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2019 Toyota C-HR Limited is a incredible fun, sporty, high tech and APPLE CARPLAY - Wow!

I purchased the 2019 Toyota C-HR Limited Blizzard Pearl with Entune Plus that has Apple Carplay. The workmanship on the leather seats seriously gives my Range Rover a run for its money. Top notch detail inside. Its a 2.0L engine, some people say the 2018 _ CHR are sluggish? They are wrong, the CHR has a ECO mode, normal and SPORT. Flip it to sport and it takes off like a sports car. The assisted driver feature actually drives the car automatically except for steering and keeps a safe distance from the car in front of you. when the car stops in front of you the car will stop and resume automatically. prevents fender benders accidents and speeding tickets. WAY NICE! I have purchased the remote start for my iphone and loveit, i have all t he accessories you can get for it. My total cost with all accessories, paint guards LED interior lights, etc is about 31k, msrp withou the addons was 26k I LOVE THIS CAR! I wish Toyota would have considered the USA their first market for the CHR release, Europe has AWD and park assist and hybrid units. I hope to see this in the near future.

- Tyler Struve

Superb Safety Features with Perfect Vision

The Toyota CH-R is the most comfortable and convenient car I have ever driven. The size is perfect for me, since I am not a sedan person and some SUVs are too big, making it difficult to have an all-around decent vision. The interior is very comfortable, and it has great features that a lot of other vehicles don't. My favorite features of this car include the emergency break that comes with a warning sign and the alert system that's designed to keep the vehicle inside the lanes. The features have prevented many accidents for me on the busy highways at rush hour.

- Ellie K

2019 CHR is a great car with some flaws

I love my car it has a look that combines a car with a SUV and that was the reason I wanted it. I like the drive although highway noise does bleed through but it isn't terrible. The car also has a lot of technology to prevent accidents from occurring and I love most of them with the exception of the braking system. If it thinks your are about to rear end the car in front of you it will completely stop and there have been a few times where the seat belt practically decapitated me... but other than that I love it. Seriously though I recommend this car.

- Christine G

An attractive, sporty SUV

Toyota C-HR is a smart and sporty looking car! Smoothe, quiet driving. Ideal for the person wanting a smaller type SUV. However space from the hatchback entry is easy, and the collapsible back seats makes it a pleasure to access the enhanced space. Comfortable seating for passengers in the back. Drivers experience all the necessary and appealing features for driving, including safety amenities. An absolute must to see!

- Val V

Sporty, classy, and fun to drive.

The car is sporty, comfortable and fun to drive. It is got great get up and go. There have been no problems and customer service is great. I only wish it had come in more colors. It also only works well with apple products, but with a work around android auto works well to. It has good speakers and great safety features-lane departure, crash prevention, auto wipers and auto headlights.

- Kim B

Small but reliable with good gas mileage

The CH-R is comfortable but not a car for more than 2 or 3 passengers. The front is roomy but the back seat is small, however it is a great smaller SUV. The car handles well on the highway and in the city. It gets great gas mileage but the tank is small and fill up is often. I have had no problems. Great ride for a small SUV.

- Sonya S

I love the apple car play

my vehicle is reliable and very easy to drive. it's convenient and the surround sound is great, it also has apple carplay which is nice. I just which the brake was more sensitive but I can get that fixed, and I also wish the seats were leather, other than those things I'm very happy with my car.

- sarah S

Sporty looking great car with camera.

Love the style and look very sporty very reliable looks and drives very well no problems yet great on gas and has backup camera and lane assist many safety features. Has a great door opening in the rear upon side and auto opening also keyless start do not need to put in engine saves on gears.

- karen Y

An overall b great car to drive.

No problems. It's still new. Only has 3800 miles on it. Great on gas. Great to drive. Dependable. Not to small, not to big. Lots of trunk room. Automatic high beams. Needs more storage. Great sound system with navigation that works from your phone so no need for extra Wi-Fi in your car.

- Kathleen S

The best part of my 2019 Toyota CHR is the amazing, big screen on the dash.

Has great performance and so much technology, apple play, safety features, blind spot detection and so much more. It doesn't look like it would have much room but the inside is actually very roomie. The trunk has so much space. Very comfortable. So fun to drive. Love it more everyday

- Shannon S

Toyota C-HR is a great compact SUV

Smaller but more lively than our trade in. Has lots of safety features built in. Some of them include a backup camera, blind spot indicators, lane assist, iphone sync, backup cross traffic and much more

- David W