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C-hr. the new cross-over you asked for.

I found that last winter my car was not well suited to the four feet of snow we had. This year I will put a 100 pound weight in the trunk when it snows. It has had several recalls but they fixed them right away. Right now the lights on the side mirrors that light up and say chr are not working which is sad because it is a feature I really like. Right now they look like a spot. I had a hard time getting used to the safety lights on the mirrors at night and they can be distracting. I would suggest getting the upgraded options like navigation. The interior fabric is very sturdy. My dog rides in the car all the time and you can more or leases just wipe the seats down. The driver's seat is easily adjusted and the members of my family that have driven it range from just 5 feet to 6 foot 7. I like the auto bright option for the lights since I travel in the country quite a lot. The handling on the highway is okay but does tend to be a bit sluggish on the mountains going up. I have no complaints about the gas mileage and usually get 30 plus miles to a gallon which is important since gas keeps going up. Three people can fit in the back but the person in the middle will not have too much leg room. The back hatch or trunk space does hold a good deal and it has the cover flap so it is hidden. I am amazed that you can go 8500 before you need an oil change and that Toyota's come with standard maintenance for free and there is also free roadside assistance.

- Jacquie A

When you realize your car is pretty but dumb...

Not comfortable to drive. It is so small inside! Especially the back seat. Idk how anyone would fit back there that was taller than 5'7'. There is no CD player which made me so sad. It is nearly impossible to see out of the back side windows when trying to change lanes or back out of a park spot. The safety features, while they sounded great during the test drive turned out to be not only an annoyance but a danger. It beeps if you go over the centerline, which is fine, but it also pulls you back into your lane. There have been times when I am trying to avoid someone walking or riding a bike, or even a parked car and almost get jerked into them by my car! Everything is more complicated than it was in my Honda. Cruise control is like a 4 step process. When I can't remember where I parked in a parking lot I usually hit my key fob and can find my car. Not the Toyota. You need to be almost right next to it for it to lock or unlock. Finally, it has almost no power. No 'get up and go.' I am not trying to drive NASCAR in this thing but just driving on the freeway it struggles to get over 50. You pretty much have to have the pedal to the floor to keep up with traffic. It is really hard to accelerate. Just chugs along slowly. . I have a year and a half left on my lease and it can't end soon enough! It is a cute car on the outside but it is a pretty terrible car.

- Theresa B

The Toyota C-HR; a beautiful but strange power-house.

It has all the typical problems a Toyota has (the steering wheel gets stuck occasionally, the shifter gets stuck occasionally) but otherwise it is a great car. It has good gas mileage, is a very comfortable ride, and has accident avoidance features that work really well. The accident avoidance only works above 32 mph though, so that may be an issue for some consumers. It also has a brake hold feature that is very useful. I really like the look of it, but it is a very different looking car which may be off-putting to some consumers. My only real complaint is that the gas tank is a little small for longer trips.

- Maggie D

Toyota c-hr is a four door hatchback sporty midsize SUV.

I drive a 2018 Toyota c-hr and I love it. This is the first car that I have ever had that is a hatchback and it is awesome. I wanted something a little bigger than a 4 door car but also didn't want a big SUV... My Toyota is the perfect size. I can lay all of the seats down and fit my 8 foot mirror in the back of my car. I like it because it is a little sporty but also a respectable looking vehicle. It is great on gas and drives like a champ. I do not think I could've picked a better car to satisfy all my wants and needs. I love this car and so glad I went with it.

- Ashley T

Toyota is making life happen.

I was looking for different, but that would give me great gas mileage, something sharp looking with a bright color nothing white or grey it seems that is all I was seeing on the road. I am happy with my choice and have gotten a lot of attention.. I added the extra coverage to help protect the paint as well as the interior of the car again I feel it was worth the cost. I haven't decided at this point if I want to keep this car or get another new one at the end of the lease, what ever I decide it will be another c-hr.

- Marie W

Cute car for not being my minivan.

This car has a weird design but it is very cute! This car is very comfy and comes with all types of bells and whistles. It has all the new safety features such as blind spot monitors. I love the reverse camera. This car lacks storage space in the front but does have a huge trunk. Like I stated the car is on the smaller side for me but I have always owned mini vans which are way more spacious. Still a very cute car. I love how it is low and the tires and rims are perfect. No modifications needed.

- Cindy B

There's not a lot of backseat space.

Overall I love the car. The few complaints I do have are about a lack of small features and options. Firstly, I cannot turn off the warning beep when I switch lanes without a blinker. I get the safety issue, but I live in a town with two sided parking and having to touch the line to get around parked cars. It beeping every time is annoying. Also I do not like that there is nowhere to put change, and no pocked behind the front seats. Other than that, it is a great car.

- Kate H

In summary, the c-hr is very sporty while giving a comfortable and reliable ride.

I absolutely love this c-hr. It is very sporty and stylish. The accessories are wonderful from the dash display, radio system and all the driver assist features. I really like the lane assist where it beeps if I start to veer out of my lane. The blind spot indicators on the side mirrors and a good thing to since it is a bit difficult to see out of the rear windows in this car. The only thing I would change would be to have sunroof option.

- Carol L

The car that helps you drive.

My car is very sporty looking but very roomy also it has many features that a lot of cars had to have added. The back up camera, lane change warning system, the cruise control is advance and it has steering help also, it also lets you know when you get too close to center lane. . It almost drives for you. . Gas mileage is awesome. . And never needing a key to start a car and never have to worry about locking yourself out of your car.

- Lora F

Low gas mileage. And it has an eco, normal, and sport mode. The eco tracts your gas usage, and for a v4 the sport mode has some power.

The only problem with my are is that it's not all wheel drive. If it had that this would be the perfect car. Low gas mileage, Bluetooth, and a lot of little pointless features that make life easier. All The windows are auto up or down, rear camera, heated seats, keyless entry, side view mirrors collapse when the car is locked, and even a little spot light on the side mirrors so you can see in the dark. Highly recommend!

- Nichole F

The car is a wonderful single person car as well as a great family car.

My car is amazing and I love it so much. I look forward to driving this car until it breaks down. The drive is very smooth, while it still has a sporty look that all younger generation people want to drive. It is also the most perfect crossover because it still gives you all the room you need without feeling like you are driving a bus. It also has all the bells and whistles that everyone wants in a new car.

- Erica M

Toyota c-hr is not a good vehicle.

It is not a consistent smooth drive. Sometimes it gets stuck on a different gear when shifting in automatic. The manual shifter is horrible. The lane departure system can cause more problems than actually helping improve safety due to the sensors detecting lane departure when in fact one is not actually leaving the lane so it will automatically turn the car causing it to drift into the other lane.

- Corey W

The cool looking Toyota c-hr.

I love the way the car looks. It is stylish and fun. Does not get as good gas mileage as I had expected but it's decent. I love that it came with free maintenance for 2 years, 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, and a lifetime powertrain warranty. There is not a lot of legroom in the back. It has a lot of safety features such as the lane departure system and front crash sensors.

- Corey F

This car is quite sporty. Great speed and maneuverability.

Haven't had any problems thus far. This is a very recent purchased. The car is sporty. A great look. So far we have had no problems. It rides nice and has good power. Drives very nice through the mountains and handles the turns very well. This car is a hatchback so we were worried about how much the trunk area could hold. We found it has quite a bit of storage space.

- Sharon T

The c-hr is the new and improved crossover.

The super slick interior and exterior of this car is very deceptive. The features such as heated seats, rear view camera, sensors and driver assist functions make the car more manageable than my previous cars. There is a deceptive amount of trunk space and when the back seats are folded down provide me with space as large as available in bigger SUVs.

- Stephen M

A great 4 door car that looks sporty yet elegant!

Problems: c-pillar too big, causes blind spot. Performance: eoc mode is great, sport mode is fun! Reliability: Toyota never failed me before! Comfort: this vehicle is super comfortable, long drives are super enjoyable! . Features: puddle lights and all automatic windows were a huge selling point! Makes the car look 'expensive'.

- Troy J

It is a very pretty care and a comfortable ride.

I love the design of the car. It does not drive as smoothly as my Camry did, but it is comfortable. I am not too fond of the auto brake when a car stops suddenly. I understand how ideally it would be a safety feature, but I think it slams on the brakes too hard and creates a hazardous situation for the car driving up behind.

- Meagan B

It is fun to drive and handles well.

I purchased my vehicle about 9 months ago. I think it is my favorite vehicle by far. It is a 2018 Toyota ch-r. It has a lot of the latest technology. It handles well and is very comfortable. I love the color too. It is a burgundy pearl. I would highly recommend this vehicle to purchase. It was for sure well worth the money.

- Lori M

Great car! Toyotas are the best.

Just a little bit smaller than average vehicle. I wish it has a bigger tank for gas purposes. I love my car and I enjoy the ride and easy and smooth. My next car will be a truck so I can haul things around and make things more open and aware. It did a good job in the winter time in the snow it's only 2 wheel drive.

- Jennifer S

My new Toyota: everything I have ever wanted.

This car is super reliable. Great acceleration for a 4 cylinder engine. Surprisingly few/small blind spots. Best car I have ever driven. It has amazing safety features and includes everything I have ever wanted in a car. The seats are comfortable and great for long car rides. The automatic bright are a lifesaver.

- Mackenzie F




It is drive smooth, gorgeous looking.

I love my Toyota ch-r. It has never given no problem since I bought it since march. It definitely drives smoothly, good on gas, I get free service once I get to 5000 mileage from Toyota company because I bought it brand new. Though the price value has dropped of recent. But I love my car regardless.

- Cynthia D

New 2018 Toyota ch-r review.

Performance is great. The car is also really good with gas. But the vehicle is so small. And it is hard to see when driving because there are so many blind spots. The front seats are comfortable but the place where you rest your head is not. The backs seats are okay but the back windows are tiny.

- Ayah S

Stylish, comfortable, and fuel efficient.

Chr is one of a kind. Ride quality and transmission shifting is very smooth. The finish and fit is very stylish! It is classy and super hero looking. It is very compact and comfortable. Perfect for road trips! The drive is light and nimble! Great for someone who does not want to drive so fast.

- Jess S

If you want a quality vehicle this one is not for you.

No power or Sirius XM. Seats are not as comfortable as in our Nissan murano. Too small of a fuel tank. No CD player. Not enough room for all of our dogs. No sunroof option. They used low end material in the cab of the vehicle. We would never buy one again. The only plus is the outside shape.

- Linda A

The pros and cons of the Toyota ch-r.

Pros. Great gas mileage, smooth ride, set cruise to certain distance behind vehicle in front. Cup holders in doors, Bluetooth capability. Cons. Legroom in back is not enough, no CD player, to many notifications on display when trying to set cruise. Plastic front guard is easily damaged.

- Jessica G

Stay in lane sensors and collision sensors. Safe for a baby to ride in. Was named one of the safest cars to have with children from Toyota.

It's red. Spacious back. Small trunk. Small windows in the back. Very smooth to drives. Has reverse sensors. Had collision sensors. Has diamond patterns in the interior. Has cruise control. Has hold in place park. Has push start. Has navigation system. Has stay in the lane sensors. Etc.

- Paloma R

That I got ripped off by AUTONATION AUSTIN TEXAS and to avoid buying or leasing ANYTHING from these crooks. Worst car experience of all time. I'm 58 and have bought a lot of cars. They are the worst

Love the style of the car. Hated the dealer and dealership. They did not lease the car for the agreed upon price. I'm trying to rectify it with automation austin, Tx and they will not call me back. It's been over a Month. Their customer service is horrible. They are very dishonest

- Lary G

Great design with amazing tech/acoustics

I really love the look of the car. It is surprisingly spacious in the back seat and trunk. It drives amazingly smooth and is super quiet when running. The only thing I don't like is the placement of the front cabin cup holders. It is decent on gas and has fantastic acoustics.

- Rosie A

A car the is affordable with a great cruise control detail I like that keeps you.

Compared to other vehicle gas economy could be better, without floor mats carpet tears quick, huge blind spots, the car has a good turning radius, like the hatchback feature, has lots of room for storage, comfortable ride, has a nice clean look. Oil changes seems frequent.

- Dane W

That it is an affordable SUV option.

I love the style of the car. It is the perfect sized SUV. It gets better gas mileage than I expected. I love the consistent quality of Toyota. I dislike the back passenger windows. They are a little small and it feels kind of closed in if you are in the back seats.

- Melissa M

Information about my Toyota car.

Sporty handling makes it fun to zip around turns. Come standard with plenty of features, including advanced safety. Pervasive road and engine noise in the cabin. Even in this slow class acceleration is lethargic. . Carplay android auto not offered. That is all.

- Monica A

Do not know more information to provide.

Bad things: it is not too fast. Make a lot of noises in some kind of roads. Have no CD player that I love it have in my car. Good things: have safety technologies. Sporty vehicle. Nice. Cheap. A lot of mile per gallon of gasoline. Good price. Beautiful style.

- Karen M

The engine is very weak. 144hp is not enough.

No problems, performance could be better. For a big body it does not have enough hp. Super comfortable. Sporty inside and out. All electrical features. Like shocks brakes sensors everywhere. Overall it's a great vehicle. I highly recommend it to everyone.

- John R

It has lots of safety features like lane assist, auto bright headlights, and cruise control that slows you down automatically if you get too close to the car ahead of you.

Love the look of it and how it handles! Is small and compact, perfect for just my husband and myself! The extra safety features are great. my only complaint would be the gas mileage. wish it was more equivalent to the Corolla we had.

- Gayle A

My car's gas mileage right now is phenomenal.

I have been very pleased with my vehicle. The gas mileage has been great! The car that I have been leasing does not have a lot of the bells and whistles, and is fairly basic but it is a very comfortable car and has great features.

- Jennifer A

Handles great, but does have blind spots. But wonderful safety features.

Handles great. A pleasure to drive. Stylish and sporty. My family of four fits comfortably. Great safety features. Only concern it is not all wheel drive. And blind spots. So indicator lights on side mirrors are a lifesaver.

- Karen S

It's super fun and affordable! Also great on gas!!

I absolutely love my vehicle. The only complaint is that sunroof and leather seats weren't an option. I would also like to see all hard drive as an option since it is considered a crossover. Otherwise I love it.

- Jennifer B

Really awesome vehicle with a 5 star rating

The Toyota CHR has the best gas mileage and its performance is outstanding. I love the feature of having auto dimming for my headlights. It also has performed well with its brake assistance feature as well.

- Michele F

That there's a lot of power behind it.

I dislike the back up camera in the rearview mirror. I dislike that there is not much storage room on the console.. I like the color, the way the car handles, the way the car looks and the gas mileage.

- Gail T

love the way the car is designed. Not many other cars on the road have the same features.

I have had no problems with my C-HR. I am getting good gas mileage (above 35 mpg). Love the 2 years maintenance free warranty on it. Drives smooth and has a lot less road noise than my previous car.

- Amy W

That it's very comfortable to drive and it small so it can fit in small places

I love it the performance is great it's reliable and very comfortable I love driving it it's a small car but great performance I got it with 9 mile and I have put 9768 mile already love to drive it

- Maria M

It is a good crossover type car.

I found it to be too light for heavy snow without snow tires and the light on the side that lights up does not work anymore. It does get good gas mileage and handles well on the highway.

- Jacquie A

Drives well, lots of safety features built in, dual climate, heated seats.

I like the way it looks. Toyota makes good reliable cars. I wish it were a hybrid, and that the radio display was more in the middle and the front passenger seat had lumbar support too.

- Jillian M

Folding side mirrors are awesome. I basically bought the car for them.

My car is fun to drive and peppy. It have numerous bells and whistles. The infotainment system is garbage on this car. Toyota missed the ball with that but the rest of the car is great.

- Josh M

It is just a really fun little crossover that looks super sporty and gets the job done for a minimal price.

I really like it. It's sporty looking and has the room that I need. I would like to see a better infotainment system and for the doors to lock automatically when you start to drive.

- Kelley J

It is an overall really reliable car.

Awesome gas mileage, cruise control, lane departure safety and automatic headlights are what I like. The dislikes are my payments, and they didn't have the color I wanted to get.

- Jessica O

My car looks like a space car.

The interior of the car is absolutely beautiful. It has both automatic and manual driving settings but I only use automatic. It drives very smooth and has very good gas mileage.

- Mckenna P

Has lane departure assist to keep you within your lane.

I love the comfort, versatility and reliability of my chi-r. It has a lot of get up and go, with great fuel consumption. The only thing I do not love is the smaller gas tank.

- Heather M

My car drives awesome and has more space than it looks like.

I am very happy with my car. Love the look of it and how it drives. Also love that the dash kinda curves toward the driver. Would be nice if it had an electronic car start.

- Cassie S

Has too many blind spots.

Car has too many blind spots. It is ok. Am not in love with it. I do like the look of it. I don't think I would recommend it, but, do get many compliments about the style.

- Judith G

The vehicle is very dependable. No manufacturer faults or problems.

The vehicle gets great gas mileage in town and on highways. It has proper handling and maneuverability. There is not a lot of trunk space but overall is very reliable.

- April H

Easy to drive handles road very nicely

No complaints yet,the chr is awesome . Handles the road with ease and has a great sound system with controls on the steering wheel. CHR also has an Awesome look


It is reasonably priced and fun to drive. It also looks good.

The car drives well and is fun to drive. It has a sleek design that cause people to look. The only problem is the backseat which can feel a little closed in.

- Clint B

Great vehicle for distance travel.

The car does great on gas especially when traveling. The doors on the vehicle do not automatically lock when put in drive. The storage space is very limiting.

- Mari A

It's uniqueness is so me, the color is no longer offered

I love It's uniqueness, It's color, It's styling, It's brand I wish it had better entertainment screen, seat pockets, leather seats, gps, more power, hybrid

- Kelly P

Drives get, takes turns very smoothly and higher speeds.

Drives amazing, good gas mileage. Not much trunk room and backseat is more cramped than it looks. Kids sit really low so it is hard to see out of windows.

- Mary W

Acceleration from zero mph is a little slow, which I'm sure is due to the low horsepower.

I love it. It's a little low on horsepower, but once you get going it drives like a dream. Great gas mileage, comfortable, sporty, and pretty awesome.

- tina b

They last forever and and maintenance free. It rides smooth

I like the color and how easy it rides. I also like the new features such as back up mirror. I don't like the side windows cuz It's hard to see out of

- jane f

Small but roomy Toyota C-HR

I love my car. It is small enough to fit into tight street spaces, but also has enough room to fit five people and a large grocery run in the back.

- Emily Z

This car is fun to drive and handles well!

The front seats lay all the way back making it comfortable to nap. The only thing I would change would be the size of the gas tank. It is too small.

- Heather H

The safety features are amazing.

I love the size. I love the safety features. I hate that it does not have a sunroof. I hate that the rear seats do not lift to offer more storage.

- Shelly G

Inside and out its very sophisticated.

Toyota chr is a very lovable car, it has a very sophisticated look both inside and out, i love the fact that i can drive in it very comfortably.

- Esther P

The shape is unique and compact. Yet, it is room. Y.

Love the heated seats and drives nice and quiet. Small but yet roomy enough. Has a hatchback and back windshield wipers. Backup camera as well.

- Tia A

Good car that is very safe to ride in.

It is a very good car. It is very safe. I'd do not know why it seems so small. Cool designs. I like how you do not have to text and drive.

- Grace Y

2018 Toyota c-hr is a great car, but lacks a little pick up.

Love everything about my vehicle with the exception of the lack of power. It is not really expected, but it is less than I even thought.

- Mike V

That it's safe, fun to drive and sporty. It was hard going from a sports car to the CHR, but the design made it an easy transition.

I like the safety features of the CHR. It has blind spot assistance as well as lane assistance. I also like that it's a sporty design.

- Meghan A

Safety features from Toyota

No hybrids in the USA. Mileage not good, otherwise I like it size and safety features. Good for snow and handles curves very well.

- Ronald H

It's so me! It's a very cool car!

I love the color There are not any on the streets It is very unique Needs leather seats. Needs more power. Gets good gas mileage.

- Kelly D

Do not buy if you have a newborn just because of the lack of space.

I love the aesthetics of my car. It looks sporty and fun and not like a typical Toyota. I do not like how small the backseat is.

- Ashley M

Very reliable and smooth ride. The car looks great and performs great for everyday usage. The only thing I dislike about the car is the lack of a navigation system and an intuitive radio.

I would like others to know about the lack of navigation system. Aside from that, the car is extremely reliable and comfortable.

- David G

Crossover SUV with a surprising amount of trunk space.

There are more than a few blind spots and the acceleration isn't the greatest, but it's a good car for what my wife and I need.

- Ross K

It just came out this year.

I like the new style of it. I like the crossover of a SUV and a car. I dislike the gas mileage compared to my previous Prius.

- Morgan P

Great looking. Very reliable. Great driving.

It's a great car with reliable sensors and great performance on the road. Wish it had more horsepower. It's also a gas hog.

- John R

Sophisticated inside and out. Definitely no regrets with the purchase.

Toyota C-HR is definitely a go buy car, it has features that I am very satisfied with. And it is very nice inside and out.

- Esther P

All the amenities that it comes with and how useful they are.

I love how modern it is and the way it looks. It also gives me a sport feel without being fully a sports car. Good in gas

- Joselyn D

It has a sport mode, and a normal driving mode.

I like the comfort of the seats, the ease of use, and the eco quality. I dislike the trunk space, and lack of USB ports.

- Mike M

I love my 2018 Toyota C-HR!

I love the eco friendly gas mileage, it drives so smoothly and very sport car like, I love the look and feel of the car!

- Chelsea B

It looks nice and the drive is smoother.

I like that it only a few of them out their and that the drive is smooth. There is nothing I dislike about the vehicle.

- Marie D

It has a different look and style.

I like the look, the color, the dependability.. I hate the gas mileage. I hate the blind spots. Pickup could be better.

- Carolyn C

It is safe, stylish, and still roomy.

I love the speed, safety and the look. I hate the high beams. I also hate the camera malfunction during bad weather.

- Alyssa C

You can get it from me anymore I do not have any other day that I can later on.

Great on gas drives smooth color is blue my favorite thing about the car is the color. Very appealing to the eye.

- Larry D

My vehicle is the best, it drives smoothly, reliable, good on gas.

It is awesome, reliable and does not give me no problems. It drives smoothly, good on gas. It has a good vehicle.

- Cynthia I

It fits my personality with its different look. Not like other cars I've seen.

I love this car. I get compliments all the time from people. It rides great. Good gas mileage and look awesome.

- Margaret I

It's the best in gas mileage. Good model Toyota chr.. they just started making this model. It feels and look like an sporty SUV.overall it's not a bad vehicle

I love that it feel like a SUV. I LOVE IT'S SPORTY LOOK. DISLIKE THE BASIC ,would've love it to be limited .

- Natasha E

Good on gas, love the way car keeps you surrounded with air bags

My car is very quick and love the interior good on gas there's enough room for passenger to sit comfortably

- Martha C

It is fun to drive and is backed by Toyota's reputation for reliability and quality.

Toyota reliability Standard safety features Comfortable ride and handling Exterior and interior styling

- Brian W

Compact crossover with sleek design and safety features.

I love the compact crossover that gives me the height and feel of an SUV but the zippiness of a sedan.

- Nicole G

That it is economical and reliable.

Has great gas mileage. Is comfortable on long trips. Just the right size for everything I need to do.

- Nicole K

It is pretty reliable and the safety features make it easy to drive.

I like how it looks. I like how it drives. I like it is safety features. I like the gas per mileage.

- Carina R

That it is a fun car to drive and very economical to operate.

It's sporty, It's fun and it gets good gas mileage. I like that it a crossover and not a full SUV.

- Gino M

The safety features are awesome!!!! A nice smooth ride, and it's also very good on gas.

I love my car. I have no complaints. I love the look of it. I love all the safety features.

- marcia J

Its sporty and comfortable and super fuel efficient.. i love it!

The cruise control is very dependable and the fuel efficiency is impressive

- Jenelle P

I love my vehicle's Safety features. My vehicle helps me to avoid accidents by including Pre-Collision Sensors, Lane Departure Alerts, Blind Spot Monitors, Rear-View Camera, etc. It is also very comfortable for my family of 3. The trunk space is a little lacking for it being a crossover. Also, this model does not include Apple CarPlay which the 2019 model does.

This car drives smoothly for not being an All Wheel Drive Vehicle.

- Brittany W

I like the way it drives and the room I have for cargo. The technology is also great

Top of the line technology and drives great with a smooth ride

- Corey M

I paid for it and it's all mine. It's a color I like.

I like the color. I like the mileage. I like the comfort.

- Victor Y

Minimal trunk space, poor visibility and bad blind spots. Decent gas mileage and comfortable interior

Poor visibility and bad blind spots, takes adjusting to

- Rachel H

Good gas mileage, esp if u r driving uber for a living

Very nice and professional. Drives great, sexy, smooth

- Rob M