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My First and Surely Only Car

2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid 4dr Sdn (Natl) Hybrid

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is a great vehicle. I drive it often, for daily commutes and for long car rides across state borders. It has many thousands of miles on it and I will continue to put many more on it in good faith. The mileage is amazing, which the hybrid feature helps with. It's reliable; I have yet to have to bring it in to a shop except for routine maintenance, and is all around a very efficient vehicle. Aesthetically I think it's very appealing as well, and has a sleek, modern design. If I were to upgrade my car in the near future I'm almost positive that I would choose a newer model of the same Toyota Camry Hybrid!

- Audrey E

My Toyota Camry Hybrid pro and cons

2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid 4dr Sdn (Natl) Hybrid

No problems, beautifully fuel efficient, and never had me scared of dying on the road. I would say the best future would be the slip and slide alert, very helpful in the winter especially in Alaska. The least thing I like about it is the beeping when the seat belt is off and the voice activated control for Bluetooth

- Natalie N

The Camry hybrid: the truth

2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid Base

My car has not given me any problems so far other than it running through gas. It's about 30 dollars to fill and is really reliable and sturdy. I love the black color because it is good with scratches as well as the tires also being very good. This car is great for someone's first car and will last a long time.

- Alex B

The heated seats are great. I get cold easily

2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid 4dr Sdn (Natl) Hybrid

I haven't had any problems except for the visor on the driver's side which broke. It's great on gas and drives incredible. Everyone should get this car. It's fast when you need it to be and cruises when you just want to let your hair down. This car is amazing

- Crystal L