Mike3 S

It's gets great gas mileage and it is a nice car.

2015 Toyota Avalon

Great gas mileage. Very comfortable to drive.

- Alicia D

that is a hybrid car that gets great miles per gallon.

2015 Toyota Avalon

great riding car . it gets great gas mileage

- ken s