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A 2002 vehicle that'll last you a lifetime. Very powerful town car with a v6.

My vehicle is was very well made. It is a 2002 with just over 100, 000 so it is still in great condition, but I got very lucky when I bought it almost 10 years ago. They do not make them like these any more. The ride is very quiet and smooth, and it is built for travel, very big inside and the v6 engine feels very powerful. Has a CD/tape player, but I use an adapter to listen to the music on my phone. It is great on gas, only costs me $30 to fill the tank from almost empty, which last me about a week with my 40 mile commute to work each day. Has power steering and power windows. There's not more I can say. I take it for service regularly to keep it running. It is a tank.

- Rich M

Its a Toyota which are great running cars if taken care of.

It has over 300 thousand miles the undercarriage is rusted I am constantly changing tires it's a gas hog. It has so many recalls most parts on car need replaced. I am always spending money on repairs and gas. Other than that for an 2002 and almost 300 thousand miles it's a great car, has a strong motor and gets me from A to B. It's a 2 dr which is a hassle for my kids or friends.

- Lisa L

It is very reliable and has great gas mileage. It has never left me stranded and gets me to work every day on time.

I really like my car. It has great gas mileage and has been a very reliable car for as old as it is. It still has the original engine and transmission. It is comfortable to drive and it has been reliable to get me to work and school for several years. The only complaint I have is that one of the seatbelts in the back keeps breaking.

- Austin B

Great value for your money.

It is a great car. . . Runs great, very comfortable, I have only had to do two major repairs. . . Rear - end work and replace the transmission. . . Very good gas mileage. . . The paint has not held up well, even though it was garaged most of the time. . . Mine has the sun/moonroof, heated seats, electric seats and doors.

- Jeanette C

The cons of a two door car and the inconveniences getting in and out of.

The only thing that makes me rate it a 4 and not 5 is that its a 2 door. Too hard to get in and out for the obese, elderly or handicap. Also hard loading it. Cannot not get. Out on your own. So if young and. Spry and flexible having a two door car is no problem. I do like my car. And, it. Is a Toyota.

- Sandra C

My car the Toyota a year 2002.

There are currently no problems wrong with my vehicle. The only thing I would love to change about my vehicle is buying a newer one. A vehicle more modern and more of today’s date. If any issues the issue that stands out the most would be the driver window is has problems rolling down sometimes.

- Amanda P

It is classy. I think it is a perfect retirement car.

My car is a 2 door and is just getting to small for me and my family. I would love to find something bigger because we have decide to possible grow our family in the near future. With everything I have going on it is on the bottom of the list and runs just fine to get me from point a to point b.

- Hannah D

Small size coupe, great on gas and hits highway

I love my car. It's great on gas, it's reliable, it's great me back and forth to work that is 40 minutes away from my home. It a nice small car for a teenager or someone with no kids. It have radio and tape player where you could insert a cassette adapter and listen to music off of your phone

- Amber L

Toyota solara for the win

It's a great car. Sits 5 but 4 comfortably. The seats aren't that comfy tho. The trunks has a lot of space! The sound system is well down. I've had my car for three years and haven't had many problems other than common wear and tear. It gets great gas mileage so it makes for a great commuter

- brandy M

Red, 2 door Toyota Solara 2002.

It's just not the type I need for me and my 2 boys its a 2 door and it just has a lot of problems. Could use tlc. It's got a lot of recalls on it and it's a rust bucket. Its has more problems than I can afford, its a gas hog and I have no way of selling for what I've put in it already.

- Lisa L

Super reliable car for anyone looking.

Very comfy, and super reliable. Had for many years. Only had to take to the shop like twice in 5 years. Love the convertible top ability. Very spacious in the car as well as the trunk, never have issues. Great gas mileage and always runs so smooth. Love it.

- Shannon S

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very large and accelerates very fast; you've got to be really careful when driving it.

I like that I have a six CD player and heated seats. The AC and heat work very well and adjust the temperature fast. I like the way it accelerates too. I wish that it was four door but otherwise I love it

- Emily M

My car is very dependable and has had to have very few repairs beyond normal maintenance.

I love that my car is comfortable and dependable. It has sleek styling and great pickup to get me safely onto highways. The one complaint I have is that I wish it was a hatchback with a rear window wiper.

- Mary D

If you take care of a Toyota, like keeping it in the garage instead of in the driveway, then it will last longer.

I like that it's a Toyota, and Toyotas are pretty reliable. I don't like that the alignment has to be adjusted a lot. I like that the models for this car are still around years later.

- Dwight F

Very reliable vehicle with solid fuel efficiency. and solid handling.

My Toyota Solara handles very well. It also gets very good gas mileage. The only complaint I have is the AC is a little weak. Other than that, it is a great car.

- Fred P

Toyota quality and reliability. Good car for road trips and for small local trips

Good reliable car. Performance feels a bit underpowered for a v6, but for its time it's a good comfortable car. On the highway it's very smooth and responsive.

- Esteban A

It is overall a reliable, nice car, that runs very well.

No complaints, the stereo among other technology is slightly outdated given it is a 2002 model, however other than this, no complaints.

- Mackenzie G

Everything in this car is good especially the air conditioner.

This car is very economic is comfortable and the air conditioner and the heat is very good I love my car always is in good condition.

- Catherine Y

It's durable and reliable and comfortable for passengers, although not so comfortable for the driver.

Quiet ride for passengers, easy handling, economical gas use and repairs, roomy back seat, very good air conditioning and heat

- J W

It is ugly as heck but it is been reliable with my commute to work everyday.

I like the way it look and handles. It reads very well. It is rather low maintenance. Would be nice if it got better mileage.

- Linda J

The tires are an issue every once in a while.

Many miles but a great car. I got it used and it is the only one that I have had that had lasted and doesn't give problems.

- Amber L

My car is a toyota, they run forever. It is a convertible, that is fun.

I love my toyota. It runs good. It is a convertible. The only problem is it always needs gas, I take it everywhere I go.

- Eleanor H

Great running car the bodies a little rough.

Seems to go thru tires a lot. The clutch gets worn out too much lot of road noise driver window leaks from almost day one.

- Leslie W

My car requires a lot of maintenance

I like the way that it looks from the outside. I also like the way that the interior looks. Biggest complaint is the mpg

- Edwin C

Convertibles are overrated due to the noise and leaking ability.

The car has a good engine and electronics. However, the top is very loud even when latched down, and it also leaks.

- Chuck N

Amazing and sporty! Great buy

Great performance and steering. It's a sporty and fast car. Gets great gas mileage as well as comfy interior

- Jeffrey M

It is red and big and has wheels and has a steering wheel.

It isn't a great car but it gets you to place to place ya know its job but in the end it's an alright car.

- Matthew G

My car has good gas mileage.

My car is really old. It's okay...I don't want to buy a new one until I pay off my student loans.

- Molly C

It is great on gas and has fast deceleration.

My car has good pick up and go. It is good on gas. It handles extremely well.

- Brandon V

The car's dependability and drivability.

It's comfortable. Easy to drive. It's dependable. And I like it's appearance.

- Philip M

This car is great on gas, it really helps when the gas prices are high

It's a two door car but very spacious! It's a smooth ride. Great interior.

- Misti R

I have driven this car since 2002 and enjoy it every time I drive. Every Toyota I have ever owned has been trouble free and economical to own.

Low cost maintenance, good mileage and always reliable

- Randy S