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Review of 2017 Toyota Avalon touring car.

Love the amenities such as navigation, good quality sound system, heated seats, etc. Also like the safety features including lane departure alert, proximity radar for cruise control, anti skid and others as well. I am a little disappointed in the overall visibility from the drivers perspective. The seat configuration does not allow seeing the hood at any setting which makes proximity to other vehicles difficult to assess in stop and go traffic. Overall, a good vehicle though.

- Lee J

Toyota Avalon touring car.

Low body design takes extra effort to get in and out. Body design prevents seeing hood and front fenders which causes some difficulty in backing out of tight parking places. Center console storage bin sits back too far and makes it nearly impossible to retrieve objects from the passenger seat. Otherwise, the safety features work great. The vehicle is average on fuel mileage. The ride is great and the engine has plenty of power when needed.

- Leland J

The Avalon is a fantastic looking automobile and is extremely comfortable.

I absolutely love my car. It is c comfortable, reliable, very nice to look at, and do not have any mechanical problems with it other then normal and routine maintenance. Taking it on a long road trip is a delightful experience. The color is very rich looking and I would buy this same automobile next time I buy my next automobile. The car is a very easy car to drive and it is economize.

- Lori R

40+ MPG in a luxury sedan!

Likes: It is an Avalon Hybrid so it gets great gas mileage and has a range of 525 miles on a full tank. It is a nice quiet ride with all the acceleration and power you could need in a passenger car. Dislikes - nothing really, would love to be able to fit 6 passengers in it without sacrificing mileage, ride quality, and power but then that wouldn't be the same vehicle, would it?

- Dean L

Great car for long distances.

My Avalon is a great car. I love the way it handles, especially when driving on the interstate. It is so helpful to have the feature of automatically slowing when following cars in cruise control. After driving this car to Arizona through many different terrains and weather without any problems, I'll likely never buy a different brand.

- Denise P

Avalon hybrid is as luxurious as a Lexus.

I haven't had single issue for the 2 years I have had the vehicle. The ride is comfortable and quiet. The fuel efficiency is a huge bonus. The regular scheduled maintenance is hassle free. Love the Bluetooth audio feature that allows me to go hands free with my cell phone. I can make calls and listen to texts.

- Mag C

Best color that fits a beautiful Toyota Avalon.

The vehicle does not have any problems. It is a very reliable, comfortable & luxury car with many features. Has been the best car I have ever had and driven. Perfect fit for a family because car is very comfortable and spacious. Best color that I find best fits the look of this Avalon is maroon color.

- Nicole Klein K

Good gas mileage. Rear screen if sunshine comes through the rear window.

I love the safety features of my car such as the steering feature whereas the wheel will alert you if you go over the yellow line. Beeps will alert you when a car or individual is coming from the left or right when the gear shift is in reverse. There are several others.

- Gloria A

Love the dashboard and screen:

Has had a few recalls but other than that the car gets excellent gas mileage, it is comfortable, the interior is nice and easy to clean. Speakers are important to me and the sound is amazing. It rides smoothly and has the power every sedan should have.

- Megan M

My 2017 Avalon driving features.

It handles well and is easy to drive. The ride is smooth and the safety features it has make me more confident at open a safe ride. It has good visibility and is equipped with satellite radio.

- Chris D

Love the Avalon hybrid. Great for long trips.

Avalon hybrid is very comfortable for long trips, excellent mpg. Handles very well on curvy, bumpy roads. We've taken cross country trips in it and have been very happy and satisfied with it.

- Carol T

Why you should get this car

I love the white coating of my toyota avalon xls, it looks great and makes me feel like a million buck, you can experience this feeling too! Just take a test drive and you'll fall in love

- Will T

The Toyota Avalon is a work of art

The Toyota Avalon is a really amazing vehicle. The smart screen and smooth ride make it a great family car. The ability to hold 7 passengers is incredible.

- Ethan K

The Responsiveness of the Engine. The Safety of the interior

I just like the Responsiveness of the engine. The dealership is close to my home, which is good for Service & repair. I DID NOT finance. I paid in full.


The Avalon features Luxury at an affordable price.

Like: Safety features, comfort, luxury, navigation system, sound system. Dislike: unable to see hood from drivers seat...makes it difficult in parking.

- Liam J

Toyota Avalon Best Sedan Ever

My Toyota Avalon has many safety features. It has great gas mileage, and is extremely comfortable. It is a gorgeous car inside and out.

- Kaye H

That it gets about 40 miles per gallon which is really important when get is $3 a gallon.

It's a hybrid and fairly large, so I don't feel cramped like I would ordinarily in a hybrid vehicle. It's a nice looking car.

- shannon m

The Avalon xle is a nice car to drive

No issues at all. Have 15k miles...navigation/GPS is awkward to use. So far it's been gas and go. Would recommend

- Bob C

Toyota Avalon hybrid review.

Reliable, quiet, fuel-efficient, and comfortable. Easy to maintain, and a great car for a long ride everyday.

- David D

safe and reliable also hold their value and very comfortable

there isn't anything I dislike about this car. This is the 3rd or 4th Avalon I have had and they are great

- barbara s

It is pretty good on gas.

The chair's scratch/damage and gather color easily. It is spacious and has great features like Bluetooth.

- Ari M

it's very reliable and fun to drive, easy to take care of

love all the little extras that come in it, easy to drive and maintain, no complaints so far

- melissa b

Your comfort, luxury and very good GPS navigation support

I love my car for its luxury comfort, in addition to the services offered by the company

- Bill G

I have an Avalon Hybrid. It gets great gas mileage, is a quiet, roomy, comfortable car for up to 4 people.

With all of the new safety features, it is a dream for all to drive safer.

- Nancy L

Great resale value, highly rated by Consumer Reports.

Great ride, quiet, some extras. Too pricey to buy another one.


dependability at It's best

just a great vehicle, dependable and a good looking car too

- noway A