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It's has very nice leather inside the car no cracks or damage

Transmission problems I also have brake problem and I have power steering problems too. It also makes a loud noise when I start it up in the mornings. It also overheard.I notice in the summer time it doesn't run good. In the winter time it runs good the car has 20000 miles on it I'm not sure that is the problem..but I know Toyota runs a very long time so what I hear.I'm thinking next year to buy a new car hopefully I can find something I like to satisfy my car needs something reliable

- Michael L

Just that it has been extremely reliable since 2007 when I bought it.

I have owned my Solara since 2007 and it has had very minimal repair issues, the most common issue is having to have the alternator replaced every 3 years or so. I drive it all through the intense Montana winters and it starts up with no issues regardless of how cold it is outside. It also heats up quickly in the winter and cools down quickly in the summer. I have electric seats and a sunroof which I love. I would definitely recommend a Solara to any potential buyers.

- Cody W

My 2000 Toyota Camry Solara.

I love my Toyota Camry Solaris its a 2000 has 160, 000 miles in it all leather with a sunroof it's all power controls inside automatic door locks. It's very roomy inside and I have zero problems with it. Being over 20 years old it runs great. My a/c is so cold and living in Vegas it's 110 on hot summer days my car stays cool. I highly recommend Toyota very good reliable great in gas cars.

- Katrina P

Beauty, Performance and Reliability in Such A Comfortable Ride!

This has been the best car. It is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Such a pleasure to drive. It's reliable and has given me no trouble. I've only done routine maintenance and replaced tires. I've never had any major engine or transmission issues. Starts easily in all types of weather and has never left me stranded. I'd highly recommend this vehicle. Toyota is king!

- Marsha C

Reliable, luxury, good running vehicle.

It has good performance, and good interior. The parts on the car tend to go out very quickly though due to age, and it drinks oil. It has all power everything and is an extremely luxury car. It has been mostly reliable for me, despite sensors going out lately. The stock dashboard has a lot of features on it including a CD player. And outdoor temp gage.

- Felicia M

Amazing car with amazing gas mileage!

I do like how well it drives. The gas mileage is astounding. 3/4 of a tank gets me more than 200 miles! The leather seats do get uncomfortable in hot/cold weather, but that's easily fixed. The A/C works amazing, and I love having a sunroof. The car drives amazingly smooth on the highway and on bumpy roads. I have nothing to complain about!

- Dylan L

It is easy to use and care for.

I love my car! It is reliable, fuel efficient and easy to handle. The best part is that the maintenance is usually simple so I can either do it myself or have a mechanic do it for cheap. There have been very few problems overall. The seats are comfortable and the trunk is large enough for me and a friend to pack for a weekend trip.

- Jennifer T

All in all very well car been taken care of by previous owners.

Very reliable source of transportation, pretty good on gas but have a small oil leak and a small exhaust leak but all and all very reliable starting up in the freezing weather is not a problem for it. I must say that I am not going to complain to much about it because it is my first car I have owned in over a decade.

- Shane W

This car is extremely reliable and great value for the price. I've known of similar cars in the luxury class which were twice the price and had twice the issues.

My solara convertible has been extremely reliable over the past 18 years. I love the sleek and expensive looking design and often receive compliments on the appearance of the vehicle. The car has rarely had any issues other than routine maintenance and travelled into Canada and long road trips.

- julia s

Partially electronically hybrid.

This particular vehicle was obtained through family at no cost. For being a gift for my mother I cannot really complain. But definitely does not have what my old 2015 Malibu had via every possible thing a car could have without making it just another politic promise in regards to vehicles.

- Sarah S

My vehicle is not the speediest or most modern, but it’ll drive for a long time.

I think my vehicle is very reliable as long as I tend to all of its problems. It has never given me any major trouble only minor leaks or squeaky belts. I have put in more money than it is worth though and I will not be able to sell of for very much. I will have to drive it until it dies.

- Channing P

Comfortable for road trips.

I don't really have any complaints on it is a nice driving car and comfortable it is so low on gas does not take a lot to run the car has 4 doors which is very easy for an elderly person to get in-and-out I guess I have nothing but good things to say about anything bad at the good car.

- Lois J

The Toyota Solara is a Great car for anyone looking for reliability

Toyota solara is extremely good on gas and is very reliable. I drive my car daily and even with 175.000 miles I still trust this car to drive cross country if I had to, after all it's a Toyota! I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a car great on gas and extremely reliable.

- Steve B

My everyday driver, I love this car!!

I have had this vehicle for about a year and I love the way it drives!! It has all power everything and the a/c in this car could cool down a small apartment!! The exterior is sleek and nice looking however, it is mostly fiberglass and that is not very sturdy.

- Michelle S

Toyota is a very well made, dependable and reliable car.

This Toyota vehicle is very reliable and dependable. It does not use very much gas and rarely needs repairs. It is a very good car for the money. I would highly recommend Toyota for a good reliable dependable car. It is a car that is well worth the money.

- Larry B

The amazing good part about the car is the security system.

Really good engine never had any problems out of it. Toyota is possibly one of the best vehicles to have if you keep maintenance up it also has a lot of room for the family and is an amazing gas saver which is good for road trips.

- Andrew W

My Toyota Camry-Solara is dependable.

My vehicle is easy to handle and is a good size for my needs. Upgrades to my vehicle includes Bluetooth compatibility, which is important to me. I like that the car has a sunroof with the option to open completely or tilt.

- Janet d

Amazingly reliable and dependable car!

The 2000 Toyota Solara has been an amazing reliable car. It is quiet with plenty of power and very few problems beyond normal maintenance. Would not hesitate to buy again.

- David M

This car's reliability has been unmatched. It has over 220k miles on it and would drive it anywhere

The solars has been an extremely reliable car. The ride quality is very good and road noise is low. It performs well in all weather conditions and has had no problems

- David M

This car is reliable and gets me where I need to go. It has low maintenance.

It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It is an everyday car. It allows me to do all types of driving. It is also low maintenance, which is always a plus.

- Matt W

It's reliable, and it gets ok gas mileage. It's fast yet capable of cruising.

I like that the engine and transmission are reliable. I dislike the interior aged fast and the electronics like window motors and switches aren't reliable.

- Chris M

Comes with luxury and reliability.

Comes with a luxury type of feel. Leather seats adds comfortability while driving. The only downside is that is a 2 door car (coupe). Very reliable.

- Brandon M

It is reliable and with regular maintenance this car is reliable. I am happy with my car. I would recommend this car highly

I bought the car new. It is roomy and is dependable. It is starting to age.as it doesn't have the latest gadgets. I take good care of the car.

- Arlene W

It is very fast and sporty. Cop magnet.

Love the gas mileage but hate that it is only a 2 door. Love the size but hate the body style. Not my favorite of cars but it does the job.

- Gabriel T

Toyota Solara is very comfortable and practical

This care is very comfortable. For a two door vehicle it is very spacious in the back seat.i have had very little problems out of this car.

- Lindsey S

Best car I have ever bought.

I love my car. Parts are cheap and maintenance is easy. I don't have to worry about my car breaking down. Its reliable and drives smooth.

- Dakota R

My car is dependable and still rides well also gets great gas mileage.

I like the convertible and the way it drives. Also great gas mileage and smooth ride. For being a older car it still looks nice.

- Tracy B

Comfortable ready for long drives

She's been a good one. Little maintenance she's comfort good on gas loves highway but not city driving recommend buying one

- Brandy F

i love it, it's comfortable to drive,i own it. thankful everyday it starts

my car is old, but it is reliable, solid, rust free. it is well maintained,i do not plan on getting another vehicle.

- joette m

Quality engine performance.

At least 3 oil leaks, gas mileage only 17 miles per gallon, strong engine performance despite over 180000 miles.

- Richard T

It is 18 years old and has been very reliable all these years

I like my vehicle but my struts are bad and makes the ride loud and bumpy. The car body is also rusty.

- Bob J

That it is very old but it is very reliable.

I like that it is reliable. I like that it is roomy. I dislike how old it is and the ac doesn't work.

- Cory C

It is by far the best car I have ever owned. Great quality car

For an older car, it is still in tip top shape. Runs good. Gets great gas mileage. No complaints

- Kyle L

It is a well built vehicle that is reliable and dependable.

I like the comfort. It gets good gas mileage. And it is a convertible...what's not to love?

- Tom O

the back seats fold down for long items that you use in home repairs or remodels

looks good, drives smooth and quiet, is very comfortable on long trips

- Birgit W

old but good runs great nice to drive easy to care for

it runs great i like the convertible it is easy on gas

- jimmie g

Toyotas last forever many many miles before they die

I love it because I haven't had any problems at all

- Claire G

Reliable. My car is family member

Safe and dependable vehicle. No major accidents

- Vincent O

It drives and runs good every day

I like it because it's small and compact

- Shelby S